Dog Adopts Baby Lion Cub: Really Cute !

by uzoouk • 918,147 views

Watch this adorable video of a dog that has adopted a baby lion cub in Bejing, China. The cute lion cub had to find an adoptive mum after the lioness couldn't feed him. Click to subscribe for more...

Renna Mccalister Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
Dog Adopts Baby Lion Cub: Really Cute !: http://youtu.be/1niudLi45gw
It was kind of sad to see the mama dog chained up on a short leash. Reminded me of a puppy mill. Otherwise...cute>3
You thank good parents
Aďuš ExDi Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
Dog Adopts Baby Lion Cub: Really Cute !:
This is all part of animals taking over the world. The dogs, being so intelligent, are raising lions to use as weapons. It's real people and soon it will be too late...
Ohmigod that's adorable. XD Man, later in life, it's like... Mommy: HONEY! Lion: Yah, mom? giant lion looks at puny dog Mommy: You're so cute, m' bby! pins down lion and licks it Lion: AAAAAGGGGHHH His/Her siblings: Lol
Annamarie Sargent Shared on Google+ · 2 weeks ago
Dog Adopts Baby Lion Cub: Really Cute !: http://youtu.be/1niudLi45gw
Get that disgusting dog away from that gorgeous lion.
Hahahah when arguing with the mother dog. Someone could say "calm your tits... literally" lol 
wtf the moment i saw that the lion is getting along fine with the puppies... i saw an image of a family in a small house with an adopted child being a great big brother to the other children... (the scenery is like the 1950s in a cold night... the family consist of white people and the adopted one is jew or somthing)   (idk know if the lions is actually female or... but thats the image)
Why jew's. making jew's look like victims nowadays seems so corny. Say black people or Native Americans. I think jew's are generally doing alright now lol. Atleast better then the slums that blacks and native americans were leftover . Yes by slums i mean ALL of centeral and south america, and africa.
that music makes me horny
Why do we hear so much about parents rejecting their new-born in zoos? It happens in nature, too, but is it the stress of captivity that is causing it? We are also getting the (false) impression that a good number of parents are 'cruel', whereas, like I said, it could be human-induced stress from captivity (as well as noise, pollution, etc.) that may be a major factor!
"Why do we hear so much about parents rejecting their new-born in zoos?" Probably because that's news, and that all the instances of animals that don't reject their newborns aren't. I don't think there's any reason to start making up explanations before one actually knows that the statistics are different than in nature. Did they even say the mother rejected this cub? I thought it just said that she couldn't feed him.
Your intuition is correct.  Zoos are NOT as you have led to believe, created for the purpose of Conservation, but for PROFIT.  Any serious animal rights activist is aware of this largely misunderstood concept.  You will find far more about this in the documentary Earthlings.  
0:47 hahahahahahahahahahahaha....... Can't stop laughing
No need to tie the mom up, that is not o.k. absolutely no reason for it, dogs like to run around especially moms with their pups.
All's well that ends well:)
a number have commented that they would like one as a pet.  I doubt if they can be box trained like a cat or housebroken like a dog. Might be a little messier to own than Tiddles the Kitten.
Why did they tie up the mother?... Let her be free with her cubs.
at the end when she said its ok about it now when they looked when i was laughing when they were playing i stopped laughing and i thought ok ok i surender! XD
that little rascal XD
crap, im on the cute side of youtube again
Dog is the best animal ever if you treat them well :)
Rosi Angel de Dios Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
南一志 Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
They fattening those animals up to eat em. "Ahh gwilo you want sweet and sawa poke?"
The problem is, you can't trust a cat, no cat, not ever.
One day when you're big and strong, YOU WILL BE A KING >:D
this stuff is so good to watch when you are high
0.05 This Bitch has four 'puppies' to look after :-\
not gonna happen. The Lion grew up with the Dogs plus it's rare for carnivores to feed off one another
i love not doin homework and then watch cute little aminals!!! animals are not cute but aminals are
damn dude your grammar sucks.. also your logic thoughts about size.. "Dogs will be bigger than Lion"???? WTF.! haha
Actually the domestic cat is self domesticated and used us as a food source. So they still have the traits they had in the wild.
That really only applies to poor people that can't afford to take care of a lion or tiger, but if someone is rich they'd have more than enough accommodations for the animal.
Lions are wild animals, but the most notorious aspect is that when it get grown up, it takes only one paw to the neck to kill you, and well, if a dog starts to become aggresive, you'll get bitten, but if a lion starts to become aggresive... well, you know what i mean...
dogs are domesticated but still bite, but lions are not domesticated and people like you are the reason why poachers kill lions mothers so they can sell the cubs to rich white people and main reason why they are going extinct, black rhino one of the coolest animals is gone now due to white people interest in there ivory.
this just goes to show ye, an animal can only be, what it grows up to be...in this case...instead of roaring...itll be woofin!
The dog seems worried about the lion :)))
My dog adopted my cat morris xD not to long ago as well o.o
The pose at the end is just great :D
The dog just want's a mean killing machine bodyguard at her side!
9 years later... Ant adopts Blue Whale
mama dog is chained, thats bad, plus chained wayyyyyy 2 short, never do that but if you 'ned' 2 give her 20 meters... plus she is an older dog who has had many many many many puppys.... why? energie is no good over there sorry, may be iam wrong tell me
I really love these short little videos about loving animal mothers that take care of (different) animals like an adoptive mother or a foster parent like that lion cub
My grammar sucks? You can't even capitalize your fucking letters hypocrite, also keep in mind the dog is massive and that a mammal would never attack it's mother, adopted or not.
Yeah just wait until that lion gets older and learn what they do best. Hunt all them dongs will be burried in coffins.
Well they said the lioness wouldn't or couldn't feed the cub so it's better than just letting it die. Also, lions love to be domesticated and I want to own one now, and a tiger cub and a leopard.
@uzook Where can you have a pet elephant? I know you're like "She's crazy..." but really! Like take care of it until its big.... like in one of your other videos where the elephant stays with her for the summer... I would love that!
Lions are wild animals. You couldn't possibly provide enough room or enrichment to provide them with a good life. Many people think this way and then end up giving the lions/tigers etc away.. It's unfair to the animal
So a dog is ready to adopt a lion.. Damn humans are too busy killing each other because of their colours while animals are caring for each other.
bet no one will mess with that dog
A fully grown dog bite and a fully grown lion bite are two very different experiences.
it would be so kool if they could breed some special lions, tigers, cheatahs, black panthers that were small like house cats and just as tame. is somebody working on that?
Hmm but why is the mama dog tied on such a short rope to the dog house, that is not right, I hope that is not a usual custom. She would never stray far from her pups and her new addition the lion. Dogs need to be able to move around.
come to think of it her face looks like a cross between the 'two'.
0:30 Lion: Yeeeah, u got me -.-
น่ารักอะ เสือน้อยอยาก เลี้ยงมั้ง
even if the lions playing, it could accidentally rip you arm off or bite a finger off lol. lions have like 4 times a dog bite depending on the dog.
Dogs still have hunting instincts. That's why some dogs chase squirrels and other small animals. Some breeds like terriers have very strong hunting instincts and will dig and kill small animals like mice and rats. It's just that dogs view humans as part of their family since canines are pack animals.
What's in their food dish? It looks like Mary Ann's "Coconut Creme Pie."
And then it grew up and ate them all
The footage at 0:45 says it all. No matter how big that lion gets, there is no way it will intentionally hurt that dog. It might hurt another dog, but it won't hurt THAT dog.
it will never happen. lions can be as domesticated as cats they can look at they're owners as leaders and they actually connect really well with the people who raise them.
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