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Bill Maher - Atheism Is Not A Religion (New Rules 3rd February 2012)

by ExMuslimLondon • 161,218 views

Could not have put it better myself.

"My reason... evidence based..." What reason and evidence is there for your atheism? He says "Im open to anything for which there is evidence" not so much when it comes to his atheism since he has no evidence for that.
+Daniel Burnette You are really bad at reading comprehension.  The more you talk, the more you disservice humanity.  This is the most useless and tedious argument, and I am done after this.  Enough with the square circle.  Everyone understands why that can't exist and I already said why.  The definitions contradiction each other because they are mutually exclusive.  That is a ridiculous inane argument.  Nobody has to defend that.  Shapes are not abstract.  You don't even know what abstract is.  Shapes are descriptions.  They describe the shape of something, even if the subject is abstract.  And I already explained why the existence of a god could contradict reality.  And as usual, you brush it off, like a troll.  And why should a god be more obviously witnessed and confirmed?  Why the hell would you believe in something so bizarre as a god that isn't backed by some very strong evidence.  That is why.  A god is an extraordinary claim that requires extraordinary evidence.  Not your pitiful philosophical nonsense.  And by the way you skipped my challenge, to prove Lord Voldemort doesn't exist, since according to you, it is possible to prove something doesn't exist.  And lastly before I go, please proofread your comments before posting.  Your constant spelling and grammar errors are very annoying, and lowers your credibility.  
What is ignorance? Huh, I just found out...
Then could you tell us, oh wise one, just what is ignorance, since you apparently, just found out.
this guy is just awesome.
HAM and pineapple pizza is aaaawesome. Ur crazy bill...
2:02 He just dissed Penn Jillete 
Not going to lie, sometimes ponytails look hot as hell on men. 
What about just long hair?
Can look hot...but not always.
Hope Jesus shows up at THIS year's Superbowl in 4 days.
It isn't going to happen, except maybe in the form of radial Muslims.
Like...not even joking, was tying up my pony tail when he said that.... :P
Chris Lyons Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Hah! The first unbaptism ceremony!
Have you over medicated again? Anyway, Atheism is a religion based on faith. Based on the faith that there is no God because there is no proof there is no God. :-
no no wait.... what you saying is also my point... im asking whether it is appropriate to "unbaptise" Mitt Romney's father-in-law... assuming he lived and died as a Christian.... unless of course, he declared being non-christian but was post-humously baptised against his will... sorry im not from US so I dont fully know every detail....
Roses are red Violets are blue That being said... Giggity giggity goo <3
Please list all of the charitable work that MADolynn O'hare and Bill Maher are doing or have done in any third world countries.
Jesus has no equal in other so called religions. Now, do you have a psyche and how do you know? Do you have an intellect and how do you know? Psalm 14 & Psalm 53.
so do you need faith to prove that Twilight, is just a movie, and not some secret realm that we have no yet discovered that exists off in a distance where vampires and shirtless werwolves run rampant? because you can't prove that what i just said isn't true. so you have just created a new religion...using your logic (or lack thereof)
Nothing physical or imagined is able to make you. Only the real Maker of matter is able to program matter to make you, your imagination is irrelevant.
That's because Atheism is an IRRELIGION.
Compared to the evidence of one guy just popping up out of nowhere?
Why is there such a wide disparity in charitable contributions between conservatives and leftists?
yes, because you never made a spelling error in your life. besides, does it negate my comment? no? ok then
No, it wasn't the fact that you can't spell that negated substance of your comment. Jimmy Ninecocks negated your comment.
You just can't get your head around it, can you...? Atheists Have. No. Religious. Beliefs. There is NO belief system, thus it is NOt a religion. You, like so many others, don't seem to understand that "having a belief system" is not the default state of man. Religion, and its attendant dogma, are passed down from person to person, through established institutions, whether it be a tribe in a jungle or a nun in a catholic school room. And it's not 1958; those days are gone, & good riddance.
passed down from person to person, through established institutions. Yeah like Atheism. "If there where no God, there would be no Atheists." GK Chesterton. And you get the 1958 point.
Thanks for proving you are speechless when it comes to evidence for your baseless belief that objects made you without knowing how. You have no valid reasoning.
So, by your logic, a cake is not made of flour because flour can't make a cake. Genius!!
That comment makes about as much sense as a rubber crutch in a polio ward.
I heard of some athiests in TX saying they're being discriminated against b/c their group can't get the same tax exemption as churches - Bill Maher proved the wrong
Actually, the general practice of Buddhism works EXACTLY as if Buddha were a god. From Tibetan monks receiving information during meditation that allows them to find the latest incarnation of the Dalai Lama, down to the Buddhist rituals of blessing houses and cars. For the vast majority of practicing Buddhists, it IS a religion and Buddha is a magical god. It might be worth considering that Buddhism does not consider itself a religion, so his definition was correct.
...and you are why I support abortion in cases of rape and incest. I feel sorry for your mom/sister.
There is a difference between if you are choosing to be an atheist for whatever reasons, and between being an atheist because you came to that conclusion by evidence. Most atheist are just trend-following lambs, grouping together, just like (other) religious people, that's why they are (rightly) mocked that their atheism is a religion. This man talking in this video is no exception. A real atheist doesn't care about religion, why would he.
atheists don't have meetings,or gatherings,secret socirties or cool handshakes. the playbook of an atheists is simple. step one : sleep in on sundays!
But I DO know that Hitler was a Catholic. It's all through Mein Kampf and he was even buddies with the Pope. So all the BS we hear from Christians about how Atheism leads to genocide is BS.
It is clear you don't care about what the evidence shows. Directed mechanisms always have an ultimate Maker.
i watched the last part like 20 times....i still can't stop laughing hahahaha
Is that all you're going to say? You're lazy. I stick by my words: FUNDAMENTALIST ATHEISM IS A RELIGION (and an obsessive one, too)...
something being treated AS a god and the people doing it believing it to BE a god are different things. and all of that depends on the defining characteristics of a 'god' that are being used. blessings don't rely on a god, that is just a judeo-christian assumption. and while I have never heard of buddhists saying that their beliefs are not a religion, you could be right on that for all I know. Religion is a belief system. that system doesn't inherently req god. most of them just have one
Was he taking a stab at Penn Jillette? lol
The jokes are so lame that it could give anyone super AIDS. Who are the stupid goons in the audience that keep laughing at these jokes ?
Atheism may not be a religion, but it is a choice to not believe in a higher power - which I respect. I like Bill a lot, but I do often wish he would, in turn, respect those who choose to have faith. I am one such person - and that doesn't mean I reject science. It is possible for some of us to accept the realities of science and yet still have our faith (I use the word 'faith', not 'religion' - there is a difference).
Yes you are right there he was raised roman Catholic. One of his first international treatys was with the vatican the Reichskonkordat in 1933. But he also tried to weaken the churches in Germany as he wanted to control every possible opposition. Its all very complicated as a German i can tell you and it always hurts me a bit if things get so oversimplified. But your main point is absolutely valid, there is no logical chain from atheism to genocide.
it all began with Christians and Christianity. So, lets get rid of Hospitals and all concepts of chargeable giving simply because atheists don't think there's a God? And yes there are atheists groups.
I would not describe Marxism as a "science". Science is based on a method for discerning what is not true--based on hypothesis, observation, testing and reliability. What survives scrutiny is tentatively accepted as scientific knowledge. Communism/Marxism bears closer resemblance to religion. They are both dogmatic ideologies where knowledge is treated as "received" rather than based on observation and experimentation.
"every god value that atheists descripe as there own originally comes from christianity.... i dont like your stealing of christian ideas that you descripe as your own" Name one.
You proved nothing so you can tell me nothing. Address the issues.
The earliest known institutions that were known to provide care came from the ancient pagans, long before christianity. The earliest mentions of "cure centers" came from the egyptians where they gave medical care in their temples. The greeks admitted the sick in temples dedicated to their healer-god Aslepius. GET A CLUE.
So, you'd be fine if, after you die, someone recites the Shahadah on your behalf and thus makes you a muslim. You'd be okay if your children and grandchildren from then on had to call you Muhammed. That would be completely respectful to you. So, in that vein. I hereby announce that your great grandfather was a proud and active member of NAMBLA. I therefore think it's disgusting that you are directly descended from a pedophile and you should apologise, here and now, for him. Do you see now?
No that's wrong. According to my (Kakkapuppupipippi) there was a guy named Jimmy Ninecocks and he impregnated women before Adam and Eve. So Adam didnt exist.
There is no mathematical equation you could put together to prove or disprove God, so the only truly impartial position to take is agnosticism.
No, I'm the evidence my parents fucked. Thats it, it does not prove your god, unicorns, or bigfoot. By your logic, my toaster makes toast, therefore GOD! Idiot.
Check out the meaning in our unabolished dictionary.
If atheism wasn't a religion, why do atheist get furious when other don't belive what they belive?
You proved nothing so you can tell me nothing. Objects did not make you because they don't know how.
Charitable giving, certainly Hospitals etc.
Then you have obviously done absolutely zero research. Doctors without borders is a completely secular charity. Oxfam, Seed foundation, UNICEF, Kiva, Amnesty International. All of these are secular aid organizations. Do you not know how to Google?
You know Bill Maher, Ayn Rand was an atheist. Some of her philosophy could definitely get a little nutty, but the fundamental idea of the individual's importance over the majority is not only great, but is the basis on what this country was founded on. The Constitution was written with the idea of the individual being protected from the state or majority. I'm a happy atheist, but also a firm believer in the fundamentals of Ayn Rand's philosophy.
@webring forty. Wut? Are u joking? U must be joking because what u have just said is absolute idiocy. Really "atheists have churches" we don't. Atheism is not a organized religion. Nor is it a religion at all. It is simply a term to describe someone that does not believe in any supernatural power that there is no fact or rationality behind to support it.........please don't post any more stupid posts....
Keep adding more qualifiers, you might just get there. Do you understand what the word secular means? All of these charities do their work without a religion backing it. Know what's good about that? You don't have to listen to some bullshit sermon before you get some kind of aid. Understand this one thing. Atheism isn't an organization, it's the rejection of the claim that a god or gods exist.
And what does that have to do with what we were talking about? Start making some sense. Also, it's not the definition of bitterness. Why the fuck do you make up this shit?
Bill Maher, amazing as always! He is exactly the kind of man that should be leading this country.
What he's referring to is the extreme disparity between conservative and left wing states in giving to charity.
Will you stop at nothing to undermine the historical veracity of Jimmy Ninecocks?
You proved nothing so you can say nothing. Objects did not make you because they don't know how.
Not beliving in god is atheism, not beliving in anything is bitterness.
Wow you are the biggest retard I have seen on youtube, you really think people didnt figure out not to kill each other before your fake ass made up bullshit magic book came along? AND if your 'god' is the ultimate example of morality and truth, why is the bible full of murder, rape, slavery and genocide? I can improve your bible with ONE SENTENCE: Thou shalt not molest little kids. Might wanna tell that to your priests. Asshole.
Let me say to you something about russia, since I speak that language and saw some things by own eyes. The killing there was not caused by atheism, rather by religious believe in their rightness, ultimate rightness. This believe was very similar to religious believe and no wonder they had Lenin dead in central square like and his body is still there since many consider him saint. So I can say without being hypocrite that religion there many people, they just believed in communism.
I did watch it, but just because Maher says something, doesn't mean it's the truth. And for your information I have added this video to my favorites.
If it's a belief system, it's a religion. Remember if this was 1958 Bill Maher would be lucky to be standing on a street corner handing out pamphlets. He wouldn't be on a screen spewing Marxist commie pointlessness nominalistic reteric.
Atheists don't need books to follow. Apparently the more religious a person is, the greater their personal need to have something to believe.
HAHAAHHAHAH EXPECTUM PATRONUM :D I have yet to find a better comedian than Maher. He is the shit, man!
but pineapple is indeed good in pizza :(
"If there where no God, there would be no Atheists." That sentence was so dumb... derp that im loosing inetellignece... noooo, i like CoD and god iz real, JESUS PRAY OH LROD!!"11!11
try and use your brain. i'm sure u could do better than this.
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