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Happy Wheels w/Nova Ep.147 - JACKASS EDITION

by UberHaxorNova • 1,300,103 views

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empirestateofthenear I agree we want to watch and if you look it up nova is the pogo stick man he even said it in one of his happy wheels videos and just stop both of you really I want to watch a video and see good comments not wars going on in the interet its a video not real lifego do something else than make wars please thank you.
it's rocket man man moom man moon don't know when come again
novas cool cause hes like pewds and like tobuscus because he swears and he does everylevel
01:10 FATALITY!!!!!
my god that's incredible
That's sick nova made little boy give him a bj
is it me or does nova sound like the dad saying DAMNIT
i mean random shopping cart
the jack ass was also hi im pewdiepie and wellcome to jack ass
Maybe its my fan voice talkin now but I dont see how he is annoiyng. Unoriginal? He shoots words at random. nothing more original . Lol
UberHaxOrNova? wow, and BTW, Pogo-stick man is not Nova, and, no, when i play games i don't annoy anyone. And could you please change your name to EmpireStateOfTheIdiots? I would appreciate that. -P.S Wow, you're literally the first guy i met who can spell my username right.
00:23 "This is the worst episode of Jackass ever!" No, this is the best! LOL
nova your body and voice is not together art all u are a alien my big brother said
Nova: Get the kid! Get the kid! *Falls out* *Sliding down hill* Nova: HEY, I GOT A KID! I loled
He did the Fuck the Cart and didn't even mention it :(
haha your scream when the amoeba freak went out from the ground XD
pewdiepie DOES not SUCK!!! nova IS nt AWESOME
Hey nova... Now this may be a long shot but considering you have played happy wheels I really recommend that you try out " Segway Of The Dead ". Its so hilarious and fun. I hope u read this because I would love to see a video of you playing it. - thanks
So you love to hate someone? Geez you have problems.
I hate it when fucktards flag good idea's like yours as spam...
i got his head fuuuuuuuck uuulol
hey that was pretty good, hey hey that was pretty good! HEY THAT WAS PRETTY GOOD HEY HEY EHEEEEYYYYY AAAHHHHHHH
This has 0! dislikes.. holy shit..
You ripped is head and then yours broke off. Nice
kinda more like steve-o and jhonny knoxville's wierd child
only for pros those are getting old and stupid
1:00 Timmy: DAD HE HAS MY HEAD!! Pewdiepie: I DON'T CARE!!
I think i got the answer on why you were her on the first place. You want to spread the gospel that PussyPie is better and start another fan war. I mean look at you, you look like an immature child, you probably yell & annoy everyone when you play games online. Storeskuffgamer, please change your name to King Dick Supreme or something related to things that you enter in your butthole. UberHaxOrNova has his own character in Happy Wheels. Does pussyPie has one? Awwwweee... No? =C Tsk tsk! ..|..
stop fan war piewdiepie vs tobuscus vs nova = + 300000000 war assets
That's not a rocket that's a bomb
Экс-чемпион Strikeforce в тя бы хотел бы услышать от своего подчиненного", - сообщил Оверим.
I stil like pewdipie because he is retarded.
You really don't get it, do you? By saying PussyPie, YOU are starting a flamewar. Don't think you are the "Ubermensch" More people told other people things you told us in you comment, only other people don't act like a dumbass. You do. You are being a bitch by saying he is gay. You are ONLY making the fanwars worse. I like them both, but the much i like PewDie and Nova, the much i hate you. I only want to say one thing to you: F U C K - Y O U
Then why are you here in the first place watching Nova? Awwweee... you're betraying your mommy PussyPie. Go back and help him edit that gay-ass Friday series of his. Oh? PussyPie has a million subs? Tell me more how many RJW, FreddieW, VenetianPrincess and etc can be awesome without yelling like a gurl? Storreskuffgamer? Seems like a legit gamer name, but when i visited your channel it's like an onion. I cry because of lack of content.
no not really they would show that they're friends and not enemies
True but it would still just cause more trouble in the end
anyone notice justin beiber is on the spike fall twice at 5:35
6:40 "One in a millinon"? Do the creators of these levels even try?
I never expected him to have a mustache though O_o Did you guys expect him to look different from what he actually looks?
3:15 GET THE KID GET THE KID ! dude u are awesome :D
you sound like jhonny knoxville
quickly goes to make cereal (me) NO MILK FUCK U nova: *laughing*
He makes no sense, he isn't funny and I just generally don't like his personality. It's my opinion on him, not yours.
"I got his head... FUCK YOU!!!"
comment below me is written by a cocksucker everybody flag n spam this cum drinker
nova is just nova same with pewdiepie money isnt the reason that htey play like they do we watch them because we like how they play also you really dont know how much money nova makes off youtube do you? lets just say he hit the mil mark like a year and a half ago
Empire(AndMoreShitBehindIt) Your just a fucking disgrace. By saying PussyPie YOU are the fuckface that starts the flamewar. Stfu
Nova: I GOT HIS HEAD!!! FUCK YOU!!!!!! Me: You should've kept his considering you lost yours ._.
2:54 wait this isnt the little boys face
leave a like if pewdiepie is better
Fuck the world from inside a cart
Fuck that, Don't you compare nova to pewdiepie and toby you. He's nothing like those douche bags
That doesn't prove anything. They're both just as good and awesome.
nova 30% pewdie 30% toby 30% ( yes i know its only ninety % deal with it ._. )
1:13 i can't stop laughing XD
i wonder how much yotubers play happy wheels?
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