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by TobyTurner • 322,285 views

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I don't think making videos as your old age is a good idea.
What's with the drawing of you as an elder.
I <3 toby and i want to send him something and get one of board games!
How do I mail you stuff?
:D is a smiley face :P
If u sneeze during this video bless peace of boop
I've gone to the Medieval times diner show twice, once when I was 5 and again last year. When I was five the guy was trying to convince me that the chicken was baby dragon but I was too smart. Last year I was watching and I was telling my dad how bad they were at falling off their horses. (I have ridden horses since before I could walk, but I am way better at it now that I am 12.) they just swung their leg over and jumped off while doing a tuck and role. I can fall off like a pro but I try to stay on most of the time. Hope today and all of the other ones are fantastic and make you smile. ❤️you with all my heart Toby!!
What is the address so I can send him something
Yea whats your address, I wanna send u something
Ive made a board game before and :D stands for either a cheer or a hearty laugh:) ~jesslyn chivers
it would be sad if Toby was old because his videos are amazing
i didnt know that was you on annoying orange..i watched the midevil annoying orange so many times...GOD DANG IT! I could have been fangirling then :3
Don't like anything and press 1337
I want to play that game so bad
colon d is happy. if you turn it to the right it looks like a happy face :)
he puts his finger on the lense, lifts it slightly, then removes it completely and the lens having been in total darkness must adjust hence the white
I got a code for you PETER GRIFFEN
my name is lily i foopin love you :D
What if we post a comment about an orange midevel board game
HIEROGLYPHICS??? I've made my own language and it's great!!
You made the instructions and the game
Toby that episode of anoying orange was cool and u where full of awesomeness and do u think u can let me have an autographed pic of u and Griffin to this address, 321 Bent River Dr, Inman, South Carolina house # 337 thanks.
First this my dad's account I'm on. The Gibson commercial before this video I some how managed to click skip ad the exact moment Toby came on. And I was like surprised and was like no because I barely missed him.
I want to watch annoying orange but my dad said " this is stupid the guy is weird..." I HATE MAH DAD!!!
Whoever sent the letter telling Tobuscus to keep making videos, even when he's old, is silly! Tobuscus will never get old, because he's Tobuscus, and it's a law that Tobuscus will never get old! Silly human!!! :D
in the video.. it looks like he has a blue eye and a brown one!
my favourite episode of annoying orange is the pirate one
How come Toby's vlog's are short but the games he play are longer??
d is the shape coming out of his colon
Dude I would pay to play minecraft with Toby!!!!!!!!
please Toby make another Indiegogo for this board game. I will donate millions of gillions of dollars
you have gone form youterber to tv acter to a movie actor congragultin on that bro and pleas fecher me in the next video on 25 2013 and i am one of your biggest fans
Ok, now try saying tobuscusness 5-7 times really fast.
:D Stands for Toby is awesome.
Remember when people could spell?
I like.yo.eyes xD das all.I.gotta say
I WANT A TOBUSCUS TSHIRT (sorry bout caps) i can find any btw toby do you have an xbox360
I know a guy... who is toby.... can i get, uhmm, my money?
Toby with NEVER get oldbecause it would be sad
How do you do he intro o redness darkness whiteness intro?
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