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Winter Wrap Up in C Minor

by ApocalypsePenguin • 55,545 views

The sad ponies are back! For this song, I needed two pianos going on at once for several parts. I believe that the fun has indeed been doubled. Download:

someone needs to remake this with actual instruments, and add a little Wagner touch on the last part..... that would blow the epicness out of proportion.
sounds like fighting is magic music or touhou or something like that
Soooo sad 😢😭😿💧💦.
Thats so epic. I love it
c minor is my favorite key. it can change the atmosphere of anything.
+Lulink13 google is your friend I'm from Europe, too and I'm proud
I really wanna sing Winter Wrap Up with this as the instrumental instead of the original.
Wow, it sounds like this song belongs in a tragic film noir or something. I recognize the original melody but if I didn't know the song Winter Wrap-Up I would never have dreamed it was a My Little Pony song.
Omg that sounds so awesome! !
Of course, this is more than a simple key shift. Sounds more like a full remix to me. Perhaps you could try something like This Day in D minor? I love your Giggle at the Ghosties mix, and D minor is simply wonderful. As is Ab minor, but you know, that's a weird one.
I really need to learn how to play piano
Sounds like it would fit in a trailer.
It sounds like a whole new beautiful song!
wish i could like this again lol
That was actually was a fantastic idea! Haha I might do the same thing for fun! (possibly in F# minor....)
why does this sound like an awesome epic adventure with piano?
imagine a video game with this music for the final boss
Brony @MLPfandom "We're stickin' to you like caramel on a candy apple!"
it's like a whole different song..
umm will art of the dress come up anytime soon ?
Absolutely beautiful, my ears are telling me to thank you.
This is beautiful, keep it up! :D
How can I fit in without magic, What does anypony do? :/
The chorus to this song in C minor, as you've made it, is truly beautiful.
@ninjainthebasement You could kindly ask the artist to release the MIDI to you~
all pony's clap there hooves /][\ /][\ /][\
Yay, okidokiloki! :D It will take some time yet, exams and stuff, but I will so do this! 8D Pinkie promise, haha! ^^ I also like your other pony arrangements! You're such a good brony, yes you are! (<- read in Fluttershys voice^^)
Yet again, amazing work. The songs translate so well and you make them sound great. I can totally see like, a pony opera
This sounds like it's imported straigth from a Castlevania game :O
I'm glad you enjoyed it! And comments like this make me a very happy person.
You just got a new subscriber, your music is amazing. Keep it up :)
all of these altered key songs sound just like they belong in kingdom hearts or other similar games. I love it
Sounds like an epic boss battle in an oldschool RPG. Very cool.
This song is just packed with awesome. It's one of my favorite piano pieces of all time, I do believe.
This is kind of a weird request, but is it possible to post an arrangement that more closely resembles the original? But is still... This? I made alternate lyrics that I want to add, but for the life of me... You changed around the choruses and sections a bit, and I can't make them match. I suck! :) :)
OK, heres a bit "brony wrap up, brony wrap up 'cause tomorrow the fandom dies,'cause tomorrow the fandom dies
No matter what i hear, anything in C sounds fantastic. Keep up the good work.
I love the cellos! Octavia does too!
This is actually beautiful. As is the rest of your work. I don't even quite know what to say, I just love what this show spawned so much. Already great music covered and remix'd in amazing ways. Bravo, sir. Keep it up.
I like how, despite the overwhelming tone of depression, the song is not without hope. This is especially evident at the chorus where one can easily imagine the ponies working hard to try and wrap up the longest winter Equestria has ever had to endure.
this gives me the same chills i get when listening to midnas lament, awsome job, and absolutely faved, and huge brohoof, /)**
Woooaaah~ That was cool! 8D I'll bet Fluttershy's song about the ground could end up sounding pretty sad too. o3o
I don't know if this is sad or scary... Might be both at the same time :/
@XxShiloh Good luck. Sounds pretty had to sing piano.
Ha, sorry. ... Though BBBFF is in D Flat Major, which is the exact same thing minus the minor. XD
Either I want this to play in my wedding or my funeral.
Omg. I MUST Find C Minor in EVERY MLP Song!
ApocalypsePenguin your name is penguin and you write ponies cant explain that... very nice by the way, bronies for the win!
How is this sad? Sounds epic in my ears.
my ears are so happy right now
@ninjainthebasement In fact, that's what I'm working on right now :D
but Sir, we have but 30 men left and they are all weak and most are injured. we haven't eaten in 3 days. over that hill, there lay over 30,000 troops more equipped than us. it has been an honor serving with you.
I definitely noticed that! Though when listening WITHOUT singing along, I didn't notice as much, which means it was a very transparent in the way you improved things :) I was playing this at a friend's house, and another friend in another room was like, "Wow, it's so serious, what is going on?!"... I then informed her it was a My Little Pony song! It was a great 'sitcom' moment! :) :)
Congratulations, you are my 100th favorite.
I'm glad you like my stuff! I use Sibelius, which is great for intuitive notation, but the synthesized sounds have their limitations.
This is really nice! It sounds like the kind of thing you'd hear in Touhou...
everything sounds epic in c minor
That was terrifying. Terrifyingly amazing.
So C-minor makes things depressing, whilst G-major makes it creepy as hell?
Wow, can't believe that was already 2 months ago... Anyway, sweet on BBBFF. Too bad about This Day Aria though, I like it more of the two. Oh well, what can yah do?
I don't know why but these songs in C or D minor are really catching on to me.
So good!! Never thought my little sister would be an internet celebrity, but there you go! ;) I'm definitely listening to this on repeat.
the pic is kind of depressing is like the end of the world lol
I love all this minor chord stuff you do.
Haha! The fun has been doubled! :D
This song doesn't depress me, but it does remind me of the type of song that would play when the hero was almost down and out, but manages to bring it togher and barely truimp..but thats just me I suppose, great song.
This really reminds me of Legend of Zelda; Majora's Mask. It just seems to fit in my mind.
Amazing mix you got there. I just cant help the feeling of the tempo in a complete influx if you try to sing along with it. But again, amazing mix you got there XD.
I love that! I love that! I love that! I totally want This Day Aria in C Minor! I'm gonna sing that song soon. I hope you'll like that : )
Pray celestia that the brony fandom will never die. this community is too talented to fade away.
If you slow this down, it could make a good "World of Ruin" overworld theme.
I was gonna say the fandom would never end, but then I remembered that no matter what, all things must come to an end. However that won't stop this fandom from going strong for a VERY long time. It's gonna take a lot, and I mean a LOT of years to bring this baby down.
@Sonar009 I'm working on Giggle at the Ghosties right now, so it will pop up soon, unless I finish Art of the Dress first. I'll probably run through the longer ones first, then do the shorter ones, and if some are too short and don't supply enough ideas, a mash-up could be upcoming.
You've inpired me to write lyrics for a brony fandom funeral. if its ok with you Mr. @ApocalypsePenguin :)
We need a C Minor of This Day Aria and BBBFF. I think they'd sound fuggin' amazing.
I'm pretty sure the only dislike is Princess Trollestia.
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