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Cable Man

by TJonesTheSecond • 95,563 views

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Lmao he hit tha cable man wit tha water bottle he had in his pants
lol clocked that nigga wit some water!
What's the name of the song
What's the name of the song at the end of the video???
tjones like j dilla  yassssss 
Hook up on the porn cause we yellow niggas lol
the porn package.. notice bulge under shirt
Dis man gone look at his arm and aint got a damn watch on.
Why did you cut it ... I could have sworn this was longer
Dang u smacked him heka hard
@Guymoon48 Well now u know it was the water
Lol that was a shit reaction to someone who broke your tv
1:20 Guess he didnt want any good wet dick
looked like the same set up as Single Ladies Gone Wrong at 2:06 (that girl dancing in clown mask who clocked her head on the tv)
His back said "go cable" xD hahah
The Cable Man look like Dom Kenedy
What's that song called at tha end
he hit with a water bottle,lol
check me out people..true life stories..musics n more
Did T Jones say "Fuck U Then" or "Fuck It Then" lol?
Come on man,before you start to do anything stupid.....(hits dude up side the head with the water bottle he pulled out his pants)
Baby boy looks like Frank Ocean
Thixx shiid funny af 2:00 - 2:11
Lmao at how T Jones always points with his whole hand xD
the cable man had no shoes
Why are you worried about what another man has on in the first place?
TJones: Man Where Yo Name Tag At? Cable Man: You Ever Heard Of The Low Budget Company? Lol
DA FUCK gets me every time
B4 he pulled out that water bottle, I was sittin up here thinkin, TF? This nigga gotta boner?? LOL
he always hitting somebody n falling
frank ocean derrick rose lookin muthafucka
haaa this is from the movie. good skit !
lol with the water bottle though?
Nigga said the porn package.u got me right?.u know us yellow niggas.lmfao.
His dumb ass ain't even have a real cable suit he had duck tape lmao ^°^
if that was a hardon that would have been in his throat...LOL...that was def the water bottle...smh...LOL
Fucc the video whats tht damn song name
Like them old royal 10's in duh corner.
he smashed this fool with the water bottle lol
Slapped him with the,water bottle Lmao
whats the song at the end of this called?
lmao when he smacked him wit the water bottle
" I swear to god it was like that when I got here " " so you just gonna lie to me huh " lmao!!
lol let me find out dis nigga had a sign on his back say "got cable"
2:09 nigga hit him with the water
What's the name of the song at the end of this video?!
lol this nigga is forever fall'n into his punches
that happened 2 me i came home and my son broke my tv then tried to make me believe i did it
Lmfao. When TJones pulled out that water doe !
Ughh he need not to be in noo moe videos that nigga jarmie ugly asl boa!!
The cable man has on no shoes lol
thumbs up if you laugh when he put is hand in his face
Like my comment if you think T jones should make a tee shirt saying ' Da Fuck!! '
dat nigga must be cheap as fuck
knock that nigga the fuck out
the way his hand was pointed wen he said don't touch my cable
I love when he always say " Duh Fuck ?" lol
Ain't got no kind of watch on lol
" daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa fvck " ctfu -dead-
The cable man look like frank ocean lbvs
that other nigga be looking straight like Rasheed Wallace haha
Mad funny when t jones says da fuck
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