Movies In Minutes - Saw 12

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Because our video "I wanna play a game" was removed, I made this in the memory! Moral of the story: NEVER take candy from a Mangina http://www.twitter.com/TheRealRyanHiga And no I don't hate those...

2.4 x 5 = 12 6 x 2 = 12 3 x 4 = 12 The beginning jokes make sense.
hit like if you are watching in 2015
In 2060 I will comment on this video telling everyone if it actually came out or not lol.
+Noah Sw@ger Alba No its NOT 20015! Its 2015 dur!
45 years down the road imma comment anyone seen the movie yet 
Like if you're watching in 2060 :)
Oh word you dont like halo? Unsubscribed
+frostypony2003 oh he's kidding? I just thought he was kidding like i said earlier, but he was just kidding
2:11 that moment when you think you have your hands tied but there are actually aren't deep voice
It was bought by microsoft
Wii would rike to pray xD
+Gamer Cubed He was.I looked on hsi channel and his first vid was on in 2009
To this day this holds up as being one of the best videos ever.
Ryan, You have to make the movie year 2060!!!!!
We all SAW what he did there.
"Is it a board game? I. love. monopoly. Just putting it out there." Oh god. Can still make me laugh out load after 5 years. <3
"i love monopoly. just putting it out there" OMG I LAUGHED SO HARD
this was the 1st youtube video i've ever watched ... memories <3
I laughed so hard when he mentioned the Sims 3. It's so old now. Here in 2060 we have the sims 12.
Read the description. Why was this taken down? Copyright?
I can't wait until 2060! I'm watching this then :)
You are going to watch it
Me: (gets calculator. Types in 2.4x5)
still waiting for this to come out
This video is so old that he even linked his MySpace 😂
At the end nigahiga face was a mean face XD
You don't like Call of Duty whaaaaaaaat.
When i will be 60 ye old i will tell u if the movie will come outin 2060 :p
Dear Ryan, can you fly?
Lol I can see Ryan's shadow on the greenscreen
Thats a TV behind his head
Like if ur watching in 2015!
Such greenscreen much wow
He's still look the same in 2015 XD
1:21 If you actually played a SEGA game and heard the sound you would get why he said that xD
We can see your reflection
Is that Sean's voice the one on the old phone thingy?
You forgot the TEE-HEE at the end
I was NOT expecting the Sims 3 reference xD
LOL (who you talking to)'uhh idk'
I was expecting something like.. "Saw 12 killed none"
lol maaaybe world of warcraft...ITS NEVER A MEYBEHSHISDUH
so like... sims 3??? lol XD
Lol that ending though
The face at the end tho x'D
Wat u dont like halo like it or else
I love him and his videos
Ah!!! He tried to mimic Miku!!!! Se~ga!!!!! <3 <3 <3
Lol his face at the end
did u guys notice when he said saw 12 is 6 times better than saw 2 and if u multiply it with 6 its equals to 12 and 3 times better than saw 4 LOL they equal to saw 12 :D
U can see his reflection behind him!
I saw his reflection behind him so i think there's a wall or mirror behind him O.o
I like the fact that you can see Ryan's shadow against the BG.
I really like this movies in minute saw.... I'm watching it like the 5th time...
Halo 3 BORING?!?!?!?! unsubscribes
Heres your teehee! TEEHEE
soo you mean Sims I dead there ... R.I.p Wierd person on the internet watching vids called MadShrimp
People who dont like this video suck
dear ryan can u make transformer movie plz
He did. Movie in minute - transformer: revenge of the household object.
What about TF2 do you like it
I knew Sims was coming...
Almost 2015, and still watching.
I love monopoly just putting it our there..So funy XD
Omg ur face when u said is it a board game I dies laughing and the whole time ur talking
no, really!  saw 12 was 1.5 times better than saw 8!  just saw it.
I wonder if ill remember to watch this in 2060
if saw 12 doesnt come out by 2060, then ryan higa will be sued
https://www.facebook.com/ryan.higarockz?notif_t=page_new_likes  PLEASE like my page...it's for ryan the man i love soo much <3 Love you and your videos ryan 
Like if your watching this in 2014
Not necissary a scary series more of a gross series
Anyone else see the reflection of the back of his head at 1:36
Hey Ryan, Can youuuuuu.... Make a parody video about metal gear solid 3....??
"Game boy advance? Wii? sigh Seeegaaaaa"
Lol his face right at the end of the vid
Haha! I would watch it
You better make the movie in 2060 :D
where can i find that mask
WHAT?! WoW is nothing like Halo or Call of Duty! lol Had to overreact cuz I <3 me some WoW :P
Me: A game of life and death? You mean sword art online? I wanna play I wanna play!!
in 2060? sure if I'm alive I can watch your movie ryan!
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