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by cutewinfail • 239,883 views

Like us on Facebook: Check out the sister channel: A big dog scares a little dog, baby laughs at a foot, and doggy blinds kid with ear whip.

Rose v Shared on Google+ · 6 months ago
so funny had to share! He is too funny!
This guy reminds some way of Will Farrell
I get it its a foot
0:39 Haha! Little toby. Typical Toby.. :)
its awsome i like the toilet scriuer
omg this is soooo funny LOVE YOU TOBY♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
EVERYBODY play this fuqin server;
XD I like the dog (yu want some of this come get it big guy) XD I like that part
i got a listerine ad, then toby said flossing sucks! lol
"I taught him how to play dead, by killing him." I died XD
That's a fail. That's a family-doesn't-know-how-to-use-an-oven fail.
I laughed so much I started tearing up
Oh, you too? Not just a dog to be buried, I guess...
I completely passed out from laughing @ the fail example Toby did. :)
i smell astroturf in this place.
you see that big dog over there playing dead? I taught him to play dead. By killing him. :D
I LOVE YOU TOBY!!!!!!!!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
Omg, I lost it when he mimicked the dog ears to the face!
2:17 is freaking hilarious!!!! xD LOL I'm so gonna head-butt someone now if they try to kiss me, just for the satisfaction of head-butting a kiss away :D
Baby fail - foot in the face is gross. Blind kid fail wins.
Boooyah wiper snapper funniset pater
check out out our sister channel
@2349DF He got so good at being dead that he never stopped!!!
i can't stop laughing from when toby hits himself!
1.....2.....crap I forgot again!!
comments ruined the surprise :(
2:27, almost fell outta my chair :D
1 & 2 are so cute and 3 is so funny!
Am I the only one who talks to Tobys videos?
press 2 to see Jerry sticking up for himself
0:39 to 0:48 funniest .....moment......EVER
I used to be a adventure like you... the I took a ear in my eye..
Flossing sucks when you have braces...
dude that was so funny with your little squwweq
the dog ear slap just got funnier each time i heard it, maybe an infinite ear slapping video is in order??
ok the littlebuscus versus toby was stinking hilarious XD
you rock guys you made me laugh I like the dog part and I can swing my diamond sword and there should be a dubstep remix of I can swing my diamond sword Queen Smile Fox (signature quote) "Hey You Ruin My Wubs"- Vinyl to Octavia
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