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Ode to Peppy (Do A Barrel Roll)

by Patrick Coffin • 26,328 views

Remember Peppy? Peppy taught me more than just how to do a barrel roll, to use bombs wisely, and how to use the boost to get through... Peppy also taught me how to love. I remember like it was...

I thank you as kindly as possible for the 5 STARS! I'm so pleased to hear that you like this "EPIC" Peppy vid. Its so cool that everyone is calling it epic. I'm so happy that you liked it and I hope you check out my other videos and let me know what you think about them. THANKS!
five stars for the John LeClair sweater...
Thank you for this im sure Peppy Hare is smiling somewhere in Corneria just cuz of you! BTW: NEVER GIVE UP TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS!
If it was up to me, I'd say do what you feel... But I'm sure Peppy would tell you to use bombs wisely, and who is the Arewing pilot... me or Peppy? Yeah... I'd listen to Peppy and use those bombs wisely for sure!
Thank you! I was excited to put this one up... the sfx took so long to do but I think it was worth it. I think they'd be completely overlooked if attention wasn't brought to them... which is the point to good sfx.
You're a good person who promotes good feelings. I like that! Thank you!
I agree with icebreaker7...5 stars for the jersey. and this video is freaking epic lol
YouTube search for "Barrel Roll Song" didn't find this. Should add that to the tags or something, because more people would find it!
Doesn't look like my comment was posted, but this was posted on GoNintendo! Great vid!
Thanks a lot for stopping by and leaving a comment. Yeah it was so awesome of KRYSTALARCHIVE to put that on Starfox-Online... it sure has gotten a lot more views since then so I think it was just the boost I needed to get through. Anyway, I plan on putting up A LOT of great videos so it would probably be a good idea to SUBSCRIBE so I can let you know when more is up. THANKS!!!!
I did all the music and sfx. Also, I edited together all the video clips. ROCK!
That's the way, uh-huh uh-huh, I like it... uh-huh uh-huh! Thanks a lot, bud... I'm glad you liked the video!
You rock so hard dude. The music was hot, the rap was hot, tne effects and video were off the chain. u got mad skill.
Intense is my middle name, Al! I'm glad you stopped by and saw this silly video! Hope you enjoyed it. I watched some of your videos... I see you using my old guitar and I miss it. HAHA! You're a good dude. What are you up to now-a-days?
I'm not a fan of the flyers... I was a John LeClair fan though. But it's the only Jersey I had, so I wore it.
Hopefully I can give your video a "boost to get through!" Your video is now featured on Starfox-Online.
Which Forum is it on? That's SUPER sweet that someone posted it somewhere! Thanks for coming and commenting. That was awesome of you!
Thanks a lot... I'm glad you like it. It really was a fun project. First, I wrote and recorded the song. Then, after putting up a new greenscreen I, filmed all the live-action stuff. Then I edited together a million starfox clips. Afterwhich, I put sfx for everything that happened in the whole video and adjusted velocities to make the arwings sound real (a lot of the sfx are too hard to pick out but they add a lot)... Then I just put everything together. It was the most fun I've had editing.
hey patrick did you do the guitar and drums in the background sounds?
Almost 10,000 view, poppy-seed muffin!!!
Youtube saw all the hits you guys have givin' me cuz of this video and they asked if I'd put this video on their little "partnership" program... I think this is a pretty big deal cuz I had to apply and start some account or something. But long story short... if I get a lot of views and subscribers maybe they'll ask me to be a Youtube Partner. That's pretty much my goal... but it can't happen without you ALL. So thank you SO much for your views so far! Keep it up and SUB if you haven't!
Nobody would ever like Falco... everytime I see him, a little surge of vomit goes up through my windpipe and right into my brain. I actually think its a serious health concern... but I don't have insurance so I'm just going to tough it out. But yeah, I hate Falco's stinkin' guts.
Gotta hand it to you. I haven't seen something like this in a long time. My whole suite has lost intelligence points from this "music video." You repeat the same ridiculous quote six times in the first minute, then a bad singer bangs his head and waves his arms in front of various cut scenes from Star Fox games, starting with 64. I don't see how this is at all interesting, but I won't ever understand the mindset of internet morons. This has been your troll comment of the day. Kay thanks.
That is SO cool of you! You're the best! Thanks a lot!
YES. i also found this on the starfox forum. pretty creative. DO A BARREL ROLL.
Actually, this joke was probably old close to 11 years ago. Thanks!
I have one ready... I don't have another music video ready cuz Peter and I are actually doing a video together... I'm doing the music and he's writing the lyrics. Then we're both doing the vocals and video... so that's been taking my free time. But I do have a pretty good video about eating a 24 inch pizza for you! I'll get it up tonight!
yup. Thanks a lot, bud. I'm glad you like it! I do have a synthy talkbox bass mimicing the guitar part with the 5th above it... that gives it a little extra UMPH...
It's from the "fan made" starfox game that's going to come out. I don't know much about it... but they've been working on it for like 6 years, or something like that. It really looks good. Thanks for commenting!
Is their a chance that a mp3 of this song will ever be available? Because this song is awesome.
To barrel roll press Z or R twice! Awesome video! 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000/5
I agree with that 100%, Mr. Scott! That game was the rockin'-est
great!! I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE VID WITH YOU AND PETER =) i think i may be your #1 fan XD so how are you doing it then are you doing the vid bit by bit each time you guys see each other?
I'll be watching more of your videos soon. Isn't it creepy to see something that you once owned on TV? It's a great guitar too. It took me a while to get used to it. Remember when i played misirlou at the christmas party but i sucked it up cause i wasn't used to it? Yeah, i'm level 53 now at that guitar. Me? Just hanging out, playin nintendo, making money for my imaginary family. You still in Utah?
@CornerianLegend Halo is good :(
Awesome! I appreciate that very much. It's pretty cool to know you've got my back... even across the globe. ROCK ON!
Love this video! Keep it up! ^_^ I love Star Fox!
nice so does that mean you can play the guitar and drum the drums? cuz the guitar and this is awesome
Peppy would blow up Andros every day if he got the chance though.
hahahaha so cool man I see the video on Star-Fox online and i came for rate and comment ;D you're lucky
One of my favorite Star Fox games was the 64.
YES! I found this video again!! I've been looking for it for ages!! I kept thinking Peter Coffin posted it and I couldn't find it after the first time I watched it! I'm super excited right now, you have no idea how happy this makes me.
I really appreciate you taking the time and letting me know what you think. It's really cool of you. Thanks for the nice words!
=) have you got a vid coming tonight? (tonight for me lol)
Thanks a lot, bud... I'm happy you liked it! I'm also pleased to announce that the weird pixilation thing was added when I uploaded it to youtube for some reason. It was not in the file I uploaded but it's there now. I was thinking about re-uploading but people had already commented so I figured it wasn't fair to delete what they said. Thanks a ton for watching it!
Hellz Yeah!!! Awesome Video. DO A BARREL ROLL
Haha, cool stuff. I'll put it on Facebook as well, though not sure how many people will totally get it. Awesome job.
CHAAAAAAAAS I LOVE THIS!!!!!!..... man can you post the lyrics? please, I don't understand all.
I had NO idea that the quote "Do a barrel roll" was so famous. I knew it made history, but a friggin song about it?
why does this not have more views? i'm surprised.
yeah sfx wouldn't be the same if they weren't appreciated and you did do a very good job on it in my opinion....looking forward to future ones
@CornerianLegend you're right i hate shooting games nintendo games are the best
The only problem with this vid is the weird pixilation thing around 0:33 - 0:53 ... Other than that, THIS VID PWNS O_0..... 5 Stared it and Faved it about a week or so ago and forgot to comment lol. -- BTW : I found out about this epic vid's existance from the KA podcast E23 (which referred me to the vid on StarFox-Online)
Unfortunately, I never see my brothers... they all live in Michigan and I live across the country in Utah. So we have to do it all over the internet. This makes it a slow process but we're doing pretty well so it'll be worth it. Hopefully, it'll be done by early next week. I'm so FREEKED to have a fan... be sure to keep it up. Thanks
you're alive!!!!!!!!! people an awesome guy is in the building =)
Thanks a lot! I appreciate any facebooking and ANY and ALL spreading of my videos. It's really cool of you to do that for me. I hope your friends enjoy it!
You know what guys? I'm going to use the boost to get through. Then I'm gonna do a barrel role. Then boost to get trough
haw. i found this on that one star fox forum it powns.
Everything was pretty cool! except that jersey... lol
The video of andross's defeat was from SF Adventures. Peppy was hardly in that game.
Love it, Pat. It's nice to know you're using your powers for good instead of evil. --Joe T.
As much as I love this video, I'm not gonna lie. I like your Flyers Jersey almost as much as I like the song!
Patrick You are Just as Good as Peter :D
pretty darn good......btw if you get a surge of views it might be cuz i put it up on facebook (that's potentially 300 views)
It's quiet..... too quiet. USE THE BOOST TO GET THROUGH!!!
Musique good, mais vidéo pas terrible :3
I'm sorry I didn't see your message sooner... I've been working a 2 jobs and going to university so I haven't been able to get online too much. I'll type them up right now and put them in the description! Thanks a lot for your interest!
AWESOME! Thanks a ton for the comment. I'm glad you liked my Ode to Peppy. You should check out some of my other videos... if you get a chance. I hope you like them!! Thanks again, man... I'm glad you liked it!
DAMN YOU, PATRICK!!! Now all I can do is think, only think, about playing Starfox 64! I need that game!
ROCK ON!!! I'm psyched you liked it so much! This was my third try at music videos... and I think it turned out pretty good. You should check out my other stuff if you liked this one. Thanks-a-million, for the comment! Really cool of you to say.
lol fucking great vid dude loved it great work how long did it take you to make it?
That's a really great quote... it was really just the way he said it that made it amazing. Thanks for watching my vids, yo! You're awesome!
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