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Mortal Kombat: Legacy - Ep. 9: Cyrax & Sektor

by Machinima • 8,990,487 views Click here to watch Mortal Kombat: Legacy Ep 8! Series Description Mortal Kombat: Legacy brings to life the complex and rich history of the gaming world...

R.I.P Darren Shahlavi (Kano) his death was announced today. He was 42 years old :(
+Sergio Dias Fortunately not. Richard Divizio is still alive.
Oh thanks for the information
Cyrax and all the other robots do not bleed. They spurted out black oil when they got hurt.  Also, Cyrax in MK:Annihilation was way better than this one. 
Ok but this isn't a video game, its a series. It also has made them like terminators or androids. Plus it looks like they're replacing the blood with oil and when they're in surgery they're still in that process. Stop being such a whiny bitch. 
+Piko Island maybe because in this they aren't just robot versions they are robotic armour over the outside of their flesh if you did not see how the masks went over their actual faces, in the games it's more their souls are put inside of computerize robot bodies, in this it's the robotic like body over their human one meaning flesh is still under the steel hence the blood from hydro when decapitated.
-"project hidro... fatality" -"excellent"
whats so special about hydro? why did the grandmaster think he was the one to beat?
Cyrax looks like Vin Diesel
Grandmaster's "Excellent" was spot-on! Also, haven't seen a robo-bop that cool since Green With Evil pt. 5.
This episode was good. Can someone tell me what was the budget of this series?
What 9000? There's no way that could be right!
+MiserableAccount Don't be so sure. They were trained in the art of Kaioken
umm anyone else hiding in the comments from the part were they turn them into robots? No? Ok.
i now understand the reasoning behind them trying to create two robots to take on a third superior robot (hydra) to prove their effectiveness. basically hydra was a top tier clan member who would easily be able to take them both on, therefore this test was to see if their cybernetic implants worked and successfully made cyrax and sektor more effective, by putting them up against a ninja who in the past would have easily defeated them. The test worked and they worked together to defeat hydra
Way better than watching john cena try to wrestle 
Why am I just finding this
+KabalWins then you go make a better movie you thankless loser!
Wait. Hydro! from the Mortal Kombat: Blood & Thunder comics? Holy shit I thought he was long gone. Love how the director brought back one of the old characters nobody remembers.
Didn't Kano get his laser eye in episode 2? Why doesn't he have it here?
This is before episode two on the timeline.
Project hydro was WAAAY better than any of them in 1v1.. QUICK SCOPE CHAMP 420 BLAZE IT 
this fight is not fare Hydro needs a partener too
DOPEST FUCK FIGHT SCENE TO DATE HOLY FUCK...that being said however isnt one of them supposed to be black also 2 v 1 hardly seems like a good assessment especially when it was handling its own should have been 1 v1 but regardless dope fucking shit, INCREDIBLE SERIES watch street fighter than this time well spent.
1 v 1 He would've taken them no problem but this was done to test their teamwork.
+warhead217 It seems like such a waste to kill such a strong fighter. I hope they can bring him back.
Isn't sektor suppose to look a little bit different than cyrax
Transhumanisn. the future or the end of humanity.
Sektor watching Cyrax kill Hydro was the most Thuggish SH*T ever. If they ever decide to reboot the movie I hope they put fights like this in it.
This is why I don't like Legacy. They're not following the full story. Hydro was killed by scorpion and he controls water/ice not electricity. He was also friends with sub-zero. But I still should give them credit for introducing him he was a forgotten character. 
You can tell the actor that plays the old doctor is Canadian; he pronounces project "pro-ject" instead of "prah-ject". 
how is this any different than fucking ballet? 
quem venho por causa do zangado curte aii
How does pitting two Cyrax and Sektor against hydro prove that they are superior.  Hydro almost stood his own against both opponents, to me it would seem they should have made more of Hydro's model.
+poiuytrewq11422 I would hardly call Cyrax and Sector the worst of the Lin kuei. 
+UnknownZealot77 Well I know that, that's why they chose them to start with, but Hydro was better then both of them outside of the armor, so the main objective was to make warriors that could be just as good without as much training. 
old man in white coat is the dad with alzheimers from 50/50
This is the best episode of season 1!
cyrax is white ??? seems legit...
The actor that played as him was Shane Warren Jones.....he's clearly black, the lighting just made him look lighter than normal.
+Syxx_Yasutora In the early 20th century of the U.S., they instated the "1 drop rule"to classify practically anyone with slight African heritage as black. Unfortunately, that's why we can look at someone like Tiger Woods and utterly deny his Asian ancestry, though things seem to to be changing.
hidro meteu a porrada! 2 x 1 e injusto o_O
i have come to rue the day sektor and cyrax look more badass then scorpion
Everyone is complaining that Cyrax is white and I am the only one who finds it weird that Sektor is Asian. Also why the fuck doesn't Cyrax have a buzzsaw?
The actor playing Cyrax is black... and Sektor in lore, in MK9 and this is supposed to be Asian. As for Cyrax not having the buzzsaw... who the hell knows.
I just came from watching the Scorpion episodes, which were beautiful, and now all I see is a series of on screen tacky texts and cheesy performances. The computer voice is annoying and unnecessary. It just feels like bad B-movie sci-fi.
so sad..both Kano's past away..the movie and the web series Kano..RIP
Why would someone fight in a suit? :D 
Why not just make an army of hydros? They are clearly superior to either sector or cyrax alone.
I'm not very good with Sektor in Mk9 but man he's a badass.
2:48 Sektor with the most epic uppercut in the history of Mortal Kombat XD
This series seriously needs to add the x-ray bone crunching moves that are in the recent MK games. Good ol' Ketchup and Mustard. Hope they do Smoke next.
So......grandmaster IDIOT wants to test his it. Nerd, doctor, idiot says all projects previous are FAIL. Yet...Hydro kicks their ass wholesale. Only reason he lost? Double teamed. Conclusion? Lin Kuei Grandmaster is mostly an idiot
Mierda, cyrax y sektor son iguales, solo que de color distinto :(
Hands down the best legacy ep on s1!!
cyrax and sektor are styler , the dream for a fan of mk, his would be nice to make a movie MK
That mask on sektor is piece of a paintball mask, it's about thirty dollars
R.I.P to kano. He died again.
this was good. scary as hell but good
they really screwed up the second season. They could have done so much better in the second season if they just stuck with original story from the 1st season, 
So Cyrax is all of a sudden Asian and not black? That goes back to MK3. Otherwise great episode
the robot cyrax and sector fight is hydro
+Jack Strayfeald ? that comment made no sense lol
Season 1 is great. Season 2 is crap. Plain and simple
I was expecting Fulgore
Black one was smoke right?
Oye men esta algo bien el video pero de casualidad tienes estos videos en español o con subtitulos ?
Hydro was way better that two of them. He was heavier with older technology and he still kicked their ass in the first part of the battle. He should have been given upgrade instead of execution...
cyrax was black not white
word of advice kano. always bet on black.
i love the "excellent" voice over in 8:34 just like in the games
This episode was done exceptionally well...
If I was Cyrus I would jump on the robot back and beat him up
La meilleur série de mortal kombat qui existe
Who the fuck is Hydro??? is he an actual MK character?
hydro is sub zeros friend 
Hydro is a train ninja and a Close friend to Bi Han the first Sub-Zero, he was suppose to die by Scorpion and was turn into a mindless Robot.
suuupeeerrr, simplemente super genial
that old man face lol "geeeeeewd!!!!"
Whose hydro never heard of it
Fighting robot doesnt seem hardcore
I can't believe they are not using this stuff in a movie
They look amazing as cyborgs
how can someone dislike this video? it makes no sense
How could the director omit Cyrax's energy net? FFS
Hail Hydro...Hydra i mean
The best part of the whole episode was when cyrax slit the other cyborg's neck and did a front flip and kicked the cyborg's head off which was at 8:23 that is literally my favorite part of this whole episode.
Fantastic FIGHTING.....!!!!
These guys should make a power ranger movie. It would be kickass.
stone cold would stun these bastards into nuts and bolts
And thats the bottom line
That was very cool. Is there a bts for these?
"Excellent" is that not THE voice from mk
That looks to real! So this can fault happen? If so how?
best fight ever, well maybe not ever
lmao their face masks are Empire E-vent paintball masks
The one thing that's always confused me about Mortal Kombat is the time period. Is this all present day? If so, why does everyone wear traditional Chinese and Japanese garb? I thought folks in the Far East had been wearing Western garb for some time now? And if it's in the past, why is Shang Tsung picking champions for a MK tournament happening hundreds of years in the future? Do the Mortal Kombat Tournaments happen outside of time? Like, you can recruit people from anywhere in your realm (or another), past, present, or future?
the east in mortal kombat is a bit more cliche than reality would allow
that's some pretty nice CGI!
Dat sucks dat the movies end in this movie :(
Dude that was badass
these things were awesome but how do you for liu kang?
Wow cyrax is my favorite
Me: *sees Project: Hydro* Cyber Sub-Zero? That isn't supposed to happen yet! Wait... Hydro.... Maybe Rain? Oh wait, I forgot, lore. duh. xD
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