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Formal Event Makeup

by Michelle Phan • 3,230,126 views

It you have a special event coming out, and you need an elegant fool-proof look, this is the tutorial for you :) Just run over to your drugstore and grab a few of the items I'm using in this video...

I can't believe she got sued for using music. I mean first of all, she always cites the music's origin and who sang it so it isnt copyright and Youtube makes money off of her and gets credit off of her, Why would they sue her? YOU SHOULD THANK HER FOR USING YOUR UNPOPULAR CRAPPY MUSIC to make it more popular
She actually got sued for not receiving permission but I'm with you 😄
+Ani K how can you go receive permision from celebs all the time u cant always contact them 
I love the way how she talk and demonstrate. Very helpful tips and viewers should really just appreciate her rather than finding fault of her.
Can someone please tell me why does she deleted her caviar nails tutorial???
I think it's one of my favourite look ! The colors are absolutely beautiful ! :)
I love how you played up your eyes in this look, so fabulous! <3
04:22 Notice that she is wearing invisalign on her teeth.Thats why her face shape changed.Its because her teeth/jaw is being corrected.
On her twitter or another page long ago ,i dont remember. Of Course, she does what she wants to look prettier.
her voice sounds light on this video O.o 
i miss this michelle
+andiesilly12 i understand where your coming from thst but i mean as a person really but in her looks shes diffrent and she has evolved more but you know as a person really she never changed. :)
She have change so much...! her face is totally different now!
her skin is flawless
Your tutorials are my favorite. Never stop doing what you love Michelle
Love this tutorial, I'm going to use this look for when I go out on Christmas but I'm going to use red lipstick instead of pink for the holiday spirit
I listen to talorswift
what happen to your voice?!?
i'll try it thank you so much i have a wedding next week simple and gorgeous love it 
probably one of het last good videos.....she's all shitty now
omg you're so beautiful!! and I love the way you do your makeup :*
Can you please make a video of how to do your make up on a date
 We can see in 4:00 your brace mddr, otherwise great video ;) ( thank's reverso ) 
omg i love ur make up ^^
I got a hello  kitty brush holder  too !
where did you get that Hello Kitty brush holder?
They had some at sephora a while back 
I have to ask how did you do you're nails? I have the Pretty Women USA Pearls but I didn't see them on the website? Can you direct me?
LOVE your lipstick color!!!! GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
How do you take fake eyelashes off?
The back of some packets recommend you use a warm damp cloth and press it against your eye to loosen the glue then gently peel them off :)
Thank you soon much! I have a wedding I have to attend in a few months and this tutorial helps a lot since I barely bother with makeup.
One of my fave vids luv you Mish!
Omg the nail art!! Can you do a tutorial on it ? :)
This video is one of my favorites of yours! I always come back to this! I love and have tried the simple elegant look- so feel good! :D
-_________________________________________- LOOL your such a bum x'''D ;___; 
WONDER MAKEUP support also drugstore good products :)
I love this! Very, very helpful. Thank you! 
What's the brand of that purple-black brushes? where can it be purchased?
you put the wrong lid on the first color tattoo you used hahah
In my opinion this is one of her best tutorial
I still dig this make up for every formal events that i am coming to :)) so easy amd fool-proof
i use like a peachy eye shadow as blush hah
Michelle please!!!!!!!! make a home-made serum
this is my favorite looks she has ever done... 
where did u get the purple brush..they are so cute..:)
You are super cute- but something about the way you talk in this tutorial seems unauthentic and just falls flat to me.
Love this video! You guys should check out my beauty videos! I post new ones every two days xxxx
The makeup tutorial is so beautiful I hope I can do a makeup tutorial like that
Can you make up like Elsa and Anna in Frozen??? Love ya♥♥♥
Youre so much prettier today:)
I bought all of these color tattoos just for this look and I get so many compliments!! So happy I splurged on them.
I like the lipstick
what brand of eyeliner is that?
Your skin looks so soft! :D 
I watched this video multiple times, recreated this look multiple times since the day it was uploaded. This is my favourite look ever.
I'm using this for my freshman formal this upcoming weekend and hopefully my crush asks me to dance :)
omg i got that palette as a free gift
She really looks different now.
You are perfect Michelle Phan!
she's changed so much !! love you mish x
Hey! What video includes that ciate nail polish in 4:29 ??? Pls reply I really want to know!!!!!
Te apoyo para que inicies tu negocio con $199 o $399 tu eliges. ! Solo este mes. Gana dinero luciendo hermosa!.
Omg I love this look!
I just watched this in HD on my laptop and WOW such amazing detail. I have been admiring your eye make up looks lately and this tutorial is just perfect for showing how to recreate it. I think you use the principles of this tutorial very often - shimmery inner eye, contoured outer v, softened winged liner, and demi lashes. And it really suits you very well. The eye and eyebrow part of this tutorial is IDEAL as an everyday make up look. Thank you very much for sharing
very nice, i like i!!
She must look good wherever she's at.
I want that brush older
I can't believe that your 2012 videos or my favorite videos will be 2 years
Oh my god, I love that brush holder. 
I tried this look :) and I looked fantastic!! <3 Im loving it 
One of my favourite tutorials ever!
Im going to wear this look for my dads wedding!!! so excited!!! Thank you Mish!!! Luv ya ;)
I need that brush holder! Omg
You look like your brother with makeup here! lmao
Where did you buy the dream bouncy blush i am looking for it since i have a event coming up and i want a natural blush for it and i think dream bouncy is the right blush for me (note: i'm using my daughter's account so don't mind the picture)
one brand tutorial. maybellineee
i listen to keri jobe because shes amazing ^_^
thankyou so much I always try to find a good smokey eye but could never do it, but when I did yours it turned out really cute! 💗
Do you like hello kitty because I love hello kitty!
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Aw! Baby Mish! She's so cute. Its hard to believe that she's changed so much. I'm so glad I could watch her here on her channel as she became the beautiful young lady she is today! <3
Does anyone know what kind of brushes she has in this video?
Zoraida Crespo Shared on Google+ · 10 months ago
Formal Event Makeup                                                                                              Formal Event Makeup
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