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Left 4 Dead 2: Minecraft Style - Out Of Body Experience (Deathcraft II Campaign Part 1)

by CaptainSparklez • 6,781,939 views

Mark - Merch store! ● Minecraft Server: ● Twitter: ●...

what happened with Sparklez and Mark? I barely seen them play together...or at least be mentioned in each others videos. 
Did ya know zoey and Ellis love each other
12:23 Jordan Beats up Gamechap and Bertie. :D
Do you know gizzy14gazza?
34,174 people cry everytime
12:16 that's gamechap and bertie i think
Wonder balls in my mouth get it
Man...watching this 2 years later. The nostalgia is real
On left 4 dead 2 I have a flying mod
minecraft lets 4 dead 2
Mark sounds a lot like Tucker lol
Shoot or hot the zombie with the dimond armor in part where he has no armor
this is so freaking cool
where can i find the mod plz help
I love captain sparkles old vids
The tank should be a mutant zombie like this comment if you agree
If you think this is Minecraft it's not it's Left 4 Dead 2...
how do you get this mod? i wanna play with some friends
Like this if your watching this in 2014!!!!
When you kill the dimond guy he start to scrach his but XD
This looks like its gmod.
+SillyDilly 2002 Gmod Is Made By Facepunch Studios m8
You should play the xbox version
Hahaha Hahaha. Oh wait you're serious.... hahahaha
so it is L4D 2 just with Minecraft Texture Pack?
Steve didnt sat in the minecart he pushed a putton to make it go
this is gmod, bunch of mods combined
No it's l4d 2 you dumnass
+Ian Jung Dumbass* And stop being rude.
how... did you do that. is that minecraft or a different game?
is l4d2 .________________________________________________________________.
The two people by the fire are gamechap and Bertie
i have a game like that but its mine is left 4 dead 2 not left 4 dead 1
Im pretty sure this is a L4D2 Mod
I saw a rainbow pumpkin jump over the colourful hole
All the retarded 5 year olds that actually think this is a minecraft gamemode... LEFT FOR DEAD IN THE TITLE IDIOTS
Is this a Minecraft or a L4D2 Mod?
It's a Left 4 Dead 2 map with character skins, Guns, and Zombie skins :D
Is this a mod? Or a plugin? Or its own game?
oh, the movement is really similer
When I saw this a long time ago, I had no idea what minecraft was. Ahhh those were the days. Then I got it for xbox and I was such a noob.
This isn't Minecraft it's Left 4 Dead 2 if you didn't know
Oh my God .... That is the best thing I have seen so far
I am one of your fan I love your minecraft music and I love your deathcraft videos
Punching Gamechap
is this a mod,mod pack,plugin,or just a new game mode in minecraft?I really wanna play this.
That good for some think about for hbblr
just saying Minecraft would never be able to do this
captin sparkels your in two games yay you
I think the ghast is good for the Tank 
That reply is for someone who commented 1 month Ago xD srry forgot to click Reply..
its a mod for left for dead pc
Why does Mark sound so much like Tucker :/ maybe it's just me
You sound like vannos gaming
L4D2 ----> f*ck up zombies download mods more killing zombies...... then kill a tank
12:08: Not GameChap and BertieChap! :(
captin sparkels your in two games yay you
Is this minecraft lfd mod or is it left four dead mod minecraft?
It's a Left 4 Dead 2 mod. It's downright awesome, too.
Shouldn't mark have the based god skin?
Posted on my Bday :D But no one cares :)
Is this a mod? Or a plugin?
man that was my top favorite cheater from the games
34,371 people cri evry tim
I'm kinda new to Minecraft but is the um left 4 dead map free or what?
Yes it's on the Steam workshop :D
You go in the golden house your well come
was this minecraft or l4d
+ThorlundFilms I guess you were sarcastic back there...
And my first aid kit is a golden apple
R.i.p Jordan in memory of Jordan
He is not dead yoteslava is dead u silly
Are you playing in ps3???
Not left 4 dead 2 its one
+Neku A No. It's 2. Did you think it was because the characters or what?
+Jackson Edwards I know I figured that out a long time ago its a add on (I have l4d on Xbox)
The endermen is a smoker. Sees an endermen sitting on a roof with 5 cigars in his mouh
and i my med kit is a apple
what version is this minecraft?
Zapraszam na muj kanał zezowatarybka
what does the witch look like
This is awesome! You guys are awesome! Not even You Win Zombies And Minecraft got to where you got to now!! I love you vids.
This is a DLC pack I know b cuz I have it
Guys  need Left 4 Dead Its  left 4 dead minecraft mod
hi may i ask to where can you download it is it a mod or a game ? please give me a link
+55urmom there are no texture packs in left 4 dead 2
+rebelwichlin I meant to say it's a map and the zombies have a texture that makes them look like Minecaft zombies. It isn't mandatory though so you can have Minecraft zombies or L4D2 zombies
i enjoy the  animation 
+Butter Stitch I think that meant the animations in the mod... :/
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