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SLENDER - ;_; MOAR SLENDER MOAR TEARS! - SLENDER - Part 2 (+Download Link)

by PewDiePie • 3,813,232 views

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I see some things from Marble Hornet in here. The red tower, the hospital (bathhouse), the house (tiny little storage unit), and the big tree (place where Alex says they strung up criminals and stretched them). Anybody else see something?
the tunnel gave it away, all I'm thinking is "Hoodie you little shit where are you <.< >.>" lol
It could be an awesome idea! And yeah. I miss some Masky in this. I also miss a cheesecake house for him... 3: I both loved marble hornets and Slender. Also though i'm a chicken. Marble Hornets was the only horror show i could see when i was younger, caused that i couldnt take it seriusly at all x3 Yay for Marble Hornets, Alex, as well as Masky n' Hoodie! Brian you lil' shit!
Ruuun PewDiePie...Ruuunnnnn!! :O
9:29 - Eating a chip.About to swallow.Watching the video. 9:30 - Seeing Slender almost made me choke.  
lmao but that scream though
Did anyone else see the slender behind him? Not in the game, next to him playing.
Throughout the entire video, but supposedly, it was a coat.
How to make slender not scary: 1. Rationalize the slender. Maybe you lost your wallet and he wants to give it back 2. Slenderman can't hurt you because you are a CYBORG! (How else could you zoom your view in and out) 3. Play games with him (red light green light perhaps) 4. Give slenderman a rave 5. Turn on the lights (it ain't so bad) 6. Sing the happiest song you know Follow these steps and you will never be scared of slender again 😄
I only wanted his autograph ;[
I am not scared of you dum and poop
@SheldonThunderDaniels: welcome back to the forest of SlenderMan aka Satan without a face...and SlenderMan has tentacles... ((Pewds account because why not XD. Keeping this here so I don't get hunted down by the actual Pewds))
Slender Man is kinda like a good guy in Germany. Slender Man kidnaps Naughty kids who enters his forest, telling them to confess their wrongdoings to their parents until the Naughty kids decided to do so. of course this is from the Old German Mythical Creature ”Der Grossmann” which is just Slender Man minus the tentacles and wears clothes that of a peasant or a prince. to my opinion, i think Slender Man is like a Dad that lectures a Naughty kid. this might offend 10 year old kids who play call of duty all day, all im going to say is, if Slender Man WAS real, i think hes just another reason to let kids do what their parents say. i mean, you dont want to be lectured again and again by Slender Man just because you did something wrong and got to his forest.
Yeah I agree with you he looks after Sally and that's cute 😊
I'm torturing myself by watching this at 11:00 at night, the whole house washed in darkness, and in fullscreen with my headphones in. WISH. ME. LUCK.
+Daniel Proctor done. 4 pages bro. Where's my medal? lol. I was home alone too
Oh god, I read touching not torturing. ;-;
I remember subscribing to you Pewds when you uploaded this video. I've been watching all your videos since... :o
+kittypie Woa how cool! I think Pewds had about 2 million subs back then. x3
this was the video that made me subscribe to him too haha :)
NOTE:never eat or drink while watching scary shit like this.....
+SixteenPerfectWishes M idk just chock on something like me food..... 
Two fucked up twelve year olds tricked their friend (who was over the moon to go see them) stabbed her over i think 17 times and she NEARLY died but amazingly survived, and the girls that stabbed her said it was a sacrafice to Slenderman like WTF???
ikr? What the actual fuck was wrong with them?
You know I found these kind of games weakness when you playing this game or any other horror games play the song Go Go Naruto extended version so you don't have to keep restarting the song every 2 minutes. But yeah I was playing The Arrival on the level where you got to turn on 6 generators and Slender's proxy is also trying to get you well when she's chasing you just turn on that song then yeah really takes away the scary feeling.
2:21 pewdiepie does not look amused! XD
"I'm really not gonna look back."  And he looks back. xD 
Genius Pewds strikes again!
Pewds: "I'm never playing this game again!"... Two years later, still playing dat slendy
When he said he thought he heard someone, my little brother started moving in his bed. :o (We sleep in a bunk, BTW)
I remember the first time playing this. It was with my older sister and when we got to the tunnel and we saw Slender I screamed friking loud and ran away xD My sister didn't know what to do so she just turned around and walked right into Slender xD Best. Try. Ever :'D
Adventure Time Desktop! Woohoo!!
Wish we could go back and time and show this Felix one of this new videos like harlem shake or falcon lover
This game is just too freaky, if I were you, I won't play it. 
No round to the slenderman pls
That stuff from 6:04 SCARED THE FUCK OUTTA ME :((
U should have picked up the note when u had the chance
Watch pewdiepie on youtube
he doesn't want what you call your sweet ass, he just wants to tear off your limbs causing a slow and painful death
im watching this in 2015
That almost gave me a freaking heart attack !!!! If my tablet broke than slender is gonna have to buy me another 1 and a glass of water that I SPILLED ALL OVER MY STUPID TABLET slender man was always my enemy since the day I saw him in a different game
Play red light green light with slender
poods was such a wimp back then lol
BUM... BUM ... BUM... BUM... BUM ...... SLENDER IS COMING!!!
Your face in the first for minutes it was saying "Disgracefulness" i only got two pages 😒😞
#1 rule of Slender.... DON'T TURN AROUND.. EVER
my phone rang when it got scary and i almost died
When your heart beats its geting close and when theres static hes behind you.
I'm eating stuff, drinking soda and watching this at 11:17 at night on my phone, sound blasting and not in full screen. Yolo, bitches!
LOLOLOLOLOLOL 9:27-9:40 Dat face hange Pewds xD
Freaking it got all quiet for a sec and then this freaking Airwick thing in my room sprays and scares the hell out of me...
Chloe Bauman Shared on Google+ · 2 weeks ago
At 6mins and 24 secs I screamed
i have something to say,i'm slenders dauter...............................go dad gooooooooooooooooooooooo :3
Oh poods what happend
I played this once and never again I didn't even get one page I got to scared
When I play scary games like this I just talk about anything it makes me feel not scared for some reason
9:27-9:40 his reaction was priceless he was like: 😄😃😀😨😰😱😖😖😖😖😖
Pewdie: Im a little girl and Slender wants my sweet ass! xDD
I saw the slender behind him too.
You just weren't impressed. At all
at 9:27 is the funniest reaction I have ever seen!! It goes from all happy to scared shitless!
realy? there's a slender man behind him?
"Won't turn around, won't turn around..." turns around
Pewdiepie, don't you think that each note is a level. And each level gets harder?!?!?!?
What makes it creepy for me is that my earbuds fill the quiet with white noise.
if you have the lights off he can't find u as easy
this game is so terrifying
come on,wheres the slender man?!
Pewdiepie ı am your new fan ı think when you dont look your back you cant see slender
Pewds that scared the hell out of me like litteraly
This was the first Pewdiepie video I ever watched.
Slender man's real name is richard
lets not look back anymore! =[ looks back WHAT DID I DO WRONGGGG lmao
Lool freaking hilarious I love watching your videos
Is it weird that every time I watch your videos I keep seeing TAMPON COMMERCIALS!? Haha!! XD lol
hahhahahahahahahahahahahahah XD hahahahahahahahahahahahhahaha i can't stop laughing Xd
why did you write "moar"?
Hate forests,hate forests.......................
Forest surrounds my house, imagine taking the trash out at night....after watching this...
has he try'd this before?
Um slendy wants to kill you sexaul offender man is the one who wants that sweet booty
06:10 I almost pissed myself laughing XD
1:06 pewds is trying to look tough
you are totaly funny in there but its cool
slender arrival is better
You never look back he is ALWAYS THERE 
finish amnesia but terrefied for slender=pewdiepie logic
Its not the game that scares me, its his loud voice when he is afraid lol love y pewd
6:08  Argh!!! im just twisted my arm.....
Slender man + PewDiePie Still a better love story then twilight :)
Yes!!!!! Agree 149%....... lol
Nimi Ravin Shared on Google+ · 8 months ago
4:24 look closely and you will see slender
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