Ragnarok Online Renewal Video Guide: Eden Group Equipment I Quest Video Guide

by Carey Martell • 33,647 views

http://rpgfanatic.net/advanced_game_wiki_database.html?p=walkthroughs&wrid=5048&game=Ragnarok+Online This video guide shows you the maps to go to for completing the first Eden Group Equipment...

is there a list of where all the NPCs that can transport you to the headquarters are? I cant seem to find them after i left the first time.
Unfortunately I haven't played RO in about a year. I imagine the iRO wiki might have a list, though. 
Unfortunately it doesn't.
@technosaser This guide is for iRo. Your version may not have them yet?
What server is this? how come you have fly wings and butterfly while in valkyrie you dont =(
@samahnord With a paid account you can get them from speaking to the NPC in the Eden Group.
"baby desert wolf, you are going to die." D'aww D;
@jfreedan Yeah I ended up doing that, but I used up most of my zeny :( I just killed porings and sold their drops... is there a better way to get zeny at this low level? cause now I have to go to alberta >_>
@DSamurai You can also try doing the kill spores quest one map east of Payon. Then go 2-3 maps south of that map to reach the wormtails.
@DSamurai As for money, it is hard to get lots of cash at this point but by going through the tutorial you should have received free kafra warp tickets.
thanks for the videos and answering my questions! :D
how do i get to morroc from prontera? use the flywings?
Thank you for posting this, I got stuck at the part with finding the reward guy xDDDDD I feel so pathetic now.
your vid is really helpful. thanks.
I don't recall which one. I had the option to have a paid account with this iRo server
@technosaser There are NPCs near the Kafra girls in the towns called Eden Group Teleporters. Click on them.
@DSamurai Use the Kafra girl NPC to warp to Morroc.
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