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boondox monster lyrics

by 420meek • 222,116 views

monster boondox

To my knowledge, this is not the original song.
It is meg and dia made a remix
The song is called prophet, it tells of some of whats to come same with the song abaddon, i mean no disrespect to anyone but this album was ment to tell u all the story of its becoming and how people feel bout it. Monster was made to show how hes feeling to everything the wicked rulers are doing and saying. I believe boondox and all other psychpathic artist are trubulation saints the one who rise up against the antichrist but hes telling you visons. Its not about commiting suicide but how the indiviuals make him wanna kill himself for wat there doing
I agree with you almost completely. Have you heard "we all fall" or Ozzy Osborne's "killer of giants" I love them both:-)
dontlookatme ur a idiot meg and dia did dubstep remix of this it even said remix this is the OG song
Charles thomasquate Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
The only part that is from the other Monster song by Meg and Dia is the "Monster how should I feel" part. The rest is Boondox. But, I love both songs. And, Boondox is great! (:
This was made before megs and dias monster song
Boondox is da shit. Whoop whoop know where he coming from
abbie haws do you even know what whoop whoop it meant to be used for cuz u only 11 are u even a juggalo 
i love this song my dad listens to tech n9ne everyday i love the songs any of them would work for me.
Who sings the female part
Meg and dias was a remix
The remix is by meg and dia boondox made this before just used one line by them
lyrics are............ CLOSE, good job though, great audio too, thanks
awesome song love the lyrics clown love to the lettes everywhere whoop whoop
I can related to this song.I have struggle with mental illnesses since i was 15. I am depressed,paranoid and have a bad anger problem. I also suffered from Borderline Personality Disorder which mean i have trouble dealing with my emotions and relationships up and down. I've been in and out of mental hospitals and therapists and psychiatrists office ever since i was 16. Now everyday i am trying to live with the illnesses the best way i can. :( It's not easy.I get attached to people very easily,and when they rejected me,i get very heartbroken and suicidal. :(
best Boondox song ive ever heard
This song is perfection, Fav. boondox song J4L
The monsters are real, and have a lot coming to them, I just can't wait to present them with their duly earned gift.
Dorion Malice Grey Shared on Google+ · 3 weeks ago
Also the albums them is abaddon do u even kno who that is? Go watch the 2014 seminar boondoxs states in his next album which is abaddon will have songs about NWO, end of days and the illuminati. Do ur research
Cuz it matters cuz they have messages
Whos the girl that sings the chorus?
Dia Frampton. Look up Meg & Dia - Monster. Part of the chorus from their song is used here.
We all got a monster in us 0-o
I love this song even though I'm only 11whoop whoop
this song has been stuck in my head all day! love it :) whoop whoop ninjas and ninjettes <3 mcl
You guys know that chill feeling you get when your really into the song. That feeling happened fore with this one. Haven't felt it in a while. ^m^h
SLICK WICKED Shared on Google+ · 9 months ago
real sht stay up every1
Im in love with this song!<3
Lol, well marry the song.
This is a better version than what was released on abaddon. At least i think it is.
I agree, but abaddon is still fresh 
♥I love this song ♥
Remember when Boondox was brutal?
He killed this.shit. whoop whoop boondox never disappointments every album is good definitely the darkest artist on the hatchet I'm tired of fighting enties I'm running out of energy. Mmwcl fam
Fuck yeah this fresh
duece whoops mah ninjas <3 mmfwcl
furia rossa Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
This.. Song reminds me of... Something but only the first sentience but.. What is it.. Hmmm... But it makes me sad
Seriously people dont even listen to the message only go by wat the words say. Hes speaking about the Goverment/martial law how there watching and listing to everything we say and do. Come on pay attention it has nothing to do with suicide
Also the albums them is abaddon do u even kno who that is? Go watch the 2014 seminar boondoxs states in his next album which is abaddon will have songs about NWO, end of days and the illuminati. Do ur research
Btw juggalos supposed to accept people regardless, how the hell u gonna tell me what i said makes no sence when u dont, you really think ur not being watched, that the goverment isent doing horrible things oh and btw the "wicked shit" is thrown around the true message hence why alot assumed icp was wicked and satanic when psychathic records follows God. Listin to thy unveiling by icp
Very different but very cool!
Off tha chain i love it whoop whoop
This is wat my husband feel i know wat ur going thur baby just remember i am down for you i will ride for you kill for you i love you babe R.E.S & A.C.W <3 8.31.13
I am good sis ♡♥♡
ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i fucking missed you gues so fucking much tell momma i love and miss her tell tor i said keep her ass in school and stay up and dont let no nigga get her down like that agin or i will beat her ass when i get back 
I love u boondox it was so cute
i just wanna know did you guys understand what he saying without lycris
Also the one doing the chorus is the lead singer of flyleaf. Idk how anyone dosent see that
it's actually not. Sounds like her, but it's Dia Frampton. Look up Meg & Dia - Monster. She's using the first part of the first chorus from that song in this track.
Ashley C. Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Love this song lesson to what's he's sayin I can relate...chaa yyeeeaa :)
this song is epic whoop whoop there's a,minecraft reference in this song lol
when he says "with all these monsters staring at me in my bed" @ 1:19
that doesnt mean its a minecraft reference. he can simply be meaning that people look at him and get to him when hes at his most vulnerable 
holy shit how have i not heard this song yet
honestly I love this song ♥
I seen your last name and though holy shit shit are we related for a minute then noticed your last name didn't have an "h" in it lol my last name is spelled Rhinehart
Kirstyn k Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
forgive me for asking but is this from when boondox was turncoat dirty with SHI ????
Never heard this song? What album is this off of?
@Waren King childhood are good and bad. when its our turn to grow up and be a man or a woman its time to take care of ourselves and others. sorry to hear but just put this on repeat all day all night :) youll be fine
it wont be on an album it was made independant without a record
I love this song by icp i went to a concert by boondox with my aunt amenda and boondox and cousion cleets sighn my arm and i got it tattoed.:)) ..3
If this is where people go to seek help they're fucked in the head or really pathetic. We can type encouraging words on our keyboard but you know it won't make a difference in the long run. Go to a psychiatrist for help, not Youtube
@BurntWingedAngel91 whoop whoop sorry to hear fam. stay up your unk n a better place .. RIP BurntWingedAngel91 UNCLE. mcl
whoop whoop ilove this fucking song mmfwcl
This song is so true! Alot of shit has happened to me in the last 3 weeks and boondox makes it all better!
dude this shits the bomb id pay big money too see them live
@Bryce Hayes you been searching for the wrong songs lol
Damn boondox blew me away with that first verse
i can relate all too well... i contemplate that shit on the daily... music like this does really help
this is dope, but i think you got a few lyrics wrong
For the past week I have tried to kill myself at least 6 times. I ate 36 klonopin and slit my wrist. and over 4 times shot a whole bundle of heroin at once praying not to wake up. I keep on waking up. I don't get it. so many of my friends died from less. why am I still here? someone please come shoot me.
gotta love boondox. this is what family is. a big whoopwhoop to all the fam out there that feels the way i feel when i hear this. remember that we are family. stay strong. and keep the hatchets high. our loved ones are in a better place.
@cwcurtn it hasnt been dropd yet and no title but hopefully soon. he just made 2 New songs this year
one of the best songs i have heard from them yet...... keep up the good work dox..... MMFWCL!!!!
Wow I didn't think there existed a song to explain how I've been feeling but like always I was wrong.
Exactly my point. We don't have perfect lives, but guess what? NO ONE does and the majority of us make the most of what we have. Others are off worse than we are and they make it each day.
Not trying to argue for the sake of arguing, but some of these whine bags don't even realize how bad things could actually be, and if it does indeed look bad then get help and not look for a sympathy party over YouTube.
fuck this song hit me hard im going thru alot of shit right now being chased after guned down and anything to name is happening with my life im just trying to stay alive and keep my girl happy healthy and living, kinda the point here but anyways i have the ENTIRE fucking work on my mind and my shoulders but heraring this song took some of that away it just speaks to me you know....
Aight- to the realearthmunkeymuthafuckaidunnowhothefuckyouare- But I'm going to put this in my own personal opinion- take it or leave it. Okay? Look if people can't afford a psychiatrist, and go to like a computer maybe at library to seek help- then let them seek help that way. there are alternatives to suicide- like seeking help if there is no one that will help them outside of the internet. I had some suicide attempts, and I'm glad I'm alive. Got a baby girl on the way.
This song is for entertainment purposes. I came here to be entertained. Now to see people complaining about their "sad" lifes on youtube. You know theres are number you attention whoring fucks can call right?
This song has helped me through alot...
C'mon dude, yea there are alot of people that say they have and that it didn't work. weather they're lying or not, if they say it about suiside then i think they have it bad enough. ive never done anything like that before becouse of the few juggalo fam i have. your giving people more reason to commit suiside man. be supportive, alot of people dont have what i got or what you got... we dont have perfect lives, but hell, you got internet! thats allready pritty good!
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