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And we are LIVE! - SHUT UP! [34]

by StoneMountain64 • 3,553 views

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I miss the Pow pow pow and the 1! 2! KO! part :( otherwise i loved it as allways
ya i generally try not to insult them to much, just have fun with it. I mix my channel up with funny and real commentaries, different ppl like different stuff :)
Please let me do an episode with you =P
Darn! I wanted 2 be the first one!! :( oh well...
4:10 for "self-interview". GENIUS
answered soon as i saw, but no i don't unfortunately :(
Hahaha, I loved the sarcastic tone behind this, it was nice to have something different. I do generally prefer your normal commentating where it's just about what's happening in the game etc, this one seemed a bit too... insult filled? I do prefer the super concentrated commentating, being nice to people when they isult you, then throwing a very subtle insult at them (aka, point out their score etc).
at the end some kid: OH MY GOSH!!! WE R ON HIS TEAM!!!! UGH! HES ON OUR TEAM!!!
haha loved the self interview stone :) another great video, but could you perhaps do this kind of commentary on different games or game modes for variety
The tip in the game loading screen was that you can mute people, I have a feeling that happened a lot... (dead99)
@StoneMountain64 u do like a boss. welldone. love it :D
Hey Stone do you ever get annoyed at the people your playing with or get the urge to say something that isn't commentary?
i'm rofling. I wish I could play with you.
Those Pussies are not supporting at all
ya the reason i stay in this game type is because is because people have to be in game chat + i get to talk to the other team between rounds. not sure how to just go into a british lobby tho
How did you choose your name?
The self interview was hilarious lol
Little Self Interview right there... but thats OOOKKKK! :D
your last name is stonemountain? I though your name might be after Stone Mountain in Georgia
Try something new:) like new lobby british lobby want see how can thy handle ur beast commentatin
Love ur vids 2nd only 2 ii_jeriicho_ii 2 me keep it up :)
;) thanks man. and i keep it in search because i get to talk to the enemy team and ppl have to be in game chat, if you have any other suggestions though let me know
love the way you asked yourself how you're doing :p
ya there was one when i was playing on carbon once, i don't remember which video it was tho
First Blood haha! love it stone<3
ya man! if you want to game follow me on FB or twitter and i post when I'm online :)
Love it...think it's time you have a partner commentator. Keep it jelly, man.
Are the And we are live video's every weekend or just random ?
I think split talking to yourself has just become cool :D
Do you randomly decide to do one of these whilst playing or do you go on the game specifically to do this?
Maybe you can try "and we are live" with different games or something
i love the way u interviewed yourself
Hahaja ur awesome buddy. Props to gunshop for ur newest subsciber xD
I tried this "we are live"....and I failed miserably. to make it worse, I got owned by a kid telling me shit that makes a lot of sense with a person who has an IQ of 2million. one does not simply become a live commentator...unless you're @StoneMountain64
the reason i do search is because everyone has to be in game chat & i get to talk to the other team between rounds. if you have any other ideas for games though let me know :)
i have a small penis ! good video StonyMonty ! Aiiiiiiiiiiiii
i may try to put one together this weekend. I also have an idea for a top 3 series tho! so stick around
LOL i know, I'm the only one have fun playing the game
xD i don't normally do these games with subs, but if you ever just want to game then follow me on FB or twitter and I post wen I am online to game :)
lol at the end when they were asking if you were on youtube
thts 4 sure! have u ever encountered a girl while doing this?
dude you are probablly one of the funniest people i have seen on youtube.
Another great episode. Nice work with the end that was smooth. Keep it up plz and thx for all the great content!
stonemountain, after watching 3 of your videos. i was convinced to sub.. did i say 3, i meant half your vids... lolz keep up the good work
"OK guys you don't have to be perfect, i don't expect anyone to be like Me so that is OK!!!!!!" i love the beginning XD.
No his second name is a word in a different language that translates into StoneMountain
i was so rooting for the ace!!
i do one usually once a week or whenever i get a really good one. I am pressed for time usually though, i just do these videos on the side for fun :)
I liked when you interviewed your self. That shit had me rotflmao! XD
loving the vids so epic and the people don't know what their missing .. but That is Okay. :)
haha great video stone :) lol - HQ <3
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