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Floyd Mayweather - A Dose of Buckley

by ADoseofBuckley • 261,673 views

Floyd "Money" Mayweather's appeal to serve the rest of his 87 day jail sentence under house arrest has been denied... making him one of the few celebrities to NOT get special treatment for a change.

I think you're missing the point. These people aren't getting special treatment because they are celebrities, they are getting special treatment because they have money. The legal system is easily bought. It's been a long standing problem in this US that the poor and middle class get fucked by the government and legal system, while the rich can basically do whatever they want with no negative repercussions. We've got tons of rich people who committed serious crimes, but got reduced, or no punishment. We've also got tons of rich business executives who fire thousands of people and run their companies into the ground, yet receive 10 million dollar severance packages.
I think its a good bit of both with celebrities.
The reality is basically, we don't need the current judicial system. They're as useless as celebrities.
The U.S. Constitution dictates that everyone will get the same treatment, no matter how "important" the individual is. Why is the Constitution being violated with these people?
+thetimmon Okay. 1% taxes. So horrible education, shitty roads and parks, bad police force, bad military, basically everything we depend upon is supported by the government. But no, since you want 1% taxes, let's make the us a shitty country so you can buy that iPad or whatever
+theo frincke nah, i don't like paying lying pieces of shit. and it's clear hypocrisy. now then, i don't want an ipod, ipods are for massive faggots. "everything we depend on" well, the US isn't getting even decent education, if anything, you learn nothing past 5th grade. and colleges make life horrendous unless your a rich fuck. and for any decent job you need to go to college. i'm pretty sure college sports are paid by the gov. as well, and football coaches are paid the most in a lot of the states. also, i never said i wanted 1% taxes, i just said the revolution was started on a 2% tax. which thus, makes america hypocrisy really evident. as for this video? if some common joe who wasn't known knocked his wife out, he wouldn't even fucking get a "fair" case in the way that he'd instantly be in prison. while a celebrity fuck head gets off scotfree.
I feel rather offended for saying if the 50 celebrities died on that plane crash! Afterall, that plane could've been used for much more than carrying dead weight on it!
1.Kim Kardashian 2.Fergie 3.Kesha 4.Paris Hilton 5.J.J Abrams 6.Kristen Stewert 7.Nicki Minaj 8.Zachary Quinto 9.Kourtney Kardashian 10.John Cena That is pretty much all of the celeberties I can think of that I hate. Oh and add Will.I.AM to the list too. Seriously his name is just the breakdown of William. T_T 
Why John Cena? He hasn't done anything. The only wrestlers I hate are Chris Benoit and CM Punk.
Shit if only Death Note was real......I'd be making a list.......
cracks knuckles 1 Paris Hilton 2 Kim Kardashian 3 Nicki Minaj 4 Justin Bieber 5 Chris Brown 6 Rihanna 7~12 One Direction 13 Kanye West 14 Gucci Mane 15 Miley Cyrus 16 Drake 17 Lil Wayne 18 Taylor Swift 19 Kristen Stewart 20 Donald Trump 21 Iggy Azelea  22 Katy Perry 23 Kesha 24 Carly Rae Jepsen 25 Lady Gaga 26 Tiger Woods 27~28 The other two Kardashian sisters 29 Billy Ray Cyrus 30 Amanda Bynes 31 Demi Lovato 32~34 the Jonas Brothers 35 Megan Fox 36 Mark Wahlberg 37 Shia LaBeouf 38 Selena Gomez 39 Macklemore 40 Britney Spears 41 Avril Lavigne 42 Lindsay Lohan 43 Pitbull 44 2 Chainz 45~46 Rae Sremmurd 47 Wiz Khalifa 48 Future 49 Juicy J 50 Flo Rida Bonus: Cher Lloyd My god, I just listed 50 (+1) celebrities I don't give a shit about nor would I care about if they died in a plane crash. Look at all this hatred flowing out of me. 
+DaTechnoDood LevelX because that would make more than 50 off the top of my head.
Macklemore's okay. Get Florida Georgia Line in there somehow.
IKR Pacquiao should have won!
i wonder if they can get away with mass murder.
this reminds me of how oscar pistorius only got 5 years after killing his girlfriend...
List of disposable celebrities : 1 M.Night Shitaponanawesomeshow (he pays for ruining one of the greatest shows of all time and wasting people's money because the trailer was ok) 2 Justin Bieber (f### that douche he dosen't shows respect for anyone not even a victim of the damn holocaust ) 3 Kim Kardashian West though we can keep her husband around he's an entertaining asshole and makes some good beats 4 Donald Trump 5 Mel Gibson 6 Billy Ray Cryrus 7 George Lucas 8 Paris Hilton  9 Chris Brown
That is a complete shit list you've made. I just want to make sure you know that. 
+psych0deviant Thank you.There's more annoying celebrities than Donald Trump , Chris Brown and Justin Bieber? 
87 days, he probably didn't loose much power from 87 days I assume
List of disposable celebrities.. I don't think Youtube would allow me the word count; my list is long and ever growing. 
Doctors can actually get away with murder if another doctor made the same "mistake"
Buckley, that is why I fucking hate the justice system. Celebrities are useless.
List of useless celebrities: ALL OF THEM
1. all kardashians 2.Paris Hilton 3.Nicki Minaj 4.Justin Bieber 5.Jay Leno 6.Miley Cyrus 7. All of One direction 8.Kristen Stewart 9.Amanda Bynes All able to be disposed
i wish i was joking, i beat the shit out of a man hitting a women in my house, i go to jail (far) for 6 months....
If a doctor got caught drunk driving, he LOSES his job.
Okay, if a doctor punched his wife, I wouldn't want him prescribing me medication or performing surgery on me, or sticking a needle into me.
A radio station came to my school and were giving away prizes in raffles and they were going to give away a Floyd Mayweather t-shirt but gave it to me without having to raffle it because I was the only person who had asked if it was a prize [i was confused so I asked them]
I agree that he should be jailed for his worthless existence, but it was likely not him that was pleading for less time. You said yourself that it was his lawyer who mentioned this, and you still made it seem like he wanted this, which in his head, he probably wanted, but his lawyer will do whatever he can to drain his money by doing whatever he can do to keep Floyd out of jail. But I still hate him as much or more than you and most to all of the other population.
Will.I.Am = William. Flo Rida = Florida. These people are so clever ._.
I don't think I could narrow down that list to 50 names.
i hope if he get in prison when they bend him over in the shower some other guy in there does commentary
You keep saying celebrities aren't all that important, actually, what you say is that they're useless, and I think you're wrong. The reason why I think celebrities aren't useless is because, just like doctors, celebrities serve a purpose. Not the one you're describing in this video, the purpose they serve is to have people spending their time watching tv shows and news about their lives and not spending that time doing something constructive. The same thing is what everyone's history teacher probably told them about ancient Rome. People were being entertained in order to keep them from revolting against a government that didn't exactly have their best interest at heart. And this is why celebrities are important, they keep people from spending time learning new stuff, having creative and constructive dialog or thoughts, but most of all, people can't exactly revolt or even protest against their governments when they make stupid ass decisions or get paid to pass laws that only benefit huge ass corporations. So, closing, I wouldn't call celebrities useless, on the contrary, they seem to be serving their purpose quite effectively. What celebrities are, if you can sum it up in one word is, dangerous. 
Then the correct word would be "pointless."
Probably the most accurate description of the existence of celebrities is "detrimental".
800 calories is actually below the minimum caloric intake (1200) that is required to ensure proper body function, and that is provided that the inmates are completely sedentary.  If the 800 number is correct, that particular jail needs to be investigated.
The American war on drugs takes no prisoners simply for the fact that private prisons lobby legislators to mandate harsher sentencing for minor drug possession--all because they profit majorly off the backs of the tax payers.  A lot of people partake of illicit substances, so criminalize said use and watch as your prisons fill up and the government hands you money; this is the precise reason why America has a larger inmate population than even that of China or old Soviet Russia.
his lawyer is almost certainly bullshiting caloric intake for prisoners is regulated by law above 800 calories.
In response to Buckley, I'd say anyone associated with Young Money.
List of Disposable Celebrities- Redfoo & Skybloo ( what the hell. I can't even spell it ) Charlie Sheen (for being an idiot) Simon Cowell Tiger Woods Rihanna  Chris Brown One Direction Lady Gaga Katy Perry Ke$ha Miley Cyrus Nicki Minaj Lil' Wayne Drake  Kanye West All the Kardashians Carly Rae Jepsen David Guetta ( For stealing songs and making them compost shit.) Taylor Swift Max Martin ( For producing Taylor's music) Justin Bieber  Cher Lloyd Karmin Paris Hilton( For being a fake- everything, even a fucking DJ, and she's shit at it.) Steve Harvey (for hating Atheists with all his heart and calling them stupid.) Tori Speeling  Anybody with a bad reality show on TLC, including Honey Boo Boo, Anyone in the Amish Take Miami or whatever, etc. Selena Gomez (For being a disney product) Anybody on one of those shows with people who have a shitload of children, Kate plus 8, 21 kids and counting, octomom, etc. Nickleback  Austin Mahone Any boy band made for the purpose of girls wetting their panties Any boy artist who does the same thing. Anybody who's a mega youtube whore (iJustine,Smosh, etc.) Any Shit artist Any artist who does bad shit then gets away because they won't have their bed of money and silk to sleep on. P.S- I named many people because I know a lot about celebrities, and they're all shit.
I like how you listed nickleback as a whole and not the individual members, nice touch.
Everything is so true except one thing, since he is a pro boxer i don't think he should be very afraid in jail
Unless someone kicks his leading leg. Boxing isn't all that great for self defense.
There are people in prison who started working out before their balls dropped. Floyd Mayweather's ass would be destroyed in a week if he went to prison.
I think you're right but it's not even fair for people like doctors or government ministers to get special treatment for their bullshit, wrong is wrong....  
Agreed, especially government officials. In fact, they should get WORSE treatment for breaking the laws they created, enforced, or rectified.
Social Status, the government looks at those who have high social status appealing to the nation. Its a theory, I'm sure there are other reasons like money or something else but its definitely social status.
Two very non-deserving "celebrities" famous for sucking dik (basically famous for doing amateur porn) :  Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian
I know I have a very good chance of getting chewed out by asking this but don't celebrities or comedians help the economy by getting people to spend their money? I know it's not much but at least people help the retail stores prosper, right? If I am completely wrong, I do want someone to correct me.  
Ya I don't think nay weather is going to be anybodies boyfriends in prison, he's a professional boxer for Christ's sakes
Celebrities dont get special treatment because their famous, but because their richer than most and can afford a better lawyers. There are tons of wealthy people getting the same 'special treatment' every day, but we dont hear/care about that because their not famous
What I hate is that if ur in the Canadian army and your trained Military Close-Combat, your hands become registered weapons...what that means is if some drunk Army dude get's into a bar fight he will be charge with assault with a deadly weapon, as oppose to just simple assault...and I feel like MMA fighters, Boxers and Cops should get that exact treatment (men and women) because getting hit by ur gf may suck but it's definitely not equal to getting hit by Ronda Rousey...Celebrities are useless, but guys like Dave Mustain and Ozzy write songs that the keep me from killing my self (but i'm not important at all so who cares)
The only thing I dont agree with is the Flloyd Merryweather prison life, nobody without a friend or a weapon would mess with him, and not get the shit kicked out of them.
+theomega616 Sounds like something from a movie, must be fake! I seriously hate people like you who just assume something is fake because they think it sounds like something from a movie. Obviously anything that doesn't sound 100% legit is 0% legit because you said so. You obviously have the power to see people's past and tell THEM if it happened or not. I realize +Sam Gentile could easily be lying for people to like what he said, but he obviously knows at least 1% what he's talking about to actually carry this on to the point where I feel the need to call out that you sir, are an ass. Have a good life and don't try to tell people what you have seen in your life or experienced face-to-face or with friends. No one will believe you.
But still, you get my point right?
This is a fucking outrage, when I was 13 my mom was caught driving me to school on a suspended license and got the same amount of time as a wife beater
Buckley should have talked about how this DOOCHE BAG is always waving around his cash, like he's some sort of HONEST BIGSHOT!
Mayweather Maidana was bullshit too
Why does Charlie Sheen always look crazy? In every single picture?
I'm so glad he didn't say anything about Manny Go Philippines!
i whole heartily agree
Al Sharpron, Kanye West, Michael Vick, Chris Brown, Kim Kardashian, the list goes on.
He shoulda looked at the positive. In prison, he can work on his fighting....until he takes it up the poopshoot or everyone is deathly afraid of him.
Ke$ha, Lindsay Lohan, Chris Brown
I apologize for my country's pussy justice system.
Buckley is wrong about one thing in this video (I do love him though). If a doctor gets arrested for drunk driving or beating a woman.... He loses his license. Yep its a sad world when a doctor loses his source of income (and probably receives jail time) over a crime, and Chris Brown severs no time at all.
My list of disposable celebrities: Lady Gaga Chris Brown Ke$ha Nicki Minaj Drake Lil' Wayne Kanye West Bruno Mars All of the Kardashians Any other celebrity with shitty content. Any other celebrity who acts like a total piece of shit. Any other celebrity who became a piece of shit because of their fame and money. Any other celebrity who thinks that they are better than everybody else. Any other criminal celebrity who didn't get charged or kept doing the crime.
bruno i respect and drake fuck everyone else
I get what you're saying but I'm pretty sure there's some celebs you like. They aren't "useless" if you're going to say that then say all humans are "useless" some of them are pretty talented. But everyone is entitled to their opinion.
What is so problematic about tap water anyway?
Many brands of bottled water are worse than tap water.
He gets 87 days probably because they know he would beat the shit out of every goddamned convict in there.
For my disposable celebrities: Pretty much everyone that Buckley mentions in his worst songs lists and autopsies Miley Cyrus (mainly because her music sucks and I'm sooooooooooo tired of her being the topic of conversation) Paris Hilton Enrique Iglesias, Bruno Mars, Romeo Santos, and any other piece of shit that claims to be a romantic gentleman who appreciates women for their souls when in reality these guys probably walk down the street with 2 bitches in each arm Pit Bull (his music is supremely annoying) Britney Spears you know this list could go on forever......
I Agree with you completely..but this isn't nearly as bad as it is over here in India..a crap actor named salman khan drove over a couple of people and killed them and he didn't get punished shit for it..and there are numerous examples over here..
i wish real boxers were still around to destroy him. not saying that pac man and saul alvarez aren't legends 
What the fuck have youtube done to the comments now?
WTF you didn't say shit about him not fighting Manny Pacquiao!!? That's the whole reason I watched this! Better make a new one quick!!
I WOULD make a list of 50 celebrities just for kicks....but I'm not a celebrity nut xD i could name like 20 people that are considered 'celebrities' and 15 of them would be dead artists. xD
on my list um... ronald mcdonald the king iron man the guy who called me a fizzle and so on so forth.
They may not be celebrities in the traditional sense, but their names are known by millions of people, so my disposable "celebrities" would be Jack Thompson, Michael Atkinson, and all these other people who equate things like metal and video games to anarchy/satatism and blame them for horrible real-life events like teen suicides or the Columbine massacre. I personally have yet to see one of these accusations grounded in any sort of logical conclusion, solid correlation, or even a quick fact check to see if their finger-pointing is even remotely accurate. That's just me though.
you answered your own question in a way, he gained 40 million from his last fight. and guess how much of that was given to his government in tax. the same as all celebrities, they get special treatment because if they are in jail, they aren't giving their governments millions in taxes. regular people are expendable because celebrities are worth more in taxes so they don't spend time in jail as long. its a fucked up system but it cant be helped
My list of indesposible celebrities is: 1. Morgan Freeman
+Piet Krediet Well nicolas cage is Jesus Christ so...
Celebrities always get away with almost everything, as long as they don't fuck with the IRS (sorry Wesley Snipes, you should have paid that tax bill). It's sickening to the rest of us who have to play by and be judged by the rules. An added bonus is we get the pleasure of Justin Beiber's company because no court has the balls to tell his money to go back the fuck to Canada.
i agree with you Buckley, in most people's defense they'd say "but they inspire us!" my defense: "they take your hard earned money! they're the reason why so many people are broke! because they consume everything!" if Justin Bieber died, guess what? there'd be a replacement boy pop star singer in less than a day. not the same as JB but close enough. no i'm not saying you can replace a human life
Exactly, if I blow up a building, I would go to jail for life but if I don't know, Paris Hilton does the same crime as I did, she would only be in a mental hospital for like 1 hour. It makes me sick that celebrities get special treatment for just having the fakest smiles, grabbing money from our pockets just to spend, living in large mansions and being on TV when we the people who actually work don't. If they die, everyone will be sad. FOR WHAT! Because they are rich and famous. But the people who actually suffer throughout their lives because they were poor never get any attention from the press. If we gave the money we give to celebrities to the poor instead, poverty would be at a all time low, heck maybe poverty will no longer exist. If they take drugs, everyone will feel sorry for them but if that guy across the street started taking drugs, no one would care one bit. And like you said, why should we care in the first place, someone would probably replace them anyways (I'm not trying to say when someone dies it doesn't matter) and they will be forgotten later on.
+Cedar Sims agree man I hate when famous people get treated better than us  
justin bieber rebecca black katy perry nikki manaj etc,
Uhm but 800 calories wouldn't be enough to sustain any adult male, so wouldn't the prison technically be starving its inmates?
They don't get that treatment because they're special they get that treatment because they can pay for the treatment and the government needs the taxes. But it is complete bullshit
I'll cut the race thing short humans be human perfect
isnt this how the majority of blacks are they think they should get special treatment just because they are black and theyre ancestors were enslaved nearly a decade ago by their own race africans its funny cause if a white man goes to court he will most likely take the hit for what he did but all a black man has to do is yell slavery and there scott free which while im at it blacks should really be blaming that on their own race because it was africa who sold blacks to america and all the whites did was accept them and later get them right back out of it
wow..... i will say one thing on this subject, I am white, and I am a country boy, i was raised to not like blacks, I've been to prison(23 month sentence) and i know what its like there, If you pay attention, you will notice that about 65-75% of the inmates are black. Very few are Mexican 10% or less, and there are almost NO Chinese or western races. If you look at the facts(or the news for that matter) Blacks(not all of them just the shitty ones) commit most of the crime in the United States. They are more likely to reoffend, and to return to Prison. There are shitty white people, shitty black people, and even shitty western races(IE Yakuza and other gangs. So No we cant blame it all on the black people, i have some black friends TBH. But when your race or ethnicity commits more crimes than any other, Those Idiots are causing more and more people to view your race negatively.
OP is so right. Just look at some of the examples Buckley mentions like michelle rodriguez, Chrlie Sheen and Paris Hilton. What terrible black people they are!
Celebrities are useless.  Talented individuals less so. 
one direction, justin bieber, taylor swift, nikki miaj, selena gomez would all be on my list of disposeable celebrites.  i can't think of 45 more
You named 9 people. One Direction is a band consisting of 5 members. 
i just think that he hit in the head too many times.....
true story, nontheless i just want to say, if 50 shakespeares would die in a plane crash tomorow i sencerly do believe it would be a loss to the world. Clearly, shakespeare would beat his wife, but the artist, like you, is good or bad for society an therefore a loss to itself. greetings from austria
Boxing sucks....its definitely second rate compared to MMA. "Money: wouldnt survive 3 rounds in the octagon.
Celebrities are fucking useless, to quote a great man
"Go slap your girlfriend or kids and see how much you get" Tips and tricks by Buckley hahah ;)
They only got a small sentences because they have good lawyers. The whole world (at least what america thinks the whole world is) only cares about money and who has the most of it.
Celebrities can contribute a lot to society and are a huge part of the culture they aren't just jesters. I mean there are celebrities that are jesters but stereotyping them is stupid. Now I will agree just because their famous doesn't mean they should get away with violent crimes like Mayweather. And at the end Idk if you were just trying to be funny but no 250 lb biker at least without help or a weapon is going to do squat to him in prison. Mayweather would make any biker his bitch one on one. He's scum but still an elite fighter and elite fighters don't lose to nobodies with no kind of boxing or martial training they slaughter those people.
+NailOnAChalkboard That's ridiculous. Yes, we would be fine without them. You know what else we would be just fine without? Electricity and any sort of technology. So why not get rid of it? What I'm trying to say is just because we would be fine without something it doesn't mean it would be preferable.
Wrong, celebrities are the most important part of their plan to keep us "zoned out" of reality, why do you think they get paid so much.
Your a fucking retard
a great comment from a great mind, oh wait.
you think celebrities dont help society how about you i know they help you alot your channel is pretty famous for your " TOP TEN WORST SONGS " and guess who mad those songs a celebrity also your fucking job would be useless without celibrity music artist so think about nwtf you just said they contribute alot to this world
If a celeb went to jail and your average person went to the same jail. For the same thing and the trials where going to happen right after each other. The average guys watching the celeb get his jail time. But then he has more jail time in which he says. "Hey that's not fair". "Just because he's famous does not mean he should get less time in jail". Well and the judge clearly here's this. The judge should agree and give an equal sentence to both.
Worst thing is if a Doctor got convicted of drunk driving, he would probably serve the full sentence and have his medical licence rescinded. Whereas a celebrity doesn't have to serve shit. It's an abomination
Your surprised Buckley? It's all about the money. More money you got. Less time you serve.
It actually does! That dragon probably won't need a Dragonborn to kill it. Any former adventure with a knee injury can probably do the job.
no, neither can the celebritis, and thats why they crached.
Nicole Richie was sentenced to 4 days in jail for driving drunk on the wrong side on the highway risking the lives of everyone on there. She served less than 90 minutes. I'm not even kidding. You know what the excuse was? Overcrowding in the jail system. I wish I was joking. She risked the lives of dozens of people on the highway and she gets special treatment.
how about the ones that are famous for doing good stuff? like steve jobs but hes dead.
It's impossible to drive a plane, but you can pilot a plane.
Don't get me wrong... buckley is right about mayweather
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