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I am boggled as to why nobody burns the physical Westboro Church building to the ground. I swear, if those gay-haters come to my town, I'll throw teargas at them and start beating the crap out of them. I will also stalk them and send them anonymous death threats.
+Matthew Weigel Doesn't surprise me.I think lots of homophobics are secretly gay,and just don't want to admit it.
From here in England, I hope everywhere these so called Christians go, they will be treated with the contempt they show for others.  Our service people are heroes, this Church are cowards who rely on the police to protect them.  Take the police away, just once, see how brave they are!  They are worse than radical Islamists who mock our heroes, they should be treated as such!
There are only 36 members to this "church." The world, let alone America, is not threatened at all.
Ignorant folks, running off ignorant folks.
It is technically illegal to attack them as they are using free speech, this is the price of free speech, but its technically illegal to not stop at stop signs (which can kill), so you should be wary that cars may not stop at stop signs instead of relying upon it. What consolation is it if you are in the right if you are dead? By ignoring a drunk driver not stopping or slowing for a stop sign and thinking "Well, I'm not going to be cautious because they legally have to stop" could kill you even though you were following the law. Likewise, its illegal to attack or kill WBC, but one day they will find themselves in a situation with a person who will break the law and do some horrendous to them, even though they were in the right. WBC, you best be cautious. You can start by pissing off and never protesting again.
I believe in equality: that people should be allowed to believe whatever they sincerely understand to be good and correct. Thus, gay and atheist should have the right to believe religious people are an evil that must be exterminated; as long as religious people (like radical Islam and Westboro baptist) are also given the right to believe atheist and homosexuals are an evil that must be exterminated. This way, both sides will be given a "leveled playing field". Yet, we must always keep in mind the law of "action and reaction" (what goes around comes around): the fact that, in the end, we all reap the same good (or evil) we've sowed. So, we better keep our words soft and sweet, lest we are later forced to swallow them.
Run. Run you disgusting westbro pigs.I say that these westbro weirdos are just bullies who never got put in detention so that they think they can do their sh**. Their wrong about that tho
Damn ALL them devil ass cracka`s mobbing against Shirley and her people! The Lord  WILL slaughter every single one of them and their whole families out in the day of judgement. You filthy trashy slabs of white satanic slavemeat WILL be slaughtered out by TMH by the billions on The Lord`s Day!!! Fuck All Yall!!!
Not all whites go to hell
Poor children. Imagine being a 10 year old and having people shout "fuck off, nobody wants you here" just because your parents think that gays and servicemen/women are inferior
+Firewand2235 what religion or branch there of ,do you subscribe to....?...
+jmpmcd  I'm a practicing Pagan and loving it!
if I were to meet them I would slap them all so many times they would start to bleed. USA bitches
+Catpiss Neverclean That's kinky, can I come to the UK?
Freedom of speech is an important right we have in this country,  it guarantees everyone can voice their view (with few limitations).  If you don't like what they say,  then protest against them.  But the violence thing is bullshit.  How would you like if someone who disagrees with you, beats the shit of you to shut you up?
fags running after fags.
Poor christian's soon there will be no christian's. I hate seeing christian's get bashed on lets look at the Koran (Muslim bible). The only true faith in God's sight is Islam. Quran 3:19; "The Imrans," Dawood, p. 51 You are the noblest community ever raised up for mankind. You enjoin justice and forbid evil. You believe in God. Had the People of the Book [Jews and Christians] accepted the Faith, it would surely have been better for them. Some are true believers, but most are evil-doers. Quran 3:110-111, "The Imrans," Dawood, p. 63 Fight for the sake of God those that fight against you, but do not attack them first. God does not love the aggressors. Slay them wherever you find them. Drive them out of the places from which they drove you. Idolatry is worse than carnage. Quran 2:190-2:191, "The Cow," Dawood, p. 28 That's the Koran, they hate homos as well they also want to kill all infidels (non Muslims). The Bible doesn't support homo sexuality, Christians wouldn't lay a finger on gays  they just don't support it.  Lets look at this from a Christian point of view, pretend you are Christian, Jesus gave you all you had without Jesus&god there would be nothing, all he ask's is a few favors (these are broken down versus to the point) Don't be gay Have christian faith  Don't commit murder + more i cant be bothered to put in God loves gays he loves all he just doesn't like some of the acts.  
Fred is still dead!
Fred's dead baby. Fred's dead.
I fucked freds dead body
The only reason the WBC is still present here in the United States is because they would be executed in just about any other country. Fucking cowards.
Stand your ground. Fuck those inbred, hateful WBC degenerates.
a lot of motherfuckers be hating on america,we must b doing something right..everybody wants to see us fall ,thank god we got the #1 military in the world for u haters..USA!!!!
There is nothing wrong with protesting if you believe in something but when they do it at events where there is a funeral its completely wrong its a time for grieving and saying goodbye to someone not for hate
some one should keep trolling the West Baptist church by slashing their tires and causing damage to ALL their cars but only in small amounts so that they think the cars broke down so they have to pay to fix it until they BROKE ASS FUK 
this brought a tear to my eyes thank you proud group for making these assholes leave, if they really hate the US then they should be deported to Antarctica were no one will give a rats ass and be happy they freeze to death  
Lol redneck rampage. Love it.
Like Jim Ross used to saw on WWE RAW, they ran like a scalded dog. Guess they're not so tough after all
From a British man, God bless you Americans!
Boo Ya! Gay, Straight, Republican, Democrat, Christian, Atheist, its nice to know that when it comes to those crazy WBC fucks we're all on the same page.
I loved the two gays with their arms around each other #gaypride  
chain the doors and burn their "church" to the ground 
Running like the cowards they are.
Would be simpler to ask them,if you hate america so much,why don't you leave?
Sp a small part of me was expecting a full blown riot where the w BBC was running for their lives from an angry mob
I'm not part if the W B.C. but I do read the bible. It says many time to speak up. To say sin is wrong. It seems a lot of the comments on here are far more hateful. In fact some are threatening. It a shame how some people express their fustration.
kill them all, unless there a kid 
for me its  Justice 4 N.Z 
I'm a great supporter of any sort of sexual rights but, it's important to understand that red, white and blue is the color of the dick up your arse no matter which gender you claim to beif you live in the USA. I live in Ireland where the government dick is green, white and gold....sometimes orange.
Too funny, that was like the modern day version of the mob with torches, pitch forks and shit. LOL
"Keep thy tongue from evil, and thy lips from speaking guile." Ps 34:13, "Wickedness is in the midst thereof...guile depart not from her streets." Ps 55:11.  So who will make it into heaven? Here: "Blessed is the man unto whom the LORD imputeth not iniquity, and in whose spirit there is no guile." Ps 32:2, "And in their mouth was found no guile: for they are without fault before the throne of God." Rev 14:5. So sad, all that work for nothing! They miss heaven because of the "guile". These people do not know "Love", which means they do not know God "God is love" 1Jhn 4:8,16. They can't even love their own! Talk about them going to burn in hell and smile? (how cold hearted!) They only love to follow rules to make them feel and look holy (justifying themselves) get 10% of the fool's money that follows them! That's why the hateful old man speaks of Billy Graham's money with jealousy in his heart.  These are "the ravenous wolves" (wolf in sheep clothing) God warned us about! Off the top of my head...look at these Scriptures: "They riot in the day time", "He that loveth not, knoweth not God", "he that hateth his brother ("CHRISTian") is a murderer...and we know no murderer shall enter into the kingdom of heaven." "Do nothing out of access",  "God abhoreth the arrogant", "profane and vain words", "He that giveth mercy, shall receive mercy" ("Most hated family"? doesn't look like mercy is for them!), etc. Where is THEIR tithe going to?  < find out!  But I do admire their energy, what will happen when they lose it (and all the $$$ coming to them to support their lust to live lavishly?) Also, the wanting to be perfect is admirable, obeying God's laws...but remember, He that follows the letter of "the law", shall be judged by it! (No one ever passed that test! God said), so He sent Jesus, who told us to LOVE (That's "L-O-V-E") "love your neighbor as yourself" (What if he's gay?)  O;-)
Seriously they wouldn't get much press if people would stop being so damn sensitive. Who gives a flying fuck what these hillbillies think anyway?!
hahaha man,I promise if I ever see these people I'm knocking one out cold. Sucker punch even to,I don't care. I know it's wrong but man would it make me feel good. Soldiers funerals is just to much. The way they do the funerals is so cowardly a sucker punch is the least they deserve. I might even hit a grown woman while running away. The thing that bothers me the most is the little kids that are born into that crap.
faith in humanity restored
Out of all the shootings in the usa none of them happen to them
They bash America's values and they drive away in an American made van. Looks like a Ford. XD
Stupid Americans, saying USA like it means something against WBC. Amazing.
Yeah,  some americans don't have the sense to pour piss out of a boot.  It's embarrassing because these fools don't seem to realize freedom of speech is one of our rights.
+Zaimren Freedom of speech doesn't protect you from others' responses to something you said, it protects you from the government and organizations from limiting your speech. Freedom of speech applies to Westboro as well as the patriots in this video. If you were to go up to somebody and insult them, they have the equal right of freedom of speech to say what they want back to you.
the cowards are running their ass back to kansas. i hope someday someone will get the chance to rough them up american style
Oh, please. They walked and it was because the cop told them to get lost.
Go on run ya filthy inbred "buy-bull" fucked scum of the Earth oxygen thiev'n' fuck'n' twistered & brainwashed maggot infested dog shits.
Same here Matthew,I would buy a machine gun of some sort, and spray bullets in their direction, survivors will be shot again!
I would have walked up and acted to agree with them, and then I would clock them right in the jaw!
i have to admit they are damned lucky to be in America b/c if they weren't they probably would have been killed by now.
both groups are morons.
You yanks are a bunch of retards
I guess what they mean by running for your lives! They were lucky the police were there for their protection! Otherwise, it could have really been bad for them in more ways than one literally!
Westboro shames our country! Have any of them served our country? Until they do, they will never understand.I wonder what the other Baptist churches think of them.This is just what the terrorists want, is to see America fall apart.
please dont take this the wrong way i love seeing those baptist pussys running for their van and speeding off like cockroaches in light thats all they are BUT unfortunately those insects feed off of this attention i honestly dont think they believe in what those signs say all they want is attention so the best way to beat them is to ignore them i know its near impossible not to but we need to try and just remember those cardboard signs cant do SHIT 
It's just like fat nasty people vs other fat nasty people...
Fucking hate these bible bashing cunts and good job there but I have to say, sometimes you Americans sicken me with your OTT patriotism!
They speed off real quick!!!!  They really want all of this media attention, that's why these animals protest Military Funerals of fallen heroes.  They are all scum bags.
the  cops should leave. so we can kick there asses. if they all die better for the USA
maryfatjeans 69 Shared on Google+ · 6 months ago
fred phelps is dead fred phelps is dead fred phelps is that chant
they should come to cali there get shot.
In a way they are kind of helping... When people ('Mercian lovin people) all hate the same person they get stronger... together... So in a way the WBC is failing
I feel sorry for the kids of these retards, brainwashing them with their crazy bullshit
Yes ! Thats awesome !!! Westbro shut down !!!! Go AMERICA !!!
[freedoms intensifies]
I'm going to be honest if they ever picketed someone I deeply loved and I was heartbroken, I would get in my vehicle and go HAM. I know some disagree but its ridiculous how they act.
If somebody linked Zoidberg wooping while they were running away, I would want nothing more in life.
YAY!!!  The good people won.
Mobs. Nothing bad ever happens when mobs form in America
good jobs guys.
Sometimes, you gotta fight fire with fire.  This "Over the Top" ideology deserves some outrageous comments!  Suggesting we "just follow" the selectively interpreted Bible is ridiculous.  How about understanding that human emotion is sometimes more powerful (and sometimes more righteous) than human logic or blind faith. 
This is the most fucking awesome video I've ever seen, one day a huge riots gonna break out and their all just gonna get stampeded and fucked up
bahahaha Let's hope so :)
Awww, did the poor babies run home crying to their mommies? XD
Hard to decide which one of the two groups is more despicable...
By having cameras there or people to protest WBC, you give them power, when it would be much easier in secret to give them flat tires, or super glue in their door locks, and then walk away just like they will. In time I would think they would get the message every where.
morons vs. morons - only in America
This was literally in my town. So fucking proud.
Says the local idiot of our days...
I didn't see any of them running, you moron.
+hotathlete2 The same god who is part of a religion with 439 contradictions, contradictions in the ideology of the god itself, and multiple fallacies?
The same God that brought us the tsunamis, earthquakes and HIV for the sinners.
I just find it sad for the children of members of the WBC, they have nothing to do with that, and get trapped right away.
Looks like Shooter McGavin running away after he stole Happy's jacket.
a nation of 300 million has more serious events to concentrate upon than the noxious behavior of a few hundred fanatic lunatics. i can only assume that it is the obvious and pathetic infantilism of these schizophrenics that continues to insulate them from serious attack.
did anybody else hear the women that said ill bail you out  
Ahh faith in humanity restored.
Misleading title. How about this. Westboro baptist walk to their van after being told to leave by police.
All though it would have been rather amusing to see them running to the van. 
I only feel bad for the children they don't fully understand what their doing and all the hate they receive they should be taken away from them
I find it funny cause we have murderers out killing innocent people, and robbers robbing houses, but these guys are practically walking targets, and no one does anything.
+Paula Marshall Wow... really? You need to explain it to him? I suppose you are both in the same boat. You do know a "drive-thru" would not work since you are technically driving by the place. But with "through" "in at one end, side, or surface and out at the other: to pass through a tunnel; We drove through Denver without stopping. Sun came through the window." So as you can see. Both of you need help.
+fangsea dont get too technical please. There slow people here.
yeah, you shout u.s.a. but have no guts to shout praise the Lord , Notice the two fags at :40 with there arms around each other .  Yes they may have served our country, but all the gay soldiers are in hell . I didn't say it , the bible says that. I get so tired at funerals where people live there lives apart from God , then the preacher says they went to heaven. God have mercy on that shepherd !!
The girl who was shot on Friday the 13th at that Colorado school, just died yesterday. Now these people have a reason to show up! Colorado has suffered enough since Columbine, Apparently WBC just don't get it....people mourn when they lose someone. It's a perfectly normal human emotion. And they call us worshippers of death. And like the cowards they are, they run for the hills when confronted. Got to give them credit, they know when they're defeated to run....
Westboro Baptist Church is an asset for the gay rights movement. So many mainstream people are so revolted by WBC that they are seeing gays in a new light and supporting them
Run you dirty sodomite wbc mutts.
Anonymous did there job.
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