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First Chinese Woman In Space!

by SourceFed • 248,417 views

Order your SourceFed Posters here: Description: Major Liu Yang & Captain Wang Yaping are in the running to become China's first female astronauts in space. Our...

They said the wrong name for the pictures.Should be the other way round.
I wanted to be an astronaut when I was a kid, but I didn't get the list of things I needed to have until I was fifteen, and by then I'd already missed the proper education and 20/20 vision trains.
it's not really your comment, it's more the fact that it got 19 thumbs. on second thought, it was your comment. the fact that americans are stereotyped as culturally ignorant and stupid is absolutely disgusting to me. i blame reality tv shows.
i have what it takes because I'm Batman
Hells to the no, space is not for me until the tech gets way better.
I can see I just have to wear super thick glasses and without them I only see like blurry splotches of color
The dream of writing science fiction stories about astronauts/cosmonauts was one besides being actually one. I never dreamed of flying planes but wondered if I would have to study engineering, math, and science in order to meet the requirements. And they said I have to have 20/20 vision: I wear eyeglasses, which could disqualify me from flying in the fleet. Now I really dream of going to space (only as a tourist, not a professional) later in my life...just hope space hotels can happen someday.
what disappoints me most is that this has likes. Heres an idea, regardless if this was a joke or not, please keep your sexist comments to yourself it makes you look like a pompous ass.
Silly SourceFed, I hit like before the page even loads.
1. Legally blind does not mean one can't see at all. Someone I know is legally blind and can play video games, do drawings and is taking photography. It means you can't (legally) do certain things because of impaired vision (like driving). 2. there are programs that translates speech into text. I actually communicated with someone though such means.
I have what it takes to be an astronaut because I have the plucky, hard-working, tenacious American spirit, or some shit.
legally blind doesn't mean you cant see. it means that you have 20/200 vision, meaning without correcting lenses, you have terrible eyesight. apple de app from the black eyed peas is considered legally blind, he doesn't have a cane.
Blow it up the reds don't need to get any smarter
i think women should be let into space... c'mon zero gravity sex, dont say you dont want it too.
Id suck as an astronaut lol my vision is pretty bad and i can't remember so many buttons ;p
or pay 200,000 dollars for a ticket to virgin galactic
Except it's not, because of course many women don't have those traits and many men do.
nope. impared vision and i'd rather be on the ground. in the woods. looking up.
lee... do more judy garland impressions.
you go to space. when you come back to earth, people will start calling you HERO. real heroes are those people who are fighting the terrorist in the war. js
next mission, shenzhou 10, due to launch in late 2012 or early 2013, would consist of her and two more male astronauts.
Steve is so cute in this video ^_^
I don't have what it takes to be an astronaut because I'm too tall.
oh, did the demand for chinese food in the space kitchen go up?
Brilliant idea to send a person named Wang to space in a rocket shaped like a penis.
Fun fact for you proud ladies, physiologically women are more ideal pilots because they can survive and stay conscious under .5 G's more then Males on average.
no I'm not FEELING you Stephen
Not so hard to believe, China is now the top economic power in the world.
Take this as you may but do me a favor and think about it first do women really want to be truly equal or so they want to be equal and be treated like ladies
Awwww, you must be new here:) Although, it is extra fun to troll people when they have no clue about what's going on :D
Liu Yang got picked!! They just blasted off a few minutes ago!
Screw CNN, I have SourceFed. :D
What an in depth insight you got of my character out of three words on a youtube comment =p. Chill man, Sometimes I just try to offend that ONE stupid guy with a stereotype. Unfortunately others can see it if they want. I don't actually think all americans are dumb. Peace.
They must really value the women a lot because she's getting her own toilet up there.
Reason why it has taken so long for women to go to space: Lee's Reaction :D
Are you actually stupid or are you just pretending? A galaxy and a solar system aren't the same thing. The Solar System is .0032% the size of the Milky Way galaxy
I think I have what it takes to be an astronaut, I can tred water for ten minutes no problem. Unfortunately I exceed the height limit =(
I would be a Great astronaut because I would do what others are to chicken to do, Straight into a BLACK HOLE. If I survive I would report back what I found, If I can survive the planet full of apes.
Quote: "srsly?" It's hard to take you seriously when you can't even spell "seriously". Particularly when it was completely clear from the beginning that _NO_NOT_ SERIOUSLY_!!! What kind of person seriously begins an insulting paragraph with false empathy and then ends with "Boo-hoo"? Oh I think I get it. I know what the problem is now. You were seriously educated in America. Reading comprehensions not taken seriously in your country?
Lee Newton, please take my hand in marriage
I can tread water for ten minutes or at least I could last year idk if I still can
no i cant hear well :( i would yell :0
1:27 Lee sounds like Annie in Community
my sister is applying for the last nasa mission into space (that we know of) and she should be one of the highest qualified person for the job :D
there better be a kitchen in that space ship
my uncles name was steve newton. rip
No, I wear glasses and am too tall.
sourcefed: can you change lee's voice?
Lee and Steve got married! Mazel Tov!
SOURCE FED WE GOTTA PROBLEM! I am a loser, I have been commenting on random videos for 2 hours straight trying to prove to my friends I am capable of getting top comment! But every time I make a joke like "Thumbs up if you are the 301 viewer" or "Wow, there are more likes than views". I even have made countless "LEE NEWTON IS HOT" but none, YES, none of my comments got a thumbs up. I am not going to sleep tonight until I get top friggin comment. So do me this favor. Thumbs this up right now!
lol true. Most of Japanese things, including people, culture, food, etc. comes from China. BUT so much has adapted and changed since then so they are too many differences. It's like England and US sort of... But yes, godzilla still rules.
don't have what it takes to be an astronaut but on the day i learn to fly i'll never come back down
Not just reality T.V dude. There are A LOT of other factors playing part.. XD
I gave my girlfriend a pet name, its lee. She thinks its cute, but she doesn't know where I got it from. Muahahaha.
yeah, probably not a good idea to use a youtube account with my real name to say i'm batman... now everyone knows my secret identity!
No because i have a 20 21 vision :(
carbon copies of soviet rockets. What a joke of a modern space program.
Lee is skinnier than currently, steve is fatter than currently........../ what happened guys
You're going to go ape shit over me not wanting to take the time to spell out "seriously?" That's what internet shorthand is for you dumbass! And if you're still obsessing over this whole thing, then you obviously have nothing better to do than look for a fight and piss me off. I don't know for sure if you're canadian, english or whatever, but I do know one thing: you are a whiny little bitch who would probably shit himself and run screaming for your mummy if we were face to face.
Steve was thirty seconds away from singing soprano if he didn't back-peddle so well...
he is legally blind it is not actual blindness
Steve looks like Andy Milonakis, Jonah Hill, and Seth Rogan all in one
I was asking question without making any assumptions about you. But I can see that you are quick to jump to conclusions about my "nice fat comfortable day" without really knowing anything about me. So I will have to disregard your opinions all together. Not a good way to "bring truth to the world" expectantly if your story is truthful one. Thanks for your time. Have a good day.
Pfft, me? An astronaut? You'd sooner see a whale sitting on the subway reading Harry Potter than me on a shuttle!
legally blind doesnt mean you cant see completely, it just means you exceed some level set by the govt. and you arent allowed to drive
That wasn't a spatula. A spatula is a type of knife. Blame the French for the confusion.
"Your face", srsly? Svag. BTW, "NBA scholarship?" Shows what u actually know about basketball.
wait wait wait. where can I find a Godzilla hoodie?
Throw Justin Bieber tickets in the middle of 12 Teen girls Happy Hunger Games
I have a Buzz Lightyear costume.
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