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Debo's Marine Helion Opening against Protoss - Starcraft 2

by remembertomorrow0 • 39,835 views

Debo's live stream: Debo really likes his new opening vs. fast expanding protoss players

@Peterson3938 Nah you just dumb
This build can easily be stopped by Sentry = Forcefield :/ 
He looks exactly as I imagined.
@CharlieFamFam Maybe I didn't emphasize the phrase correctly. YA KNOW? Yaknow what i mean? Ya mean? like, omg like, omg like.
I don't need to build marines bitch!!! i just go straight for tech, and i love it!!! i love it. ~ Debo <3
tried to post the stream and channel...wasn't able to. Wtf youtube?
That pronunciation of Hellion... Something isn't right.
I have to admit that I have been shitting on toss with this build as this man said I would. Thank you kind sir.
debo is jsut like i imagined him :D basass like a bouse <3
@Fortune2point0 "He" says..... Use common sense though. any protoss who hasn't expanded could easily defend that push, and when you see scvs pulled for the attack you know its a desperate all in. any protoss on 1 base could counter it easily. and "punish" the terran player
@Alexplus20 Just as i said. You feel better now? I hope so. Now leave. This is not for you. You can't handle it.... unless you can master it.... as i do.
This guy needs to stream SC2 again. We miss you debo!
like 7 roach rush it fails to sentries and ppl just havent figuered it out yet...
BEST PVT ALL IN: /watch?v=06SDJe9X8O4
Wow, this is really, really cool! Debo is a fuckin BOSS
dude ur awesome and i never say that lol
This is still around because they never fixed this game.
Favorite White SC2 Player: Destiny Favorite Black SC2 Player: Debo Favorite Retard SC2 Player: Kyle
7:50. Look at all the minerals we have, we don't even need to make marines! Uh... barrack is not finished?
@mattbednarowicz08 He's using the extra gas for tech, he even says that. I think someone needs to learn to listen, your g/f is sad :[
@chillmonster gj making the logical connection of what i said to something irrelevant. Do I have to ask you to read the original post again?
ffs. he thinks pulling probes is bullshit. lol. might die laughing if you hear about this terran unit called mule.
a group of marines with a WHOLE bunch of stds
@kamikrazi123 Well the definition of inarticulate is to be unable to express oneself clearly and it seems that most of the viewers understood him properly even though he pronounces some words differently. Lots of people talk like he does. For your statement to make sense and be consistent, you'd have to say that all of those people are also Inarticulate, which wouldn't be very accurate nor nice of you to say. Just my opinion though. Not tryna be a douche.
@mattbednarowicz08 he is not playing bronze league -,- cause the name of his account on this vid is sPsDebo. don't be stupid please ?
there should be a drinking game based on this.. a shot every time he says hell-ee-on
Doesn't it lose to 1 base colo?
hes kinda really bad.... he coulda pulled off gas 500 gas ago... and had enough to do double reactor...scrub
Debo is exactly the player needed for Terran lol. He uses crazy unique builds that work and have teribly good logic behind them.
@CharlieFamFam as in he don't know no way to express himself, yo know what i mean??Ya know??? (see what i did there?)
Oh my FUUU--- Marine helli-on? helli-on? Pronounce it better please. I know you have you're way, But it frustrated me.... so bad!
@noenting but quick tech burrow move roaches dominate it, and it doesn't take that much to get it...
HAhaha omg this guy is unreal
LOL @ SC2 video comments being about taking Xanax. You depressed fuckers!! :P :P
his nerd impersonation sounds a lot like joe rogan
I like how Debo manages to combine African-American vernacular english with Starcraft 2 strategy commentaries to produce highly entertaining, yet incredibly interesting content. I would subscribe to his channel!
It kills me that an inarticulate person with macro skills of a brick constitutes a top tier masters masters player... fucking blizzard.
you act like going fast factory implies he has to all-in. you can make some hellions for map control and just expand, then get a fast starport (which he mentions). I do tons of reactor hellion expand builds against protoss and there are tons of viable transitions. MVP recently did a build with a fast factory and all he did was make 3 hellions for scouting and killing a few probes after he expanded.
Big funny black man playing against a guy named 'purpledrank'. Ironic.
debo needs to get on stevens stream more often BANSHEES MOTHA FUCKA
you dont wanna meet this guy in dark valley
@kamikrazi123 How is he Inarticulate? You couldn't understand the man?
Love you debo! I just used that marine helion vs 4 protoss in a row on ladder (diamond) and killed them 4:) thx
@kamikrazi123 He's articulate, though he doesn't sound like you. Also, since you're obviously so smart, I'll assume you're ranked higher on ladder.
Hmm I wonder if it is possible to incorporate some cloack banshees during the push because when you dont kill the enemy then he can have like shitload of stalkers and punish your build. Something similar to Nathanias 4 port banshee - but in this case it would be 3 port banshe with cloack out of 3 gas since you dont use any gas for building helions and marines :)) Im gonna try to do something like: 10gas, rax, factory - 1st push cut helion production and transition into CC 3port banshee.
Debo is funny. That is why we love him. Nothing more. Nothing less.
@Yoshi17th against terran* And ok maybe on a map with such a closed off nat like this, but it's not a tourny map so it's not really relevant.
@MemeOverUser And i bet you would fuck your own mother before saying that to his face, pussy.
seems to be mr ryan that you be talking shit on debos vid
yo debo i wanna get u a better computer so bad
how he same hellion make me laugh
I have tried this build on the ladder and it works AMAZINGLY well. I beat top 50 gm toss with it. something that i like to do with thisbuild is to tech to cloak banshees while you are doing this, and it works really great
i like of he pronounces hellion.
@Kuti210 what's the matter child? Dislike a differing opinion from yours? Your immaturity is palpable.
@dxidaniel well ya but he can go 1 gate expo and continue into 3 gate stargate and if he does sentryes he can shut you down till he gets a void -.-
@SnidermanSkillz holy shit do i give a fuck? thought sarcasm was obvious but i guess not.
and if they 4 gate with good ff to not repair lolu dead but good build ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡
what kills da probes really good? hell-ee-ons
I liked that Marine Hellion vs Toss.
i don't get it why just do marine marauder just with scvs? Rofl.
@Alexplus20 Well... i guess you are just one of the tousands of insecured teenagers i talk to every day... it dosent help the fact that knowing the humanity today is so stupid, that deceiving me defiles my will to overcome their statements and willpower. See?
@Alexplus20 No... isecure and stupid for having to tell other people that you find a video game boring... Thats my poit. I just wish that you could sense it bether than i do.
its ironic that the protoss' name is "purpledrank".... =P
Most of the people who fins builds are the Grand Masters but u can still try
you play standard from Bronze-Master when ur GM u try new builds
@CycloniteKiller holy shit on his dick much? tryhard see tryhard do
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