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PARTY HARD! - Amnesia: Custom Story - Gary Dark Secrets - Part 1

by PewDiePie • 2,162,322 views

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I don't understand why PewDiePie plays these crappy games now. It's come to everyones attention that he doesn't play horror games like Amnesia for an example. I don't watch Pewds anymore because he is just plain boring. The intros suck and no brofist at the end. I mean, what's to like? I watch the old videos over and over again to keep myself entertained. Smosh is way better than Pewds right now, unless he bothers to do something about it...
brings back memories, golden memories c:
I don't like my memories embossed in gold.
I miss this Pewdiepie
I just want the old pewds back the present pewds is a boring showoff prick im only a bro to the old pewds who agrees ?
I know this feel brah, its been so long, hes not the Pewds i subscribed to, i feel used ;^;
Don't we all miss when Minecraft was still in 1.2 and when Slender was being craved?
I miss this so much... :(
I liked this underdog pewdie better than the current pewdiepie, I liked him when it looked like he was a casual gamer so I could relate, now he has high end everything which I can't relate to cus I don't have all that "youtube money".
These were the best :3
Does anyone find it strange that the Barrels, Untrusted Statues, and Stephano have the same voice?
Aw, just came back to this! I remember waiting for this to come out back then In 2012! I sound like those grandmothers who talk about 'back then' haha
2012 was definitely the best YT year!
Like if you're watching this in 2015!
Pewds please do more of these.. I remember you having 300.000 subs when I subbed you and I miss the calm and relaxed swedish dude playing games and entertaining me :) You are still awesome and everyone changes, yes of course. But some of us old fans really misssss the older you!
98% didnt survived a beginging of Cry of Fear!
i only got through the half so far...Cause it was night time and my office light burned out... And now im kinda scared
Aint no party like a pewdiepie party
Why can't he be like this again ._.
6:25 I am coke XD
I am the luckiest person I was drinking my coke when it happened and got off scot clean. 
When I first glanced across the name of this video I thought it said "Custom Story-Gay Dark Secrets" and I was just like oh?? But I now see that I was mistaken XD
I'm watching a lot of his old ones. his new ones are awesome but the old ones is what made me continue watching him
when ppl post things like "i want the old pewds back" doesnt mean the end of the world. stop being so over protective of this guy. if he wants to do something about it then he can do it himself instead of his clan raging about a silly comment -.-
Why can't his videos be more like they were in 2012 2011 like they are now
I just want the old fucking pewdiepie back, stop playing the stupid games, and start playing the old ones everyone loved you for.
PedDiePie I will eat your taco that you left on the kitchen counter yesterday
 Old Time Pewds The Old Times :(
+PewDiePie pewds I've been your friend since around 30,000 subs and to be honest ive seen this a million times (around 5) but I just now realized....are you drunk in this?
I miss this predictive :'(
Lol i love the end... Don't fuck up.( bridge falls through floor). In my mind I thought.. Damn pewds that's just... Sad
pewds if you know is almost a jumpscare close you eyes or take off headphones little bit!
Is it just me or when pewdiepie screams barrels i want to take a knife and stab my eardrums out, like for real
Poods will 4ever be awesome
where did this pewds go?
He's trying too hard to be funny now. 
+Just Ω yeah, it seems kinda fake know.
Times when it was worth watching his videos
Did pewdiepie play on south park last night #welovepewdiepie
Totally what I would do in a creepy mansion, grab a gold statue and name it stephano. Perfection.
nope shuts door nope nope nope nope
More amnesia videos pewdiepie🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Still love pewds but this pewdie is the best . we want more amnesia <3
6:27    (hand) hi pewdie! whats goin on pewdie (pewdie) ahhh wtf fuck my life
i have watched more than half your videos in the past two days. i freakin love you.
i could watch 2012 pewdiepie all day!
wtf pewdiepie i love your vidos there funny i love them so much
Pewds at his best
To bad pewds doesn't answer our comments. :(
like if watching in 2014
When I searched henrik lundqvist this video came up?
tell cutdiepie i said hi pewds
"walks thrugh door hears grunts" nope, nopenopenopenope
I love you pewds some times I wish I was your daughter t.t.yl
pewds , please do a vid about the rocky horror picture show , i think you'll like it.
I miss when pewds played amnesia... Good old 2012...
do not fall asleep while watchig him with headphones on full volume
6:30 . 'what the hell is that'  hits it right on the nose. damn jumpscares.
This was funny. I love u pewdiepie.
the brooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
I know you got a lot of subcribers in one year and your rich
"Sajonara bitches!" and bro behind him!!!! :DDDDD Ihit my head to the lamp and fell off bed to my dogs poop :P
Some people say that you are annoying but I love Your vids
pewdiepie was the best in 2012
Ahhh Pewdiepie in amnesia...the good times
@LiviaKrall he has enough money to stop youtube and do whatever the fuck he wants for the rest of his life. He has the most subscribed channel on youtube + he is only one person, so all the money he earns goes to him alone. He is rich as fuck and you are saying he only wants the money? Obviously not
+Livia Krall Again  I just want to know why are you here?
i miss this pewdiepie its nostalgiaaaa
You put pewdipie in the enter name section
How do I start my new channel?
The monster killed all the peple in the party house
to be honest if i ever play amnesia(i know i will) ill keep going on with the pewdiepie family :).... Jennifer:rock stephano: the golden statue <3 piggeh: dead piggeh cx barrels: FUCK U BARRELS
Dis shit bein CRAZY!!!! :3
479 people are barrel servants
Lol, paused at 8:25. Pewd's face. XD
sweet dreams drunk more like i am alive your dead
how do you download amnesia?
lol "why are they not naked?" xD
Hv you ever farted in a video
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