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This video led me to Cr1tikal and that is why I will forever have Ray in my heart. Which is oddly close to my nipples, hmmm mysterious
I ashamed to say that this made me discover Cr1TiKaL.
Thank god for this video. Without it I would've never foudn Cr1tiKal
It is thanks to this video that I discovered Cr1tikal.
Did Cr1tikal even give him permission to use this footage? Or can he just use it without permission?
+Savior20061 That's exactly what he says in the video I first posted...
Ray is like many is why  i know Crit1kal.
QWOP has been updated and FINALLY gave us a back story. So the runner is in (I think) Russia and he was going to set a track record but the track was frozen over. That's it.
I remember when this guy was big
My smurf name is stalker smurf because I stalk smurffette ever you day
This is the greatest video of All time
If I were a Smurf, my name would be Ray William Johnson. Because seriously, dude, you look like a Smurf.
My would be coke smerf .
QWOP guide --> Q and P at the same time -> then W and O --> repeat this as long as u want ... rythm is important
If i was a Smurf I would be called IDon'tGiveAFucky
No Canadian do not act like that when there's a house I'm Canadian
All Canadians are not like that l.t Dan
F u guys for laghing at my family
And we don't say aboot
No, not when you're talking aboat a boot. Oops, I mean ABOUT a boot.
Chronicmasturbater smurf
my surf name would probably be fucky
Guys SHUT UP about critikal it is SO DAMN OBVIOUS quit spamming the comment section like "Hey THAT IS PENGUINZ0 THATS CRITIKAL LIKE HEY THATS HIM SO AWESOME FTW" like everyone already knows
Welsh people don't run like that they run like deer
I would be Rapey Smurf.
Cri1tikal's dry humor is golden
The QWOP video is by Kritikall/penginz0
one of my favorite episodes 
my smurf name would be horny
Anyone notice the watchmen background?
im canadain we are a proud country
Fuck you I live in Canada
u racist probably an american smoke ten tons of pot
never mind i got 12
Talking about Duck Tales wohohohoho :DD
Quran, uhm. Canadians don't do that. :/
Lol I beaten that game three times
What an achievement! Have you done anything ACTUALLY productive? No? Well then, I suppose you can atleast have a diploma for going 300 meters with a noodle-legged bastard... Should get you a job in nothing...
+Pyro Platinum 3 Months later. That's rude dude.
I'd be named BlueballsMcfurrydream
My smurf name would be: Asshole
Qwop is the same thing as daddy long legs
I got 26 meters my holding q for 1 second the holding w for 1 second and repeat... It's slow but it works
That's what I but I repeatedly pressed q, w, o,  and p really fast at the same time and he was moving! 
I made it through a couple years ago a few times. I think it was a fast qowp pattern. More of a scooting than running 
I only watch these videos because of the viral videos in them, not because of raywilliamjohnson
4:00 Edward Kenway wouldn't appreciate that comment.
first you press w, then you hold down w and p, then you repeatedly press q
on facebook or twit er
My smurf name is poop key
Yay!!!! Penguinz0 !!!!!!!!!!
For just this video, he has earnt 28427 dollars.(omg so jealous!)
all u have to do is figure out how a person would run using their legs and claves in real life and push those buttons in order to make him run. Its not that hard its just WO followed by QP over and over again  
So my smurf name would be bich
That would be my smurf name
mother nature is sometimes an ass? noooooo, shes a sadistic bitch... if you fuk her over then ur let to live, for a short period... she keeps coming and coming till she gets you
My name would be Smurfy Get Off My Turfy .3.
He said scratching my ass right when I scratched my ass
cr1tikal, such a legend :D
I love Equals Three...I'm sad that RWJ retired it, it used to be all I ever watched on YouTube.
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