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Why Rich Black Men Marry White women

by 1MasterTeacher • 13,157 views

My dad (right) and my uncle(left) explain why Rich and successful Black Men marry White Women.. We also touch on how Michael Vick was treated by the press Enjoy!

I'm a student who's gonna marry a white girl because white girls are pretty. Don't cry. We have to date white girl sometimes.
its typical..... loook
In the final analysis, when black woman stop having black babies, there will be no more black men.
Testify brother testify, you told the truth, some woman play the game better than others, So some woman know what to do and how to give it right !! But it is all FAKE
Black women simply don't know how to act. Plus, I can pull a finer white woman than black so you get more bang for your buck.
Here it is. Woman "ALL WOMAN" see the black athlete as a lottery ticket... Could be a bad one, could be a good one but a lotto ticket none the less. The athlete's money comes by windfall and luck. Woman know this so its up to that woman black, white or whatever to "playball" for that ticket. It boils down to what was said at minute 8:30 in this video. Cause at the end of the day all the black man really truly wants is peace and joy in the home, not expensive erratic behavior and attitude.
Rich Niggers marry white women cause they know they can afford one and not settle for a wooly-hair greazy nigger like themselves .
This is stupid many black men marry great black woman end of.
"Who taught you to hate your self ?" When All of these Black People, men and women are trying to pull themselves up, there are those of whom you look up too, showing you of their intelligents. Just because you make millions at a craft doesn't mean you are smart, just you're crafty. When I see these traitors to the race, it brings to mind of the black guy who wears the colors, supported by a white wife. Where is he when it's time to face the music, when the white woman has taken all of his money?
BLACK PEOPLE CAN NEVER BE RACISTS.. TO SAY THE TRUTH.. we need to open a dictionary and learn to read it and stop falling for that pschology crap. that they r trying to put on black people these days, even the ones that so called educated blacks.. hahahaha. give me power control then they call me that until then fuck all kracckas
Well Im not rich but I am black lol... If anyone cares for my opinion I only date white girls/women because from my personal experiences, they seem to almost ALWAYS have better attitudes and know how to keep in shape. They're not as bitchy and as controlling as our black women and they're very loving. The black women I've dealt with always try to argue with me over the dumbest sh*t... Again that's my PERSONAL experience.
Celebrity and other Rich Black men pay Millions to marry white women... who a lot of the time are only looking to cash out and divorce lol.... and its interesting how your refer to them as "snow queens" but refer to black women as "hoes" or "gold diggin hookers" or "baby mammas" and "bitches" etc.... Whats the matter? White Supremacy got your Tongue?
Its because its rare for there to be a rich black man that's not a celeb. Therefore all black women who want a lavish lifestyle but want to stay with their race go after him. The black man gets annoyed and goes after the white women who aren't looking into his pockets.
Rich black men marry white women for the same reason ALL men marry women. They believe that they are more beautiful than black women and will produce children who are more readily accepted by the broader society. Their children have more acceptable WHITE features and can be referred to as black, but usually are more successful. Nobody will tell you this because they are ashamed to, but it is the belief of most blacks. We are obsessed with their hair, their skin, their features.
@caramelprincessxxx41 You only named 1 person and that's Obama.. you don't even know the names of the other two.. if your trying to make a point to somebody.. drop some names.. not random" first princess" come on. you don't even know who your talking about so go goggle it.. if you wanna talk about money and power and the most popular person in the world.... Michael Jackson.. he married a white women too. BOOMBAT
Whenever, responsibility is ignored, blame is acquired. We as black men have to support our women. They have suffered more pain than we can imagine & continue. It is not till a black man is willing to listen & understand our black sister's plight & that we will grow the soul to compliment each other. Stay strong my brothers & raise the sexual energy to that of spiritual power...we need not compensate our morals for temporary satisfaction. The goal for our nation must be the liberation of our mi
@RichBlackMans Judging by your reaction I would guess you're a Negroid and Negroids are like Hemroids -- A pain in the ass ! I am sorry if you cannot take the truth but I am Not out to win a Popularity Contest. I was born to be the Truth Incarnate muther wether you like it or not . And threats from a Ghetto Rat like you are of no consequence to a Kenpo Black Belt like me . Go and take a swim in the Bermuda Triangle during a Hurricane ! Asshole!
All you have to do is click my name and snoop around my channel
complete submission lol, just ask my white husband if that is true...I don't think white woman are looking for rich black guys they do however have a master plan as their mothers teach them what I am teaching my white daughters which is do not marry a poor man!
If Black men are the "pigs" that you suggest. Why are you snow queens on our jocks so much?
Marrying the slavemaster daughter would seem a some what extreme aproach to a simple solution, if that was the intents. These guys are just morones, they get a taste of something they never had, and run back to the slavemaster to show him that he got what the slavemaster got, and could he be accepted, so he marries the slavemasters daughter and give the slavemaster his $50 million. We the Blacks of this country will never move foward, because Willy [Lynch]e is still in full effect.
@caramelprincessxxx41 sweet.. sounds like you watched the video
You can't blame any woman for wanting security, but the problem is- when a bw demostrate her need/desire for security then she is called every negative name under the sun by bm. Some of the bm are displaying a case of serious, serious slave mentality behavior.
What's sad is that we are such a tiny part of the populate. Our culture is he'll bent on destroying itself with crime, drugs, fast foods, etc. (not all, but clearly a significant part) and the more financially successful have abandoned the group because of bad attitudes usually produced out of pain and grief. The future doesn't bode we'll for AAs, because we seem to be self destructive on so many levels. Oh we'll.
@1MasterTeacher yeah, they marry white women..but those smart white chicks..goldigg them and get them into trouble lmao...they know that black men need a white woman to feel worth something and i brought black women into it simply because it shows whit no-body women may get the sports stars etc for all their worth and dump them but POWERFUL non bm get with black women (and other women too) but i say black women because people arent excpectingthat
lol... I have to laugh but I was thinking *off topic* ur dad is a cutie! :-)) I'm only 31 and he's probably married but I can't help but have a lil crush. :--))
The truth of the matter is that just because you're black doesn't mean that the best woman or man for you is a black woman or man. The same is true for whites, or any other race. A good person isn't determined by their genetic make-up.
Black female celebs with white males: married to or in a relationship or have kids with Garcelle Beauvais, Keesha Ulricka, Stacey Dash, Venus Williams, Aisha Tyler , Haile Berry, Debra Wilson, Donna Summers, Jean-Daniel Lafond, Sharon Leal, Roderick Spencer, Taraji P. Henson-Spanish, Oluchi, Georgie Badiel, Sanaa Lathan, Kerry Washington, Naomi Campbell, Zoe Saldana, Ericka Dunlap, Susan Rice, Rapper Eve, Kim Wayans, Leslie Uggams, Regina King-Spanish, Alfre Woodard,
@RichBlackMans thanks for that kind word men are the greatest gift this earth has if they are responsible over it who knows how bright the future of our children will be!
what really kills me is that most of these rich black stars, terrance howard, tiger woods, ice t..ect, if they were broke they would have no dam choice but to be with they own,,which is a black sista..cuz frankly no one else would have they ass...but soon as they get a little money they cant wait to go give it all to the white lady!!! look at lamaar dumb behind, he marry one an his best friend is white but barely want to help his own dad..sickening!!! self hate..thats what it usually comes from
@1MasterTeacher jajajajajaja you black men are sooo pathetic you think im lying, google the following: for number Princess Angela of Liechtenstein, for number THREE google: Billionaire Perter Norton (Norton Anti-Virus) and Eileen Harris.. =P michael jackson (RIP) is nothing compared to all of them added up, he may have been famous but he got divorced.
Sorry Dude , I am no longer a racist pig , And I do NOT use the "N" word anymore . I just found out that Jesus was Black . Just as sure as my name is Boris Karloff .
you blacks are soooo racists you're even racist to your own kind, thats why!!!
Black women are the gold diggers. They are the ones trying to get pregnant by any means necessary from athletes. The white women go for long term and will wait until marriage until she pops out a kid. Black women go on Real Wives and dog you. Tiger married Elin. Bad move, however she wait until marriage to get him long term. He slept with white skanks, because a black skank would have tried to trap him with a baby. And after his divorce, you don't see Elin anymore harassing him.
Your daddy kinda reminds me of Judge Mathis.
Typical stupid black men who stereotype white women. They think all white women are wild in bed and will fulfill their fantasies, while the black woman wants them to join her church and keep his hands off her. Pay attention, Ms. Black Woman; this is the truth you hear when the black men gather 'round. Black men are the worst pigs on earth, and dont hesitate to admit it, even to themselves.
a lot of the points in this video are on point. SOME white women who do date/marry black men are good at playing innocent/submissive in order to deceive them.
@RichBlackMans I am also teaching them to have an education I have one but if they would like to stay at home with their children so they don't have to have them raised at a day care then they don't want to be in poverty, or they will not have that option....I do work but I don't believe that stay at home mothers are not pulling their own weight I have done both and believe me buddy it is easier to go to work than to be at home with a bunch of kids...
White women are opportunistic gold diggers. These self hating black fucks think they've hit the jackpot and believe these skanksthey love them. As always its going to end in divorce and the black fool will lose everything!!!
I like how he blames it on the white woman who has a "master plan"! From Jumpstreet, the white woman knows blackman is a player. If a black woman was to marry this rich black man, does she know he's a player too? Or do black men only play white women? Neither of these dudes are really black; you can tell there was some cream in the coffee in their heritage, no't'Im'sayin?! How many 40's did these dudes have when they were asked these qurstions?
Blacks marry whites because they don't like being black and don't want there kids to be black so simple the white women that merry them 9out of 10 are mental anyway that nobody wants anyway lol
@1MasterTeacher For more bw with producers/directors/celebs etc type in google: Why are so many black female celebrities dating and marrying white men? and vice versa?
this is what you see all the time...its a problem in america..not that im a raciest, the problem itself is that we are leaving all the money that we do make, back to the caucassion race..look at where michael jackson's fortune now will 3 pure white children...(an please quit saying them his real kids) where did elvis preseley money go? to his biological white child lisa..where do bruce lee money go? to his white wife...where do half of tiger woods money go? to his white wife...
because they want to lose half there money where they get divorced
i know that a lot of rich men (and not just black men) see blondes as a trophy wife....the girl he couldnt get in high havin an expensive car...and when she gets old...he trade her in for a brand new blond.
That contract statement about a white woman haveing a master plan about getting payed .... Black wemon do it also . Why wemon ingeneral want a man with the Benz instead of the man driveing a pick up workin on a farm .... Another thing is most wemon don't look at a mans potential at what he could be , they look at what he has right now . That's black wemon and white wemon . All this is a crock . U ever thought it's about what some black men prefer for there own personal reference ? Lol
@nicktesla45 And what does that make you?? We're all human to one God
@nicktesla your a racist but like i say man it's shows white domination over black men when black men always choose white women all the time it's more of a hidden agenda going on but thats just the entertainment business you got mostly single rich black men because ther smart and they know women cling to men with money and the same go for single black women thats why most black women are going for white men or asian men or italian men it's a monkey see monkey do effect that's going on
Most rich black men have a black women!
@jordan484 Denzel washington,will smith,anthony anderson,plenty more blackmen that dont get the spotlight because they not selling out! :-)
@MRbossman1982 lol damn... u raw...i cant saw your wrong though lol
the black women will stick with him and support him untill he gets on his feet then when he gets payed he leaves her and finds a white girl?! which most of the time are GD
@caramelprincessxxx41 Why does if matter if he got a divorce? getting married is getting married and he did it twice. this video is not about white men marrying black women.. duh it happens.. my grand dad married a black women.. this video is about why most successful black men marry white women. focus on that topic please
@Dontgetyouppl Black wemon? Really? Dont you mean "women"? Haveing? Dont you mean "Having"? There own reference? Dont you really mean, "Their" own reference? I really hope you didn't graduate high school, being as stupid as you are. Learn how to write simple words correctly.
Massa wants to keep the money in the is a game a trick from the massa magician.. hahahaha....go daddy teach..
@bajanboy883 Yeah i think i went to far on that comment, i guess posting on youtube after like 1am is a bad idea.
@caramelprincessxxx41 -__- you named liked 3 people.. come on..
Last time I checked race was not a real taxanomic subclass of human beings and human beings produce human beings. regardless of race and slurs from racist people
u right brothas tell the true preach at least u keep it real that why i dotn date black men from this country they so stupid and easy to brainwash
YO daddy them are too I died when he said "She gone do it in da butt" BOL
enjoy?what a coupla asswipes talk about illigitamacy in the black community or black graduation rates cmon lets get real stop whinning yo old enough to know better
@MRbossman1982 the same goes for a black woman and a white man. Whtie man= WEALTH (the emrployer of a "sucessful black man), BETTER SEX, where as black men are ignorant and lacking intimacy; better looking kids, well that comes down to the genes if two ugly fucks fuck more than likely they will produce a fucking ungly kid. better hair is more appropriate. Less drama? people are people we all get angry, we all heurt and are spitful. Drama, yes but atleast we'll get dental, health insurance, etc
Wow, they actually DO live on the wrong side of the tracks.
@1MasterTeacher jajajajajjaajajjaja thats the WHOLE POINT...lmao..those three alone even blow out the SPORTS MEN AND RAPPERS that white women get lmao...all their money put together totally blow them off...i never mentioned the rest of the actors and actresses or celebs with rich white men etc..i mentioned only the TOP blow it all off lmao
What's that suppose to mean ? Lol
lol but richer and more powerful men of all races marry black women... 1) obama is MIXED not black his wife is black = FIRST LADY 2) the first princess in europe with a white prince (look it up) 3) the black female married to the billionaire and countless who date the billionaires etc jajajaja...need i mention more? these three ALONE knock out the money/power of the sportsmans sluts XD
@Dontgetyouppl I will pass that along to my dad and see what he thinks.. lol
So a black man that's with a white woman is simply brain washed by the white race to believe they are superior? And it absoultly has nothing to do with love and , as a scociety today, putting raceism behind us instead of keeping it alive like the people on this comment page is doing ?
In my travels and having hung out in many social scenes, one thing that I have noticed is that when a man who is from a non-white region has made a lot of money, or inherited, one of the first things they want is the tallest blonde super model looking woman they can get their hands on! The Barbie doll complex is alive and well!!!
The issue is all the attitude from crazy black chicks.
@americanpatriot00 what the hell r u taking about.. it is obvious that u were not listening for the truth.. u r still sleeping..real tight too. hahaha
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