Dan Wheldon Fatal Crash: Live, Replays, and Announcement (HD)

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Dan Wheldon died today, October 16, 2011, after this hard wreck at Las Vegas Motorspeedway. They ended the race after a 2-hour red flag and held a 5 lap tribute after the announcement in honor of...

3:37 Horrible accident everybody hoped would never occur? Nonsense. This was entertainment. Subconsciously, everyone wants this sort of incident to happen. No offense, of course; it's simply the truth. 
How can you say this is entertainment! My cousin is was one of the drivers involved in this crash so do toy think it was entertaining for us to watch this on TV? He lost a good friend that day, and for you to say this Is just pure disrespect for the poor lad who lost his life and his family.
US open wheel series; ongoing butchery in 21th century. Come on guys learn some lessons from Formula 1...
+Pat Ok I know that I don't hate the British or the Europeans I hate everyone who hates the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
A brit killed in a pointless, stupid and frankly boring sport ... America can fuck off and die.
"Here we go" the announcer said, like he was having fun on a joyride. Extremely poor choice of words.
@ 0:26 Cheever whispering "Its Dan" to the other announcer!
Indy Car should be banned for being to freaking dangerous
This is horribe my thoughts and prays go to dan and his family he is in indy car heaven hope you rest in peace hope you are safe and my thoughts go to dan and his wife and little boys i hope that someday we will see him in heaven one day
Ugh, just had to sit through an ad for Hunger Games : Catching Fire before watching this video. If it's Jennifer Lawrence, more like "Catching Cum", am I right?? Anyway, RIP Dan Wheldon, horrible way for a man to die
If he had hit the catch fence car first, rather than head first, he'd probably have survived.
Thank you captain hindsight 
nothing is more fucking retarded than open wheel cars on oval tracks.
its terrible, its awful .. lets watch it again .. and again .. and another angle .. oh its terrible .. so sad, here's another angle .. what a bunch...
Don't want to sound like a dick but I think racing leagues with actual killing of a driver from time to time are more exciting to watch than for example formula 1, where practically nothing has happened for 20 years. Its selfish to say that, I know. But if racing was for "go safety-first!", why would you let these cars pass the 30 mph mark anyway? Fatalities need to happen in order to remember, that you are watching something dangerous and exciting, and to create ongoing heroic "what if xxx was still alive?" assumptions. Well, I don't know. It doesn't need to happen every race, but 1 Killing per year would be a nice quota. edit: RIP Dan Wheldon, though.
What a sad time for motorsport first this happened and then we lost Simoncelli a week later RIP Dan and Marco
Had a worse crash a Texas survives it all matters how bad the damage was but 🇬🇧R.I.P
Crazy how everything can end in an instant for professional race car drivers. Rest in peace.
0:16 If you see Dans car....woah.
God,poor guy it was not even a mistake he made.
Who was this at 0:14 in the background right before the crash? Was that Dan Wheldon, because he talked to the TV from the car before the race starts.
I remember i turned on the tv for lunch and seeing this wreck after watching for 3 minutes... so sad.... lunch ruined.....
Quick question why not put a simple light weight roll cage on these open cockpit cars???? Sort of a good idea I would say
Messes up the aerodynamics and the drivers need to get out in the case of a crash which in many cases become a mass of jumbled up pieces
Contact.bailout,bailout,bailout.Oh Multiple Cars Involved.
Pillbox---- how could've he hit his head on the roof of his car? There is no roof. This wasn't nascar.
should of never had so many cars on the track, they all knew it was a risk ...smh
I heard people ripping IndyCar for bad safety or whatever. IndyCar did the best they could do, but this was a freak accident, like Russell Phillips or Dale Earnhart. R.I.P Dan Wheldon.
I'd like to thank Dan Wheldon for going out in a "blaze" of glory. This was a spectacular way to go out. This crash was a real "hit". If you're gonna go out, make it awesome
7:43 lol that scared me for a second there. That debris looks like a person in a sitting position airborne flying backwards.
Choose your words a little better kid....I assume your an adolescent by the way you represent yourself- -
+monolith geometry I assume you're an adolescent by the way you represent your sheer ability to not stay on topic to my comment.  
F1 and Indy are both open wheel, but not the same. San Marino isn't raced on any more cuz of how many have died on that track. Is Indy done racing on oval tracks?
Oval tracks and walls are the problem. F1 has gone without a single death since 1994.
I guess they will always race. When they're all crowded going 220 MPH it's just too dangerous bc there's just not sufficient spacing
3 years today :( R.I.P Dan
Some of you are so f'ing ignorant. Nasty, rude people that have dumb ass things to say even when something tragic happens. You can get hurt in any sport, any recreational activity, any DAY for that matter. Whether or not you agree with what they are doing, no one cares. Keep your nasty-ass opinions to yourself and go post somewhere that people want to hear your shit.
There is quite a difference between getting hurt and dying because your open car slammed into a wall at 200 mph.
0:26 I swear I heard someone whisper "he's dead"
dan we still remember you 
It's sad he died in this crash, but I'm also surprised more didn't die.
At least he died doing what he loved
i don't know why they decide to race cars like this on oval tracks never cease to amaze me. RIP Wheldon.
I was there.. in the parking lot. I saw a big explosion and I was worried
I'm still in shock I can't believe he's gone I watched it live on tv and I couldn't believe that I saw the death on Dan Wheldon. Dan you will be missed by Indy Car fans across the nation almost 3 years later and I will never get over the shock R.I.P Dan <3
Rest In Paradise Dan Wheldon
I remember watching this race I am a huge Nascar fan and at the time my friend was into Indy car racing and he was trying to get me to watch a race and I saw it on tv that day and I though sure il give it a watch and then I see this it was tragic to watch what a way to start watching Indy car but anyhow rip dan we will always miss you
I'm gunna be driving on Vegas speed way this Friday in the Richard petty experience and I couldn't even imagine how fast those cars are going around that track... RIP
A beautiful day,and this poor guy dies. That's not right.
4:40 you can hear the emotion in the guy's voice
of course this sport is dangerous, all motorsport is dangerous and always has been, it's a risk and when it pays off it is the echo of glory that comes with the win, sad to see a driver die, but he died doing what he loved R.I.P Dan Wheldon
@ 0:11 you can see a sputter of smoke, and then another just before the spin out. If Dan had seen this warning sign he might have decelerated just enough to lessen the impact....one can only wonder.      R.I.P. Dan Wheldon & all others who exhibit that adventurous spirit that might soar above the mundane lives of those who dare not...
narrator goes "ohh here we go again..." does it disturb anybody else here? I found it unbelievable that its 2014, and the lives of these pilots worth little compared to all the money poured in behind the curtains in order to keep the main event and the eventual carnage available.  Its like, we all know that whatever safety measurements the committee would adopt, sooner than later someone will have the same fate. Why does it still happen? seriously...  
wow... I will never forget that day watching this race... RIP Dan
 I was  watching this race with 3 of my friends and when the wreck happened we were quiet until they said that Dan died then we were just sad. my friends dad is a huge racing fan and he liked Dan Weldon he wasn't watching the race. he came into the room that we were in at the time when they said he died and he screamed "WHAT"
Went out doing what he loved...
Why is everyone in here arguing about this being unsafe? Of course it is unsafe, so is skydiving or base jumping or any other extreme sport for that matter. This is the risk people take when they get into a race car, get on a motorcycle, or do whatever they may be doing. The risk is part of it, if there were no risk than there would be no point.
Agreed sir, it would be like wanting to be a cop without any risk to your life. Or a soldier without any risk of going into battle... If you slowed down the cars to a point to where fatal or life altering crashes were obsolete then as unfortunate as it sounds, the sport would become boring, people would lose interest, and it would fade away. Dan Wheldon (R.I.P.) was by no means the first or last person to die or get seriously injured in the world of motorsports, it's just part of it.
At 0:26 someone said he's dead list in to it 3 times
Its Cheever whispering "Its Dan" to the other announcer!
Wow, what a mess,,,,,,what do you expect when guys participate in these idiotic and pointless races?  People are such morons.
You are a moron. You could be taking a drive one day for fun and a car could hit you head on and kill you. And you'd be calling yourself a moron. You are crazy.
So when someone does something for fun its pointless? I guess we can say the same about football, rugby, hockey, track, ufc or any other sport/competition there is. 
This is the first time I have watched this since December of 2011, but I felt like the announcers (for the most part) handled this very, very well.  Such a sad day.
ITT: Many weak nanny-staters who think a perfect world is where nobody ever dies for any reason, and we all live a carefully-supervised, bubble-wrapped existence until we're 400. Wheldon chose to drive. He died doing what he loved. Sometimes the things we love are dangerous. I imagine you'd ban all astronauts too, huh? Can't have people dying over "silly things" now can you?
"The IndyCar, with open wheels and an open cockpit, is not suited for the pack racing that develops on ovals. Unlike NASCAR, where cars bump and bang on every lap, any contact in an IndyCar results in either a crash or a slew of broken parts." - ESPN http://m.espn.go.com/rpm/story?storyId=7355694&src=desktop
The way I feel about the rich assholes of the world is ,bummer you had more than many and were a money whore so you got what you earned,never seen him help the poor or do charity work,no loss there except to himself
RIP!Indy should never torn in what F1 turned in recent years!NEVER!No more pure racing..unfortunately!
And right after getting off the on-board camera of Dan Wheldon's car. R.I.P.
It's honestly lucky Will Power wasn't killed either. His car got like a mile in the air.
Risking your life in competition is glorious and admirable to those who love the entertainment of motorsports. If these guys were going 50-60mph slower around the track like stock cars, the audience would be drastically smaller. People love the thrill and excitement of extreme sports, wether its jumping from a helicopter onto a mountain, riding a bull, or overtaking at 230mph. Those calling this type of competition pointless have never lived and probably weauiiiijyjyr sun screen for the 5 minute
You can hear at around 0:27 that the commentators knew. A great shame to the sport.
And the phact that Dan was the onboard just before the crash, as seen at the beginning of vidio
I still remember this race and I have cried every time since
we all know motorsport is dangerous we all know the risks when that flag drops dan knew this he passed doing what he loved yes its very sad and indy needs to look at our F1 and race circuits not ovals
this is the only video i've ever seen that makes me cry every time....Rest in peace Dan!
Whoever won the championship didn't wanna win it like this R.I.P Dan Wheldon
Why the hell make them so low and unprotected?!
Not exactly a ordinary roll cage. What if part of the intake went over the drivers head? Something hard enough for initial impact. At those speeds it only needs to resist pressure for second or two.
+Dorian Joseph Even if there was a roll cage on his car I doubt it could have saved him. 
He was so young...
Still give a moment of silence for you at Indy every year. We'll never forget, Dan. 
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Remembering Dan Wheldon....2 yrs today....
can some one tell me if at 4:00 when he hits the wall is that blood and guts it is unfortunate that this had to happen to him rip. 
@RiskyTactics: So you're saying that IndyCar is safe so long as the drivers never make mistakes.  You idiot! They're driving at 200mph, on oval circuits, with up 20 other cars, how are they supposed to NEVER make a mistake!? In F1, drivers spin off all the time, but they don't die, few get injured! Why? Because it's a much safe sport. The last driver to be killed was the late, great Ayrton Senna, 19 years ago!
If he slowed down a little more, he would be alive today. RIP Dan Wheldon :(
What do you expect? They drive those cars at very high speed, it's just a matter of time before something like that happens. I don't understand why anyone wants to participate or watch oval races: they're boring as hell and very dangerous. I think tracks with corners take more skill and are more fun to watch and are also alot safer.
Seems you never saw a european F-1 race. It got soo boring, that I stopped watching in the 90s... No overtaking outside the boxes b/c to small tracks, to little straight parts, and wrong constructed/designed cars... OTOH, oval racing is awesome in comparison; much overtaking b/c cars are almost the same for every racer, small gaps b/c of yellow flags, "3-wide" racing you never ever see in F-1... And: Deaths occur too in F-1. That happens in every motorsport.
+Johhny Ohrl  I agree that is has become more boring but death doesn't happen anymore and I don't see what car design has to do with it. But I guess you're someone who views racing as overtaking others on a track while I view racing as going as fast as you can around corners. We're both correct. But we're actually missing my point: my point is not that nascar is boring, my point is people shouldn't be hypocrite and complain about deaths because that's part of the job and you agree so it seems.
6:04 thats some serious air time
Las Vegas Motor Speedway to the F1 cars is like 2001 Daytona and Talledega was to Nascar..
Formula one, that is a sport. This indy shit is worse than nascar
Yeah big fcking advantage being in the back isn't the best place to be when cars are going 210 miles per hour
this reminds me of final destination
in what crash was he? 1st 2nd or 3rd?
Why would I do that? That's just stupid. I am much smarter than Mr. Wheldon here. I'll just watch them. That's more fun anyways.
i thought this was go for full retard.. who won ? pity is the big crash isnt it the whole thing i could see while you were in it ..dirty air is the probale pity component isnt it ..dirty track .. dirty woman .. dirty everything .. dirty pity .. did self pity get into it was this a prayer for self pity .. will his wife now have to live a long and full life or will pity turn into self pity .. please please please there was no pity remaining the denominator factor our crash as nietzsches pity says
There's always someone dying in a motorsport accident. Check out Andrea Antonell's death if you haven't! (There's an excellent HD version shot by a guy in the audience: /watch?v=02kjjJq9yZQ )
I wish it was will power not dan wheldon cos power is a f*cking cheat sore loser
Right and F1s are made to cut quick turns easily.
How the hell do you want to make Indycar safe(r)? I'm a huge F1 fan, but that's just impossible..
i think indy cars might be a bit too light and fast for oval racing
Looks like Wheldon, contrary to the cars in front of him, didn't hit the brake at all. I guess he was too far in the back of the field to see what happened 1 second earlier.
nvm after watching some pictures i can see it was the green car in front of him, so it was the first car to go airborn. i was bit confused bc the commentator said that's wheldon when the second car went airborn. can't they do anything about the catchfence? it's certainly not the first car to go airborn, so this can easely happen again :s
Get off your soapbox. You came to this video to see the crash, too.
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