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Jake and Amir: Chinstrap Beard

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These videos where they reverse the roles of Jake and Amir (ie. where Jake is the stupid asshole) pretty much suck.
+bunnyfaceperson123 shut up im right now give me my cookie
These are actually my favorites. It ends up making sense, too, why Jake gets SO frustrated at Amir, because he's so insecure he thinks if Amir acts weird around him people will think they're the same. Btw Im trying to figure out the first video (or so) where they show Jake being insecure and weird with Amir playing the straight man, can anyone figure it out?
I actually think Jake's kind of hot in this video...
Well it's up to how your brain is wired to have a pleasure response to certain stimuli. It's subjective, there's no inherent hotness to anything. That's why I said "I think". You can't accurately state than anything just is when it's subjective. You have every right to not think he is, it's just not accurate to sate it like it's an objective fact.
+BowlMasterAsh Fair enough! I was just saying he looks weird like that, but looks good with a full beard.
this isnt a chacrter switch episode...jake is more self cautious about his social image like his style and the way people precive him...if he thinkks something looks bad but some one thinks looks good on im he will like it automatically. amir on the other hand just is socially awkward with everything else
Jake is SUPER insecure. They're not Jake and Amir switching roles -.-
Love insecure jake episodes. This is fucking hilarious
Amir is such a loyal friend to Jake
I think these episode's with Jake being stupid are kinda relieving from the rest of Jake And Amir. And I love how each time Jake gets a new style/trend he becomes really insecure and kind of a douche and talks about his encounter with incest then Amir joins along when Pat or Murph come around then they both break down and explain the incest part together. Running jokes are running are jokey.
this and all the other jake style changes are great
His beard looks fine.
Someone should make a video compilation of Jake's facial hair over the years. 
I think that in these episodes where we see how insecure Jake is show how it really is. In the normal ones Jake is seen as normal whilst Amir is crazy, yet I think it might be Jake who's telling the story, and he is exaggerating a ton.
i just love the quiet shotgun noises jake makes in the beginning as he's taking off the scarf
Make the fat booty go clap. 
when jake flips a shit. :D
The only surprising thing about this episode is Amir didn't know jack had a Nephew.... Amir knows everything about jack
A weird beard for this revered steer makes the cunny cheer.
"We're beefing" lmaoo so funny bros keep them coming you guys are literally the funniest/best on YouTube foreal
I love when Jake and Amir swap characters
Can we take a moment and wax poetic about one-liners and their place in history?
After watching the Jake episodes alto more fitting as its his actual character
I love these episodes when they switch roles
The people who think this is role reversal are obviously new fans. If you've been watching for years you know this is just how Jake is sometimes.
And that is why they're perfect for each other.
IMO the ones where Jake acts like a douche should be called "Amir and Jake" to show the difference
NO, and you obviously don't know Jake and Amir that well
notice that the nod to that in the intro
That ending is too much
Winner winner chicken chinner
I thin this one is probably where jake and Amir's personalities are most similar
THE HELL?This Bitch made out with his nephew and he's crying!The dude needs to get a fucking grip...On his small as fuck penis!
Jake keeps talking about how he has done some questionable things to his family. Can't tell if he's joking or he's trying to come clean. 
Jake always says something gay about his family when he talks about his appearance
Not always gay, but incestuous.
I never thought that I'd ever see Jake & Amir cry at the same time.
When jake is the weird one he ALWAYS talks about his incest storys
i like how every time jakes insecure he confesses to incest xD
+Bender B. Rodriguez He never had sex with a cake!
Plus they switch roles
I think he's hot with the chin strap lol
anyone think that maybe Jake is actually just as bad as amir, but the show when it only involves the two of them, it's from amir's perspective, and Jake is a lot better from amir's perspective and vise verse, but when it involves other people then both Jake and amir are jerks....
This was more like a character swap episode
Whenever the issue is about fashion, Jake and Amir's personalities change and Jake reveals a history of gay incest. Weird.
The Abe Lincoln can be a good look, but Jake's is too thin.
Whoever named it robotripping was too high on Robitussin to notice that it's not spelled "Robotussin".
When Jake is the stupid one Amir always defends him, but when Amir is stupid Jake is a dick.
This isn't stupid Jake, this is insecure Jake. P:
Why is it whenever Jake is the douchey one he always says he did something gross with one of his relatives?
Why does he always make remarks about homosexual incest when he's insecure about his looks?
I love when Jake acts the same way as Amir
I love the episodes when Jake is being the jackass
that one guy tells jake he's being insecure lol
Jacking all the poon XD
Just one more more...
Looks pretty cool actually!
A chinstrap for this thin chap makes the booty go clap clap haha
Insecure Jake episodes are by far my favorite.
I honestly never got why so many people hate chinstraps.  I can't stand the pencil-thin ones but thicker ones aren't that bad.
I like these ones. Insecure Jake, weird change in style, and an incestual act. 
My only question is how did Jake only miss one spot? If he missed one spot he wouldnt have enough hair left for the chiner
Every time he changes something with his appearance or clothing he acts like an asshole and confesses a act of incest he has done. It's in all the videos.
Jake is insecure as shit
Murph asked about Jake's copy of "Limitless" when he walked over.
I think chin straps look cool, but goatees look awful
Have you stopped making Camp sketches?
Why is Jake acting like Amir
I love it when Jake and Amir switch places.
So when Jake gets insecure he builds this defence mechanism?
It's weird how amir respects jake so much. he gets his back all the time.
jake and amir have swapped personality's o..m..g
At 1:50 and 1:55 Jake has the exact same laugh and notion. I have noticed this in other videos as well that the editing job isn't at best. Still, best comedy web series on the internet.
Jake is always worried and always scared about fashion and is extreamlly insecure about it same goes for his tweets, facebook posts, parties, ect. so because of this he becomes a bit like amir :D it always happens because he is very insecure :3
What!? Did you even watch it? It's clearly what they were going for...
I don't think so. I actually think this is what makes them friends still, when Jake has his little mental moments and everyone else looks down upon him. Amir though he thinks it is odd at first doesn't react in a bad way... He can act crazy too but he balances Jake out. When Jake needs someone there to shoulder his own messed up mind, Amir is able to do it out of understanding.
Jake is so insecure it's hilarious
Is it just me, or did Jake and Amir reverse personalities in this one?
A chinstrap. For this thin chap. Make the fat booty clap.
Dafuq is Shneezin doing in that Video ?
He looks really good with a 'chinstrap beard' \(°o°)/
What the fuck did I just watch.
Insecure jake makes me laugh so hard everytime!!
This episode was so funny i actually started beefing.
A lot of "ing" words spoken out loud leave the g out - so "Stylin'." It sounds more natural.
I can't breathe this was so funny
Not really...Jake's major insecurity comes out in some videos
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