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Canada: Alien sends message over Live TV! July 12, 2011

by BlowNUpMyPhone • 489,277 views

I recorded this on live TV with my PVR The music caught my attention, very new age... Unusual for this channel to be playing. -This channel ALWAYS plays classical music... think Bach, not what your...

I can't believe this crap video is still online. I've posted more times than I can count that on my own channel, I play the full song. It's not demonic, it's a new age song produced in 1999 on a French music label. I know the producer and he's just a regular guy that abandoned this project long ago. It was a virtually unknown ambient project.
It Is not part of the music I've heard that music before and there is no such voice
I want to know what it's saying
Klodjan Sefolli Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
Canada: Alien sends message over Live TV! July 12…:
The symbols and carvings look spooky
Did you forgot to take your pills?
Have you ever heard of a hologram? They have 3-D movies, what makes you think the government, the people who want to control you, wouldn't put on a free holographic movie to make everyone enlist to their regiem of fraud ?
The Diabolical figurines are not only on the outside of the Legislature, but also in the inner dome of the Library. We can thank the architect, and his dedication to the Luciferian Identity, as part of the Masons. This is more than a Legislature, but a temple dedicated to Satanic/Luciferian rule, which influences the consciousness of mankind. Surprise!!! Victoria is listed as one of the top areas for Satanic worship in the World. Arch Angel Michael's Warriors Arise! SEAMYSTIC
That's not right! How could any government germ away with showing gargoyles and playing demonic sounding verse on public television. Doesn't anybody complain in your country?
Are you sure its not part of the music? If not thats really strange!
No this stuff is weird, it’s on early like 5oclock and this one politicians arm is all withered as hell, he flaps it around trying to intimidate the people, he's soo creepy. There all weird in their own way. Not admirable at all. They are in the government too that’s the messed up part.
Hey, I know exactly what this is; the secret masonic language. It's a known fact that they have invented their own satanic language, and coupled with the footage of masonic symbolism in the architecture, I guarantee you that's what it is.
White time zone are you in? I emailed this channel about it but I just realized I need to know your time zone
its time to revolt! time to become "Canadian Columbia" ;D
My grandpa is also a free mason i dont know what lodge he is in he wont tell me
that's very true Geneva is a Satanic capital of the world so is Victoria so is Venezuela !!3 of them and they r all ritualistic places so much heresy goes on so sad this stuff leaks out every now and again then they shut it down Sorcery music is very trance like that's what bad Rock is comprised of its very brooding seductive and dark
Actually I've heard the song played several youtube channels, especially that peddles conpsiracies. I've been asking what song it is & I've been told in many ways to scram.
Or it could be put there to have something posted in You tube.
on my return??? I herd like evil.
someone forgot to hit off on the PA system during their satanic/reptilian ritual
did you c the meteor or what ever it was? and do you hear anything more about the bottom of the lake? or the deal with the time loss or delay of the clocks in the norther part of Canadian territories???
I wouldn't really classify that as "zen style music", new age maybe but certainly not Zen. And in any case, that channel never airs music like that. Ever.
considering the size of the universe though aliens are a much more believable thing than god, but who knows if there's solid evidence i'll believe it
Jescristoestodo- is right! Repent. & be baptized in the name of Jesus! That sound was demonic for sure! The devil is real. But my GOD greater!!!! His name is JESUS!!!!
My favorite band ever is canadian.
that is sound from a live mic somewhere within the building where in red robes they are conducting their ritual.
It's crappy New Age 'music' with gibbery freak-sounding nonsense vocals. So what?
The legal sistem in Canada based on Aleister Crowley code and procedure ??!!!
Sorry guys but that's just the Canadian National Anthem...You never heard anybody speak Canadian before?
my god there is alot of satanic things all over that building just like our capital it is totally satanic even the lay out of it these people are mad and out of control that is in them
i dont know wat im listening to!
you fuck off you will be one of the dumb asses who goes to hell have fun burning your balls
This is so Illuminati Thank you for sharing I hope others wake up as well.
i think they accidentaly left george soros mic on.
It echos at points that fit in with the music in the background. I think it was just a bizzare choice of music.
I have a feeling theyre trying to warn us.
it work for me , scared as hell this video clearly show the freemason design on governmental building !!
If he was arrested, and you know about it, why is it that when I google Jareed Kabul Robilia, the only search results I get is your tweet? Why is he not publically known?
Kinda looks Demonic in a way with the music and tho's symbols, Breathing fire and the horn's. Could be subliminal messaging....?
Alot of symbols that represent Satan
it's voldermort talking in parsle tongue to his pet snake
That's ambient music, a sort-of descendant from Minimal Wave. Voice sampling is very typical of this type of music, Enigma did the harmonic monastery thing back in the 90's. "Weird Music" is relative, really. That sound is very much like BC's own band called Delirium. Perhaps they're putting it on to showcase local music.
Nicely said. it is pathetic that people think our government can somehow keep such things secret or keep the “aliens” from revealing supposedly these secrets. Yet our government always having a hard time keeping embarrassing information secret under wraps because of whistle blowers or simply dumb politician with loose lips or for political gain. Now people think this vid is for real? A government supposedly transmitting to the public airwaves a secret message for the world to see? Really?
OMG-it's George Bush, I KNEW IT. He is from another world!
Sounds satanic! But who knows, after all it is the BC Govenment.
Thats just parseltongue...don't you watch harry potter dude?
I've answered this question many times and provided explanation.
its the aliens saying CANUCKS SUCK
Politicians smoking the BC bud at break and pranking us!!!
Americans know that Hollywood is into Devil Worship ... You need to look for the ILLUMINATI Symbols and Learn who their true allegiances are for ... At first I thought really FUCKED UP but strangely enough its in our government too ... YOU'RE JUST LEARNING ABOUT THIS LAST YEAR ... I thought the Tea Partiers were pulling Bullshit but It wasn't them doing it ... You Might start to see more and more demonic shit ITS THE BANKERS TAKING OVER OUR GOVERNMENTS
Sounds like part of the production, and a bit like German but backwards
no you are on the right track and this is what our youth and America are playing into, I was waiting for something like this to be added, I am sharing it see Satan and his angels are going to ascend from the sky. Aliens are mentioned in the Bible and I have witnessed something I wished I hadn't but GOD wanted me to see it. GOD'S peace be with you, Keep your light on Find Jesus and love him he is all we have.
Sounds German.... Think it's Hitler plotting his revenge from the moon.
yeah,....where you got this info SpeakonEvil ? where did you get the name : Jareed Kabul Robilia ??
it's the illuminati,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Good luck getting into heaven if you're cursing.. Dumb cunt..
The States have C-Span I don't know what Canada has
Them fucking reptilians again...they're always up to something. Little bastards!
Play the words in reverse and you will probly be able to understand the words,satanic chants are usally dialoge in reverse.
Canadian Anthem? Are you serious? There IS something in this music but sometimes when I listen to New Age music they but things in the music. It may not be demonic just they have a different voice.
Did you add the background music? If so I hate you and you should die! I'm joking.. but seriously You're a dick. >:(.
this ish jus gave me tha chills......... WTF
How do you know it is reptilian? Are you one or some servant working for them? Kidding. ;-) You don't know anything but it is easy to make assumptions what you don't know. You ignore something, then you add a lie trying to explain it. So it sounds reptilian, bases on what? Had a pet gecko & it talked like that? So he added some sound to some images & know it is a conspiracy.
maybe your country wanted you guys to know about aliens....wish america did.
There's no such thing as so-called "aliens". They are demons. The whole "alien/Ufo" phenomenon is a satanic lie to explain the rapture by Jesus. Jesus is the TRUTH. Check out my blog, aliensrevealed(dot)blogspot(dot)com
...and why did you not contact the station and find out what music mix they were broadcasting during the adjournment on that given day? When you claim alien send message, does that mean not canadian or of a extra terrestrial kind...and how do you understand this to be a message?
Dude its the soundtrack ...... wtf ..... no aliens in here . Use shazam and you will get the title of the song .
couldnt this just be someones TYPE of music lol
Sounds like Hitler misses his old job.
Because every time I hear strange music an a man speaking in German it's definitely alien
Yeah so it's on you tube cause the uploader wants the world to here it, if it was you then it would be the same as with the uploader. You want others to see or hear what you did.
not sure if dota 2 or transformers!...
What it sounds like is Ambient Black Metal
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