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passionflower - jon gomm (cover)

by Gothic Octopus • 34,491 views

I apologize for the terrible recording quality, but its the best i can do. and i know I'm not Jon Gomm, i just thought that id upload it because this song means a lot to me. I cant sing, and I...

Keep it up young sir, youre doing an awesome job. I wish I'd had your talent at your age.
wooww... without the other technical support u still managed to make it so likeable.. i like it...super  likes likes likes
do not let the negative comment affect you, the best guitarists started well and your truth is you do pretty well, but I would like to play guitar the way you play it¡ keep it up¡ :)
Nothing against uploading a cover of a song and acknowledging it's not perfect yet. However by not adding the tuning-detuning part of the song in the main riff, you're taking away a huge part of the song. And if this song really meant that much to you you would've appreciated it the way it is and not rush uploading a cover of it that changed the most important element of it. :P Still kudos for having the balls to even attempt learning a song as difficult as this. Also you rush the tempo way too much. I think you definitely have the chops to learn this song as it is, but by taking comfort in "almost" doing it right, you'll never really be able to play it properly. Remember that. And playing perfectly clean a tiny part of the song is far more impressive and important than playing the whole song with imperfections/omissions/sloppy parts Not a negative comment, just some constructive criticism from a fellow guitarist. I myself would be scared to even attempt learning this song. (mainly because I never got into percussive guitar and all the relevant techniques)
+franktheninja2 Anytime bro. I'll check Loveproof out. Since you're into slap guitar you probably know of these guys already, but just in case you don't, you should: Andy McKee and Erik Mongraine. Personally I find Erik Mongraine even more impressive. Check out his song Raindigger. Might not be as technical as Jon Gomm's Passionflower, but definitely a beautiful composition
I love both of them, if you want to get more into it, Michael Hedges and mike dawes are also grand. Tommy Emmanuel does it from time to time. but really, whatever you can get your hands on is top.
Ohh my gosh, I'd love to see the people with the negative comments upload they're cover of this song. I love this. 💙
Grt tried!!u r too close..n ppl stop giving bad comments...cuz u cnt do wt he can!!keep up the good work !!
Yes, It is the difficult song but as you played it to me not to be pleasant. You have still no feeling of music. Learn something simple better. But I want to note and praise for that on another played a refrain, without top of strings)
Great effort mate, not an easy song by any stretch of the imagination
dude this is awesome anyone got any negative comments need to put their cover video up. cause this isn't easy man. whats the tuning?
A lot of room for improvement.
He's probably like 12. Give him a break. It's a great cover.
+x2xjaySx2x I'm not saying he's bad, I'm just saying he can be better.
Very good. Really want to talk to you next!
Please upload the tabs somewhere.
can you make a tutorial video or tab it please ??
that's over the fretboard piano style guitar trick is fucking awesome
not a trick it's called "tapping" for obvious reasons lol, if you like it check out felix martin he does it on a 14 string guitar
+Steven M I know what tapping is....been playing for twenty years...if you play with two hands bass notes and melodies. Thats similar to playing piano. So yes it is a neat little pianoish trick.
Great cover, you did a good job! hey do you know where I can learn this, or at least what tuning it's in?
wow. thank you for sharing. idk wtf this google plus stuff is but here. he has a tab for two pounds or so on his website its about halfway down the page. if you cant purchase stuff online, the tuning is Eb, G, Bb, F, G, Bb (low to high) and the top two notes only get detuned by a whole step. the intro chord (because its tricky) is 0, 8, 7, 4, 0, 0. (low to high) hope it helps!
Thanks, it helps a lot! Interesting tuning, I'll try to see if I can purchase the tab online to really get into it. but yeah this helps, Thanks.
This is NO Jon Gomm, but you are still pretty amazing. :)
Buy locking tuning banjo pegs, also GET HEAVIER STRINGS
Hmm still needs a shit load of work
Good job man!!!! What tuning you in?
what is the tuning my friend? Great cover :)
You should try doing a cover of Ocean! You got the skills for it!!
I think this tunning is wrong, the 6th string sounds like D#
Wow that's awesome! I love this song, wish I could play it.. :P but nice job man, you're really talented! :)
very nice man that kid is sitting at home watching frame for frame of your video trying to get a peice of the greatness
Got to give you credit, I would never be able to pull this off. And if I were you, I would print this page out being that you actually have a reply from Jon himself. You did a hell of a job. Good luck to you in the future! :)
Congratulations on doing my arrival. You are playing very good. By chance you have the sheet music to get me through this? If you can send the e-mail:
Gratz man. you got talent!!!! keep playing!
Mate the guy is a master at guitar. Your effort is really really good. I can't find any better covers of it. Thanks for giving the tuning. Well done :)
Great effort to one of the most difficult songs in the world to play, bravo
i cant de-tune like that with y current pegs, so i played it all with my left hand, there just whole steps. but if you do, then you cant do the percussion at the same time, its a toss up
Great job. One of my favorite songs!
No one asking for tabs? This makes me happy
Certainly not bad at all. but you need some more training buddy. keep at it!! :D
Wait...are you ambidextrous!? Amazing covers, all of them.
Yes dude, nice try!!!! keep playin'...!!!!
you are good, but, need more training
It takes huge balls to even try a song like this. Good job brother. Keep up the good work.
i found some surgical tape in my house actually. XD it works fine, my music taecher suggested some of those 3D sticker things, so maybe those, i just tried a bunch of different tapes personally
hey! im 16 too! self taugh from jon gomms tabs just go to his website and theyre under "store"
Really solid cover, man... props to you.
one does not simply play this like jongomm!
Fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I saw your videos from when you were younger and its so nice to see a young person consitently get better and better!
A good effort (far better than I could ever do). Have you seen the piano cover? It's fantastic. watch?v=w60FKJ7Jddo
It's good but it sound different but good
you've got balls man!!..really fantastic..mebi i'm a dick..but that beat on your guitar was a bit off..jus for the record..i cant even do half the things you can..but its just that i love everything about this song very much :P Cheers from India ;)
Give the little man credit, thats a very difficult style to play! Good job buddy!
theres a couple of things i could say to you about this video but im not gonna.... youv achieved more than me by learning even a fraction of the song and in some ways playing it your own way... well done, maybe practise it a little more and upload another one and get the flow a little smoother but well done either way buddy
it must have taken you long to master this...
Learning this right now :D Gonna try tuning it like he does, but I don't have banjo tuners. I bought 8 extra strings for this song only ^^
other than needing to work on your tempo and a bit more practice. i say you did very well. ive seen jon gomm's video for this song, and this isnt a easy song by anymeans. well done
its my dream to be able to play this song I'm 16 you look about that age where did you learn to play this?
It's not 100%, but damn. You've made an attempt on a cover that 99.9% of the world's population wouldn't even consider. If I could give you any advise, it would be to just relax during the chorus (where you're doing the two hand taps lower on the neck, your tempo fluctuates way too much). Otherwise, you've come up with an incredible substitute to Jon's banjo tuner fiddling during this song. 5/5 for creativity, 3/5 for execution (due to the tempo changes). Overall, 4/5.
Pretty :P I think you're awesome.
I don't think this is the right tunning...
man, could you get me the tab or anything else? thanks bro ^^
Nice man, you rock!!! :) keep playing.
So often when you see videos posted like this, you watch it expecting the worst. But mate, I have the greatest respect. You did an awesome job. I've been playing the guitar for years and I doubt I could do this. Keep up the good work. :o)
buying different pegs, i break about two strings a month :S
Nice job! I'm still working on actually using the pegs, I think it sounds better. One thing, try not to stress yourself during to play, take deep breathes and calm down! :)
Dude... @jongomm just complimented you...and you replied with that? lol i would be going CRAZY with pride.
percussive sounds are mostly off beat… but cool playing anyway!
When you bought the tabs off his website, did you have to compensate and change the tabs to work without tuning it? I'm considering to do what you've done, any tips?
keep going dude, its a hard song
Wow! I love this!!! Great Job....
Please what is the tuning, I know it alters but at the beginning, I love that first 2 seconds.
Hey dude just pick up a decent camera, or some recording software. 200 dollars tops and you can get a good microphone and an audio interface. You deserve to record in better quality.
you should apologoze for more than quality ...but i respect your courage :)
the sheer amount of fangirl i feel right now is immense....thank you jon. you said no-one had done a cover so i thought id do it
Awesome effort dude! Well played. :)
Ignore him mate, this is a hard song and you played it well. I gave it a go, and gave up after 30 mins. Much respect to you actually really cool, ill try to get some more done but i wont upload anything that isnt ridiculous.
good effort dude, get that precession down adn then you got it TIGHT
Awesome! I look forward to your next posts!
Dude honestly man, really great job. I can tell you play with passion man, and that adds more to the song. You did really great dude, don't let anyone tell you different. Keep up the good work buddy, well done!
Well done. Your timing is off but I'm sure you know that. Easy fix....always practice with a metronome. If your rhythm off....the song will always sound like shit.
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