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Mac Miller - Live Free

by TreeJTV • 9,478,084 views

Rex Arrow Films & TreeJTV Present... Mac Miller - Live Free First Single Off of The Upcoming Mixtape "The High Life" Official Release Date: December 15th, 2009 Shot & Edited By Ian Wolfson Contact...

Ian Andrews Shared on Google+ · 3 hours ago (edited)
+macmiller #MacMiller  Live Free
He's fucking 15 here and I still haven't done shit
+drRuMIO He still hasn't done shit haha
Young mac is good but modern mac is better
mac mac mac mac mac mac mac mac mac mac mac…. 11 on you dick riding "old mac" faggots. his career took off and he changed from money… its obvious as fuck, it happens to every rapper… wiz got money and changed and every1 wants kush and oj wiz… i hate youtube comments
Made a remix to Mac Miller's "Best Day Ever". Come over to my channel to check it out. 19 year old Asian rapper from Brooklyn. I guarantee I won't disappoint! Thumbs up 👍
It's been 7 years.. damn time flys by.
Yes bro, time flYs by 
+Jamie King Little late, but of course you can pay God with money! Why else does he "demand" 10% of your worth be given to the church
My Favourite song by Mac :)
that kid at 1:03 is probably shitting his pants today.....
Almost nobody is society is able to truly live free. We are always trapped within the prisons of our minds.(Negative; Thoughts, feelings, worries, insecurities, etc.) You may think you control these things, but you don't, and they are holding you back. If you want control, you need to learn The Truth. ~> Google "The Truth Contest and read its top entry.
How can ya hate this kid? He's one of the few rappers out there that does himself.. doesn't beef wit anybody and all he cares about is making music!! Yes he's white and he acts it but why does that matter? ?
Der Kerl muss Kevin heißen :d
Does Mac Miller age backwards? Why do people keep talking about old mac?
the black and whites trippy
Man this song is exactly what I'm going through
time for a new comment
the better mac in my opinion
best day ever, kool aid & frozen pizza, and live free can make anybody day better
old mac was much better. his new music sounds like shit. his old stuff sounds much more polished and more like real rap, not none of this "thug gangster" shit
Sir how much retard did your mother put in your orange juice
lol i love how this is my most top rated comment on youtube. You people say im ignorant. Its called my opinion, something you all should've learned about in 1st grade. You dont have to like what i say, but calling me ignorant is ignorance in itself. Music is all about preference and this is how i see it.
Wow I remember when this video had only a few hundred thousand views.. He sure has grown; diggin your music mac.
he was so cute I'm crying
+Ben Brixey You look like a fucking pussy bitch
+Ben Brixey prolly got ur ass kicked a shit ton of times so u feel tough defending people on youtube instead of going out and winning real fights pussy boi
Watch this music video and then watch.... Watching Movies music video.... he whent beast mode
whatever you think about mac miller and his style of music or even this song, u can't deny this is a pretty incredibly polished and superfluous song for a 17 year old. 
i turned 17 last month, it's my motto now :p
I still love mac, but boy do I miss this
Mac miller best rapper alive ! Love all of his songs, from the high life to faces !!
Some dudes fuckin a bitch at 1:47 hahaha
you can just tell this motherfucker is a badass
Me and the homies bumped this in high school.  Shit was real to us. Nothing else mattered, just live free. Man I miss those days.
Still one of his best songs.
I love long boarding
if you like this old mac miller style you might like some of my music especially my song Morning Cartoons
man macs old music..used to burn to it everyday
Mac goes hard on every old song
live free is my life motto <3 #livefree  
checkout my channel sub if you want good weed music 
Love it ... The flow the beat can't beat it.. Not a lot of unwanted wanna be rappers who call them selves rappers when they have a lot of people on the mic.. One mc keep it real good job Mac.. This is real..
i don't think anybody likes mac's new music compared to the classics like this
1:48 lololololololol wtf are they doing
seriously what happened to this Mac .... he was so inspiring now hes all up in drugs and shit. i really miss the old Mac but do whatever u gotta new man gotta get that money. I'm not hating just explaining what i think.
not bad not a huge fan of mac but I do enjoy his old music
omg this used to be my shit when I was like 12
who is his camera guy because the vision is soooooo vivid.
He's so sexy and perfect and ugh <3
this song is the reason for my tattoo <3
what´s wrong with his cap ? :/ Looks fking retarded .
That guitar at the background is just such a happy tune :3
sound like digable planets. slaps tho
Talks a lot of sh1t about nothing. I like the music and the flow but there is no substance behind those words.
That spin at2:52 was baller
Great song ! If you like hiphop music check out one of my latest videos ZP - I Just Hope [ Official Music Video ]
I love this song so much. Sad to know mac will never make music like this anymore
I love Mac still, don't get me wrong, but I really do miss this..
Don't like his voice man
i love mac miller!!!! omg just marry me already!!!!lol
1:03 "Who's this" Mac: "That's me" Old but awesome!
this is the mac we love
Bitches saying he cute? The fuck? I mean yeah his musics good but damn nigga ain't cute
Ce mec kick comme dieu! je lui tire mon chapeau...
Here people finish this sentence: The girl at 1:46-1:50 really... 
Gosh i miss this…..
I love living in NYC....s/o to Mac Miller...this is one of his best songs....I miss the old mac
whats the sample
Hey I'm a new rapper. I've got over 170,000 views. Please take the two minutes to check me out. you won't be disappointed. Thanks!
classic mac now he's a Fucking crack head ...smh
Fired up begin to blaze
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