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Brown Sugar Barbecue Pork Spare Ribs Recipe

by BarbecueWeb • 169,620 views

This simple and quick barbecue ribs recipe by the BBQ Pit Boys takes about half the time as traditional "low and slow" ribs. But these delicious, fall-off-the-bone tender, covered in sauce...

OMG! Think I just had an orgasm. hahaha...woooowwwwwwww...looks soooo good!!!! Gonna try this. Thanks guys!
I love this channel! These guys are all business and I love the commentary LMAO! Nice work boys... cheers from Westbrook Maine!
I would lime to know if you cooked them ribs over indirect heat all the way ..
When is the smell-o-vision gonna be available?  : )
check out 2.47 with captions on and try not to laugh
countries have gone to war over incorrect translations..! lmao
ummm goooooooooooooooooooood
LOOKS PERFECT, Yummy for sure;) i'm missing something in my life.
adopt me,. : ) cheers from CA.
Yankees do bbq. Great idea. Not!
Greatzz from Germany i love your BBQ ribs :D
Thanks for sharing! Today is my 4th time doing your recipe and everyone always loves it! Great video with good instructions!
hell day is saved by this! :D God bless spare ribs and barbecue!
Another Five Stars fellas! "Looks Gooder than Grits" as GranDad would say
I would look to layer the brown sugar with all of the ribs rather than just the top lawyer
Best way to grill, I have been using this method for years, it takes longer but the results are amazing.......
do you really need a rack for quick ribs? i dont have a rack big enough for ribs. i have some spare ribs in the fridge and dont want to wait 5 to 6 hours for them to be done. ill sacrifice a lil tenderness or whatever for quicker ribs.
# MrSilent305 6 months ago 16 DAMN THIS IS BETTER THEN PORN I TELL U
Coals on one side of the grill and put whatever your cooking on the side opposite of the coals.
I don't mind waitin for this kinda flavor! Low,slow,& smokey for me every time. The only way to do real BBQ. You boys have some real good ideas,keep goin. Always perks me up when I need it the most!!
I have the same question. I don't think there is any way for the last rack of ribs to get brown sugar. Care to chime in guys?
Thanks so much for sharing your craft!! I will be trying them out in the near future!!
My first time doing ribs and i used this recipe definitely turned out Amazing. Family Favorite
whoooooooeeeee "ma, adds goo" :P i like hes cowboy style haha
Great video!!! i've seen ever single one and it just gets better makes me hungry
My wife love when I make ribs this way about to go grill some now
Carl from Calif. says I did some for Christmas!!!!!!
Tried this and I am hooked!..Thanks Guys
Makes me hungry and i just ate.
A man I love you guys I really do
Thanks a lot boys! Love your vids and cooking recipes! Will try this one soon!!! You boys sure have helped many folks acheive much better grilling skills with your vids. I, for one, have become much better so again, I say, THANK YOU!
why not?? up until a couple years ago i never did anything other than hotdogs,burgers and chicken. now thanks to the pitboys i do ribs and alot of their other recipes. it really is as easy as they make it look.go to their site pick a recipe and do it. i'm sure you'll be saying WOW!!! NOW THATS GUUUUUUD!!!!
I need some love from the pit I wanna join I'm good at the low and slow. Need a Burnaby B.c. Chapter. My wife told me she didn't like ribs so i devorced her!!
The best thing I ever did was subscribe to these guys! Outstanding - 6 stars ******
WTH? When did Youtube start charging for video downloads?
Just cooked some bad boys up like this today, great recipe! You guys can sure bbq
i don't know how the ribs taste.. or how even the flavor is.. they do look good.. not a technique i would use.. my ribs tend to fall off the the bone while trying to sear them.. But like I mentioned DAYUUUM those ribs to look taste
My dogs were drooling like crazy when you were trimming those racks.....
Yes they are; sometimes good food simply takes longer.
Perfect as usual boys! 5 stars
@Shakermaker01 ...about the same amount of time. A better indicator is when the meat pulls back 1/2 to 1 inch on the rib bones, it is ready to sear and serve..!
you guys are the best keep up the good work...........
after watching this video from start to finish , my shirt is wet with saliva .
Man, this sh*t is sick....I'll drool to death o.O
Can you be my neighbor?, I live in HUNTSVILLE, AL
The Sauce is the Money Shot in BBQ Porn! sick bastards...i am STARVING now!!!! Thats looks so good.
BBQ Pit Boys are the effin BEST! MMM Thats GOOD!!! Hooooo-eeee!
I love this guys ! Good job , always keep tradition !
i like watching hell's kitchen, but that DICK ramsay could take a leaf out of these guy's book!!!!!!!!!!!! no frills or dainty shit, just god-honest FOOD!!!!!
I love BBQPB's cooking..just wish they would show a little more safe cooking, cleaning your hands on a towel that you put in your back pocket isnt a great idea :(
Never had so many complements! Awesome system for quick cooking ribs!!
I swear by the BBQ Pit Boyz. I tell everyone to go here for BBQ recipes. NOM NOM NOM
I'm trying this today w/4 racks of ribs from some wild boar we shot last week.... they came from a couple of smaller sows so hopefully they turn out!
My god...this is how i want to live my life...minus the camera of course...this is LIFE the way it should be lived
Do you have the recipe for the bbq sauce?
I love it when you catch these guys grinning from beneath their hats sometimes.
Wow. I'm trying this this weekend. Does cooking time need to be adjusted for a smaller number of racks? Say I only cooked 1 or 2 racks. Is it still going to take about 2 hours? Great channel. I'm hooked.
Dear BBQPitBoys narrator dude, can you narrate all the events of my life? And tell people how easy it is to do?
im doing this today............mmmmmmmmhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Do you bbq all your foods on indirect heat?
im makein these badboys tonite 4 X Mas dinner. Man i can hardly wait
i love you man (not in the homo way) :)
Made some of these Tuesday 15 degress with the wind chill, only problem I should of made more. The broth is also a good dippin.
I love his voice, very sexy, my favorite is when he says "MAN", lets you know it's good.
My 10 year old son and I just watched this , we MUST have ribs today !!!! Great video !!!
can u do the same with baby back ribs? same amount of cooking time?
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