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Canon EOS 60D Tutorial - Movie Mode 7/14

by ChristopherKblog • 508,714 views

EOS 60D: On-Camera Tutorials Canon On-Camera Tutorial Videos explore a specific feature or technology of the EOS 60D.

anyone know how i can shoot stills continuously in video mode? I use my 60d for concerts and such and would like to capture a lot of stills while filming. I used it before and seems like whenever i press the shutter button the aperture takes forever to open/focus and capture the still. Thanks
Thank you! Was at a complete loss as to why, I had it selected but wasn't recording when I clicked the exposure button. Thanks again!
I'm using Canon 60D. when I'm recording movie I receive a message said ( movie recording has been stopped automatically) and I don't know what to do for this problem? Hope you can help me. Thanks
Use a Faster memory card a faster then 45MB i use a pixtor 32gb
Why are you still going on about memory cards? How fast they are or how much capacity they hold has nothing whatsoever to do with the camera halting recording every 15 minutes.  It's made to film that way. If you look in the manual for the Canon 60D. Page 181 and I quote: Total Movie recording time and file size per minute: Due to file system limitations, if the file size of a single movie clip reaches 4 GB, movie shooting will stop automatically. at (1920x1080) and (1280x720), the maximum recording time of a single movie clip will be approx. 12 minutes. At (640x480) and (crop 640x480) the maximum recording time of a single movie clip will be approx. 24 minutes. To shoot a movie again press the record button and it will start recording again.  Total recording time (approx) you can expect on a 8 GB card is:  (1920x1080) 22 minutes.  (1280x720) 22 minutes.  (640x480) 46 minutes.  (Crop 640x480) 46 minutes.  With a 16 GB card for the first two sizes simply double the times. For the (640x480) you should get 1 hr 32 minutes.  An increase in a camera's internal temperature may cause  movie shooting to stop before the maximum recording time indicated.  Hope this now clarifies things.  I'm fairly sure I found somewhere on the web where I was able to download a free PDF copy of the manual.  I transferred it to my phone so I have it to refer to at any time.
I am so grateful for this series of informative videos on the Canon 60D. However, and please don't take offence when I say, I just can't get Kermit the frog out of my head whilst listening to them.
How do you adjust the aperture while shooting video on manual. My camera automatically sets the aperture to whatever it feels like like f9. It makes lighting very difficult and my 50mm f1.4 useless.
You have to set Movie Exposure to MANUAL in the settings menu.  Then use the dial/wheel to change the aperture.
does crop mode really has 640 FPS?
Excellent demo. Concise but very useful!
I currently have a rebel and would like to purchase 6d unfortunately if I do I wont have enough for other things like external flash, or mic receivers etc So if you had a choice what would you get between 60d and 70d?
Is this video made for idiots?
C'mon guys and girls, move on.
hahaha. ya move on people. seriously.
Useful tutorial.....thanks for sharing
buying new dslr...600D or 60D??....Suggest me plz..
ok thanks for your input :) hope you will get ur desired camera soon :) 
which one did you get??
How do I know that the volume on the video is too loud for me to make the adjustment in the manual audio setting, is it possible for a headphone to be connected to the DSLR while shooting so that I can hear what audio is being recorded real time?. Thank you.
Thanks for this Tutorial! Great Infos. When i Use a Tripod and i swing horizontal the Image starts to stutter. In this short Video you can see the Effect in the Horizontal rotation: MY DESK SETUP | Simple and Clean | for MKBHD's Contest It is already stuttering an the Camera Screen, so it is not a software problem. How do i prevent this?  Used 60d, Tamron 17-25mm F2.8 and Canon 50mm with F1.8.
Great video. Thank you Sir.
That was exactly what I was looking for. Thank you. I watched so many videos that simply didn't explain this stuff. The comment below is amusing... !! Super helpful. Ta. 
I want to know how to make it focus by itseft. You know what i mean? I want to record myseft when i'm drumming and i want to auto focus to me. Sorry for my bad english.
Do so miss my APS 😞
I want to know how to make it focus by itseft. You know what i mean? I want to record myseft when i'm drumming and i want to auto focus to me. Sorry for my bad english.
this advices are crap. they will not let you make a decent video.
when I push the button to video itll go for about 15 seconds and so "Movie recording has been stopped automatically" and I have it set for the 30 min. I don't know what im doing wrong?!
Reformat the sd card.  That may help. I have had the same problem and reformatting the card solved it.
You can get the 60d on pre holiday sale now  on
@Jeaust8V Same here bro, my girl got it for me for christmas im dying to get!
Set your canon 60D to NTSC, not to PAL in the video menu, you will see that you can record now at 30fps/1080p !!!
Try with a better SD-card, ie Class 10 (Transcend makes really great and affordable SD Cards in Class 10)
Hmm i am from the uk though, will this make a difference with anything
just got this amazing camera! looking forward to use it. Could someone please tell me how to change focus ''one shot to ''al servo in movie mode ??? i cant figure that out. :)
Thanks for the wonderful presentation . Could you please let us know the general Lens should be used for movie shooting.
@claybiter looks like you have PAL selected. 30fps is NTSC.
1920x1080 (25) and 1920x1080 (24) Allowed you to shoot in fast movement it's depend to what you shooting but both are full HD But for 1920x1080 (50) use more when you doing slow motion.
best dslr for video out right now..... main reason why.... SWIVEL SCREEN AND MANUAL CONTROL OVER AUDIO ;) forget about the 5D
I thought PAL was for Europe and NTSC is USA. Am I missing something
I just with this particular camera wasn't so expensive. I'm not necessary old enough to start in the working world, meaning that this camera isn't an option.
maybe its the 600d. 600d is another camera, also known as Canon T3i
How did you get the 30 Frames on 1080p? Mine does not support 30 frames.
How can we store the recorded videos in a slow motion mode ? Or should we record in the required fps and use s/w to convert to Slow motion?
how many minutes of video can you record on full battery? someone please answer
Im using canon 60d with 85mm 1.8f how do i take portraits without the image becoming blur when my subjects are moving whilst doing a candid shot?
i would like to know if you can assist me i have just bought the 60d and hve noted that whenever i play my videos back they have a bit of a delay they were recorded full hd and had the exact same settings you have in this video, when i playback the video's on my canon they do play smooth. i tried to play it back on my mac and pc but they have those slight delays. Can this be fixed if so pls advice
Because in certain countries normal frame rates are either at 24 or 30fps, so in his country it's 60fps and in other places it's 50fps
@rojaviva the only advice i know to give you is if you want a camera for primarily pictures, go with nikon, but for video, go with canon. Better yet the canon 60D
i have a class 10 and it still tends to happen. Do you have any idea on what is happening?
@ArabGadgets It's your sd card, try low level format.
I have the same problem. Did someone message you a solution?
I have 16GB Class 10 memory card with 45mb speed. I also had the same "the video is automatically stopped " thing...
yeah, I ask myself the same quastion, do you already know?? Is it a update?
Thank you. This was very helpful and spoken so clearly that I as a German understood every single word. Great little overview.
anyone can please tell me the best settings to film in dark rooms eg. restaurant? please?
@begaigai I've had the same issue with mine. First, make sure you have a memory card of at least Class 6 and verify it has a high read/write speed. I bought a Centon 32gb class 10 but it was very frustrating to use since I always got that error. I formatted the memory card after taking data off of it and results were better but I think if you go with a reputable brand with the above criteria you might do better. Let me know how it goes I'd be curious to see what works and change my memory card!
There is a cool photography photo effects guide on with some cool tips on shooting great effect photos.
It could be the class of your SD card. I believe it has to be Class 10 or something.
Great helpful video, many thanks. Could I ask anyone why 1920x1080 24fps was skipped and not explained? Cheers.
Is there any reason that I can't change the ISO while in video mode? Can anyone help me out?
this tutorial is also applicable for the 600D (only with the buttons being in different positions)
you need to change your SD CARD to Class 10 HD professional from 16 to up gigs Try this if it's not fix yet let me know.
Excelent explanation, excelent class! Nice pace, nice info, very detailed, just great! Thanks a lot for sharing with all of us.
I have my 60 D. I am happy with it. But I am to make a film to be screened on A BIG THEATRE SCREEN. What about it? I am seeking advices and suggestions.
What about the maximum video recording time or GB?
I was first planing to buy a t3i, than a dealer persuaded me to buy this camera because it's better for the long term. :)
Iv'e spent a year now learning all I could about DSLR's and this one fit everything I wanted for film-making. Buying it soon, can't wait! :)
the canon records only 12 minutes, or basically 4 gb video, then it stops, you can download something to your camera to record longer
Hey man, I just got my canon eos 60d! But i have a problem, i dont have all those options in the menu? Please anyone who knows why, help
When in Movie Mode go to the settings and change your "Video System" to NTSC and you should now have the option to choose 60fps in 720p
Doesn't cost a fortune compared to the 1D or 5D
@begaigai I had it once with a class 10 card, could be sensor temperature.
when i record with my Canon EOS 60D the movie looks just fine when it's still in the camera, but once I look at it on my computer it becomes interference in the film, I've done exactly like you said in the video but it still doesn't work.. do you know what's wrong? pleace awnser!
1000 fps 2000 fps slow motion , HOW ???
not true, he must set his video settings to NTSC and not to PAL...:-)
You need a better memory card! With higher speed and GB :)
@begaigai Yes its because of the speed of the memory card. Try to use a SDHC card
This is usually due to the quality of your SD card, a class 10 SD card usually works best but sometimes you need to film a small amount of video before you dont get the message.
@arabgadgets, hope you have fixed your problem but if not then the problem is the memory card, you have to reformat it, I had the same problem, it let me take pictures but not film, oly filmed for a few seconds and auto stopped, reformat the card :)
Everybody else got 1920x1080p 30 fps? I got only 24 and 25fps for full hd and 50fps for 720p...
Thx u magnun I gona buy a new card
When I turn the dial to shooting mode it doesn't automatically turn to live view, what do I do?
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