Trials Evolution - Achievement HORSE #3 (Jack vs. Gavin)

by Rooster Teeth • 1,060,771 views

Jack and Gavin kick off another episode of Achievement HORSE in Trials Evolution! Who will win? (Go Team America!)

What happened to this series?
What happened to 1 and 2
I like pewdiepie and roosterteeth
i just realized gavin is the same guy as the guy in the slo mo guys
Booger Gobblin!  I still have no Idea why I'm watching this crap!?!
Guys I don't play any games with barrels but trials is good game without the barrels
Higgledy piggildidoo Gavinfree looks stupid like poo. Not me though.
Can u play black ops2 plz↙↖↕↗➡↘↙↖↔↔↗↗↗④⑥®⑧↕◀↕™♥™♠♠◀♥③♥③➡✴◀↕↕✳⑧✴⑦◀=O =-O =-O :-D :-P :'( :\ :-\ ;-) :-( O:-) :-[ :-) :-! :-$ B-) :O
Well....usually when Pew is mentioned in a comment it's not any sort of bragging. It's more of stating how much of an annoying faggot the guy is.
not everyone likes pewdiepie. Hell I don't find him funny at all
Ahhh, remember when they actually did horse instead of pig?
Achievement unlocked : fuck up your bike
No he wouldn't it's just a game, who cares who played what first or if they say something alike.
like if you friend requested boogerman
fanboys of pewdiepie GTFO go watch his vids dont hate on these vids! thank you!
It's okay Gavin, I don't mind a good loser... ;) Oookay, that was weird. Not doing that again.
friends* *enemy Do you not see the red lines under your typos? Or do you use Internet Explorer?
Dont send him a friend request
Gavin was a Hor before he was a Horse...
hi hi hi hi hi most people that sy hi is propo ly new im not
you can't say his fanbase is little kids, if you're a little kid
All hail barrely 1 and barrely 2! Oh, and Steven
idiot i kno teachers who watched him nice prediction dumb ass
Hey! Barrely 1 and Barrely 2 (and Steven) are my friends! Of course and Jacks too.
Higgledy Piggledy xD God damn it Gavin.
Actually, the majority of his brain dead fans would. PewDiePie actually has some sense
pewdiepie screams and yells but isnt funny his humor is for little kids where as roosterteeth is actually funny
because PewDiePie has a reputation of "hating barrels" because in his Amnesia videos, the first few he made he "thought the barrels gave his hiding place away" to the monster causing him to die
Is this Gavin from the SlowMoGuys?
Edo sins like fell off the face of the Earth. Thumbs up if you miss him
Huh... That's the anniversary map for SoulMan...
Pewds wouldn't approve of that last map
what does the terrible thing come from and why does it seem to annoy gavin so much
Why can`t people shut up about a god damn barrel? It`s not even funny it`s just a fucking barrel. And pewdiepie sucks.
Why r there comments about pewdiepie on a rooster teeth video
Ugh, PewDiePie fans...We don't like your type around here. *Cocks shotgun*
sontroid1 do YOU ever shut up about pewdipie or whatever?
I am subscribed to PewDiePie, and I like his videos, but I f***ing HATE his fanbase. Sometimes I feel like the only subscriber of his that isn't an asshole everytime someone plays a game that he already played, or they do something even SLIGHTLY RESEMBLING him. All the fans ever do is go around saying "HOLY BALLS THIS GUY IS "COPYING" PDP, LET'S GO RAPE HIS EYES OUT" No, just no. People can play whatever the f*** they want. It doesn't matter who played first. PDP doesn't deserve fans like this.
You shouldn't be using that language, you've said you're 13
That's clever AND original! Good job and I hope you live past the age of 12! :D
I love ur vids I just subbed tell hi to Michael for me
Pewdiepie is not going tone happy about those barrels
Why are there pewdiefags here
Barrel friends... Thats not right
No body send him a friend request
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