How To Restore Your Faith In Humanity

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These 10 moments just might restore your faith in our species. Music: "Innercalm," by Transient http://soundcloud.com/transient Sometimes you are having a bad day, you can forget about all the good...

BuzzFeed went from this to Beyonce photoshop videos.
HAhahaa that was funnier than all of their videos that were ment to be funny!
Scroll down, and lose faith in humanity once again.
duuuude youare so right
Words can't describe the amount of thumbs ups I want to give you.
though to save millions of animals a year is possible. go vegan. 
+Insomnomaniac uhm. I don't have to be vegan or vegetarian (which I'm clearly not) to disagree with you. think again. if like 80% of humanity would be vegan/vegetarian, meat-eaters would be a minority which would lead to a drastic decrease of the demand for meat, so... nope. at least they wouldn't be slaughtered to be eaten which is the main reason why people kill animals.
+xXxCherylxXxMoxXx Well, that would be correct only if 80% of humans DO go vegan, which they probably won't...
And then, Justin Bieber comes up.
I saw your fallout boy reference in your bio. yess
+andyaction2679 *salutes* yes. for I am that person in the fandom.
There was an Australian man who lived beside a cliff and prevented around 160 suicides in his 50 years living there, by striking up a conversation with people that are thinking about suicide and inviting them to his house for tea. #respect  
Something sumillar happened in my contry It was winter and one of the ponds was frozen. While just passing few boys saw a dog under the ice. It was gonna die if it stays any long. One of the boys throwed his bag and everything and carefully start goin to the dog. But on the halfway the ice started to broke. He runned fast on it, so he could get to the dog. He got him out finnally and everyone was fine. Or another one In the summer in one of the biggest roads a kitten had gotten in the middle of the street . No matter how big queues had been there and how long the drivers had wait to acttually pass, they just ignored the green light. One of the cars was already in the middle. The kitten got so scared from all these cars and felt trapped , so it hid under that car. The driver couldn't move. One guy just saw it. He again throw everything he had and rushed to the kitten. The driver got out as well. It took them 2 mins to acttually get the kitten out, because it was so scared and running around the road. At the end they got it out and bring it back to the pets shop. It wasn't selling it was just living nearby. And they took the care of it
I wish internet was never invented, reason being this generation is more separate from each other than the generations before. Before people had family dinners, talked to each other person to person instead of skyping or face chatting with phones, it feels like internet and technology is tearing us apart from each other... We think that internet and technology helps us connect, but it really doesn't. Have you ever thought about just not use your cell phones for 10 seconds and start going outside with your friends and enjoying nature's beauty? Maybe go camping, canoeing, and other fun activities that you can do with your friends and families, just like when you were little... Remember the days when you were 2-6 you played outside, you ate with your parents, you talked to your friends and family person to person, wouldn't you want to get out of that internet/technology trap and go talk to your parents, hang out with your friends, go outside and take a walk, instead of letting that trap make you go in deeper... Because one day.. you might not get a chance to talk to your parents, you might not get a chance to go outside, and your friends might be all gone... and will you be left with..? Your internet and technology... Is that what you want..?
^^^^^^^^shrekt boiiii
+Sean MacDonald I use it because of the same reason that everyone else uses it: Social media, Youtube, games, etc.. Mainly because it's hard for us to resist what the internet can offer us. And people use the internet to share opinions like mines, or yours, or maybe even videos, pictures etc..
There's this man, who removed his trousers and jacket to rescue a guy tried to commit suicide by jumping into a river. When they were both out of the water, some asshole had already vanished with the rescuer's clothes, in there his wallet and phone. We all want to be good, but sometimes, some pricks just wouldn't let us. But hey, at least the guy saved a life.
What goes around comes around. This whole universe is interconnected.
Jared S Shared on Google+ · 1 week ago
Made me smile. Hope it does the same for you, whoever you are. 
Jean Kirstein needs to watch this
I'm getting tired of this sexist bullshit #meninism  
Nice video. I am so glad these kind of video are available. There is hope yet for the human race.
And this makes me think to myself: Why aren't I like this?
I agree with every case mentioned in this video, I really do, some even made me tear up a bit. but definitely not the one at 0:40. I wouldn't want to be part of anything that remotely is a symbolic representation of Islam. Islam is what caused me to lose faith in humanity in the first place. And I know there are "good muslims", I don't hate all of them, but I do not see why they chose to be part of something so inhumane and abusive and misogynistic (if it was me, I would have got away from it asap!). Never ever confuse 'multiculturalism' with a faith that's DNA is violence and deception. 
The exact same arguments you use trying to back your hate against muslims, I have heard them by english, french, spanish, mexicans, chileans and canadian people about why they hate people from the USA. "They have killed millions of people, waging their stupid wars in Korea, Afganistan, Irak, Iran, Libia and now Ukraine" It's the message they all say. You tell me if your arguments against muslims are valid, because people use those same arguments against USA citizens.
It's a battle of ideologies. A battle between Freedom, individual rights, liberties Vs. Submission, compulsion, restriction . As Bush put it; "We love freedom. and they hate freedom". The USA ideology is and always was for freedom and liberty of individuals. And well every war they fought was to uphold liberty in the world in Iraq and Afghanistan. Those leaders were corrupt and undemocratic. They deserve what's coming to them. You people like fools believe that the US purposely targets children as drone targets which is just a false picture painted by western haters. Islam and freedom do not go together. Islam means submission, submission to the laws and the words of your messenger. That law (sharia) isn't compatible with our liberal democracies and never will be. No matter what politically correct bullshit you believe about a "good islam". There isn't a good islam, there never was. Its inception was by fighting, waging war, and conquering territory, just go read the Koran. it DID spread by the sward. It was violent then, and it sure isn't a surprise its violent now. Even the little bit of freedom that those middle east countries enjoy is due to western intervention and places where the west has touched.
The photo of the man giving the homeless girl his shoes broke my heart. Poor thing. I'm so lucky to be a women born in the us of a. Where I am able to fend for my self and do it decently. Good deeds done with a unselfish heart are the best actions that man is capable of.
Ironically, a suggested video is "How to piss off every New Yorker.
0:30 that's actually bad for the girl because if she is used to walking without shoes and then puts shoes on, the natural protection that she has built up on her feet will go away and when the shoes finally break she will be in a lot of pain to try and walk
I love the video but restoring my faith in humanity is kinda hard when you read the comments below: fighting over justin bieber, debating if God exists or not, insulting each other... people really don't seem to care about anything anyways.
My mum used to save an alligator from being cut with swords.
I will do anything to help others even if I danger myself.
+Carry On I don't believe in luck, I believe in blessing.
Sad thing I realized after the video, there's that one guy with a camera taking picture and sharing it on how kind and awesome it is, but didn't help the people he/she took the picture of what so ever.
And here's the video version of the article 💖💖💖 How To Restore Your Faith In Humanity: http://youtu.be/0F5lbMrCj80 See article here⬇⬇⬇ http://www.buzzfeed.com/expresident/pictures-that-will-restore-your-faith-in-humanity?s=mobile
To be honest I know I'm not best person out there. And that I will never be able to do any of what this people did because I know that I'm am a selfish brat. I complain about not getting allowance or getting good food that I want to eat when I know people out there needs the things I have now more than I do. And I'm so sorry. It just makes me so happy and content that there's still people out there that can do good for this world. And I just want to thank them so much that they were able to do something I don't have the guts to do because I'm scared and selfish. Just thank you...
Awwww. Im a good person. I tend to forgive people no matter what they did to me. That counts right ?
The one with the Christian and the homosexual guy hugging got to me.....
0:53 still a cat in the water ;c 
Jesus Christ! I have been watching all of the old buzzfeed videos and I just wanna curl up in a ball with ice cream and cry.
Cancer, McDonalds, age, aids, bullying. The world is drowning in horror and despair and I just love it.
Reasons to lose faith in humanity again: 1.) An alien saving humanity every day, for the rest of their lives. But none of the humans notice or even give a care. So, you humans have to save yourselves the next time you delve headfirst into trouble! #Nothelpingyouanymorebecauseyoudon'tgive2caresabouthowmanytimesIsaveyouandyourkind
Samus is a character from a Nintendo game I think. His profile picture has Samus in it just in case you didn't realise he was trolling you.
Amazing hashtag tho
There is real, honest good. But, without a basis for such judgement, how do you recognize the good from the bad?
This isn't nearly enough! But nice try
damn, this made me cry. 
;3; I'm going to sleep happy thanks to you people :3 thank you
No I am not dying in case you were wondering. Just going to sleep.
+killerskitty I wasn't wondering that, but thanks for informing.  I hope you don't lose your faith in humanity again before you die.
Restore Your Faith to humanity. their may be good everywhere but its too dark for good. Bad is everywhere assholes that cant respect other peoples faiths and beliefs and share only anger at them. This world is so good at being bad that it nearly impossible to purify the world. It depends on the persons childhood. Good or bad they mostly have stereotypes about its wrong to be gay, hate other types of people like black, asian, white, and etc. Were are the problem that the world is bad not just mentally but physical we are destroying the earth by polluting, killing other species off, and meanwhile were getting all carried into politics we dont carry about anything else other than our needs. We are the most fucked up species, killing each other and not even dissappointed about it. In conclusion is i would rather have a dog that most people as friends cause how dumb our species really is
"I would like to invite you and your family at the occasion of breaking the fast. Dinner will be served..." After reading these kind words, you better make sure that you are not the dinner. Never trust a friendly muslim.
So basically, 99% of people are cruel, and 1% of people care. And instead of being nice you are just gonna reply saying "oh yea, well you're a dumbass". Lol do you think I care?
Would have been better if you didn't talk and replaced your speech with some sort of dramatic music set to play though the vid. I didn't feel the effect in this video otherwise. What a soulless monster I've become...
i keep tearing up.... so sweet
zero: 01 a legnd was bron
Humanity is good as so as god god gave his son for us just abide by his teachings thou shall not kill, one man one women, love thy neighbor love thy enemy sometimes it's hard to remember good when evil rears it's ugly head
First Buzzfeed video ever..wow
if you have gotten this far, GUD FOR U!!!!!
gofundme.com/figdw8   this would restore my faith in humanity, and it would be payed forward.  
More of this please.
Watch the movie Pay It Forward. One of the best movies..
This is the stuff that I enjoy watching. I'm waiting for my turn to help someone.
Two reasons to lose faith in humanity: Daisy destrucion or deep web in general
i missed it when buzzfeed was like this
I will make this statement, the good in the world, no matter how brightly it shines, is overwhelmed and overtaken by the evil.  
After hearing about so much negativity in the world. Makes me feel great that so many people liked this video!
These good people are unfortunately outnumbered by those who live their lives thinking of only themselves. It's time that changed. We're all a team.
If I could go back in time, the first thing I would do is stop Buzzfeed from ever existing.
This made me cry, to know how many good people we have in this world. So many, good-hearted, honest, trustworthy people. Thank God for that.
+Zoe Gladfurd I forgot about this conversation...
Are you thatwallfloweralli?
The video made me lose even more faith in humanity, seriously.
Please make a second one.
YES but that good is soon gone quz som ppl are making it happen :/
I really needed this.
Nice video.....whats with the rush? Couldn't even read without pausing video...
Unfortunately for the few good people there are an extreme amount of bad following.
100% stolen from Reddit/imgur, 0 credit given to photographers/OPs.  So much for "real, honest good."
How the weak have grown.
omg buzzfeed's 1st video
I really get touch by this video, all of it is true. But sometimes some actions that you see in your own country and even with your own mother keeps me with the feeling that is completely opposite. I just keep the spark on because of 5 friends of mine that keep the feeling awake on me. Thank you so much for the video.
is this ZeFrank narrating?
Thanks for this video buzzfeed. I really needed after watching Nicki minaj perform anaconda.
all the world is today are assholes people care about there self more than others. " oh its just another ant being killed by my foot" they have a life too they feel pain jesus whats wrong with the world today
I think along the way I forget to remember to be grateful and blaming it on society for every thing that's wrong.
the world is shit always has been always  will be
the japanese pensioners are the true heroes
Buzzfeed make more videos like this!
0:35 literally killed omg I just balled my eyes out ;-;
Ruby Marbury Shared on Google+ · 4 months ago
It is important to be reminded that there are lots of awesome people in the world!
0:30 why is he stealing her shoes?What an asshole, making a poor girl cry like that.
That's not funny. Stop whispering your need to sadden other all over the comment section of this happy video. No one wants it.
+ShadowThe WhiteWolf Oh please, it wasn't my intention to sadden anyone, quite the contrary....Go cry me a river. :)
Dan needs to see this XD
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For those people who do not believe in the existence of God How do you think you've been created ? & all of these creatures around you ? Who created them ? Was it just a coincidence ? Think about it  and please don't get angry because of me, okay ?!  :)
Actually no the reason there are so many Christians is because one of the roman emperors made it legal and converted and because everyone wanted to be like the emporer they converted if that didn't happened the amount of Christians would be closer to the amount of Jews so only a small minority got it from "the people that have actually seen Jesus"
+Pro_Robot 16 You should question information no matter where it comes from, let it be a text book, the television, or your ancestors. I believe religion is invented because there is no tangible proof of God, the only thing there is to go on is faith and word of mouth and I cannot accept that.
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Faith in humanity: Restored!
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The senior volunteers got me.  I hope my generation would do the same someday.
victor murphy Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
How To Restore Your Faith In Humanity : http://youtu.be/0F5lbMrCj80
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