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♥ Sp4zie in Tokyo

by Sp4zie • 44,676 views

God my english is crappy in this one! And Sorry for the crappy sound but I thought I'd throw up a little vlog anyways! 150m up in the air!!! This is footage from the Odaiba island! A huge...

Sp4zie is the king! 
ÄR DU SVENSK!!!!!?????? wtf...
Hey Spazie you look like Sherlock from the new series. :D
hehehe so your girl has dark hair huh? DAYO!
Please tell me how he is supposed to do an Champion guide when he is in Tokyo?
spazie can you make a galio commentary/guide :D?
Spaaaziiiieeee, we wanna see your gf!
just a casual singlet in a rainy japan day.
Jag bor I stockholm föressten jag undrar om du kan göra en akali commentary :D it should be najss :D
"va fan hände?" lol (means wrf happened 4 those who don't know)
Check down my pants and you wi find something BIG! ;)
ehm... Sp4zie is a boy dude.... It's his GF not her...
hi do not know if this is a good question but what it looks like your girlfriend?
Like for spazzie being too lazy to edit out the not finding of the stop recording button xD
Nice bro. ;) i got get great attention to style bro hahaha
why so many people want to see her GF .. get ur own u greedy bast*rds
wow its raining outside and spazie doesnt even care and dresses like this lols
yes it is, but not as dirty as where you come from.
I think Spazie's gf should decide if she wants to be in a vid or not. Btw is it her holding the camera? It was very steady even though she was shaking. Good luck with the rest of the trip :D
Spazie please reply to this comment and my life is complete
Yo, those were fresh ass vans dude haha
I think you can actually see spaz's girlfriend if you look closely at her reflection through the metal >:) #sneaky
your girlfriend is a perfect filmer and i cant forget dooooooooooooitz
Spazies GF is like the parents of cow and chicken. You only get to see the legs.
Spazie can we pls see your girlfriend
Spazie! Show us that cute girlfriend of yours!
o wtf u are from sweden lol i thought u were from russia or so
>.> he's in a caged ferris wheel thingy all all you guys want to do is see his girlfriend? SPAZIE! DID YOU AND YOUR GIRLFRIEND GET INTO ANY STRANGE POSITIONS IN THAT CAGE?
So why is every1 so damn obsessed of seing hes girls face xD Try to go outside for once and see a girl urself :P
In japan with your girlfriend, not bad man :)
Pretty steady filming for someone who is shaking haha!
why is he wearing a wifebeater? O_o
u know that it was a bad decision to show just a piece of ur gf? ok who am i kidding, ur gf has freakin' hot legs.
Dat attention for details! Bought em' last night actually :D
Retarded smile at the ending xD still love ya spaz <3
I was the one that said hi to you at the train station. Sorry that I startled you.
Tokyo....where Elevators shine.
what does wanting to see his GF have to do with getting one. We want to see her cuz we're curious
" Throw up a little vlog for you guys" xD get it??!! throw up xD
i ask him to do it now........ just when he got time
no he says its his girlfriend but he is lying.... ^^
And why do I hear a Pachelbel's canon in the background near the ending? XD
Spazie? Do you always play ranked?
omg spazie... ur way too white xD
You have got to show us your girl friend !
If she decides she wants to, then mayb in the future : )
I think plantie is sadden by the fact u didn't bring him. Shame on you
Cloudy and rainy day, still sporting shorts and no sleeves shirt, a true viking.
We want to see your girlfriend! :D
Sp4zie sky said he hates u he hates main adc's :(
Spazie show us dem girlfriend ;)
Plantie must envy you right now! Dont you think he wants to feel like he is the highest tree in the world?? :)
so many horny boys out there... leave his girlfriend alone T_T
"its a fake island,it is actually created"...yeah like the islands that formed millions of years ago(or whenever they were formed) were not created...they just fell from the sky...someone dropped them...maybe from some spaceship? nicu logicu spazle :D
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