Elizabeth Warren EMBARRASSES Bank Regulators At First Hearing

by Les Grossman • 322,332 views

warren bank hearing | Warren questioned top regulators from the alphabet soup that is the nation's financial regulatory structure: the FDIC, SEC, OCC, CFPB, CFTC, Fed and Treasury. Elizabeth Warren...

I love the tough talk.  It sounds great, but face it, nothing ever changes!  To this day there are still no big banks being taken to court.   ---1. The banks factor in how much in "settlements" or litigation they can afford to pay and still make obscene profits by breaking the law. ---2. The corporations lobby lawmakers to pass bills that provide for penalties, settlements, and litigation that look impressive, but still allow them to profit from breaking the law. ---3. The bill passes, and Elizabeth Warren or other sponsors of the bill call it a success, because there are more penalties or prosecutions of corporations (not individuals). ---4. Nothing changes.  The agencies end up doing exactly what the criminals paid for, which has all been factored into their dedication to profit by breaking the law.  
Elizabeth "Eazy-E" Warren I loved her before she was a senator. She's the only person on capital hill actually asking direct and common sense questions! I love it when the bankers or the Fed tries to spin her around forgetting that she knows banking and economics like the back of her hand.  The end of this video is basically the Senator shitting on all the "banking watch dogs" and the "justice" system.
+slug Face which werld war did a boosch start? none.  
look at the difference in the likes and dislikes..good sign for humanity .
If I robbed a bank, I'd go to prison for years, my assets would be seized, and my life would be in ruin. But the banks get to rob us whenever they want with no fear of consequential retaliation?
this is beautiful, absolutely awesome! so well said mrs.warren This woman should run for president, maybe she could actually get some change for the better to happen
Idiots on here defending big banks, I'm baffled about people's stupidity regulate those idiots so they don't keep breaking the law
Talk is cheap, do something!
We need more politicians like that, she is a blessing, and sheds light on the evident issues
That is why wall street bankers and the wimpy regulatory agencies like SEC hate her guts.  If Republicans win the presidency in the next election, Elizabeth Warren won't be re-appointed.  So who do you want to win in  the next presidential election.
This MONSTER Warren headed the TARP committee.  SHE bailed out Wall Street.  SHE is a phony and a LIAR.  A heep bigem Fauxcahontas!
Be afraid clueless teabagger moron, be very afraid.
Most of those people should not have "Honorable" in front of their names.
This woman is a badass
WOW. Warren for president!
I noticed they still would not answer her question directly just spout some other shit out like oh my "previous predecessor asked for additional authority".  When she was just asking when or how many times have they gotten to an actual hearing or court room to deal with the laws they had broken.
Yes, and "oh, we can give out penalties; we have some very tough penalties".  In other words, you wouldn't Dare take them to trial.   What a bunch of toads....
The typical regulatory punishment is slapping a few hundred millions dollars fine and the wall street crooks are back at it again. 
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This is a test message.
Liz Warren is Harry Reid in drag.  Seriously, take a close look...
Oooo I think I have a new heroine !
If it were not for the Vulture Capitalists, as opposed to the regular capitalists, there would be no need for socialism.
Nice advert for DEER PARK bottled water. All bottle labels faced forward.
wait...there are sane american politicians? WTF is going on with the world?
Don't worry... they'll probably end up shooting her. :)
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Check out this video on YouTube: She's the shit.
From Canada, hats off to Elizabeth Warren. I wish we had people with her balls and integrity up here in Canada.  The shameless avoidance of a direct answer to Ms. Warren's questions by the regulators that day is totally pathetic!
We did! Unfortuantley, he died =(
Damn right! I hope she gets the nomination rather than that Wall Street whore Hillary Clinton.
Me too. Democratic Party needs to get this girl on the ballot.
"When did you bring them to trial?"  "Urghhh, never? Hehehe" Fucking hell, these people are SCUM, period. 
I don't think it's possible for a broad to embarrass someone.
I think it's possible for you to be a complete twat though. Damon.
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Elizabeth Warren EMBARRASSES Bank Regulators At F…: http://youtu.be/2F6YkBa_Tig
'We have not had to do it to achieve our supervisory goals' >insane echoing cackle< Follow up question - Can you define what those supervisory goals are? Anticipated answer: To settle and not bring major financial institutions to a full trial....or no answer at all.
After 5 bullshit years with Obama at the helm, you would think Americans would learn the lesson that talk is cheap. Elizabeth Warren is a big talker (liar). She should stick to classrooms full of affirmative action students and leave the politics to true Americans who don't lie about their heritage.
Critics: What do you have against logic and rational analysis?  Listen carefully.
That is SOME product placement for Deer Park water :P
Why is it that republicans always bleed for the big crooks on Wall St ?
+Stovie Wan Kenobi There are two reasons why you refuse to discuss with me the supreme court rulings by the 5 republican justices:  You are either limited in your knowledge about these rulings, or you know once we delve into it, I will prove there are many differences between the parties.  What are you afraid of ?
She's fantastic!  This is the first time ever -- EVER -- that I've seen or heard anyone in D.C. actually, seriously, intelligently call the regulators out on their BS "enforcement" efforts against corrupt banks, especially "too big to fail" banks.  And, she established, on the record, that our "regulators" have not brought a single, solitary corrupt bank to trial -- keeping their fraud, and enforcement negotiations, nice and cozy behind closed doors. 
For those of you who are hatin on ms warren uh erm she never lied about anything in her heritage also she grew up in a lower middle class home so yes she has had a real job and knows what suffering is like ... Must not like a woman in the senate doing a phenomenal job btw
thank god we dont have your system in Canada - she is right though -the government will sue you over 1000 in back taxes and allow a corporation to get away with billions
all the people arguing on the right and calling ppl libtards etc. are paid for posters. what conservative in their right mind likes getting their tax money used for some private business's losses? what  real conservative in their right mind lieks the idea of having their money gambled with and they cant sue? what conservative with real money likes the idea of being scammed and not getting justice? NO REAL CONSERVATIVE WITH REAL MONEY WOULD.  fuck outta here
The ones that are the sheep and believe everything Faux News tells them. It is easier to point fingers at President Blackenstein, as Bill Maher put it, than to actually do something about it. The OWNERS of this country don't want that...they want people to be preoccupied with stupid wedge issues while they rob the country blind by playing Wall St casino.
Puppy, Can you give us one good Republican congressperson who really works for the common folks.  Give us one name how this congressperson battles against big corporations or wall streets.   Elizabeth Warren is a democrat and a damn good one too.    This woman tries to do justice and that is all I can ask from a politician.
Lord... Warren just knocked their asses out... Lord... It's a simple damn question: When did you ever take the banks to trial after they broke the law?
Hey Liz, have you ever had a REAL job in your life? How about back on the "res" you must have came from, being a "Native American" and all?
+88mike You have to keep in mind that many "intelligent" people these days don't understand that "racism" has to involve race. They cry "racist" is you criticize someone of another nationality even if that person is of the same race. Just like this idiot is calling me a racist for criticizing another white person.  
+DEEREMEYER1 You're a complete douchebag... grow the hell up. Damn Reps. 
I love how the cameraman behind the first guy can barely contain his laughter.
she got an applause in the senate, yea!
Thank god for this woman.  
Why doesn't someone ask the 1/32 Cherokee how she amassed her multi millions never having had a job and all?  Maybe the same way Obama amassed his?
The people that are hating on this senator are doing it because they refuse to think that what they've been told and what has been portrayed to them on TV might actually be wrong. She just whooped their ass in a little more than 4 minutes! Well done!
squeezing every day citizens on thin petty grounds. yeah! that's me. 
I'd vote for Warren in 2016 if she ran.  She seems uncorrupted and hold those who are "feet to the fire".  What a change.
Its a revolving door between the SEC and the big banks committing fraud.  The SEC officials get a job with a big salary with these big banks after they leave the SEC.  Its like a bribe. That's why they don't take to trail any of the banks - their future employers.
The attorneys at SEC are big into technology.  Actually they are quite an expert in downloading porn films from the internet.  It is true
I love how she just kept asking for her question to be answered. It's something that most journalists never do. I really like Elizabeth Warren. I hope she continues as she has been - a champion of justice.
We have learned that a Senator doesn't make a good president.  We must elect a person who has actually run a state, and has experience in governing.  What this woman is doing is politics, plain and simple. She is a much a lying fraud as Obama..... and look at the mess he has created in our country. We can't afford anymore senators.
+ladylordess Sorry what? Iraq destroyed all it's WMD's after the first Gulf War. IT WAS FALSE INFORMATION, we and the world were told that Iraq presented a clear and present danger, with a current WMD program and stockpiles of weapons. Iraq presented no danger and there were no WMD's. We never found shit. I still remember that little piece of shit of Donald Rumsfeld, saying when asked about the WMD's that we knew exactly where they were, somewhere North, South, East, West of Baghdad. The monumental horseshit, lies and dishonesty could be staked as high the high heavens. 
This woman is right, this system put in place in 1933 has worked then they fucked it up and we had bank problems. Fixing something that isn't broke usually means padding their own pockets that is why they want to circumvent the system and just use all our Money we have in the bank to invest so that they lose NOTHING and if their investments fail we lose everything.  Thank god for this woman!
you can't prosecute them they will threaten to stop all credit.
Thank you Elizabeth Warren!! Being the only person in Congress who is actually liberal and fighting for the poor. Elizabeth Warren 2016!!!?!?!
DEEREMEYER1 do you realise what you wrote there? Says more about your educational level than anything you were trying to say about the senator
if you don't want her as president can we have her as prime minister
This woman does this country proud, and everyone in MA should be very proud to have her.
Tax the rich,feed the poor.Till there are no rich no more.
I'd like to know who puts all those Deer Park water bottles for all to see. Product placement even occurs on C-Span. Disgraceful.
Wow what course in college that teaches bullshit answers? To strait questions? These asses must gotten there PHD's in it.  
The bank regulators don't take the large financial institutions to trial because they actually have to prove wrongdoing, not just make a factually devoid political speech pandering to hippies who would rather hear banks are to blame for them not paying the mortgage they agreed to.
Just like a mama laying down the law on the kids for getting into trouble. This would be a great satire piece...
I suspect the banks settlements are but a very small percentage of what they rip off the public and I'm glad we have people like Elizabeth Warren that's not afraid to take them on.
¡¡¡Así, carajo!!! Gentlemen THIS IS A POLITICIAN.
To big to fail = to big to trial = to big to jail = pay off / own of the right people. It is "amazing" that the Central Banks can afford to give themselves billions in bonus' every year but need to be "subsidized" with tax payer money and they also know how to write off their taxes so they pay less than a middle wage earner. Elizabeth Warren know what she is asking and what the answers are going to be. She cannot do it alone. It seems she is about the only one in Washington with balls anymore but she needs help since everyone is playing politics with their answers.
You cannot argue this.
She would make a great president! I'd vote for her any day! I've been watching her for a while now, and I don't think she could be bought off! And she would really fight for the 99% of americans . Hillary Rodham Clinton, well, she's bought, sold and paid for, just like her husband, and Lyndon B. Johnson, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, ***Ronald Reagan, *George H. W. Bush, *George W. Bush, and ***Barack Obama. We need a real change, Mrs Elizabeth Warren, is a very smart lady, that really seems to care about the average american, and not just the super rich! She would make a great president, but those greedy bastards, would probably kill her, for the changes she would make.
These "bank regulators" are a joke.  You know why?  Because after they leave their positions, they're permitted to GO WORK FOR THEM.   And they don't want to annoy their potential future paymasters.  It's as disgusting as that.
If some strange,questionable,very unlikely accident or mishap should occur to the Senator...You know where to look or point.Cheers for Senator Warren!
Well unlike Hillary, my skin doesn't crawl at her mere existence. Policy-wise I'd presume she'll just further bury the economy though...so unfortunately, it's a no AFAIC.
dem or repub she has the balls and the right mind!!
God I never get tired of watching Warren work.
If Liz Warren became president I would take a bullet for her. 
These guys giving testimony sounds like a bunch of professional bullsh&tters.
they did have to but didn't.
She's tough on the right people. I like her better than Hillary and better than any other Democrat right now!
Hell yes! Elizabeth Warren 2016!
Her intelligence is such a turn on...
This woman speaks a great deal of common sense!
How many times did E W say uhh, umm?  How many time did the bank panel stutter uhh, uhh, umm? Prepared statement true but refer to the CNBC interview and do the same when she was answering the questions
Senator Warren versus a bunch of naughty ex-frat boys.
Go Sen. Elizabeth Warren you are some of those Democratic Representatives that depend the people of America. No doubt about Harvard Law School, You and President Obama has the respect of being part of that institution. Kudos!
She is smart and fair...
Thank God my donation to her campaign paid dividends, Banks own our Government! Break them up now!
they don't take them to trial they just shake them down for some cash
if she was president it would be a blow for democracy against capitalism
This woman is fierce ! definitely presidential material.
Did anyone else recognize the connection to Aaron Swartz when she said that district attorneysare trying to make an example out of ordinary citizens?
Too big to fail.
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Elizabeth Warren EMBARRASSES Bank Regulators At First Hearing
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