The Truth ABOUT Hair Relaxers

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Like I said before, this is not a damn Public Service Announcement and this is not me force feeding you anything. I searched for facts because I care about MY DAMN hair and the things I put IN or...

I'm natural and was only getting perms because that is what I grew up getting. When i hit my twenties I found that I didn't take care of my relax hair like I should and it kept breaking off. So i decided to go natural. I was natural for a little over two years and relaxed/cut my hair. i went from beyond shoulder length (when flat iron) to a short rihanna inspired cut. got one more relaxer six months later and my hair was in the worst condition ever. It was rough, dry and falling out. I decided to big chop and will never get another relaxer. i don't feel like women who perm their hair is ashamed of who they are but it's just a preference chosen by them. At the end of the day it is just hair on someone else's head. So what is the big deal?
Afro textured hair requires time and patience whether it is relaxed or natural. Afro textured hair requires time and patience because it is so fragile. You must be gentle dealing with Afro textured hair whether it is relaxed or natural. Relaxed hair does not coil the same as natural hair. If a woman is natural but does not have the patience to deal with her natural hair she would get breakage and damage. If having a relaxer takes less time and is better for her tolerance then that is best for her. I'd rather have relaxed hair that I can have the patience and tolerance to manage than coiled damaged natural hair. It's all about patience. Not everyone has the same patience and tolerance level when it comes to dealing with hair.
Why is it that us women are never happy with what we have naturally? Embrace our hair as it should be?
I stopped getting relaxers a year ago. My hair is finally growing and I love my natural texture it's just so hard to maintain but I won't stop my hair journey. I've realized that I love big hair. Had I have known you DIDN'T have to get a perm I wouldn't have but all my life I thought it was mandatory to get a perm 'til a year ago. I can't wait 'til I can cut these ends off I have cut of a few and it's still kinda short but if I stretch it it reaches past my shoulders and my mom won't let me cut it not that I want to right now maybe after my senior year is over but I'm happy I learned how to take care of my own hair before it fell out with all the hazards I use to give my hair. Not saying getting relaxers is bad though it's just not for me.
Try having a head full of 4c, a special needs child and a strict budget. It's not easy!
Actually, i know a lot of black women who are relaxed with hair past their shoulders or almost to their bra. It's all about the upkeep, but in my opinion relaxers are harmful. i don't think its better, BUT maybe to some people its better if they don't want to deal with natural hair. Natural hair can be frustrating at times  lol
i always pray before i relax my hair. 
It sure won't let me perm my hair & its not wrong. I rather have my hair look kept up then all over my head.
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Why do we KILL our Hair???
Well, before I officially went natural, I had a relaxer, but It didnt really serve it's purpose. It was odd.  My hair only lost minimal hair texture, going from a 3B to a 2A/2B now that I look at old pictures. It basically went from a very curly to a wave. I thought that was what it was supposed to do... My mom didnt know how to do curly hair when I was small so she panicked and relaxed me. When I started doing my own hair, I stopped her. I loved my curls considering I had rapid growth so I could see from my roots.
Here is the truth.  Nobody wants to admit to.  We want what we see on t v as good hair and carefree hair.  We don't realize these results are from professional stylists and people who have first hand knowledge.  The majority of people have no idea of the damage that can be done until it is too late.  Frankly, we a black women are ashamed of our natural hair.,  We really need to heal from the self loathing that makes us seek to harm ourselves in this way.  It's gonna take a bit of a shock to wake us up.
I agree with what you said except for one thing - we are ashamed of our natural hair. I don't think we necessarily are ashamed as the media projects this silky smooth European hair that can, but not all, be achieved by relaxing. Some black women do inherit straight hair. Television and most magazines don't promote our naturally beautiful curly hair because it's still frowned upon. Even black shows and magazines promote the relaxed look. Remember, "they" still do not want to consider us equals unless we try to look like them. I have no prejudice against anybody as I love all races and ethnicities but European ways will still dominate no matter what. I think most of this self-loathing is internalized due to the media but at the same time their own fault for not having the self assurance that their is beautiful. I want to go on the record here that I don't have anything against women who choose the relaxed route. Everyone has their reasons. I used to relax myself until my friend told me to give natural a try and if I dont like it I can always go back. Well, I've been natural for almost 3 years now and I've never been happier.
While most relaxed women do not have hair like 2:28. most natural girls also do not have hair like Yaya and Erykah Badhu who are pictured later.  It is ALL about how you maintain your hair.  If you are: 1.  too cheap to invest in professional care when needed and good products 2.  too lazy to do the routine maintenance 3.  unwilling to live a healthy LIFESTYLE (nutrition, water, exercise) Then you will not have healthy hair
So many long comments
It's society brainwashing that's getting so many natural African American women to perm their hair. Women if you didn't know that natural is considered bad and disgusting well you know now. They want us to perm our hair. Hair relaxers is like Nair. Except that it doesn't work as quickly. Love your hair don't kill it. Embrace your natural beauty. 
After watching this video, which you made quite a few years ago now Im sorry to say thats its still happening today:( I personally as a hairdresser hate when customers come in demanding a relaxer on their hair, as you so rightfully state, they have done it for years and the damage is not reversable:( another attitude they take is why cant I feel the burn? why you taking it off my head so fast? these woman think if they feel the burn then its working! far from it!! If you feel the burn then that chemical is BURNING your hair! you shouldnt feel any burn for a relaxer to work! and leaving it on the hair longer than it should be on and your hair is gonna snap off its that simple! Most women here have had to resort to wearing wigs now because they have been left bald! others come in with big patches out their hair expecting us hairdressers to be able to put extensions in the very little hair they have to cover up where their hair has fallen out due to relaxers:( its so sad and I personally dread everytime someone walks through the salon door they are going to ask me to relax their hair as I cannot express enough the damage that is done to their hair through even one application! yes there are better less severe products on the market now that have dropped some of the chemicals you listed but clearly not them all, due to the structure and density of afro hair its very difficult to get it texturised without these chemicals being involved, best thing to do look after your hair, use smoothing creams and irons always making sure you use a good heat protection spray, there are many ways to get straight hair without banging this stuff on your hair, what would you rather be left with hair or be bald and end up with a wig as sadly this is definitely what will happen to you;9 
Most of the black girls at my college wear hair relaxers and none of them have ever been chemically burned by them. I'd say this video is probably horse shit lol
I relax my own hair and I love it.
You wont be loving it when your hairline reaches the back of your head. Lmao perms are just a bunch of chemicals
Hello, I am relaxed and I have been relaxing my hair since 2000 my hair is down my tailbone and I get a relaxer every 16 weeks I do not color my hair I keep my hair moisturized and my scalp I trim my own hair once a year and that is on my birthday so I believe it is a matter of knowing the texture of your hair and when I relax my hair myself I put it only on the new growth and when I'm done with it all over my head I rinse it out with a neutralizing shampoo and I wash my hair with that neutralizing shampoo 3 times and then I deep condition my hair I do not have heat in my hair I also do not braid my hair so I take very good care of my scalp and hair with coconut oil and grapeseed oil and this has been doing very well for me for 14 years a lot of women are relaxed and they do not know how to properly take care of a hair that's why it bends and break off and a lot of women with relaxed hair color they here I do not that's probably why a lot of women here break off and then they put those relaxers and they hare to close I do my relaxers every 16 weeks but I do thank you for your video
im so damn glad i stop getting perms my last one was june 2014 i am currently 2 months transitioning to natural hair my hair is growing like wild-fire i love my natural textures can't wait to get rid of the permed ends
My hair was damaged when i went natural
relaxers in my opinion are no less damaging than color. most damage occurs from lack of following instructions. I have seen hair on both sides of the spectrum being a cosmetologist, styling natural,relaxed, permed, and colored hair of different cultures. Its all about safety and being knowledgeable about what you are doing. Being you and loving your individual look is what matters. My hair is natural now, but I relaxed for yrs.&bcuz of lack of knowledge I failed to acquire, my hair was constantly damaged. Im Almost 4 yrs. now relaxer free and when I straighten it, noone knows if its relaxed or not. So just love you. I love versatility and I think its awesome that someone invented something for black people to permanently straighten their hair just as caucasians or other fine, straight textured hair of other races have perms to permanently make their hair curly. We all have more options to how we want to be beautiful!!! God Bless!
this is bullshit stop putting race in everything many people use chemicals on their   hair of all colors and backgrounds anyone can have damaged hair 
0:56 if anybody can't pronounce those words I worry about their education systems
amd black women suffer more cause they hair short and rougher than white people
some people get bald by relaxers cause their hair is sensitive
I love this video for many reasons, but one being that although natural isn't for everyone (I love my transitioning hair), but this does need to make black women think about what they are slathering on their hair. At least force companies that make relaxers to create safer options! 
I stop getting perms going natural
I relax my hair because it's easier to manage...I'm a mom of two special needs children...I need to put my hair into one and go.  Mind you, I only relax my hair 2 times a year..in the fall (back to school) in the spring (spring break).. I co wash my hair and moisturize and seal.  I have 4b hair and I don't have time to style this and go out every day.  I need something easy to manage. 
+JesusSaviour2Me  Yeah you have to ind what works for you, but i know for sure that with the right products, a relaxer will not be needed
+JesusSaviour2Me hey, how are you doing with your hair?? is still falling down? omm...Im afraid of using a relaxer which makes my hair gone....but I hate my natural hair...so...I dont know what to do! But maybe  vitamins pills would help to your problem
Thanks for the info. I desire to go natural however when I think about cutting my hair extremely short to do so it discourages me. I have very thin edges and I'm not comfortable with them showing thru the processing period until my natural hair grows with decent length to hide/cover my sides/edges. I'm not settled in my mind that my thin hair won't be noticeable. Advice??
Like the creator of this video, just do your research. At the end of the day, its just hair... but seriously putting a dangerous chemical on your scalp for the rest of your life? eh. Do you.
i have been getting relaxed since i was little. they couldn't have been taking care of their hair properly. 
A woman's hair is a very personal thing and nobody needs to be keeping tabs on what we do. Do what makes you feel pretty. Do what works for you. But be honest and understand that relaxing is damaging but you can play catch up by taking extra care of the hair shaft. It's all a balancing act. 
i just relaxed my hair 2 weeks ago and its falling out ever since ? i dont know what to do to stop this reaction please help
It might be a allegic reaction, left the relaxer on for too long, or didn't rinse all of the relaxer out. I hope your hair gets better, you should contact a hair stylist too.
im so glad I came across this video bc I recently bought dr.miracles hair relaxer bc I have very frizzy curly hair. I had bone straight hair when i was younger but I lost my hair due to problems. since it grew back it became very frizzy and untameable. I became very insecure about my hair and I started straightening it over the weeks I noticed hair breakage and damage. back to the hair relaxer, I have decided that hair relaxer is a no no for me. finally does anybody know how to straighten shoulder height frizzy curly virgin hair without heat? thank you
@Valerie A Did you see a "lol" in that comment anywhere? Oh ok.
clearly the hair is still growing or people wouldn't need to put relaxer on 'new growth' 
Hair is always going to grow. That is done from the inside. What causes damage and hair loss is what the perm does to the hair already on our heads. There are black women that are 30, had a perm since 10, never got a hair cut, but their hair isn't past their neck. If the perm is causing the hair to break from the ends, as it grows the length cannot retain itself.
thank you for this video, some of us black woman don't see the big picture. you are so right, but we all have a choice to make, to be natural or to have a relaxer
i am currently a natural, but i must admit, when having relaxers they are a lot easier to manage. my hair is very frizzy and annoying. no matter what i do, it frizzes. ive considered going back to perms but i wont give up just yet.
And i thought that i was putting this on my christmas list
Lawd ha mercy this natural movement is more like a cult to me.  Do whatever is best for your lifestyle.  I've had a perm since I was small but I used common sense. Even as a child when they were hollering for me to keep it on longer to make it straighter I told them to get that mess off my head whether it would be straight or not.  Common sense told me, during a time when bone straight was in, that burning off my scalp was not a good trade off for bone straight hair.  Even now, I am not constantly perming, heating, braiding, coloring, weaving.  Again common sense tells me constantly messing with your hair will damage it. I just got my very first weave a week ago.  I do not take off after every new fashion craze and still dont.  I go to licensed hairstylists only so if they do mess up my hair I do have some recourse. Before going, I research how long they have been doing hair and are they capable of catering to healthy hair and not just putting the latest new mess in my hair.   I have relaxed, healthy, long, thick hair.  No I dont hate myself, my race, or my hair.  It is easier to manage for my lifestyle....period.  Some people do not have all day and night to sit around fooling with hair and it doesnt have any reflection on whether or not they like themselves.  Go natural, go weave, go relaxed, go braids but most importantly use common sense.  Your hair needs a break from all that and during that break you might have to look a lil like sealy from the color purple.  So what, you get to keep your own hair.  I personally dont think braiding it up like sealy looks all that bad if you do it right...lol.  My two cents.    
i dont know why people blame relaxers. im sure it was applied wrong. its your fault or whoever put the relaxer in your hair..i have been relax and natural...i prefer relax...i have also learned that many black hair salons in my area do hair but dont treat it
bottled juices, snacks, cough syrup or even salt you bought at grocery store also contains those substances you'll find in college chemistry lab actually! just don't overdo it, and maintain it well
whatever texture your hair is if you look after it properly it will be healthy and grow!!
yes, but thats not even what this is really about, to me at least. black people are willing to take the risk of all of these chemicals (deadly chemicas) in their hair to look more like a eurocentric view of beauty instead of appreciating what they have. most women havnt even seen their natural hai texture, but know they hate it. its ignorance really.
because naturals make a big deal out of everything , its actually the same hair care .. just different texture.. its no different from natural hair.
Damn i really Wish i would of seen this video before these assholes encouraged me to put a perm in my damn hair. i Defiantly DON'T prefer a perm!! I Want my natural hair back!! Now!! Iv been trying to ask this question for a while to many people but i haven't been getting good answers soo , is there anyway i could remove my Perm/Relaxer without getting my hair braided? Thankss
Women transition from relaxed to natural all the time without experiencing hair loss. That portion of your comment confused me a bit. Would you mind expounding on that for me? Thank you. :)
In the video it says relaxers are not for everyone. Some hair types can tolerate the chemicals while other hair types cannot. Same goes for colouring.
And not all babies come out with health problems when mothers drink alcohol during pregnancy, but the risk is real and vast.
How exactly is the hair that grows out of your scalp not for you? I dont understand that in any way shape or form. You sit there and put chemicals inside of you scalp that are cancerous., that eats through you scalp whether noticeable or not, but complain about what grows out you hair? Only black women say that dumb shit foreal. No other race. But hey, when you're conditioned so much to think straight hair is the right hair, that's what happens
we dont need it we just have been brain washed to think we need it. I alot of black women say its for maintaining but if they took the time to learn about their hair its easy to maintain. I mean even when its relaxed they still dont take care of it a stylist does it for them. God made no mistakes with our hair. and our hair can do way more things then yours can.
Get a Dominican blowout!!! I am 100% and I get it and my hair is almost to my butt!!!!! No lie! Its healthy and trust me it achieves the same effect as a relaxer!
Well, that's why people who are into natural hair sometimes like to use all natural everything. Such as shampoos that are sulphate free, and often times people just like to only condition but not shampoo most of the time. Oils are often natural, like extra virgin coconut, olive, etc. Hair coloring can damage your hair though. Regardless, relaxers don't do any good for your hair and scalp, and the effects can be worst than just 'skin irritations'.
No Thats Not True. There Are Ways To Remove it. I Already Got My Information. Thanks
a relaxer isn't helping your hair get longer. it sreches out your strends making it appear longer when it isn't
Hey there, are you familiar with "HAIRator" yet? Just go to the web page: HAIRator.com There I discovered a great and painless hair removal solution which involves absolutely no waxing or shaving or similar old fashioned and painful methods. Actually, that method has been featured in Vogue. It made it easier for Anna to have enduring smooth skin. Perhaps it will help you too.
Be careful. You can get excessive damage from Dominican blowouts because of all the heat applied to your hair.
yea watever tell that to prettywitty77, thehappyhairshow, chealseachase, reniecehairtv, and sofreshdyamond, all these women were able to grow there hair to full potential and then some, if relaxers were as bad as you say, these women wouldnt be able to produce the results that they've produced! Relaxers are only dangerous when you dont know what your doing and it most certainly CAN be healthy!
Hey there, have you considered "HAiRator" yet? Just take a look at their site on http://hairator.com There I have discovered a revolutionary and painfree body hair removal treatment that needs no more shaving or waxing. In fact, this particular treatment has been presented in Vogue. This helped Cindy to enjoy lasting touchable skin. Hopefully it will work for you also...
Yep. They don't know its not just the hair it hurts its your health. IT messes with lung health and overall body health. I would rather have them heat train their hair then put this shit in it at least their health would be good and we won't have them having cancer and shit.
Been natural 10 years. You couldn't pay me to relax my hair. Once you understand your hair, its textures (it will have more than one), what your hair needs, it's great. Some people are just uneducated or lazy.
I have never had a receding hair line or bald spots, but I had a shedding problem due to over processing the already relaxed hair instead of just relaxing the new growth (I've had hair come out twice bc someone incorrectly relaxed my hair), but I usually have my Mom do them and my whole head gets done in 20 min or less. My hair is below my collar bone right above my boobs, so yeah my hair does grow regardless of me relaxing or not.
I now know that it can go to your waist. But that doesn't mean i don't want you to shut the f*ck up. I doubt when you were twelve in the olden days they knew how to keep it that long. And even if they did, idc i don't care about your life story. Screw u, i don't care.
I know a lot of relaxed ladies with hair down their backs due to proper care. So I agree 100% with you lol.
does anyone know how i can get my hair back to the way it used to be/grow? back in 2000 or 2001, someone used a Soft & Beautiful relaxer and left it in too long and gave me burns to the point where it was stinking to my scalp. Now i have a receeding hairline and in the middle of my hair doesn't grow back like it used to in certain areas. Is there a way i can get my hair to grow back the way it used to or is it to and not have that receeding hairline, or is it too late? to be continued...
I have tried everything and every type of poo and conditioners. I like a clean scalp so the no poo is not for me. I use moisturizing poos or I add olive oil to it. My hair requires a lot of moisture but when the air hits it, it loses it curls and gets frizzy and eventually a 70's afro. Even with a ton of gel and grease on it, lol. It looks good flat-ironned but that takes 8 hours + for me to do and 2 or more at the salon. Thinking I just need to keep my hair in braids permanently.
Im African and my hair goes way past my shoulders. Im so glad I didnt Relax it. :)
what you said was that NO african-americans hair can grow to the waist, relaxed OR NATURAL. i know relaxers don't help your hair grow, i don't even have a relaxer. ok i don't know you, even if your not a dumbass, you sure sounded ignorant.
I am a white woman with long hair and I love when I see a black woman/girl with her natural hair I think it looks awesome! Us white women couldn't get that look if we tried. Not to mention we couldn't pull it off. But relaxed hair usually looks really bad and stiff. The only women I've seen with beautiful relaxed hair would be celebs and they are super high maintenance with celeb stylists and crap. I guess the grass is always greener. LOL white women perm & curl & blacks relax & straighten....
I see a lot of natural hair around now & love the different textures, lengths & styles. I think your friends make comments because they're unfamiliar w/ our hair . When ppl see smthing they don't understand they'll often make foolish comments, don't let that be ur motivation. Plenty of ppl will think ur hair is beautiful. Finally relaxing your hair would only make u momentarily happy with constant retouches etc it's HARD WORK. Embrace your curls lil lady, as u grow to love it, others will too!
Not all naturals. Im natural and I personally could care less what other women do with their hair whether relaxed or natural. Who cares if they make a big deal out of everything I say ignore them and keep it moving
anybodys hair can grow if they take care of it honey. i have a girl at my school she is black and has natural hair down to her waist. if a kaucasian persons hair can grow to her waist, so can any other person of any other race. God didn't just decide to make our hair not grow, so stop being an ignorant dumbass.
I'm 12 and i've never had relaxer or anything in my hair so thx for making this because i was about to ask my mom.
If a woman CHOOSES to Relax their hair is HEALTHY & growing then keep doing u However once u start getting breakage, or sores & scabbes from leaving the Relaxer on too long. Your hair is dry or can't get your hair 2 grow past a certin length Then it is time to think about going natural. But if u still CHOOSE to get a Relaxer even after your hair fallling out,Breakage & can't get your hair to grow your desired length than that on u I promote HEALTHY hair & u CAN have healthy hair with a Relaxer
Are you assuming I do not eat healthy lolz. You do not know me. Also again the chemciles you put in your hair is not good for you period. watch?v=GqKcHf3qQgo this video is of professionals telling you what this shit does to your hair now you cannot disagree with that.
Its not even meant for hair it eat through metals for christ sakes shit. Stop playing dumb and do some research. Its a reason your should not be putting it in your hair. I'm saying this because I care not because I feel somehow superior or some shit.
i relaxed my hair and it didn't fall out and my hair much faster
im haitien and my hair goes way past my shoulders...im relaxed
there is no vs. You know its not good for your body why do you keep putting it on your head I spoke with a doctor about it and they said if you only knew what they put in those hair straightening chemicals you would stop putting it in your hair. There are FDA reports on it causing health problems. Also your doctor tells you not to put chemicals in your hair for 9 months when your pregnant for a reason.
I stopped getting relaxers about 5/6 years ago. I noticed over the years my hair was getting thinner and thinner. It was long but thin and weak. Now I get my pressed maybe 4 times a year when I get my ends clipped. My hair is longer and thicker than I ever thought possible :-) I didn't do the "big chop", I transitioned. I had my frustrating moments but it was well worth it
Wow I still admire you for being natural for so long My hair is so so dry and very very itchy I don't really know what to do with it. I just started using this organic shampoo called terresentials i dont it made my hair soft the first wash I'm looking for moisture hope it helps my hair I cant use regular shampoo it really makes my hair itch no dandruff is there its just very itchy I am also going to try to make my own conditioner that I know my hair like..sigh...this is just so weird sometimes
What definition are you referring to though? There's no legit formula that says natural hair = healthy and relaxed hair = unhealthy. If your hair is strong, full, soft, and growing nicely then I consider it to be healthy. Natural hair can be like that and so can relaxed hair. But nutrition, proper care, and other factors are ultimately what keep any type of hair in good condition. And, this whole issue isn't only about social conventions. There's usually more than one side to anything
Well, i have no strong opinion for or against ppl who choose to put relaxer on their hair. It works for some and not for other. All I know for me its a no no my hair HATES it, so for 8 years I have not subjected it to relaxer. My hair has thanked me by growing all the way down my back whereas before (the relaxer years) the stuff would break off spilt and look raggedy as fazool! I do not like the thought of those chemicals soaking into my scalp either so the stuff is never touching my head again!
well, this is not entirely true, the damage due to relaxers completely depends on an induviduals hair due to genetics and if your hair is thick, not much damage is done but it is a different senario and experience for others
your hair may be healthy but i assure you that it's not because of relaxers.
Obviously you're ignorant. When I was 12 my hair went down to my waist. My mom put a relaxer in it and cut it to the middle of my back because it was a lot of work and it was ,3b3c4a. Between me and my sister who's hair was just as long but kinkier. Now we are both back natural at the same length we were when we were younger.Do your research before making a dumb as comment.
I'm African American, I've had about 5 or 6 relaxers in my hair since I was 17years old, and my hair STILL continues to grow past my shoulders. I really wish I could wear my hair natural, but I just have TOO MUCH HAIR! it's nearly impossible to even brush without them. But I can go up to a year without getting a touchup, because I prefer more of a wild look sometimes lol!
Honestly, i relax my hair because it is more managable. I've been getting relaxers since i was 14 and i'm 23 now. I have extremely thick hair and using a straightening comb just won't work. I take really good care of my hair, it is in the middle of my back and it only continues to grow. So i think relaxers aren't all bad, you just have to know how to take care of your hair.
when was the last time u washed that nappy ass unwater proof hair or yours?
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