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Kristen Stewart Explains July 4!

by Barely Political • 542,950 views

K Stew tells the tale of America's Independence!! Check out our second Channel! Subscribe to Awesome! Subscribe to BarelyPolitical!...

I'm a United Stateserican. :D
Wow, she almost makes it sound bad when a woman can fit a lot in her mouth. Then again it would probably take about 8 socks to sufficiently stuff Kristen Stewart's.
Watching this 2 years later lol I'm really late.
Never disappointed when K Stew explains something. Lol down right hysterical. Great minds who thinks this stuff up. Lol
It's hilarious how well she imitated Kristen Stewart
Wow, I totally learned some shit by just watching that. I need to watch more K-Stew so I can know what it means to be truly smart.
+Adriana Kanda of course, she is crazy like a fox.
This somewhat reminds me of drunk history
July 4 is very important to United States-ericans because that is when we got fireworks and pie.
omg so annoying she aint know nothing
This is a funny video
wat the.... this is so funny! XDD
How the fuck this is funny Lady you are the worst find another job
+Junyx Villasis  Do you find this shit funny come on who does. Why the f*ck she has half million views. If people like this I'm scared as sht
K stew is the dick not us British
someone please put this answer on a history test 
That wet firework was a hand! Now I get it...
That is kind of mean to me and everyone in the UK cuz we are alk the samme and I hate it when people pretend and or believe the British are so snooty I hate it I mean we talk like u we dress like u I mean look at 1D they dont akt or talk like that I mean I love family gay but it pisses me off that they think we all where tyes and sooys all the time I mean so to the plays befor u make akusations that hert peples felings im sorry if this affends u or makes u sad or even if u dont believe me but this is how I feel about it
+Shannon Lunn A lot of people say "plonker" where I live, we don't talk like them- Different accents, Different Spellings and Different pronunciations. Most of Britain aren't posh, But there are some who are posh. This is where they probably take it from. Another thing though, when they do joke about Britain, They don't actually mean it. It's a joke. But if you are going to have a rant, At Least have the decency of being able to actually spell correctly, Use proper punctuation and grammar!
Ok thanks for the advice
Did anyone else spot Jake from Vsauce?
chris dill Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
nadja61883 Shared on Google+ · 9 months ago
Really plonkers I never herd any one say that no even my grat granddad ps 1D was a example :P♥
I heard it quite recently ,they always say it in a British show from the 80s,it's called only fools and horses.:)
Really? Well my generation and my mum and nans have never said that so it hasnt been said since 2001 and before
Usually i give barley political a thumbs up but this video has earned a thumbs down for shity comments about my country! shame on you barley political!
Then stop acting like one, and we'll leave you alone. :/
I hope I will get an A plus on my test with this info
ok, I drooled just a little bit watching this. My brain successfully took a break in the middle of this nonsense.
Don't mean to be rude but..I hardly ever see Americans make any comments on Brits until a Brit makes a comment on us and sometimes Americans don't even coment back....It's like Brits are obsessed with us.....
The British were dicks 0:50 HAW!
Americans are dumb, brits are stuck up, canadians are passive, Aussies are all alligator wrestlers, and uhh... Asians drive bad. There. Equal opportunity hating.
Yo K-stew. I have pie, fireworks and BBQ's and I'm a Brit
Holy shit Edison invented the hot dog?
liked for no other reason than the scenery and costume at 0:05
I have no idea what is going on, but this is hilarious, especially the face she makes after she does that little explosion of confetti.
fuck yeah! mother fuckin hot dogs!!
"drinking Sam Adams.....the beer not the person" LOLOLOLOLOL.
That's when Thomas Edison invented the hot dog
@michael1792 no their not. i can take a joke but if you really mean it, not cool.
I love how clearly this whole thing is a joke yet some Americans and Brits are actually taking the whole "brits are dicks" comment seriously. Guys...this is a PARODY channel. The only thing they're making fun of in this video is K-Stew...and maybe Julia Roberts.
The Fourth of July is my birthday. I accept this as my birthday present. Thank you.
Tesla actually admitted to being in love with a pigeon.
Whoa whoa whoa. She was doing way too much acting in this to be believable.
the united states.. ercans hahaha
Can you not take a joke? This is a comedy channel, dur.
too much emotion when shes impersonating the four fathers
4th of july is the defamation of Independence :) ....
K snow... Wait K stew bahahahahahah
And think about it- not many female singers in America are fat (like which ones from popculture? None currently. But the ONE fucking fat female singer is Adele... from BRITAIN
ok now i am gonna fail in history.
I like her better tan the real K Stew
Ah I love history thank you for the hot dogs Edison
Don't mean to be offensive but as well as us Brits half the American you tubers do that too so were equal :)
Well, she tryed her best to explain
That would be the joke. Like I said. Tesla accused himself.... NVM.
is if it wasn't enough how spot on this chick is, whole scatch is amazing .....every time!
is betsy johnson girl is the same with that boobs girl in their youtube complain videos?
I'm British but this is still awesome
Ah but I have seen it. I myself don't like to get involved so I just don't it, But really if some of the British are obsessed with America. I would take it as a compliment
You're a little too good at this.. lol
U put this up today how r there post already
In honor of the 4th tomorrow...thank you K-Stew
whoever plays kristen stewart is really hot
Thank goodness we won our own accents! :P
Now i'm no nationalist, but I think everyone who can't take one joke about their country is. This is a parody, it's made for entertainment purposes, even at the expense of your national pride(assuming you have any).
i think i just hurt my brain watching this...
Yes, some viewers are from the Eastern Hemisphere, and some from the Western, we all have virtually the same pop culture, so let's stop offending each other. Americans remember, without England we wouldn't be a country. Brits remember, a lot of entertainment comes from us (even though your sitcoms far surpass ours).
It was past tense. She said, "The British WERE dicks"
She didn't say you ARE dicks, she said you WERE dicks.
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