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Navy SEAL shot with two tasers at once and STILL walking!

by Kelly Alwood • 2,362,032 views

Navy SEAL "Tracker Dan" takes two taser shots at once and walks forward. This was filmed at Sayoc Sama Sama camp live in front of hundreds of people as you can see. Police officers actually tased...

Um, he was not @ home and he didn't hit the cement w/ his head. I see no TASER dart in his spine, (neither did the stupid doctors) . Utter Bullshit. and there was not two cops w/ two separate tasers shooting and lying about it then dragging the "suspect" through six (6) months of court crap  only for the case to be dropped w/ no explanation. Now TASER wants to own the F'n cameras mounted to the F'n things for full control. I believe I said it before- Utter Bullshit.
"Navy SEAL shot with two tasers at once and STILL walking!" Your video is not evidence of that.
that doesn't count as walking when 2 people are holding you up.
Ya lets see you move you legs when you get hit by a taser. The point of a taser is to disrupt the neural messages sent by the brain, but this man is able to still get messages through to his legs to fire his muscles and move his legs. Have some respect.
+Aidan Winship its still not walking quit overstate someone's capability, overestimating yourself or others is what leads to getting someone killed needlessly in any kind of combative environment.
......and his built like gillegan...
that would be scary as fuck if this guy was walking towards you about to beat your ass and you tase him and he just keeps walking towards you. i would leave and go hope on the nope train to fuckthatville
you should be more scared of the 2 guys holding him up.
fuck man, dont fuck with the frogman
For anyone who is thinking he was being held up, he was dragging them! They were there for safety. If you knew this guy, you would understand how primal he is and his ability to mentally deal with physical pain. He is a tracker on top of NSW. He is the coolest most down to earth guy. If the country goes to shit, you want this guy next to you!!!! Trust Me!!!!!! He's one of the greats!!!!
niga was being held up by 2 dudes and if dat niga was able to walk to you he aint able to do shit lol
How is the electricity not passing through the other two men who are touching him?
one "pin" (i dont know how it is called in english) must be on the left guy and the other on the right guy for tasering all three. because the electricity just flows between both pins, the other two in the video dont have to fear the shock, if only the one in the middle got hit. you can see that in other videos, where officers get tasered for training. they put always on pin on each side. hope i could help you. have a nice day, sir
because the electricity passes from the hot wire to the neutral wire, unless those two men are grounding the electrical current, there is no possibility of the current going through them.  and reality isn't hollywood.
REMOVE this video...My brother (in the video) DOES NOT allow you or anyone else to distribute this video of him.
Michael Ehline Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Hooyah Navy SEAL shot with two tasers at once and STILL walking!
This guy didn't have much of a mind lol seals are badass and don't feel pain.
true. but it does demonstrate one thing the guy being tasered can take a few steps while being tasered. thats about all it demonstrates. and actually a taser is typically between 20,000 and 150,000 volts the amperage is reduced. btw its not the volts that kill people its the amperage or amps that kill. so reducing the amps makes it like what para medics use to shock the heart back to life. to some exstent.
um have you ever seen cops get tasered durring their training they have two people on eather side to catch them when they fall and thats what the two that you think are holding him up are actually there for. if he fell they would have caught him so he didnt get hurt. even though i dont see how he would get hurt on a beach by falling in the sand lol. But still they didnt want him to fall and get hurt... they did wanted him to fall though.
Intellectual man make the desing the weapons that ur soldiers use.
cool story? lol so much of what you just said was fail thanks for the laugh
he was being held up. hardly counts as it's the first few seconds that usually makes people collapse to the ground. Has nothing to do with the fact he is a seal. dont be so gay. he was held up. end of. I like how people were clapping though as if to say"well done, thanks for proving this taser gun is too weak."
i click dislike, they're not my heros...mine are intellectual heroes
dude none of them empires were stable nor were they that civilized. Would you agree that most of the conflict of ancient man right up to pre- industrial revolution were resource based. Today with our MODERN manufacturing and synthetic materials we can achieve global stability. And its up to people to NOT join military for if the ruling classes have no army how do they create conflict.
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Not possible. If actually hit with a taser, that had an even spread... it will take you down. You cannot defy physics. It took down HANS,down.... its an IMD.
Spelled is correct. Please, don't try to correct something that is well, already correct.
ive seen 3 people so far handle multiple tasers from police but they were all very high on speed and steroids probably what it takes for someone to resist the pain.
..and only he will believe this because he is so prideful he is blinded by how large he has let his ego get. You still in high school?
It's funny how most people talking about the honor of dying for something actually just mean killing, and the people defending themselves are doing what they have to survive, but speak little of honor and what they are due.
Love the part where he thanked steven seagal. Epic
A taser jolts 20 kV in to your body, one will knock a man down by entirely knocking down your neural responses. 2 just doubles the amount of amps you get making it nearly impossible to transmit or receive any neural signals.
i cant believe this,its just a video of seal being shot with teasers,there is no need to start arguing about worlds politics,and the theory of evolution,and all that shit,jesus christ people cut the crap already
what? I'm drunk right now...sorry. I ain't qualified for understand what you're saying.
I thought tasers were supposed to temporarily disable a person from walking
you get tased with one, dipshit. then come back and open your cock bag.
I was making a joke. as in his first name is "Dumb" and his last name is "Ass" I hope that cleared it up
Now marines fighting for Isreal and wall street ...Actually Marines and all US armed forces fight for the US government who pay them to fight. So its just part of what they signed up for. Are all the wars they have fought nassary probably not but still they arent fighting for Isreal who has its own military or wall street who could care less about wars as long as they get paid and they dont care how they get paid rather its in peace or war as long as they get paid,The bottom line is money talks
Sad state this country is in, you good sheep love war, pain, killing. A perfect product of propaganda. The rich just love you guys, you kill yourselves, and they profit from it. And why, my god is better than your god, my daddy can beat up your daddy. Grow up, war is racket nothing else
so this us how it feels to be deaf
HAHAHA awesome reference "thenotperfectone"
just curious, taser is electric shock right? electricity travels where along the contact, correct me if i' m wrong. lets say a person get electric shock and another person hold him, the electricity will travel to the last person, so both person will share the electricity but last person will receive most. In this video the person is in the middle of two person HOLDING him and assisting him to walk! JUST curious!
if he was not getting held up by those 2 guys he would have decked it for sure.
Yo yo... Excellent vid. My cousin was once a flabby. He enhanced his body from 279 lbs of pure fat into 203lbs of massive lean muscle mass. I couldn't believe it! I just registered personally because I wanna beef up. He made use of the Muscle Building Bible (Google it)...
i said most people in the military have degrees and that they can retire after just 20yrs in the military. which means if someone joins the military at age 18 they can retire with full benafits and a pension which is money payed every month for the rest fo their life at age 38. Ofcourse them being 38 when they retire most ex military people get new jobs like cop,fire fighter,lawyer,teacher,etc. as in any job you can find an ex military person can get. ok . btw read this when your not drunk.
so navy seals don't have muscle?? Only works if you have muscle...
shit spread pattern for the taser, in short the closer to the prongs the taser is the less effective the "closed circuit" is if it had been torso to ankle taser pattern physiology would have came into play and even if he was walking he would've looked like Frankenstein's monster in the process.
AMERICAA FUCCKK YEEAA, your actually not that tuff tho sorry fellas
how was that a fail? are you a genuine retard or did you just run out of tampons?
still walking with 2 human crutches
most people just drop even with two people there to catch them,,,, they arnt there to keep him up hes doing that on his own. for about two steps.
Wow crazy. Much respect and stay safe serviceman!
you know thats a double edge sword. because without an army how does any nation defend its self. The fact is for better or worse we need a military force for defensive reasons. As to us fighting all the time... that falls under America needs to stop playing the worlds police force. because it hasnt done us any good. And try just deploying troops where they are needed instead of all over the world. hence switzerland has a military and they havent been at war in the last 500 years. So yeah
how many jobs can you think of where you will retire after 20 yrs with full beinafits and a pension for the rest of your life. think about that ofcourse most soldiers get other jobs after leaving the military some become cops, fire fighters,lawyers, teachers,etc any job you can think of ex military can get probably easier then normal civilans. because they are ex military & depending on their job they did in the military they often can be more qualified then alot of other people.
what a pussy. i can get shot with four while being punched in the face.
Ohms are a measurement of resistance to the electrical current (which carries voltage). Increasing the resistance would actually decrease the current traveling through.
4 cops arent going to tase me. i would have to buy them, find 5 people, 4 to shoot and one to punch me in the face.
No because intellectual peoples know how stupid it is to die for what you call "freedom"....your you are free? Good for you, you should do the same and give your life to those soldiers, so you and them will be both dead...and so hopefully one day we will only have people with working brains.
Yeah that was when man had no manufacturing capability, healthcare, education, stable society. Your argument still doesn't stand as early mans actions were dictated by nature and the search for marines fight for Israel and wall does that make sense?
Good luck. I'd have someone with medical experience nearby if I were you.
the fact that he still has motor functions. Watch some videos of taser demonstrations. You'll see why even being able to move his legs is an astounding feat
AM I DEAF ?................................
...and at the end everybody will find out that acutally he is smarter then everyone...
you have clearly never been tased. i dont know if this guy is A SEAL, but someone who can get tased and move his feet to walk, even if they are being held up is tough. end of story.
That's not a Navy SEAL. That's a T-1000 Terminator.
You are most certainly right. I gave myself this name when I received news about my uncle. I spent three months in a rage, yearning for the government to break out the nukes. But the past is the past. You may have noticed that I've changed my name.
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