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I Think My Water Broke!! (Baby 1 Part 1)

by ELInARIZONA • 951,059 views

FLASHBACK! Water broke at 4 am and I decided to turn on the camera to catch my last few hours of pregancy.

Cool my name is Olivia I was Born in 2001
how many weeks were you when your water broke
membrane? is that the "bloody show" ?
lmao you sound like your tired of being pregnant, im due june 7th 2012 and i cant wait
Ya they told me a due date but babies will come when they're ready. lol The doctors won't let you go too past your due date. :)
Oh my God, you look fine! :) I wish I looked that good at 4 am. But the warning was cute :) that's just reminded me of something I would do lol :) Congradulations, honey! BTW I'm 17 weeks 3 days :) You did good, very calm. :)
You really don't look fat at all in this video, you look like a tired (and pretty) mother-to-be, which is allowed considering the, I only wish that I looked that great when the big day came for us, and I wasn't the one expecting! XD
You don't look awful. You actually look back at this video in 10 years and WISH you looked like this again. Enjoy your youth my friend!
Omg, Im so terrified ! Im due any day now, in fact, the doctors told me that my estimated due date was 11/6/2012. but it is now 11/13/2012. Idk what to do. this is my first child and Im not sure if this is normal (To be way past the estimated due date). So I just wanna know. Did you have an estimated due date and did you give birth at the given date?
1:53 , her hand in her stomache :) aw
wow. ur very strong!!! a women will scream like bloody Mary in pain. saying" OH MY GOD THIS HURTS!!!!!" and you "ow..." i tell u. u are very strong my friend.
i was like... what the crap was that? and you DO look beautiful :) congratulations!
not a hate comment but lol cause the baby aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh sorry contractions
@elaababees2k11 Aw thank you sweetie! I had Olivia at 5:00 pm that night. It was a long labor but so worth it! :) She'll be 3 in a couple weeks. I know, I need to get Part 2 up asap! lol It's only been 3 I'm such a slacker.
@RenHuff I had an epidural so it didn't hurt too much. I was in a lot of pain right before the epidural but breathing helped me stay calm.
what!? you did not look bad! silly girl. Are you single is that why you called your friend to take you to the hosp? or was you husband or boyfriend at work?
ur hair doesn't look a hot mess. ur hair looks great! =D
If I can get an epidural at home, sure. I don't mind pain that much, but would rather not have to experience it if at all possible. ;)
ur absolutely beautiful at 4 in the morning .. I hve seen worse ( me) nd ur baby Olivia is beautiful =]
My little brother died a month and 3 days before this day happened.. and he was five months old. Creepy. And I'm twelve too ^_^
My name is Alyvia! Like Olivia but with and A
If you hate the hospital did you not want a home birth?
@ELInARIZONA no problem and i have a small sister about the same age :) always up to michief lol xx
If you're scared of the hospital, stay home. If I had to give birth in a hospital my labor would probably stall from fear and stress. Hospitals suck ass. I had my son at home and it was easy as cake. Ok, not THAT easy, but, compared to a hospital birth (yuck!) it was easy and beautiful. Also, btw, my son had meconium as well. Healthy as can be....
My eyes!!!! my eyes!! just kidding. Omg, 4am water break or not, I'd be layed in bed. Mind you, my waters broke at 4:32am too..... changed the bedding and went back to sleep ,lol. What did you have anyway?
you must be an incredibley strong woman because the only thing i ever see when peoples' water break on tv or in a movie or even in real life is woman just screaming and grunting but you were totally fine you even took the time to film a video lol props to you!!(: btw you dont look like a mess at all youre beautiful(:
LMAO, I like how you were so humurous about the whole situation!
I have that comforter! :D Wow...I thought woman freak when their water breaks!
your hair doesn't loo bad tome..:)
oh trust me hun...if ur water broke,i'll be like get my ass to the f**ken hospital..quick,im having a baby nooooooooooow!!!!i know,thats how my sister was with her last kid
i know so am i! except im 13...anyways my mom saw my utube history and thought i was trying to find out a way to tell her that im preggy XD im not though
@meperz My daughter did that as well and on her way out she inhaled some of the merconium and almost died. They whisked her away to the warming table and worked on her. She did survive but had a few days where they had to keep an eye on her. She is a sweet 12 yr old girl now and am very grateful to the hospital staff for saving her life.
I don't get it, you don't look ugly at all :)!!!
yaaa,im with u on that...she seams soo calm durning it all,even on the phone..i think my water broke??? this vid is soo fake as one is that calm when they water breaks...even posted a youtube video...come on people??
ur beautiful in the morning and i cant believe ur not screaming lol
oh my gosh, you crack me up! I hope I'm that funny when my water breaks! Love it!!
You sound like a great candidate for a midwife attended birth, perhaps a freestanding birth center. My 3rd was born this way. Not in a hospital. Amazing! :) But you must check it out for yourself, don't take my word for it.
@rockgirlxxx1 basically the water the baby was in was gone.
Ha! You kidding? Wish I looked that good at 4am. You look great
heyy congrats you were very calm and you looked great Since you hate hospitals, would you consider ever having a homebirth?
Awww cool ur gunna b a great mom!!!!
My doctors rude! I'm due on 02/28/13 and so far I've been contracting for 4 weeks. And havent dilated. I've been walking and having sex to help dilate and still nothing. He says he wants me to go 41 weeks. I'm 38 weeks. And in extreme bad pain. And she has been dropped for 1 week now and then I lost my mucus plug for 4 weeks to. Any advice to get me dilating! I cant find any help! And its my first pregnancy. I'm only 18. Please dont laugh I get laughed at all the time...
no autually my water broke and da baby came out and it was really painful
You dont look ugly at all! what are u talking about?
@TheSimsForever2K10 i'm even 11 now
@TheSimsForever2K10 Im 11 and i do the same! Your not alone. :)
I would think you would be screaming and yelling and running all over the place yelling '' OMG MY WATER BROKE MY WATER BROKE I HAVE TO STOP RUNNING AROUND!'' did it hurt getting the baby out? :o
yours broke in your sleep? women look at me weird when i tell them that happened to me. I had her 8 hours later.
@TowardsThePantheon She was born 12 hours later. It was a long labor but not too bad. The contractions started around 4 am that morning. It was pretty intense for a while. And thank you :)
Habla que parece que tiene un mojón en la boca
you are so cute. and funny! and you dont look horrible! i'm 9 weeks preggo, i hope i'm that calm if my water breaks!
LOL nice, I had a girl. She's adorable. Expecting number 2 in 7 1/2 months too ;)
@TheSimsForever2K10 lol me too. Its fun watching though!
omg you have the same computer as me!
lol u were calm just like i was in my video water actually was leaking in my video lol
what does it mean when you water broke?
@english7818 Ya I never really got too crazy or anything, I knew it'd be uncomfortable but I was mostly excited!
Omg, Ok -- I gave birth . Two days after I wrote this comment . Thank you :))))
yep hospitals are ghey and I had that iv thingo in my arm for 4 days "just in case" feckers
you were super calm! congrats i might be on my second Pregnancey i rescently had twins 3 months ago but apprently u can get pregnant 4-6 weeks after you give birth depending if u start your period again i did not know that till monday now im just kinda freaking out but yeah you do really well and you were alone the whole time my boyfriend was the only one with me at the time and he froze for like 20 mins before he started freaking out
I CANT WAIT TO HAVE MY really 10 but my big sister really wanted to watch this sim video that shes not old anof to watch but she is so i made a account
You did not look horrible. You looked absolutely beautiful!
love it! but where is the other part??
omg u look fine :) beautiful even and im only 12 but i love babies and iwas getting excited just watching the video nevermind actually being there :) what time did u have baby olivia? and how old is she now? also is there a part 2? :)
if thats you looking terrible, what do you look like when you arent :), you looked fine to me, as opposed to the car wreck i looked after giving birth and during contractions lol
oh you look fine dont worry about it!
Oh my god, Im only 12 and Im watching "Telling my parents im pregnant" videos!!! Lol! Idk, I just like seeing peoples reactions, and I've watched your videos on Olivia, she's sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have 7 days left Kant wait for my to break
wow. you're so incredibly calm. i would probably be insane.
@bananenfoon It's usually quite a while before you then go into "actual labour" after your waters break so she may as well have lol. I might do it myself one day if I am ever brave enough (and financially capable) to decide to have children.
Did she want to go to the hospital naked? Best part
how did you avoid stretch marks?
great video! i hate hospitals too I freak out lol
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