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Battlefield 3 (BF3) - Spectator Mode, Private Servers for Console, and MORE!

by TheEnd004500 • 15,727 views

HUGE Battlefield 3 News! (Patch Info) Battlefield 3 (BF3) - Spectator Mode, Private Servers for Console, and MORE! There has been a bit of silence since...

@AReallyScaryGhost You must really love playing broken games. Lol I'm done with you.. Good-bye!
bad company 2!!! MORE DESTRUCTION!!!!!
Battlefield 3 but it needs the patch
@metzgermeisterfuchs they have where you can talk to the whole team, it's in the menu where you pick yo squad, it's called "VOIP Team"
@oopakki Your opinion is invalid. This is the internet.
Actually the gameplay of BF3 is much much closer to BC2 then BF2...
Mibe is def bc2 bcause of the player animation, its a lot faster n feels so much better. Plus there are better maps
mw3 ad on a Bf3 video? hahhaha
Want the right info it's called "battelog"
@jagfan101 Whahaha.. If you put it that way :P... But your right, BC2 - Rush, BF3 - Conquest..
I have to say BF3, mainly because I've never tried Bad Company 2.
what about the fucking input lag
BF3 is better and more fun (for me )
between shotguns are a joke... you can shoot 10000 kilometers with this shit..
Yeah I'd just learned how to fly the helos in Bad company 2 but I never got the hang of the at4. I'd say the the helos in battlefield 3 are easier to fly any way. Recon definitely need c4 though.
@oopakki and it seems like they were trying to make a game that was to serious, but i Bc2 it was just so much fun.
dude one shot to the head killed in bc2 every time. even in the torso. your tripping
I say BC2, because it had betta maps, seemed more balanced, had more destruction, had a lot less bugs, not as many overpowered guns, and also the single player characters were betta and didn't all die
BC2 because it had awesome maps, more balanced and just generally had more fun playing that game.
neither, bf2 is 1000 times better than bf3. i blame dice and ea for ruin bf2 sequel, ea may gain money by launch bf3 at the same time as mw3, but they are starting to lose players, bf3 multiplayer have much less players then launch date. why? because bf2 players expected a bf2 sequel and not another crap game with stupid graphics. i will not buy another bf game until they relese a proper bf2 sequel.
BFBC2 why cause its more exilerating way more fun. and the viehcles are are realy balnced
honestly if they add the black hawk to bf3 the game would be complete!!!!
Private servers for console ? And pc ? Idiots.
Bf3 is rubbish, BC2 is way better.
I enjoy playing BF3 much, much more than BC2. Although there are some bugs etc. it feels more realistic and therefore better. Try out the hardcore-mode. You have to teamplay in this mode, otherwise you are killed very often. My advice: play with your friends and sqd up - then BF3 makes much more fun.
battlefield 3, the reason is is because the maps are more bigger, and people play more realisticly
BF3 because the gameplay is better!
Without a doubt Bad Company 2 was 99.9% better than Battlefield 3. It had more action more pressure moments cool weapons ( M1 grand from WWll) and the feel of everything including destruction.
@IncidiineGaming Learn to fucking play and maybe you won't suck.
I just hope that private match wont be as in BFBC2
You can pronounce Kjell as you pronounce Shell. =) Swedish BF3 fan
can someone tell me how you can record from outside the bf3 charachter like in the montages? I mean like surfing around the map??
one day a perfect fps will be made... not by EA or IW but by a new game developer and it will be awsome.
the shotgun range is still so much better than cods shotgun range
Bc2 was better in terms of fun I had a blast playing that game
i would like it if bc3 is more like bf3 in cosomization wise and grafic was and more cosomization
While I thoroughly enjoy BF3, I miss the destruction of BC2, the maps, and my M1 Garand! I still feel the USAS with FRAG rounds is totally BS! A shotgun should not be able to reach from the top of a 4+ story building and across the way to kil! Oh yea, the tac light needs to be patched on consoles!
@demomaniac13 Ikr! You try to have teamwork and you're almost carrying the whole team because CoD kids are going for the kill and not the win.
there's an hd graphics tweek on youtube for PC check it out. you can also get rid of your HUD (heads up display) in the same video that shows it. XD
I subscribed because you were playing on PS3. XD
Bf3 ita more action but all ma friends had bfbc2 soo Ill go w/ bfbc2
@booguh2k7 i know without destruction and no private servers and no clan leaderboard a game is boring if they include all these features in a game that will satisfy all the gamers
@AReallyScaryGhost First off, it doesn't belong in BF. The spawns are horrible & the maps were NOT DESIGNED for that game type. It shows when you play it. It was just slapped in BF3 for the COD fans, its obvious. Maybe if DICE designed the maps better or have seperate maps just for TDM, it would be a great add-on for BF.
I prefer BFBC2 over BF3. Reasons: It has this unexplainable feeling that was in BF2, kinda like "soul" that BF3 just doesn't have. A crap load of bugs on BF3 that are fkin annoying and make the game unplayable for me. -Black hawk -WWII Weapons, like the M1 Garand, M1A1 Thompson -M2 Carl Gustav, M136 AT4 -A LOT MORE DESTRUCTION! -XM8, GOL, M24, UZI, -In my opinion I feel like I have a lot more fun on BFBC2 than BF3, I'll play once they fix all the shit that they fuckin rushed to finish.
I have to say bf3 for one reason and that is because i play it with my friends and i were all allone in bc2
@altu892 do you know how videogame development works?
@RicRac35 you just get the bad servers then :/ there's usually a counter-measure against all of those things. You just need to be inventive. So far, the community is still good. There's only a small % of cod players and most of them suck at the game. Anyway, hope you get good games.
You forgot to mention that DICE themselves have confirmed that BF3 DLC is going through "Internal Testing" and that the new "Inside DICE" blog is up and DICE's GM has stated that there are a few surprises in store for BF3 at Game Developers Conference next week!!!
i don't know about you, but i'm thinking bf3 and bc2 should not be compared with each other because bf3 is the sequel to bf2. NOT BC2! i think bc2 and bf3 are both extremely fun. I prefer battlefield 3 because it brought back those good ol' battlefield 2 memories. I just wish they had the commanders though. :)
@Outlawz404 It was in past BF games wasn't it? And plus they gained a whole bunch of new players from CoD and TDM helps them get used to the game. So what if the maps weren't designed for it, it still plays well. You're just bitching for the sake of bitching.
Fuck you EA. Let DICE do what they want.
@Outlawz404 Yeah because no other game is broken. Cool story bro.
No weapon is overpowered -.- they all are situational
i am a decent player in bad company 2 and 1, but in bf3 since all the noobs came in im beast.
i want to play bf3 i can't got no controller atm :(
@oopakki I would have to disagree. Even though bc2 is a fantastic game that i have always played and enjoyed alot, I believe that DICE's hard work payed off. There are more tools for you to use to PTFO, the classes make more sense, it has jets, squad specializations, variety of maps, 64 players pc and more. On the flip side, you are correct; there are noob things, and bf3 is experiencing some problems, but i believe that DICE built off of bc2 and made bf3 an enjoyable game.
so there are so much haters on bf3 now :)) i love this :)) i thought mw3 is so crappy, no, now you also hate on bf3 too! haha!!
EA are a bunch of douche bags, i think the reason why people say that bad company 2 is better than bf3 is cause of the amount of bugs and over powered weapons, input lag, MAV elevator, disapearing crosshair in TDM, bad company 2 was a very polished game and thats cause it wasn't rushed, battlefield 3 is still a awesome game, it just needs some patches to fix all the crap.
youre a console douche. FUCKING SHIT! and so what if im virgin im under age fucking teenage mocker
Ur information sucks if u wantnthenf
@coolindenial1 And the guy's name is "Patrick" Bach, I remebered Peter because this guy interviewing him last year at E3 about BF3 kept calling him Peter and I thought it was so funny and now look at me......
please dice just fixed the game and give us loads of maps :)
@coolindenial1 B2K doesn't have more destruction than bad company 2. Bad Co. 2 Arica Harbor, go there and see how you can destroy EVERY building. Same thing with Cold War and all the rest of the stages, hence, more destruction. Peter Bach said in an interview that they put less destruction in this game because in the last game it took away all the cover and no one could hide. I personally think that's stupid but that's what they did.
@00Chayron00 the black hawk will be in the new DLC :DD
I usually have one hell of a blast playing BF3, unless I'm forced to ragequit because of the incompetence of the team I get put into. I do prefer BC2 though, since I have a very good friend to play it with. Someone who you can depend on when it gets real bad is just irreplacable by a new engine, jets or whatever...If he'd have BF3 and BTK, I would probably go with BF3 (we play on PC)
people are asking to buff the accuracy of shotguns, really *facepalm*. just fix the frags and buff the slugs slightly.
Kjell is pronounced like Shell ;)
I prefer BF3, mainly because i love sniping and the fact that one shot to the head in BC2 didn't kill the person kinda ruined my experience.
We Want Private Servers for Console! ..
Damit! the video ended before I could watch it, wtf? lol jk great vid bro
bad company3 or battlefeild4
BF3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE BF3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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