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Let's Play Worms Part 2

by Rooster Teeth • 1,679,937 views

Michael, Gavin, and Ray return for another explosive round of Worms. Can Ray continue his winning streak or will Michael and Gav double team him? Got 'em!

The Worms playlist is all kinds of fucked up.
Shadowsfromwithin13's playlist of the Worm's Let's Play's is pretty good. His/her photo is that of Cinder Fall, if you're interested in trying to find it
This is probably my favorite worms moment. Ray ~ My winning streak is over, but Michael's a new winner. Gavin's still fuckin' terri... We missed the BUTTS meeting again. Michael ~ FUCK. FUCK. FUCK. FUCKIN' BUTTS. FUCK.
+Trollzungolo +thewishtofly Gavin talked about it in podcast 187, at around the 60 min mark. Apparently, somebody put up a schedule for the company's conference room, where anybody could schedule a meeting. So Gavin, Micheal, Ray, and Kerry went every week and wrote in a "Butts Meeting," where they'd just sit around talking about butts.
RIP, Floppy. Your disks were awesome.
No they weren't.
Some of the Worms names that Gavin uses are a reference to the Magic Key children's book.
+Michael Leung he has won 1 match since they started worms it was in battle grounds
+Tommy C and whats gavin's kil count, friendlies included 
"The reticle just swings around like a lemon." Watch out for those swinging lemons...
Can't believe I missed that XD
Can I get a thumbs up from all the British people who got Gavin's Chip, Biff and Floppy reference? I got it! :)
Fucking Peef Rimgar... XD
I like how they mess with Gavin for making up words and worm names, yet almost every made-up word or worm name he's used is an actual word or slang term.
Curious what the butts meeting is too.
I remember playing the original Worms on the ps1 as well, classic game :) (I also had it for the Sega Saturn, too) PS I think it's "The Magic Key" The name of that book mentioned in the vid with "Biff", "Chip" and "Kipper" - I remember reading it back in primary school like 9 years ago xD
21:02 he sounds like sonic from sonic for hire
14:54 Another instance of Gavin saying "fuck".
He says "please Michael kill yourself"
Biff and books ever 😍
i remember reading biff and chip when i was younger lol
Michael is a new win- we missed the butts meeting again! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!
Happy New Year everybody.
My lungs hurt from laughing at the word "Sleb".
I love Michael's reaction when Ray says that they missed the BUTTS meating... priceless :)
+fruityyyyyy I do too... its probably something funny thoughI
+fruityyyyyy Check podcast 187 they talk about it halfway through it.
If I were Gavin at the ending I would have shot Micheal with the shotgun once, jet packed over to ray and shot Ray with the other shot to try and knock him off.
+DarkAbusis He's late to the party... :3
Yeah he would have but.... He's Gavin....
What's the "Butts meeting"?
+StealingGods no, it was Gavin, Michael and Ray. Kerry was brought in later. Gus was never in it 
It's where they touch butts
"He didn't follow the Dennis system" looks like gav watches always sunny
Why is it that you bozos take so fricking long to make your move and, worse, try to use the OP weapons when simple gets the job done? One of you doofuses used a banana bomb when you could've just punched your target off.
See, I would much prefer to see the would be killer also end up dying as well. It makes for some incredible reactions. And good laughs. If they didn't mess up or make it overly dramatic, it would be stale IMO.
You really expect good game play from these guys? They're the Achievement Hunters, doing over the top stupid things for style points is part of their charm, quit fuckin' it up! (okay, they're actually good at some games, but what I said still stands for at least this one)
Michael laughing his ass off at his own worm names..... :/
He was laughing that they got through but his team name didn't. Plus, when someone laughs really hard at a good joke you make, you tend to laugh a bit as well.
i cant stop laughing at Agent Dennis
Lets go team lads!
Which worms lets play does Michael use the lightning bolt of healing?
+Alexandru Ionescu Omg been looking for that one too, thanks bro
Butts Meeting - an official meeting on the topic of butts, discussed wherein of asses withal.
What is the butts meeting?
they had a meeting that all they did was talk about butts, I don't know if they still have it though.
+Nimble Bolt Not just talk about butts, but Ray, Michael, Kerry and Gavin scheduled the company conference room, the room where they make official business deals and talk about making a movie, to talk about butts. They put it on the schedule so if Matt or Burnie were in an actual meeting they had to have it done by a certain time for the 4 of them could use it to talk about butts
I swear to God, they're just giving the wins to Ray.
Kilburn had Gavin's nose. That's how he survived.
Why're you reading comments instead of watching the video?
+TwistyKnob Tank the video is from 2012 you moron. Why are you reading comments? Common sense if you don't want spoilers don't read the comments. Especially ones from 2012.
+heiliczer My work here is done. LOL.
Sure, Gavin is pretty bad at this game. But so far he hasn't bloody lost 4 worms to one worm, geez Michael, I'm glad you got better.
gavin honestly sounds so much different now to here
And at around 6 mins gavin Says Aw fuck.
ray gavin and micheal need to make a worms channel honestly
12 minutes in and gavin ha sbeen eliminated.....this should get interesting now.
20:00 Nice Nigel Thornberry impersonation, Gavin.
So this is the third time i watch through the whole worms playlist.
Micheal, it wasnt a rocket to the face. It was a rocket to that inconspicueos chunk of ice above rays head.
that is such bullshit at 14:56. Rage quit Micheal is back.
"Bodge is not on this team, Bodge was a part of Drippy Spaff, Mundge-Bimp is a different crew. There's actually one person from Drippy Spaff who is a member of Mundge-Bimp.." So much Gavin in so little words.
23:48 Ray: "In all honesty, do I need to worry about Sleb or is Sleb gonna take care of Sleb?" Hahaha, love it!
Made me laugh my ass off xD
what was the buts meeting? :P
Anyone notice that Gavin actually drops the F bomb at 14:54?....No, ok then.
You used to curse all the time in the old podcasts
+Samar Jayachandran After hearing it again you're right. At the time I heard a Michael.
3:09 Gavin with the It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia reference
PEEF RIMGAR!!!! Lmfaooo my favorite worms moment 😂😂
Was that Jack near the start? "Are you speaking english?"
Lol, at 14:54, Gavin says "Please fucking kill yourself".  
Agent Dennis, Vultures, Johnboy and Kilburn are the best members of Internet Box... Fuck you Mike
3:07 haha gavin "he didn't follow the dennis system"
+Sen ASMR You're reaction said otherwise.
2:27 - A wild Burnie appears! :D
"The reticle just swings around like a lemon." lol
I really want a shirt that says "Munge Bimp" on it....
"In all honesty, do I need to worry about Sleb or is Sleb going to take care of Sleb?" lol
i remember reading the kipper biff and chip books at school... good times
Burnie at 2:30 'are you speaking English?' XD
Words cannot express how happy I am at the names of Gavin's worms!! Floppy, Biff, Chip and Kipper!!! I remember those books from school, the magic key!!!
All the sniggering and laughing makes this let's play one of my top favourite
you guys are so funny as hell 
was that burnie who walked in and was like "Are you speaking English??"
wow 1 health... Nice one Ray
Dude shout out to burnie burns
Kilburn for the 1v4
look up smegpot on the urban dictionary apperently gavin INVENTED A WORD i shit yall not
+Serath87 Though 'Smeg' was in the dictionary(medical mostly) for decades even before that. but yes thanks to RD it became popular. :D
Fun Fact: Gavin plays with his nose every time he plays, and he blindfolds himself, and he smashes a brick against his head before he plays.
The realization that they missed The Butts Meeting is the best. I can't help but crack up.
"Crack" up. I see what you did there.
GODDAMN IT BARB! (Not sure if pun was intended...)
Lllllllllllllllad's Play!!!!
So is the sound like 2 seconds too fast?
There is lag so the person playing is like 2 seconds ahead. It's like Call of Duty, it would be like Michael being host in a COD game.
The recording is on Michael's screen, but Gav and Ray's actions happen as they are reacting but they still need to go through to Michael's screen
Why would you use the Kamikaze at any point? Is it even useful in the single player mode for Worms? (having not played any Worms games, I am assuming that there is a single player story mode)
It's pretty crap in all of the games. This game probably has the best kamikaze, because it goes through everything unlike the other games. And as far as I know the only one is Worms: A Space Oddity for the wii.
2014 and I'm watching this again. God these Worms videos are the best. I love it. XD
6:52... "The reticle just swings around like a lemon"?
team lads yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh booooooooooiiiiiiiiiiiiii aka boooooooooyyyyyyyyyyyy
R.I.P Internetbox (Patricia)
Michael you suck... lol
I can't fucking even. I am lost for words.
In the first turn of the second game with Gavin and the dynamite, I guess you could say Farfigschiter got Farfig-shit on.
what is the butts meeting 
At the end of the vid, what is the butts meeting they were talking about at the end
OH HO OH HO HO GALAL                                             -GAVIN
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