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One Person Can Save Any Marriage with The Love Check List

by Royal Farris • 15,854 views

The Love List is 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 of the New Testament ... It really works ITS IMPORTANT TO NOTE .. This video is for encouragement that there is hope even when you or others think there is not...

I just discovered many comments I did not even know were there .. I apologize for not responding ...  I am not sure why I have such a hard time seeing and responding to comments ... 
I wish you were in my area, haven't been able to find a good counselor in my area.
Hey Juan .... I have not been a counselor foe years ... I pastor a church .... Practice the love list ... I would love to hear how it goes.
I needed this, thank you for sharing this inspirational story. I'm newly separated and I want to reconcile with my husband but he doesn't want anything to do with me at this point. I have my work cut out but I'm not giving up. Nothing is too hard for God. Thank you, God bless
+lessica7 I am praying for you.  The first two words on the lis are patient and kind.  That's a great place to start.  By focusing on being love you can gain peace even if he doesn't respond right away or ever.  Nagging, begging, anger never work.  Love at least lets him know what he is missing.
Today is day 18 that The Man I love left me... I have been crying and begging for him back since the moment the door clicked shut.  Thank you for this video - we have been married 14 yrs.  And I want our marriage to work... I should have know the Good Book had my answer. 
I am glad this was encouraging for you +R Achey ... 
I have been separated since January. My wife of 20 years this year has seen a lawyer and has the decree written up. I read the decree and was not able to bring myself to signing it. I watched your video and will look up the love list. If you could write to me and I can explain more I would appreciate it. Help me save my marriage. Sincerely Roland
Hi, I love the video. I was wondering are you a licensed therapist or are you in a pastoral roll giving counseling to believers? If you are a licensed therapist, how do you incorporate biblical teaching into your therapy?
+Benny Robertson II   I was a therapist ... I always used Biblical truths while counseling.  With people who were not Christians I would use the same truths without always giving the biblical reference.
I am in a similar situation to the man you described in the video.  My wife left me in October last year, filed for divorce, but then I was staying at her apartment on and off for a few months. Our 5 year anniversary is coming up this week so I told her I wanted to see her but for the first time ever she said no and sent me the divorce papers this week. I will try to call her on our anniversary and practice the list in 1 Cor 13:4-8. I can't help but think that God at first performed a supernatural work and her hardness of heart was changing, but now it just seems like her will is winning out.  I don't know. I will be finishing my seminary education soon and our plan was to lead a church together but now she could not care less about the sacredness of Christian marriage. I was seeing a Christian counselor for about 5 months but then my insurance ran out.  
Thank you brother. right now after 25 years my wife and I are separated. I like a fool gave her an ultimatum and she said she'd rather be divorced at the moment then to be reconciled. Your video is giving me hope. and I'm going to start my homework tonight. If you have any advice for me brother please help. May God bless you.
Its over and I am fine, im sorry, but this cant be saved. Sorry it took awhile to get back
Thank u, im really concentrating on being a good daddy right now... thanks for ur encouraging words
wow.....this is really helpful,because when i would talk to my ex there was always a problem for me and sometimes for him  ,we end up worst  and even more madder than ever...i am going to church,and i will be kinda to him,and tried to be patient.....thk u....
Carmen let me now how it goes .... If I can encourage you let me know
Please be more specific on what the checklist is.
Praying for restoration in my marriage.  He has filed but I'm believing God for a miracle.  He is working on my as I try to save my marriage.
Ginger ... Patient is an important first step .. even when he is to wing a nice person
Be very careful with your words of advice as each case is different My husband got obsessed with loving me once it was truly over. We went to marriage counselling to help clear up any questions that it our marriage was over. He stalked me, police talked to him, he continued to stalk, and flowers left  He was arrested and sentenced to a jail term.  Encouraging a man to show up with flowers at her home is a bad idea. This is bad advice for men to believe that they can just show up after two years and it will work out.  I understand you are promoting change of attitude. This is a ploy men use to get back into a failed marriage to re abuse re cycle re use. Be aware partners of change to good to be true.  When it is over it is over. Life is a forward motion .
All cases are different ... This video was addressed to people wanting to fix their marriage ... When you do try this you will be challenged because the person you are trying to win back will not trust your change.  But people can change .. And if they honestly put themselves in the love checklist mindset their hearts can change and it can save a relationship that people had already written off.
I pray, but she had an affair and doesn't want to talk about it or try to save the marriage. She say's she's in love, and I finally had to leave. How long do I wait and let her be the only one who's happy.
Barry, I guess it depends on how much you want her ... Most of the time there is a affair .. and the person having the affair is looking for reasons to justify it ..  That's why it is so important that you have the atttitude of the love list.  If you are responding in anger, nagging, or in any negative way she will believe she is doing the right thing.  The only way yo turn it around is to be patient, kind, etc ...  If she files .. if she goes through with it .. You keep doing the list .. You go forward .... She needs to see you as the man she fell in love with if it is ever going to turn around ...  Let me know how it goes ..
I enjoyed your video. I have been doing the praying part and now I am going to act. May God bless you!
I hope it goes well for you .. let me know
I believe in the check list i started doing this about a year ago and i see the difference in me and in my x wife. we are not reconciled yet but i trust God and will not give up. we currently have a great relationship has a divorced couple but i see God working it back together. The Love walk works even after divorce
Hey Kenneth .. I am praying for that ... Patience and love are important on your side .. I always tell people you can not argue or guilt a person back .. At least you can not win the heart back that way ..
Hi. I wrote the checklist out on the notecard. I need to unselfishly love my husband like this. I have runied my marriage and my husband filed for divorce. We have been living apart since March. I have been praying and believing God for restoration.My husband is also unsaved. I am in the battle of my life and I have vowed to stand with God for the restoration of my marriage. It is the hardest thing I have ever done. God needs to do a mighty work in me and my husband. Please pray for me.
I am very thankful for the prayers. I am a stander, God gives me the strength and all my Hope is in Him.
It wasn't fixed... it was a journey!
This is just what i needed to hear, my husband and i have been seperated for 5 weeks now he decided he was no longer happy in our marriage and started an emotional and physical affair 4 months ago with a co-worker (bianca) he refuses to let her go... I am choosing to stand as a christian wife because i know this is not whay God wants. My husband was raised as a christian but is now in a place where he refuses to seek God . We are a young couple have been together for 8 years and have two little
Ok my wife walked out two years ago divorced 6 months now. I have been following the principles in this video. I am praying and fasting and not seeing any improvement. I don't see myself giving up but I also don't want to look back a feel like I wasted my life waiting for her. We had a 20 year relationship married 14 years. There has been no real contact in the past 6 months except for her going by to see my mother. Any advice or incite is appreciated.
Wow we are at the point.but I still want to be married .I pray everyday .help please!!!
My wife and I have been married for 20 years in September. A month ago she encouraged me take the kids on a camping trip when we got home she was gone. She served me with divorce paper a week ago. She is the light of my life the thought of divorce Cripps my heart out, but she refuses to see a councillor. I need help I love her so much.
My husband & I are currently separated, & he has a new girlfriend. I ahve been fighting for our marriage, obvioulsy alone. I am seeing a marriage councilor & attend church regularly, as well as read Gods word. I pray for my husbands will as well. I now am going to try this check list. My faith needs work, which I am working on, but I believe in miracles..
Wow this is very encouraging .I will begin too apply this since I have been seperated from my wife a month now .Im trusting in God and beliving that being patient and following the word is the best path too take for reconciliation!!!
Thank you for sharing this. I pray for my Husband & my marriage constantly, since we are on the verge of divorce because he is bipolar, in denial & poisoned by bad influences. I thought to leave was the best, but it's the same for me, after Church & much prayer, I feel that I have to keep my vows as his Wife & follow this principle of Love for my Husband to heal & it will save our marriage. I just have Faith, and accept God's will, but I do love my Husband and do not want to divorce.
Dear @getfitwithrae .... I am praying for you ... Miracles do happen and I have seen many marriages saved by one person changing his or her approach to a God centered one. As you seek to get closer to God you will change, and quite possibly, your husband will. If he does not, you will have apeace from God that passes all understanding ....
Thanks for sharing this encouraging message here. Far away in Hong Kong, a suffering heart is strengthened...
I am expecting God will restore my marriage! My wife and I are separated and I would like it if you would pray that God softens Lori's heart! Thank You
It is more than vivid for me. It gave me a very little hope. I never hoped in anything. But now I desperately need to find how to fix my marriage. I definitely like it. Practical, but hard.
Just wanted you to know I admire you for your stand. I know the pain very well of a sick spouse who listens to every bad person except God. The world tells you it's crazy to stand. The bible is VERY clear we are married for life. Divorce DEVASTATES lives! The children, the spouse, friends, family, church, community and the world at large. You lay your life down and your spouse doesn't even have a clue to what they have done. One BIG problem is most preachers teach wrong about divorce. Most.
Thanks for sharing this. My husband is convinced all is lost with our marriage. I have faith and confidence that God can restore to him what has been lost. Please pray for us. It is so hard but I am remaining faithful and diligent in the way I should have been before he fell out of love with me. I want what we had but MORE, for God to be glorified in our marriage. God bless
Hey Kenneth .. I am praying for that ... Patience and love are important on your side .. I always tell people you can not argue or guilt a person back .. At least you can not win the heart back that way ..
Hey Kerry .... I would love to hear how it goes ..... I am praying for you
@lifesupporttv I sent flowers on valentines day no responce. If she never responds then just stay alone since God hates divorce and remarriage is adultry? I love my wife and daughter and want family healed not just for me put the future generations of my family.
Ones married for 4 years. please pray for us(john & Lupita) i will fight till the end for i know God never lets satan win...
I am standing for my marriage, God and I are willing to make this marriage work. I will never give up! I really need HELP> prayers are welcome. Monica standing for Thomas
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