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Until I Rage: Super Meat Boy Pt.1 - Someone Have Mercy On Me

by UberHaxorNova • 780,048 views

Please leave some support for my new series! :) Tons of people wanted me to play Super Meat Boy, i've heard about it from others...

I've been playing this game on my channel lately. Everyone tells me how easy it looks and I'm just like "FUCKING PLAY IT! IT'S NOT EASY!" It's so much harder than it looks haha
he hee old commentary of james :3
Just bought this game from a steam sale. Best purchase I've made on steam for sure.
Super Meat Boy Forever is in development! 
the impossible quiz 1and 2 and the impossible quiz book
That last cutscene made me cry ='(
U should totally play super dick boy
unfair mario or cat mario?
Fun to look back at his attempt at this game. While i fukken BEAT IT! I am so great.
+Paradox I got done with the story part, which is the game itself. Even though i therefore was equipped for the task of getting 100% completion, it is not something i got the extra time for. If i would have had infinite time, i would have 100% the game, of course.
search up the completionist super meat boy 
6:00 Let the rage commence.
get the portals and the bandages they unlock characters for you
Who else is re watching this because Nova brought back "Until I Rage"?
I love it when you rage
Nova: Awww... cries..... WHAT THE FUCK!?
This game is sadist as shit.
Nova would you kindly, revive this series?
hey should have done the after credits of mw1 on veteran
Do a "Until I Rage" series on Super Hexagon, it certainly made me rage until I beat the first level after 600000000 tries.
+Jacob45678Liam Not to mention he rebooted the series starting with Dark Souls.
Had to watch this again, it's too funny
when I got this on steam it had xbox symbols for controls, does anyone know how to change it to pc?
i have a short fuse when it comes to me playing rage games then i start yelling FUCK YOU GAME PEACE OF SHIT FUCKING FUCK I WILL EAT THIS GAMES SOUL NOM NOM NOM
Hey nova play more until I rage they r halarious
You should play the N game.
flash vershin of meat boy
20. 20 fucks were harmed in the making of this rage.
Why don't you play the first infamous
super pig is a rage game
 how the squirrels head gets cut off and he talks about his warp....da fuq james
CatMario or Unfair Mario if he hasn't played them here yet.
nova if you can possibly believe it the world record speedrun for this game is some fucking insane time 19:22. IN UNDER 20 MINUTES, THE WHOLE FUCKIN GAME and no deaths. it is ridiculous 
With all the warps & everything?
''Alright what's up guys'' -Nova
if you want a good game but hard try playing the binding of isaac
he's done that already, it's in the recommended...
if u idiots wanna suggest stuff do it on the livestream or his NEWEST videos (daily videos)
I'd adore it if you came back to this game and completed it.
Estubo supermegafull muy entretenido y una locura lo qe mas me agradoooo qiero qe siga el segundo mucho mas modificado bien lo estamos esperandooo anciososssssssoosss bay
Pics or it didn't happen. JK. Just messing with you. You must have been GOOD!
that purple thing was a WARP ZONE. I BELIEVE that it HAPPENS every FEW TRIES
nova should be the voice of meatboy
I beat it ALL and even the secret world with bandaid girl
11:51 nova at the bar with a hot girl and scumbag steve
Nova: is this game gonna ramp up in difficulty any time soon? *dies* AW NU!!! 'Game: Fuk u 3:<'
7 first tries in a row... nice nova nice
hmmm.... ur pretty funny SUBSCRIBE!
Play "I Get This Call Everyday" It's IMPOSSISSIBLE
the first cut scene is a street fighter reference
We meaning my country where i live in a state in a town in a house unlike you who lives in a shitty nerd world full of gay feggets like yourself that is BRUTLY REATRDED and fucked so hard in the head that you dont think before you type.FUCKING DUMBASS SHIT. Done, now read this you little shit
we want more UIR pleas so fucking funny,
Lol there's a person in YouTube beat this game flawlessly without any deaths xD
19 deaths on the first
It actually is blood, he is not actually made of meat. He is actually a boy with no skin just to creep you out
Nova: **see's crying squirrel** awww :( *Squirrel's head is sliced of* WHAT THE FUCK?!?!? :0
Shitty games? Try "No Luca no" on XBox360
Nova!! U should play unfair mario!!
I wish he would give this game another try!!:) lol
Damn there should be something one whovian can say to a whovian that would make normal people would think they belong in a mental hospital
james/nova how about wario ware
Shitty game- Scratches: Director's Cut.
play unfair mario and unfair platformer and cat mario
3 very annoying games include red squares impossible game worlds hardest game and Super Meat Boy
Give up play that game !!!!!!!?! ¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤:D
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