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Antwaan - Music with water bottles

by AntwaanMusic • 33,228 views

Have a drink! This is kind of a videosong, since each screen you see are actually the sounds you hear, but let me recall you the 2 rules: 1. What you see is what you hear (no lip-syncing for...

ElTon MOura Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
I let my son (5 years old) and my daughter (4 years old) watch this and you were an inspiration to them because they both went and got water bottles out of my pantry and started to try to make music like you they think you are super cool! :) I think your videos are pretty awesome too :) thanks for sharing your talents!
@GettinCraftycom wow, thanks alot! that's really kind :D I'm glad your kids are actually trying to make music with it too! :)
Don't you think this would be a good commercial
Well these guys aren't the first to come up with these kinds of thngs though this is really cool. In japan they drill holes into brocoli and other vegetable/fruits and make ocarinas with them and one guy I saw did music with a measuring stick lol Just saying check them out they're really cool videos like this one :D
Yes i did mean pee and yes dyslexia, is part of me and my life. By the way, thanks for reminding me. By taking the time to correct me in shuch a broot and impolite manner, you have opened my eyes to yet another chapter in the encyclopedia of trolls. Seriously i was making a joke, and you had to take the fun out of it instead of politely pointing me in the right direction. But man i do want me som pie...let me go and get some... okay back.. God bless you man but don't be a troll.
Awesome man! Thanks for recommending your page!
why dont you try out a music out of food stuffs? cereals on a bowl, green peppers etc :)
I am sorry, I was in a bad mood to start with... forgive me. have a nice day
she meant a expretion dah? you have used bottles and shit why not make food out of food! u acting stupid!
it's like ringo stars movie.. caveman
music with 2 bucks worth of bottles thats awsome o and i forgot to mention the 200 bucks of soft wear
this is the next kit kat commercial for water bottles
damn perfect dude!! subscribed with out doubt...hahaha waiting for more! :D
thats pretty cool why not make one with garden tools?
@Vendettaaaa666 why not ;) I already made a video with kitchen tools, with my cover of the Dexter theme, you should take a look at it
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