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Castlevania Lords Of Shadow PS3 - First Thoughts -

by Cinemassacre • 602,341 views Join the AVGN Facebook page!

you can kind of tell from how he talks about the game that he's not sure if he's really qualified to make a judgement on this game.  He's just so used to older games that the newer style seems to give him trouble.  Not bashing him as he only had this as an impression since fans gave him the request but because he acknowledged that he isn't good at newer games shows a lot of respect.
I wouldn't usually comain about James' comments in these videos, but the fact that he complains about the lack of variation with the fighting sequences and then goes on to complain about the puzzles (which I personally found rather varied) seems a bit odd. Overall, I thought the game was great; fantastically portrayed characters, deeply rooted in folklore and mythology, amazing voice acting, stunning environments and a haunting story all make this game truly stand out. I understand the monotony, but it's excusable for the rest of what the game is.
He should review the newer Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2. He even has an easter egg in that game referring to him as 'The Angry Rolfe'
Haven't played it yet but, reminds me a lot of the game play from the God of War' least from what the video shows...that's okay though because I love the GOW series. Add the horror element...sold! I don't have tons of extra cash so I need to see something like this to convince me to buy so, thanks.
To me this game is sort of in between God of War and Dynasty Warriors in terms of quality. God of War is a masterpiece, Dynasty Warriors is real mediocre, this game is alright though. Not too great but not bad either. It's shit as a Castlevania title, but decent as a general game.
I thought it was weird that I was watching Hitler: Rise of Evil, and decided to take a break from it and try this game only to find Robert Carlyle is the voice of Gabriel. These are the only two things I've ever noticed him in. What an odd coincidence.
I played the the nes castlevania 1,2,3 and lords of shadows 1,2.and i think they're awesome except castlevania 2 for the nes
I wonder if he likes skyrim.
He'll probably like it for the exploring and freeroaming. As for the fighting system... I'm not sure.
so happy he didn't like it, i thought i didn't like it because i didnt know what to expect from a castlevania game before i played this one. but no its pretty frustrating and its garbage. having now seen avgn and james and mike mondays on castlevania the classics (simon's quest aside) look like more enjoyable games
If it were actually made better i would like it. I dont like it not because of it being a shitty castlevania game, but a shitty game overall.
this game is a ofensive to castlevania
That 'game' is more like an interactive movie. Save the story for the instruction manual.
The fighting style is Very god of war
I think this is a good game. No game can be perfect!!! No game!! I've never been into castlevania so I can't comment on how it's nothing to do with the other games. But I really like this game and can't wait to finish it and move to the next one. There is just so many games I'm playing it's hard to stick to just one! Unless it's awesome! Like the destiny beta. Which I ain't putting down!
You should totally try Castlevania Mof 1 and 2. Sidescrolling is back and there is more action.
Play castlevania chronicles for ps1 its are remake of the castlevania ( like castlevania 4) and you can once again whip in eight directions ( like in castlevania 4)
Could we get a follow up on this? Would also love to watch a video on Dark/Demon's Souls/2 if you've played those.
Personally, I loved this game and thought it was great; basically, an 8.5 or 9/10. When it came out, a lot of people wrote it off as a God of War (action), Shadow of the Colossus (titan boss battles) and Uncharted (climbing mechanics) ripoff, but I think people didn't give it as much credit as it deserved... I still have to play Lords of Shadow 2, but I know that one isn't as good, unfortunately.
I love sucking cock
I wonder what AVGN thought about Gabriel becoming Dracula at the end or the sequel.
I imagine James is going to use the Nerd to respond to that.
The first 2 thirds of this game are Great! ... then there are some great set-pieces but the story looses it. 
The general opinion seems to be... "Good game that takes from a ton of other games. Not a great Castlevania, though." As an overall thing from what I've seen around the internet, not just here.
Really, I think Dark Souls is what a 3d Castlevania should be like. If focused less on RPG elements and more on action, it would be like a 3D Symphony of the Night.
This game was awesome I loved playing it the only downside to the game was there were too many puzzles. the sequel "Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2"  is complete crap !  I'm glad I didn't play it I saw the walkthrough and that was enough for me.
Hey James You Should Team Up with me On the PSN and I just hate the Updates it's like so long and sometimes it feels like forever for the game to Start You Can Find Me on PSN Hope to see There!
that's not necessarily a bad thing. Third, this game has much more varied environment than most other new castlevania- games ( just the fact that it doesn't take place strictly in Transylvania is a plus ), and forth, you once again play as a Belmont. I know you don't collect hearts or break walls to find food, but that's like saying CoD 2 doesn't have anything to do with the first one just because it has regenerating health.
If James hates puzzle games, I wonder how much he loves portal XD
I told my friend from England that some of the Portal puzzles were too hard for me. He suggested i tried God of War. I asked, "God of War, God of War 2, or God of War 3?" "Yes." He replied
this game is awesome the music, the bosses, the combos etc, is just that James sucks playing cstlevania for the xbox360
I wish he'd finish and do an other video already
0:09 .......Can't argue about that one James.... :/
Castlevania has always had problems ripping off other games, yet not being as good. With the 2d games it was metroid (though it still works because of the classic gameplay mixed in) with the N64 games it was Tomb Raider, with the PS2 games it was DMC, and with this one it's God of War. Yeah it's good but we've played it before, and it was better last time.
Actually, the Metriod rip-off only began with the late 2D era with Symphony of the Night. Prior, CastleVania was a fresh, original platformer for it's time in the late 1980s' to mid 1990s'. One of the best of it's kind, actually. It just couldn't find it's identity after the 3D era began so it resulted to following in the shadow of other games.
There was also a bit of Shadow of the Collosus as well.
P.S. I don't think anyone will agree with this, but this game ( In ways ) reminds me more of Castlevania 4 than Symphony of The Night did. Why? Well, first of, this game has much more fluid controls, plus ( once again ) it's up to you and your whip ( instead of a sh*t- load if weapons and items ). Second, it goes back to a linear style where you just kill enemies and progress to the next area. I know it's extremely similar to God of War, but sins that's one of the best hack n' slash- games ever,
I love the Lords of Shadow series, can't wait for LOS2
I guess one cool fact is that you actually play as Dracula ( in his human form, Gabriel Belmont ).
castlevania lords of shadow 2 is going to came out probably in 2014 so, james if you can, can you do a review or something? :)
Thank God James who is a fan of older Castlevania games doesn't have much hate on this game because he is not too blinded with fanboyism, HUMANITY RESTORED!
All they had to do was have more areas inside castles, its supposed to be Castlevania for goodness sake. This Castlevania is not close enough to the other Castlevanias and it wouldn't have been difficult to make it more like the originals, I think God of war is to repetitive and the projectiles are weak and almost useless. My favorite Castlevanias were the Lament of Innocence Simon's Quest and the original Castlevania. 
+Everybody Run  Lament of Innocence is worse when it comes to repetitive gameplay and even stage layouts(Much even worse in Curse of Darkness that makes me feel sleepy in the middle of the game). Lords of Shadow gets better in later chapters and my final verdict is plays like a modern 3d version of Castlevania 4(the game even has a remix from the two tracks of SCV4!), a classic SNES CV game which I even more prefer than all of Metroidvanias combined! 
it looks like a darksiders game, but done really shit
Looks like god of war
Can you do a review on the Devil May Cry reboot
All they had to do was have more areas inside castles, its supposed to be Castlevania for goodness sake. This Castlevania is not close enough to the other Castlevanias and it wouldn't have been difficult to make it more like the originals, I think God of war is too repetitive and the projectiles in Devil May Cry and God of War are weak and almost useless. My favorite Castlevanias were the Lament of Innocence Simon's Quest and the original Castlevania. Free Roaming in Castlevania would also be nice.
A ripoff from two games, shadow of the colossus and god of war
+Blackws09 seriously, i can say that god of war copy the system of Prince of Persia. Come on dude, you only play God of War in  your whole life that any game that has some resemblance to it you just push it away? What a jerk.
Castlevania: Lords of Shadows 2 like Superman 64. Lords of Shadows 2,Lords of Shadows 2,Lords of Shadows 2,Lords of Shadows 2,Lords of Shadows 2,Lords of Shadows 2.....
The game plays far better than GOW, looks far better, Feels far better, actually has a decent length, has replayability with experimenting with new abilities on old bosses, flows perfectly. On top of this Gabriel and Kratos are different at the very core: Gabriel has great blocking, and is faster than a giant cheetah on speed. And Kratos? He's just boring. Castlevania LOS also has combos you'll actually use. To top it all off do people really think GOW is the only hack and slash? There's MH composed of 10 games, Amalur, Bayonetta, Dante's Inferno, Warhammer Space marine, Metal Gear Rising,.....It's a whole genre and GOW is the most boring example.
whooo, james is so out of touch with games
Wow. Nice. When you said "I guess" about the fan requests. But I see what you mean.
I feel that they should simply call the game "Lords of Shadow" instead of "Castlevania: Lords of Shadow", because I find that it has nothing to do with Castlevania.
I really like the game quite a bit. It has some flaws and some control issues at some points (like not being able to interact with some objects unless you are JUST the right position) and sometimes enemies take way too much punishment and the combos take too long to do for them to be useful. But the difficulty is just right, game doesn't hold your hand and you actualy have to use your brain, visuals are great (thou visuals are only bonus to me), there is a lot of variation, music is great and I like the story.
I wonder if he ever had the time to play it some more!
At least let Mike play that game and see what he thinks.
what is it with this people calling this game a rip - off? this game copy other game not just one game but many. and executed it nicely. it copy a good thing from a good role model. why hating on it? what is it with the desire for something new? originality doesn't always be a good thing.
This game is EPIC. So glad it hit the PC! Almost beaten LoS2 as well. Hardcore m melee combat, best of its kind.
Keep playing usual games are a lot better a the end
I wish Castlevania would pick a genre and stick with it. "We're a platformer! Wait, now we're an action RPG! JK, we're a spectacle brawler!" I just hope we don't have to see Castlevania: Puzzle Attack next. Although, while we're on the subject, a sandbox Castlevania would be awesome. Roaming the countryside, seeking out and destroying evil...
this is a God of War knock off piece of $@^%!!!!
sounds like it's just takeing a mixture of ideas from god of war with the button presses and replenishing some health and shadow of the colossus with the whole boss climbing crap and about 500+ games with the puzzle shit in them
ehhhh... if we really want to trace it back, I would say really Devil May Cry is the one that truly popularized this style by putting 3D platform, action "hack n slash", puzzle into one game. And DMC came out in 2001 while Lament of Innocence came out few years later.
just about to comment that and i see your comment
Exactly. First, God of War. Beefy bloke with poor coping skills gets a big nark on after something kills his wife and takes it out on mythological creatures with a weapon on the end of a chain that can do light attacks and heavy attacks. Second, Shadow of the Colossus. Boss fights with monsters so big you have to ledge climb all over their bodies, pausing to hold on when they try to thrash you around, and chip away at their health by pecking at glowing weak spots.
Nope, but you're a 20 year old acting like a big badass adult. Newsflash, you're not better than anyone else. You're a baby in diapers telling how shit this game is or that it's a clone. It's not a clone because it's too different to be one. Your fav game is probably shit too if I think hard about it. You're pathetic who can't man up to responsibility. Stupid new generation of "gamers".lol
Tekken Tag 2, Monster Hunter 3, Uncharted, Final Fantasy XIII, possibly Bayonetta (I don't usually like those sort of games but Bayonetta is the shit). Rayman Origins/Legends. When Vikings Attack (I bet that'd fast become a fav for him).
This is a reboot of the franchise.
Sounds like one of those PS2 games. Or, good forbid, those N64 ones. Lords of Shadow was pretty good, and at the end you just are blown away. The "problem" some people that like it (not me, I'm fine with that) is that is too long for a "Hack and Slash" game like Devil May Cry or God of War. I wished James gave his opinion on the game when he reached the Castle (or if he finished it, the ending).
Also, Like other people already pointed out, Castlevania: Lament of Innocence and Curse of Darkness on the PS2 had all the elements of Lords of Shadow (save the timed button presses) years before the first God of War. So if anything..
Awww did I hurt your little feelings boy? The only one scraping the barrel is you, kid. 20 years old and so self righteous thinking like he is hot shit. Oh the disappointments that await you little boy. All those big games and yet this one is for the sheep? Stupid stupid STUPID! You're just a pathetic tool and a waste of life and so is your garbage "review". LOL!
Uncharted or God of War would be pretty good choices if you want to try newer games
Not actually defending this game (even though I like it) but James, you can't dis a game just because you can't figure out its puzzles.
I loved the music, but I guess it's just taste. Also Los 2 id faster paced in combat and platforming, the music fits well now, there are no loading times and no chapter sections, instead the world develops organically your shadow and light magic is actually weapons that can be upgraded and has a purpose now. Light using to heal shadow for extra damage and breaking enemies defenses. They added a free camera system and a open world environment, but not like gta. It opens as you play on.
already played it shitface and I prefer it. Now do one I'm done talking to you.
i don't think i'm hot shit, i just see that you're a total fucking loser. Omg let's use all capitals and repeat the same word 3 times to get our point across. I'm going for trials to get on to an Olympic team on the weekend, what are you going to be doing? Not amounting to half a slice of anything I bet. It takes a tool to drink in something like LoS as an 'awesome' game. I was able to see past the gimmicks. Have a shit life you brat.
Yeah James was still very early in the game. The second Lord of shadow boss, the vampire was insane. I loved this game having never played the earlier ones and can't wait for the second one
I could cope more with Gab then Kratos because Kratos was always mad Gabriel at least had emotion to a point. also the reason for his lack of facials was it was made from an indie company and they were restricted to do what they wanted so they had to play it safe. In lords of shadow 2 all those problems everyone complained about has been fix in my opinion
to me this game looks so much like god of war
OMG SHUUUT UP if you don't like it don't play it, seems simple. This game wasn't to bad but the DLC's were little horrid and overly priced. So it doesn't have to do to much much with CV whoi cares the last time I played a worthy Castlevania game was in the nineties. After the sequel this series should end before this game it was dying franchise. I would like to see AVGN do a review on Judgement now that game sucks hands down right down to the crappy artwork.
please make a Dark Souls review
And where can I shit, asshole? You prefer it because you like shitty games and dolphins. Don't drop the soap, fa!
Infamous is a superhero game. Sly Cooper is a silly stealth game. There's all the Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy games of course. There's the Devil May Cry 1-4 games. Ratchet and Clank games are hilarious third person shooter games. Resistance games are first person shooters. Shadow of the Colossus and Ico are masterpieces, but simplistic. Journey and Flower are quite unique.
No they share that elements too(DI and LoS), I don't mean all is bad for example, except for the part of the wife and Satan the story was amazing and an improvement of the old ones, the problem is that they use that elements that are old and overused, if they had keep the story in the way they did at the beginning I think could have been a better game, but I think they force the story to fight the devil, I also couldn't feel the pain of Gabriel because they keep him so Kratos
Well,try for a bit longer,I know it's a bit tedious at the beginning but it will get better and you will understand a bit more the game.Yes,the Ice Titan is something I completely agree that was a ripoff and unnecessary and there's 3 of these (Ice Titan,Earth Titan,and _____)it could have been a Centaur since it starts in a forest and stuff.
Don't have 3DS but watched a walkthrough and i must say: It's WAY more true to its roots than any other recent castlevania than i have ever played. And the game overrall is pretty neat, with just some little issues like the god-forsaken quick time event boss deaths. But i like the original LoS as well; Not an OMGWOWZERS AWESOME kind of game, but still a decent action game.
I see what you mean but the music does fit well with this type of game. But the new game is going fix all these problems the first 1 had.
there are no words... Although my fav games include Sonic 3 + Knuckles, Super Castlevania IV, Crash Bandicoot and the Prince of Persia Sand Quadtrilogy. Urrr murrrr guurrrrrd so new gen. Get back to your horror games son, you've outstayed your welcome here.
James Please Review Hitman Blood Money
So they took the name Castlevania and stuck it on a god of war clone. What happen to Konami?
Interesting because I see you as a stupid kid talking shit. You think you're the badass and better than anyone? You're not better at all. You're just like all the rest. 20 year olds don't rule the world, no matter what that song says. "Oh look at me I'm Biff Tannen and I want to be on the Olympic team!" Typical asshole all the way. I'm working in taking care of retarded old people. They can't drink their coffees without coughing it all over themselves. All the money just so my muse can be happy.
and what are you even talking about anyway, the first 2 reviews that come up when you search on Bing are both ridiculously positive and shout it's praise. It had a mixed bag of reviews, there are those like me and James that didn't appreciate it and there are those that did. Now stop with the 12 year old insults and go reflect on your life.
All but QTE's were present in Lamment of Innocence which came out the year before: *Gameplay *Health and EXP *Weapon upgrade (by Gandolfi if I'm not mistaken) *In EVERY Castlevania you kill mytholigical creatures (have you forgotten how brutal were the Medusa's Heads in CV1?) *His love interest dies and gives purpose to the hero's quest *Final Boss:Death And that's why it can't be a copy.Because the only thing that uses is the brutal killing.
well the problem I see with Gab is that he doesn't show human emotions and I don't mean the face i mean his performance(it's like the generic hero cliche the way he reacts to everything), if he was more human and not an invincible killing machine my god this game could have been a master piece, and maybe give him a better reason to fight the devil, also I don't find the music so memorable as the old ones but thas just my opinion, but still the story is better that most Castlevanias
You know remember that alucard sorry if I spell his name wrong was suppose to be the main character of this game don't believe me find the taser trailer of this game. You can find it anywhere on YouTube .
Castlevania should be a sidescroller with pre-rendered 3D graphics
Jesus, people are still comparing this to God of War? Ugh.
I've owned both of those games so i know. How curse of darkness and Innocence were vastly different from LoS, they were pretty much an exact translation of the original castlevania games to 3d. There was definite copypasta in the gameplay.
funny thing, James, the first day it came out I made it to the ice giant gave up and sold the game
A rip off of Shadow of the Colossus and God of War.
I just beat this game last week on the third hardest difficulty. This game is difficult but it feels so rewarding by then end. At least for me it was. Also very excited for Lords of shadows 2 later this year.
Zit infested kids like him of the Twilight generation wouldn't know a good game if it hit them in the face.
Well the cross in LoS is a whip and in DI is like a gun(I dunno how to describe it),heroes have their moments,but *SPOILERS* Gabriel loosing hope and felling betrayed and turning into Dracul is what truly makes the game more than it should,you question yourself if the Brotherhood is the true evil for tricking someone to go too far or if Gabriel is wrong and should die,this is what the original timeline lacked.However Dante got what he wanted and more so it might just end there.
never knew there was an Ecco game on Dreamcast. I have the Mega Drive bundle thing on my PSP and occasionally crack out some Ecco. Still a proper hard game.
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