Britney Spears - If U Seek Amy

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Music video by Britney Spears performing If U Seek Amy. YouTube view counts pre-VEVO: 3,484,421 (C) 2009 Zomba Recording LLC

How the f does she dance in those platform heels? Forever queen of the world.
As fares i know not only her but theres plenty of more who acctuall dance in heels. At least into the korean music industry. The girls even perform with heels on the scenes. Some is hella high as hell and they continue doing it tbh. It amazes perhaps how they can even do it but in fact. Its really hard to try do it. I tried dance with heels. I can run with heels though haha.
Beyonce dance in high heels.
Britney is a genius. How to troll the public and get more views without resorting to Nicki Minajing or Miley Cyrusing. 
Miley is pure trash.
This is actually clever song writing to be honest and the whole meaning behind the song/video is actually quite dark. She seems like a typical innocent housewife who bakes cakes/pies etc and is married to a loser husband who has no idea of her alter ego Amy who is a complete whore and she is saying everyone is wanting to FUCK HER but you have to seek Amy first :)
you are the only one that's a whore. you ANTIfeministic asshole.
+H_H As a feminist, I have to say, his analysis is very good and nobody said that being a whore is bad. So there's no place for slut-shaming here. What are we going to do next? Take down Britney because she empowers her sexuality? This is ridiculous.
So, it's been 5 years and I just realized what "If U Seek Amy" actually means ._. haha it's funny, and creepy...
+Yasmine Parish Haha it's ok, at least you're a respectful person :)
Actually the lyrics are pretty dark, if you disregard the whole "FUCK" thing. Amy is an alias for Britney herself, and the person she plays (what she's singing in the verses) is a crazy fan, believing he/she is friends with Britney, that Britney likes them, wants to spend time with them - hanging around where they KNOW she'll be, even though they never actually had an understanding about meeting up, etc. "Everyone wants to fuck me" Fuck me = take advantage of me = use me = take away everything I have left of myself. Many of her songs (including Lucky, My Prerogative, Stronger) are about how much she has struggled throughout her whole career with everything, from the fame, the paparazzi's, the heart ache, the feeling of never deciding anything for herself, without having to defend it. Another song, "Piece of me" is very explicitly about how annoyed she is with how the media/magazine's portray her and meddle with her life and her privacy. So try saying this song (or many others) isn't depressing, lol.
There is an idiot who calls himself Zac Spear who appears posting on several you tube threads who is just lie the fan you describe. He actually believes he is Britney's personal friend. He is in a long argument on the vid for 3, claiming it is not about a threesome, and goes on to say when he met Britney she explained this to him personally. People equate him to Stan in the Eminem song, the Slim Shady fan, convinced he is the personal friend of a person who does not exist, the character that the artist plays in the vids. Britney's life, like that of Michael Jackson growing up, is complex in a way a normal person cannot understand. Yes, they may have had a blessed existence in their younger years, but their adulthood led them into a dark place. In this vid we see the dark place where Britney lives, like a Hell dimension, and how she pits on this persona to go outside to present a normal appearance to the world. The dark sound of the vid fits the inside of the house but it becomes terrifying and discordant when she steps outside in her apple pie mom disguise with the paps screaming at her. Reference GaGa vid for Papparazzi. Yes, Amy is the persona that Britney puts on to go out and perform in vids and on stage. She once said, in her younger more innocent days, that she loves what she does, she just wished she could so it without the fame that goes with it. Yes she has a song writer who writes these for her, but she tells them what she wants to say, much how Elton John gets his lyricist Bernie Taupin to write the lyrics that allows him to sing what he wants to get across to accompany the music he writes on his piano. Britney writes a lot of her own music on her piano, Everytime being an obvious example. When you hear this kind of song, know that she wrote down what she wanted to say, what she wanted to express, the idea for the structure of the song that she would be performing, even how she would move and dance, and simply got her lyricist to structure it into a three minute pop song. Three is about Britney likes to fuck. This song is about how everyone, all the boys and all the girls, everyone in the world, wants to fuck her, have sex with her. Or rather how they want to fuck Amy, the character Britney plays in the vids.
Thanks for your analysis, this is what I was looking for when I decided to read the comments, so I could know what people thought about the video cuz I had no clue.
Who's seeking me.
the implicit message is that you can say all the shit you want about her but it's not like it matters since she's so well loved anyways. The verses that are talking about amy are just there to add to the explicit message, which is "seeking amy"
wow britney is so clever!!! classy sassy and awesome.. i miss britney
I`m sorry to interupt but Britney doesn`t write the song. She is dancing on it and making the spot. -,-
I think the meaning of this music video is genius! It's a criticism about the hypocrisy of American society pretending to be a person in society to please others, but deep inside they hide their true personalities. The remaking of the real-life reporter who questioned the meaning of this song at the beginning and end of the video are also sensational because plays with irony. At the end when she says "Doesn't make any sense, does it?" is referring to these hypocritical Americans who judge everything as they judged this song before the music video, but their lives are much worse than they appear to be.
How many retards are still trying to figure what what if you seek amy means ?
+nicole p If you seek amy F -eff U -u C -eek K -k me tHIS IS THE meaning behind the song
Wow this is kinda scary and mysterious, cuz we don't know who Amy is.
Amy is no one there is no amy Amy stands for something
+Sabrina Pop a my Srge4bs5yhsrartxcghsrhsrhyryjstgnrynszryhsztyatyjstyjdthsryndtynstyms5ymdtumsytsthnytmtymstynryjsrymsthmtyjaryjryy§
lmao just realized what it means ROTFL
She wants a dick,  SOMEBODY WHOS  FUCK HER
+Sasha if that is what Sasha thinks than let her think that,no need to make a big deal of it
rsrsrs meninas que são todas certinhas perto de conhecidos, mas quando estamos no nosso proprio mundo fazemos oq queremos gostei kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk kkkkkkkkkkkkk
It took me 5 years to get the message. Annnnnnnd there goes my childhood.
so this is what she meant huh? for me i see it like she is trying to be a proper mom and husband but those people can not see that all the boys and girls are begging to f**k her and obsessions of admirers.. so its kinda hard to be a proper woman when everyone thinks you are a whore and trying to get it.. well i hope she turned out alright coz am one of the guys who always said Hey give her a break..
a whore? maybe you should learn the meaning of the words you use....apart from that. this is ANTIFeministic shit. her whole career it was only about sex sells. no talent whatsoever.
ı know what the word means and thats what I mean't.. and do you think I give a FUCK about your feminist SHIT.. you said it yourself that her career was only sex sells so does it surprise you when i say some people saw her as a whore? you are the one who need to learn 
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Brit love all your songs wish i could see you:)
Any1 notice the guys wearing heels @2:38
Also wow this song is kinda depressing its like saying "well hey everyone hates me but thank god I'm pretty cause it means everyone has no problem fucking me - sex is all I have left" :( Its so sad when someone gets to the point where someone believes their self worth hinges on something like that :(
it's not depressing since that porn britney made her entire career based on sex sells......
There's more meaning than the "if you seek amy" meaning " F-U-C-K ME"  In the verses Amy is Britney and she sings as the persona, which is a crazy, obsessed fan who believes that she knows Britney and is trying to meet up with her. "I've seen her once or twice but boy she knows my face, but it's hard to see with all the people standing in the way." Thats the fan being in a crowd with other fans trying to see Britney.
lol she couldn't find anything to rhyme with "can someone take me home" so she just goes  "haha heehee haha ho" xD lmfao
I love the fact that the prudish BBC were happy to play this song, and THEN realised what the lyrics meant - OOOOPS!
Love me, hate me, Say what you wan't about me, But all of the boys and all of the girls are begging me to seek Amy (fuck me)
People may hate this song, but the lyrics were clever as fuck lol. No pun intended.
....and I just relished what if u seek Amy stands for.
She sings "Love me, hate me, say what you want about me, but all of the boys and all of the girls are begging to F U C K me" basically saying i must not be that bad.
2:40  The guy looking in the door has a boner XD
At the end, every camera has it's lens cap on the lens xD Fail :)
If U Seek Amy can i If U Seek Ayu
I believe that "Amy" simply refers to a drug known as ecstasy. Similarly, like Miley Cirus refers to "Molly", ect. Then she laughs about it .. hahahehehahaho! Just a thought... Katie
Its her alter ego. Miley Cyrus didnt invent Molly. Everybody has been using it for MDMA for years.
LOL everyone does drugs one way or another.. I didn't say Miley made it? I said she refers to it, as well, which exemplifies the use within the culture.
Am I the only one who has an excessive addiction to Brittany Spears' old music?
Nope, I am with you steph!  I work out to her Live in Las Vegas DVD =)
If I wouldn't have read these comments I wouldn't know what if you seek Amy meant but now I know it's ( f-u-c-k me )
Anyone notice the little girl at the end wearing an outfit just like the one she wore in her first video? She is so awesome.
Disgusting video... Disgusting Song! :v i don't Know if This is a joke.. And Who is Amy?. It's Amy Lee.? Naaah! Amy It's So Much Better than Britney! She always Wanna attention.. Amy's Not!.. Amy is Not sell her body as many artist of Pop Music! Amy Is Amy! Britney... Just One More Of The Group!. Que Aprenda A Respetar La Ninfómana Esa!
goodbye my.... :/ LOVE'Z goodbye RAMZE'S EGIPTIAN styles.... ;(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((
Anyone else think communist plot? XD
Ive been listening to this song for 5 years now amd only now realozed what it meant but she is absolutely flawless
Meaning. Love me hate me say what you want about me but all of the boys and all of the girls or wait to fuck me
I used to dance wi the song I was 6 when this came out and when I listen it today OMG if you listen it saids fuck me like omg When i was little i thought it fun for me XD I don't know but still a good song but very dark.... 
Well, Britney, i have bad news about Amy...
J'adore cette chanson mais à la fin ont dirait trop que Britney s'est transformée en Alizée.
🎶 Lalala lalalalalalala lalalala 🎶
I think Gone Girl Amy originated from this clip
Lol I love this. Makes plenty of since, I guess. Go Brittney!!!!
It's actually f,u,c,k m,e it makes sense more with all of the boys and all of the girls are begging to fuck me
2015 ... and i just learned what this means oh god ... 
i remember i used to think this was a song about someone called amy, and when i was in grade 6, and one of my friends told me what it actually means and i didn't get it ahahaha
All of the boys and all of the girls are beggin' to F.U.C.K. me!
Why did I get this song just now?! Omfg! "F-U-C-K ME!" facepalm
I think we all had a "I'm finally growing up" moment when we figured out what this meant.
i dont understand the video or the song  but the song is awesome
This video is awesome I really like it but I think the video is not very appropriate for younger kids.😄😍
alguien me puede dar el nombre del bailarín calvo con gafas ........ someone can give me the name of bald dancer with glasses  
La camiseta de britney del lado izquierdo esta rota
How does the title spell out If You Fuck Me?
Omg I so wanna punch that tv presentator with her bitchy face in the beginning...
I know who Molly is but I don't know who Amy is
No Amy is the person who said if the song is a hit or not I kno this because I kno Amy
Love me  Hate me Say what you want about me!
If you seek Amy = F-U-C-K ME mind blown
thi  s is so embarrassing though I remember singing this out loud when I was 10 and I didn't know what it mean and people gave me the dirtiest looks
that's what happens when children aren't exposed to proper music.
m encanta este video y mas como se ve que n la escena de las escaleras aparece y desaperece el cuadro
my sis  name is Amy
Don't be jealous of Spears.
you dont want that plexi glass black hole middle of no where but still breathing,,,,,,,
Why does everyone hate Britney Spears i hardly know her?
+Go ten and jt obsessive ass is still singing songs about her but damn she made his career and fame
+mskendrick lamari with sex sells and no talent.
This has to be one of Britneys most under rated tracks.
nothing is underrated. she can't even sing. never sang live in concert. people are so stupid.
+H_H right, even as Brit fan I can confirm this.
The video ends with journalistic narrator inquiring "It doesn't make any sense, does it?"  This is at least ironic, or in itself contextually makes no sense, perhaps:  All videos inspected for coherence prior yielded some incoherent contents, however this video presents no incoherences.  The established trend was for something to be amiss or wrong, and I as inspector came to expect such.  I found none in this video.  Ironically, the narrator states "nothing makes sense".  This to findings makes no sense.  
comments obviously in reference to video montage, not lyrics.
wtf does this song mean?
Anna Wintour and these girls involved in  september11 2001 planning are  in the "Freedom Tower" which was called the "Twin Towers" to say that anna wintour was investigating September 11 2001 terror threats and one more thing Anna Wintour did not tell on Prince William Mountbatten and the British and the Church. I did. What Anna Wintour you believed too much in British Soap Operas so does that make anna wintour "terror" too for not telling on the British Bet she'd now say that "she's heard this story before" 
All her songs have the same pattern, not saying the songs are bad or lame they're great! I'm just curious..
Did anyone else notice how the little girl at the end was dressed?
OMG HOLY SHIT LOL never noticed that before lol
Exelente xomo siempre👍
She looks great here...I LOVE her she's MINE...and knows it!!!
All A is B X is 10 so Allah is a X. Around and around the world we go, a different country the same X. Change X may change the name but it's still Amy you seek. If you seek Amy expect to to get fucked. For what is in (N) a name? IN AME? Amy and Me. Me the enemy! Who is eM? Call be Bond The Double O.
One munitions bird nea speaker location .
Just came to dislike..don't like the message
I remember this song in late 2008 not 2009
  Britney spears and prince William was planning September 11 2001 in june/ july 2001 I overheard. intellectually. Madonna, Hillary Clinton, mr bush, caroline schlo0ssberg,  lauryn hill, jfk jr, the British was there I heard Britney spears in Madonna's voice said "I Guess We Can Do That" to the September 11 2001 Inquest of terror threat 
Britney spears and prince William was planning September 11 2001 in june/ july 2001 I overheard. intellectually. Madonna, Hillary Clinton, mr bush, caroline schlo0ssberg,  lauryn hill, jfk jr, the British was there
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