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Autumn - Premeditated Dying

by bruno lopes • 137,155 views

There are several (at least 3) artists by that name. 1) ... is a gothic metal band from The Netherlands ( 2) ... is a gothic rock band from US ( 3)...

Omg what a voice!! Powerful and well mastered. 4:04 chills down my spine and goosebumps all over  ¦-} Btw, dont feed the trolls... ; )
This is one of the track where I started to listen gothic rock music. And I still love it...
im learning goth, trying to get all kinds of music under my belt..all styles and this is nice, but whos the best goth bang to check out?
Adorei, a voz dela é muio forte, causa impacto imediato!!! Sem contar que ela é linda!!!=)
saw them at waldrock in friesland last week,great band,and she's great live too :)
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@7000ironman Type O Negative. Early Theatre of Tragedy are two I would definitely recommend. Early Sirenia is also good and Within Temptations first album.
Don't tell me you met Sharon AND Simone..... JEALOUS AGAIN! I LOVE THEM! I mean musically. HaHaHaHaHaHaHa. Did you know Simone's engaged?????
nienke blijft beter dan die andere! xxJana.
She DOES have a similar voice comparable to Cristina, doesn't she???? Only Cristina's voice is a little, tiny bit higher.
wow this band is great if you listen to panic at the disco and all that crap then you must start to asfixiate yourself this band kickass
where can i download anyth for them ?
the people who discrimined the gothic must have a lot of problems coz i don't discrimined the people who wear colour clothes cox i hate the colors i love the colors to fool i see them all day as you FUCKING IDIOT
gister waren ze in Blerick op t'soks festival egt zeker supper ruig :D
from which album is this song ? i only have one , when lust evokes the curse , and i want his song !
This song is actually a B side for the single 'Gallery of reality', taken from 'Summers End'. Premeditated Dying isn't on any CD, but we thought the song was cool enough to make a video. :)
fantastische band heb een live video van ze gepost van hun nieuwe cd my new time watch?v=fugybKGn2k0
muy buenos!!! la voz es como la de Dio pero en mujer
Yes, it is the same band, but it is an old video of a concert they did in 2005, when they toured with Witihin Temptation. Now they have a new singer and the music they make is also less metal as you saw at MFVF...
Search for alternative ways to satisfy the mind Desperate to glance on the other side of life Addicted to work up feelings of an unknown kind Evoke emotions connected to a thousand-meter dive I would die a bit, so I could reach the afterlife Trusted there would be, something beyond our comprehension I would live a bit, so I could fight my psychedelic strife Hoping to survive, to tell about this unknown dimension
I like her voice very much. It somehow reminds me of Lacuna Coil's Cristina Scabbia.
heb ze al 2 keer life gezien, binnenkort 3 keer zijn egt fukin chill alleen wel een onhandige bassist, hij sprong van het podium en ramde zn basgitaar tussen mn ribben :P maar cker wel een vette band, voor iedereen die van het genre houd aan te raden
great song, pity it was not included on the CD's. Nienke's voice is fantastic.
This the Autumn from the songs 'The witch in me' and 'For those who are left behind'? Greetz: Nigelene -xXx-
This is a German band, not one of the three listed in the description.
she is really beautiful. I also think nienke's voice is totally refreshing :)
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@dfspa what the fuck would you know about metal, the last time i checked you were listening to lady gaga. So yeah dont give crap about metal Bitch!!!,
what album is this song from? I bet it's their first one which I can't get my hands on here in the US. How frustrating xxoo love you Nienke
This will date me, but Nienke singing reminds me so much of Jefferson Airplane's Grace Slick. Esp. this song. Listen again to "Somebody to Love" and you'll hear. Similar vocal range,and powerful delivery!
Met / spoken to Simone countless times. Even got a few pics of me and her (and sometimes some other Epica bandmembers too) Been to two Autumn gigs, never got a chance to meet Nienke, though.
she's very beautiful and you're right she reminds me cristina too
Did you know that the getourman my dad is. He's name is Meindert and lives in the Netherlands;p
neeee enot pagepop.. They ned to got to graspop metal meeting, I saw them on torenpop in amersfoort... Love the band.
Welmoed Veersma is a big vocal! My favorite!
autumns best song in my opinion - slow and yet so powerful
Have they got a new singer? Cause they will appear at Wacken open air.
sounds very much like 'over the hills and far away'
Get some signed pics please!!!! Send them to me on myspace! I IDOLIZE Sharon and Simone!
In my piont of view Autumn is way better than Lacuna Coil
Not a fan of ghotic metal, but i like this song!!
no they haven't but for my have autumn quit, no one can do the same as nienke.
The first album is even hard to get here in Holland since it's sold out. Premeditated Dying isn't recorded on any album. And no, as far as I know they haven't got an new singer yet.
WHAT!?! You got to meet Nienke AND Floor!?! What was she like! Oooh. I'm jealous. I LOVE FLOOR!
It probably is, I believe Autumn was on tour with WT during the making of this video. I think.
True. Cristina's voice is way more stronger (I.E "Our Truth") and Nienke De Jong's voice is more.......melancholy.
theyve got more, Gallery Of Reality is one, great studio vid!
you know that (almost) all the gothics are white and not niggers right? xD (don't know any black goths)
This voice is a bit more powerful and melancholy, though.
no the Over the hills drum solo is slower than this. absolutely no need for that comment
i just love this song, Nienke i miss you !!
i agree, but within temptation has to be the best
Yes, but I don't see any similarities with Autumn... Exilia reminds me more of Guano Apes...
whats the name on the album with this song?
'k vind ze kei goed ! 1x bij een optreden geweest 2 jaar terug geweldige band !! zet em op Autumn !
whats up with the funny guy at the end, and why cant i find any thing like cds or anything at all of theirs? cos their quite good lol
Great video! Nienke does great in this song. This video brightened my day. :)
seen them today at pagepop. they rock
YEAAAAAAAAAHHH this is nice music!! I lovE iT
nienke stop singing in this dutchbandm so you know.
dnt gt it y is there within temptation symbol in background this doesnt look like the same autumn band which played at mfvf but they r gud tho!!
This is the one I was looking for! :D Heard this song on Octane, and I was like "ooooh" These guys are awesome! I dunno why they're not getting much attention.
Excellent. I loved this song. If only we could get good music like this in modern America.
She should sing with Cristina Scabbia! XD
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