Saudi Kid Imitates A Siren

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Chances of him getting abducted or molested: 0%. Strap him on your roof, good to go! Site: http://adf.ly/3483248/viralvids | Twitter: @viralvidsca Buy a Saudi Siren Kid t-shirt! -...

Next time, imitate the sound of suicide bomb
Oh, because he's muslim? That's a great joke, buddy.
+KingKong9412 Go suicidebomb yourself please fag.
Lol what the fuck is he looking at?
comments are so funny xD!!!
Lmao the irony of this.......
pedophile's worst nightmare.
A magnificent species, as it is able to imitate it's surrounding environment
One day this is going to save his life.
Because only black people know the sound of sirens so well.
Amazing that this Sudi kid imitates a police car from Bronx, New York, and not a Saudi Police car......
This dude is next actor in Police Academy hahaha
Has Anyone Even Noticed That The Child's Hands Are Strapped To His Thighs And Is Wearing A Lab Coat I Don't Mean To Sound So But Is This Child A Mental Patient
thats the Saudi dress white and he is wearing over it the school jacet it hold the school's logo 
IRONY over level 9000!!! 
Incredible.....pedophiles worst nightmare 
Нигеров шугает на районе.
This is a lullaby in the ghetto
Man I'd mess around with so many people if I could do that...
Amir S Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
imagine if he would make his performance ina di  ghetto..:D
comrade kitty Shared on Google+ · 5 months ago
I used to be able to do something like that. Then puberty hit. :(
Wow, I'm just erhhahhahheeah speechless
this little black kid seems foreigner, we have plenty of black saudis but they're usually mixed. this what we refer to as(6azaj) it's means fresh from africa Lol
That's a super power
i thought it was fake at first but then i saw the noise match up with the mouth movement and was very surprised.
this should be getting so many more views! Thats spots on!
This isn't the original video, that's why it doesn't have as many views. But it's still awesome.
Tiwaking Tiwaking Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
mmw818s 2 months ago  Pedophile's worst nightmare #youtube
Hold him out of the window of your car doing that.
Ржу пол часа,это что-то,а так умница молодец,я всегда любила темно-кожих...
I wonder what part of town he grew up in
LOL? LOL! LOL... LOL???? O, no LOL... LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLL What the fuck with this gay word acronym????? You fucking.......
And only native Americans can call themselves Americans, whereas white people and and black people in America are just whites and blacks, right?
its so sad how you attitude of life is so negative and low. ima tell you thid , it wont take you far in life. your negative attitude is so bad that im really glad im not you! :) and i seem to find black guys more hotter and sexier than white guys ;) becausee im actually married to one! :)
I wonder if he can imitate a European siren.
What ever that is it needs to be shot.
So many racist things to say right now....
lol i played this n dogs outside started barking lol!!!!!
That moment when you could do this as a kid, but then voice changed...
Research -has- been conducted, and there has been genetic variations in between races simply because of millennia worth of evolution in different parts of the world. African-Americans are taller, us Asians can't hold our liqour as well. Are there racial differences? Yes. Should this be reason to say we are not equal? No.
For all you racist fucks, this kid will not be in the ghetto, most Saudi Arabian families are well off and live in very decent conditions. It's not Compton, you fucking dogs.
10) When fraternizing with alien races you will be KICKED out of our society ("tribe") and will no longer have protection and support. This is the law of Nature,and was done before. THE LAWS OF THE NATURE RULE WAY OVER YOUR SILLY MORAL INDIGNATIONS. DO YOU UNDERSTAND?
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This kid would make Michael Winslow (Police Academy) proud.
сын тип из полицейской академии ахаха
what do u have aginst black people.. i dont understand
He hears it enough in Saudi Arabia
He learnt this from listening to the sirens he runs from
wtf is the camera person doing?.
Why do ppl get on YouTube and start trying to change the world in the comments? Lol
He's not imitating a siren, they recorded him and played it on top of ambulances.
As a kid I was able to do the same thing, but then the puberty came...
That was a perfect imitation. Watch more voice sound effects here: /watch?v=EALqHxcyvew
Почему он смотрит в стену?
yeah yea.. just ignore this part of humanity. nothing to see here, just random folks arguing about the most stupidest things there are, carry on.
Holy Sh*t! What's goin' on with the voice of that kid?
That's pure awesomeness. Like if your not racist.
he'll never get robbed working in a convenient store
he that guy from police academy that makes those funny noises
I'm kidding .. i love my black bruvas .. #Auzzi4lyph
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