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INTERRACIAL DATING: Black Men Dating White Women

by JAYLOVE47 • 268,955 views

Black women hate to see interracial dating; black men dating white women because they feel a sense of betrayal.They feel like the'yre losing all of their good black men to white women and that...

Black men treat us like Queens and we treat them like Kings.
Cool... i am from middle east GCC
I am a proud Portuguese-Canadian
the funny thing is your here bashing IR brothers with your gay ape-frican monkey self just kill yourself and get it over with most of the people who watch your videos know your a head case and just drop the bullshit.
This is really interesting, I agree with you completely. What is really disgusting to me is the ignorance of black people. We are so dam stupid yes I said it we are total fools. The only race that I know that will wash their dirty shit in public. The black man would happily trash, butcher and crucify the black women in public for no good reasons and the black woman will gives as good as she gets. Yes we black are very talented at destroying each and shitting on each others. We are excellent at trashing each other. We are well trained slaved dogs who feel that to be successful we have to pretend to be what we are not. No matter how blond your wife, husband or children are one day someone will remind you that you're a nigger because that is what you're are. I am not anti interracial but must you insult your all community because you felt the need to be with another race. No one will respect you for doing so. They are laughing at you fools not with you! The more educated we black become the more stupid and ignorant we have become. For all the self haters who use excuses like all black man are this and all black women are that. Are you not black fools. What, you want to tell me that you're the only smart and intelligent black man/woman that God created? Everyone in your colour is bad and useless but you, right. Well why don't you take all of us blacks to the gas Chambers, that will satisfy you fools. Yes I am ashamed of being black when I have to associate myself with such ignorant, monkeys who think of themselves as superior because they have achieved some success. Black is most beautiful everyone want to be us but us. Open your eyes look around you. Tans, bum, lips, dance, music, body but you want to run away from yourselves. NIGGERS you can run but you can't hide you will fail on your black ass eventually!!!
Valid points, we are in the 21st century. Your saying some Black women don't like to see interracial relationships. What are your thoughts on gay black men? What are your thoughts on interracial black men? As black people we will never be equal, its fact!! At the same time we can't tarnish everyone with the same brush. I'm saying you can't help who your attracted to. However, I can't speak on behalf of the successful black man that has a interracial relationship. They are plenty successfully black women but they maybe in different circles. I'm not making excuses. I like all races, black, white, green, purple, asian etc.
I agree with you JayLove, The real tragedy in this is that black men once were strong mates. It hearts my heart that we have moved so far away from this that the black family has deteriorated and the reason why is rooted in the fact that too many black men had fathers who failed to teach them how to be a man and how to treat a woman. I love my community, and that is why I wrote my book. There's not enough good black men to go around and it's not fair to black women who want to get married and raise families. It's sad how people cannot see beyond the words, I was hoping to spark a meaningful conversation about the low marriage rates in the african-american community but nobody gives a damn. Yes, I could have written a very different book, but nobody would be interested.  Besides that fact, because many years have passed and our communities still continue to not thrive, it seems as if we need a wake-up call, in addition to our leaders coming up real solutions. I thought that a shocking book could spark a change in our consciousness about where we are going as a people. I see people falling through the cracks every day and it hurts me to see it. Obviously, we need a movement now.  In terms of dating advice, If a woman wants to find her prince charming, she should have that choice but the fact is that is not the case today. The black family has deteriorated and that's the reason why our dating market has been negatively affected. Too many men walked away from their sons and continue this behavior but nobody wants to talk about that. Today, 70% of our children are being raised in single-parent households. Our babies deserve better than that. Sadly, it was not this way 3 or 4 decades ago when black men were strong mates and fathers. Check out my latest interview where we discuss how we can work on some of these problems and begin to heal our communities. Book interview for the book “Why Every Black Woman Should Marry A Jewish Man. 
 hold on Jaylove47. most black women in the hood are HOODRATS!!! why whould a brother on a come up want a ghetto, uneducated, loud, combative, masculine american black woman? I'd rather have an asian, middle eastern, hispanic, european, or even an american white woman. I'm done with american black women. As far as black women from other countries, I'm down with it. Jamaican, Trinidadian, even African( as long as she is AIDS free) I'm down with it.  As far as dating my mother, that's just gross. Dating to please my mother, Nigga get real. I have to live with the choices I make, that's bad enough. Living with mother dears wishes and demands.... you aer too funny. I'm a grown man. I and I alone get to pick whom I am involved with.
Another ignorant nigga. Black women are more educate than black men. Don't you even pretend that you cannot find a descent black girl. God is watching you. You racist self-hater liar.
+Sunshine11976  You're right I did find one. She's not any of the stuff I listed and she has a college degree. Really just a drop in the bucket for black women though.
Hey Jay Love! I've been listening to your youtube videos. Let me tell you man! I agree with most subjects you touch on. However, the term dating "out of your race" is not an a term wisely used by many people. we are human beings one race. but different colours. my point is this a scientist would not say a cat which is black mating with a white one is mating outside of species. You know even this term is used to divide us as people. 
Where not all human beings, all other races except black people are devils. when will you people stop this integrationist nonsense. Chinese, anglo saxon, east indian,arabs see race why can't you.
Their have been interracial relation since for ever it more prominent know because of civil rights in sixties it exploded.  Black men are still being duck practice so what makes it so good the world no better for it and women do it to more know than ever. Some one need to do a study on that the races are no better either humane stain are being born in to a world of hate. .
Davis and martin the world is no better off Florida.  if it had not been for two black women than god Dunn would have walk that all .
Wrong !!! My mom hated my black girlfriend and begged me to marry my Asian girlfriend.  Many people today are not as ignorant as those in the past.  Many will judge a person for who they are and not just by race. Your rant can't account for everyone and I am not even sure if it can account for a majority vote in today's world. However I am sure some feel as you described.
Also my cousin is a Vice President for Chase bank and both he and his wife are black. One of my friends is white and only dates black girls. My other friend is Asian and does not date Asian women and he is getting married to a black woman. I dated an Asian girl who only dates black men. My sister only dates white men. I never had a white girlfriend but had many offers. It seems to me that most have a preference. Should men be attracted to women that reminds them of their mother? Should women be attracted to men that remind them of daddy? Is it just me, or does that sound a bit off?
TRUTH doesn't have to be cool because it's reality don't care about cool. President was raised by whites his black father walked out & rejected him. He also has a black woman by his side raising a family dispelling the excuses & myths built by you Toms that black women are the reason black men fail. No brother its all about the man & whether he can handle his business & those chasing white ass aren't Malcolm X said it best.
Well that wouldn't be as bad as your nasty filthy white chicks letting 3 niggers come in her mouth at the same time and then mixing it up in her mouth and swallowing it. But I guess that's alright be cause she is white..
hahaha xD .. yea that's right!! let that racist part really come out!!.. what else am I ?? lol im a nigger. Im a monkey what else?? you forgot coon !! LOL.. actually whenever im with a white girl, I tell her to say "fuck me harder nigger".. we like to role play.. I pretend im a slave and shes the masters daughter xD and actually I think fat women are nasty.. haha nice try though.. lol
Ah, yes. I apologize. I was responding to two comments. That will be rather difficult to find as American content does not hold the kind of women I would desire to show and I'd have to search a while before finding what I saw. I say go on an exploration. check howiviewafrica on facebook. You'll find pictures of random beautiful African women and other things about Africa. Note that just like everywhere else, not all are beautiful. Just sayin'. :3
This guy is a paid Jewtube agent just Tommy Sotomayor.
Plan for White Genocide that “anti-racists” implement 1. Flood White Countries & ONLY White countries with non-whites. 2. Force integrate these same immigrants in White Communities. This is all done with the aid of Federal Laws. 3. Push interracial relationships night and day in all the media and newspaper advertisements; in White Countries and only White Countries. 4. Anyone that objects is called a “racist.” They inform us of our inevitable brown future. “Anti-racist” is code for Anti-White.
white women look so much nicer though.
Yes. Naïve and unreasonable. That's what you are. You know nothing of the 50,000 years of genetic separation that created the Caucasian- a unique product of natural evolution capable of creating and sustaining high civilizations. Blacks have NEVER been capable of high civilization (the DNA tests don't lie- this includes ancient Egypt, which was WHITE) Blacks repeat the same patterns of indolence, stupidity and violence, the same reckless breeding, that they have from the time immemorial.
That's better than putting life threatening chemicals in your body.. which is what they do to try and emulate us... get the shit straight.
LOL.All of the thumb downs are obviously from Uncle Tom,Becky lovers.
don't hate the black man who look elsewhere. relationships i about happiness not about race.
Most africans don't live in huts update your shit.
You're going to encounter a handful of colorless so-called white man pretending to be a colorless so-called white woman EXAMPLE: Go around to interracial videos & you're going to see them & Hanna Åkersson the FRAUDSTER too
Nigga please.. and im glad you are now with white females so you can give them your gift as well. them things suck dick and swallow come the first night they meet you.. and they damned sure don't use no protection.
Black men are betraying the race the women who raised them, clothed them, fed them, made sure they were educated & the women who dealt with their problems, encourage & support them. Ancestors who fought wars, had their blood shed & gave their lives that you might excel. But some black men turn their backs on all of this for white women who were having them strung up yes its betrayal. They also go overboard trashing black women 24/7. This brother is telling the truth.
And finally..i hope you are willing to lay your lives down for that filth.. because the shit is about ready to hit the fan. LOSERS!
At the same time, marry who you love. Don't marry a woman who you don't love, but who you *think* your mom wants you to love. Love is real. Black women are owed your respect. Its false pseudo-respect to marry a black woman just because she's black, if deep down you love another woman, who is white, asian, latina, etc. Be yourself.
So let them? Most of us will never screw them. And the reason for that is because they keep bringing in color in. It's always the good old "gon giv dat white cracka muh big black cowk" and they never shut up about it. How would any sane white woman find that attractive?
If Hitler had force integrated every Jewish community with Africans, And the Nazis threatened any Jew who objected with loss of job and HATE speech, And implemented 24/7 anti-Jewish/intermarriage marketing, while suppressing any pro-Jewish speech, How long would it take any SANE Jew not to notice this obvious program of Jewish GENOCIDE? And what kind of psycho Jew wouldn't object to this? 'RACIST' is a HATE word used to justify the ongoing CRIME of White GENOCIDE. /watch?v=lKDeyuM0-Og
There is so much self hatred in this. You are parroting someone else's vitriol. Many Black men raise their kids. Many Black women want their kids to be happy with whomever they choose that is good to them. As man, you owe your mother for raising you, your grandmother, your sisters and aunts. But all Black women don't own you. Nor did they all do something to make you who you are. Black people out marry less that any other minority group. This is a phantom issue. Talk to a Chinese guy.
So GENOCIDE is funny to you then! Okay, now name a group of non-Whites you'd like to see assimilated out of existence in the name of the universal brotherhood of mankind, and some happy horse sh!t like that!
Some black men do date those nasty Edomite whiteys
I have.. i'm not a welfare queen and am married to a policeman who loves me much.. and I love him.. I wish my sister would follow my example because black men are just losers.. and always will be.
America is not a white country you jackass HAHAHAHA!!! It was filled with Native Americans first, then everyone else came. hahahaha! Some people are stupid and make me laugh...white genocide?? BWAHAHAHA
That's nice and all, but I don't judge entire races of people, nor do I categorize them. I go by what I see from an individual to determine what I think of them. Naive or not, I believe for me it's the best outlook to have. Also, you talk a lot about genetics and evolution, which means, in the grand scheme of things, we all originate from the same single cell organism. Maybe you should go outside and meet people, instead of just sitting at the computer looking at statistics.
Perhaps you should go read a book occasionally, you dummy. The fact we are about 97% genetically similar to chimps doesn't mean we should give chimps the right to vote. Then again, you haven't judged every chimp, so perhaps you should find a "good" one and breed with it.
If you go to Nigeria and force them to accept millions of Chinese and force-assimilate them, while simultaneously telling Nigerians that are upset by this, "it's your ancestors' fault," you are still committing genocide. That's what you Anti-Whites are doing to my people. It's genocide. 'Anti-racist' is a code word for anti-White.
well you'd better check to see if her ass, hips, tits and lips are real because they put life threatening chemicals in their bodies to look like us.. Ha Ha Ha
You were talking to a colorless so-called white man pretending to be a colorless so-called white woman You're right colorless so-called white species is inferior manly the men like Hanna Åkersson
Maybe not Halle Berry she hot beyonce ok (not my type) the other two are just ewww.I've seen better looking africans.
You are a worthless Swedish living in the 1800's and you are racists everybody, mix you not yourself with things that are about people in the U.S. and many white girls running after black guys, so go to hell with your useless and undeveloped land, we have with developed and modern people here to do, Swedes do not get big things, fuck
You know its funny that the absence of you lames don't even phase us.. in fact you did us a favor.. now we can calm down and focus on what's really important for us and our unfortunate children. you sick bastards are just going around spreading aids even further. Happy Tongue Wagging.. YOU SICK LAMES!!!!!!!!!!!
omg savanna. seriously, im a white girl n i think ur beyond stupid. Come oooon, genocide? Do u even know what that means idiot? it means MURDER. Yea so falling in love with someone's personality and having children w/ them is equal to murder? yea right idiot. Plus btw, i'm never having children cuz i dont like pregnancy. oops guess im also "genociding" my own race by not effing up my body w/ pregnancy. get fucked savana and go breed urself, stop telling women what they should do.
The non-whites (especially the amerikan ones) won't answer your question or admit to the Truth of what you say. Personally, 90% of the racial problems and divisions ie Anti-White agendas was started by amerikan liberals who brain-washed kids to adults via schools, college campuses, media entertainment and the political podium. Now amerika is on the brink of a race war due to racist anti-White liberals claiming that Whites are the only racists and need to be wiped-out, which DC is supporting.
i would like yo say one thing i agree with what u have to say but me being a black man, was givin up by my black mother, to a white familY. Raised by white people, and now i have a beautiful German woman. I am not saying that what u say in this video is wrong, but Without the life givin to me by my caring Black mother, I wouldnt have the life and morals i would have. i was adopted by two mothers, whom are both white and no longer together. That have done everything to make me the person I am.
Ignorant means that you don't know.. trust me that is not the word to describe me.
lol your delusional. do u live in the US? only time i do see an attractive white chick with a negro is if he's rich. other than that, they're all thick, ghetto, fat, trashy, etc. you being mixed u might be able to do a little better. if you dont look as black.
You are so wrong dude.It's the opposite of what you say.
Am glad am from Ethiopia I don't have to deal with this bs am multiracial so I can fuck and suck who ever I want
MLK was a man of God who actually lived it btw King was married to a black woman. He wanted his people out of apartheid, he wanted an end to lynching, black poverty, illiteracy & lack of education. He wanted blacks to be able to reach their potential & raise good families having the same opportunities available to all. That is what MLK was about uplifting his race the man had morals he'd be turning in his grave at all that's being squandered.
Is this some sort of a bloody joke? Cause it damn well looks like it. You are not making sense, I am not a man at all. You just go around spamming that and being a hateful ahole ..
No, in your OPINION I'm a "racist." 'RACIST' is a HATE word used to justify White Genocide. /watch?v=KFxmoMoY6VM
why don't these sites ever interview white girls that think black men are not attractive at all. why. you don't have to look far.
Great post comrade! “Multiculturalism” is a program that is FORCED upon EVERY & ONLY White countries. “Multiculturalism” is a program to turn EVERY White country into a non-White country. This IS geNOcide. WHITE geNOcide. If you are White, and you object to your own geNOcide, you are called a RACIST! Well guess what, my people, White people, are catching on very quickly to the following two things: 1 – Multiculturalism is a code for White geNOcide. 2 – Anti-racist is a code for anti-White.
From the start "black people" we forced to hate each other rather than hate everyone else . . Because our only real enemy was ourselves/each other . Making a difference with 1 comment at a time
I got to Agree with That!! These so-called JEWS are known to be synagogues of Satan!! in Revelation !!!!(KJV) Women's Liberation Movement(women with super inflated egos) is fooling the WORLDS women into this Madness!!. Thank you White People for Destroying Families all over the WORLD with your BULLSHIT!!
lol yeah right moron because clearly I said I like murders. Typical dumb monkey. The topic isn't blacks who commit crimes it is blacks who run to the white devil. Lol you are a dumb nigger ape who would be better off hanging in a tree. And if the best this white bitch can get is a dumb monkey race known for being slaves for white massa. Killing other niggers and running to fat white trash then she is bigger trash than you are.
Even though I am NOT siding with the 2/3 club member in the video, to you another 2/3 club member I say... YOU'RE WRONG
Asians should be the last race judging anybody for your the most least desired people most of you look like BIZARRE OBJECTS not to mention the FACT that Asian men have the smallest dicks among men this is why most Asian women date other races of men and you Asian people most of you have horrible breath and teeth
Lol. I'm a sociopath? Buddy, try to talk to people like this in real life and we'll see who gets classified as a sociopath. You a commie too? Fuck you.
I am, spam spam spam, death threats in PM's, comments. Everywhere
So you would sleep with your 5th cousin to keep your "Heritage" ? Well when your child comes out looking like beetle juice just remember your saving your "Heritage" .
This is why I pray Russia nukes amerika and kills a bunch of birds with one Big Stone. This is the only way your country will be able to get rid of blacks, wiggers, muslims and liberals of all kinds from your shores. Its a sacrifice but worth it in the long run. Besides, many non-liberal Whites in America are prepared / trained to survive extreme circumstances whereas the liberals, blacks & other mulattos are dependent on hand-outs from "dc".
Never said I was 100% Pure Russia and considering I used to serve in the WASAW-Pact Forces during the Cold War ie "been to Russia", have Russian relatives, that makes you the idiot. Regardless of what propaganda your liberal masters have brain-washed you about in yanqui land, many in the world do not care for blacks (especially american ones), their culture or mixing with them on a romantic basis. Grow-Up! or one day you will end up a single white wiggeress with a little mulatto in-tow.
Stacey Dash, gabrielle union, Christina Milian, Robinson Peete, Kelly Rowland, Thandie Newton, Nia Long, Lauren London, Meagan Good and Rashida Jones. Stacey Dash and Rashida Jones are a product of interracial couples.That's just to name a few. There are a lot more.
I don't have to compete.. because the men I deal with a white woman can do nothing for.. everybody is not wagging their tongues for those things.. it's only you and simps like you.. their own men tell us we got it all over them.. the only thing they might be able to surpass us at is education because most of us didn't have the same start they had. Get It Straight!
That is because black men are scarce.. we don't even have enough of you to go around for us.. and then to have to share you with other races.. it just doesn't balance out.. ,and the number of blk men that are doing this far exceeds the number in other races that do have enough men to go around.
Possibly the definition of "white" will shift - as it did to include Irish and non-Saxon Germans in the 19th century - but I suspect you're right. "White" has always been a constructed cultural category. As anti-"black" racism becomes increasingly a mark of a bygone era, the category "white" will probably cease to exist. Fair-skinned people may continue to be born, but once nobody thinks of themselves as white, there is no white race. Good riddance to bad rubbish.
Well I beg to differ.. because the white man that I have can be compared with you anyday.. and those so called women who stated different must be white and lied to you.
And as long as deluted sick minded simps like you believe that it will always be that way.. at least in your little minds.
ithink if i were a black , i think white woman its more perfect thant now , to live without rules so , get and fuck her , and leave it , i think that is the same that blacks are doing , we mans , look 99 percent of a woman only for fast sex and thats it , i dont know why , the world is like that , seem the sin into in the world , i dont do that , i dont go to prostitute cabaret or nothing i believe in jesus , i cant do that , but something i think that couse all of we are sinner
Thats part of my history you cretin! And I still stand by what I said. You wastes of skin & breathing air are a plague to humanity with all of your yanqui liberal perversions! So SICK of you and your smug know-it-all kind! Go suck on your ebony idol's dic!
Interracial relationships are facilitating White GENOCIDE. White countries and ONLY White countries are being subjected to interracial propaganda. White people and ONLY White people are told it's "racist" to disagree with interracial relationships. Mass 3rd World Immigration + Interracial Propaganda + FORCED Integration = GENOCIDE. It's not "racist" to keep to your own race. Preserve your European heritage; it's special, rare, and unique. Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.
3.9% of all white women date black men, that's 28million out of 850+ million white people entirely. So .. Are you sure about what you are saying? Sweden has a better economy than the US, no homelessness, free healthcare, happiest people in the world. You might want to study more, if you think all white girls are going after blacks you have no idea what you are on about
And I don't give a fuck about European countries (do what you want) but I'm tired of the insinuation that the USA is a white country. If you're not making that insinuation, then enjoy yourself. Wiping out a race and replacing it with your own new majority is just the lowest form of moral argument: might makes right, nothing more. Else, most SANE people believe the USA is built on ideals of human rights, freedoms, equality, and opportunity. Terrible history, but has something to strive for.
Hanging out with the "White Nationalists" and "14/88" crowd, you should be used to all the spamming by now. :)
Also i' have never put weave in my hair.. i wear my real hair and my man.. who is black loves to show me off.. and there are a lot more black women who do the same thing in fact more black women wear their natural hair than weave.. so you need to get it straight..
Well, I think people should have the right to pursue/love who they want to, without being judged for it. If people worried about their own preferences instead of criticizing other people for theirs,I am thinking there would be less hate going around, but I guess that's too naive and unreasonable for people to think that way.
From the part of the UK i'm from we don't do that.
"African immigrants have the highest educational attainment rates of any immigrant group in the United States with higher levels of completion than the stereotyped Asian American model minority.Harvard University, for example, has estimated that two-thirds of their black population is not comprised of traditional black Americans. This is true for other universities such as Brown, Yale, Princeton, Penn, Columbia, Duke and Berkeley.
I would watch it if I were you. Your future may look something like this: /watch?v=SIY0IqGD4OA
I hope all you diseased black ass monkeys and clowns give your damned aids to all of those filthy dogs that you lay with .. like you gave it to us..
This is what Martin Luther King was all about. That's why his ass was shot.
Ha Ha Ha... your hopeless.. tired of wasting my time...
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