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Value Of Sex For Women Going Down

by The Young Turks • 43,276 views TYT Mobile:...

@cplusplusgamer Maybe that is because most child predators and abusers ARE men. No one thinks ALL men are those things, but they are certainly overrepresented in those fields. And I really don't see how it is the feminist movement's fault. They did fight for equal rights. Equal rights of course always mean the privileges group (men) must lose their privileges and I can see how that would make some men get butthurt and try to say feminism isn't about equal rights.
@Pricillarelentless Lol, woman have been playing this card for years.
Oh, very sly. "Going down". Bring in the views of people interested in fellatio. Clever. Some advice for TYT: If class isn't an issue, which it obviously isn't, just throw up a picture of some big tits on every post.
@paragshah2112 yep. coming in full circle that's why nice guys always finish last, or at least until they decide to become an "bad guy" themselves.
men and women are not necessarily in the same fields of study. Some majors are packed with men and others with women. I was a female student in latin american lit. Mostly women and gay guys in my classes...If you were a male hottie, you would have had a blast in my classes!
Lol that would be so awesome if the TYT crew went back to college, they could do a whole spin off series on it.
OH NOES women are losing manipulation power what ever shall we do?
@bluefootedpig Exactly. Feminism is ruining our society.
@Wolfsbane909 you know it ;) actually, if you like, look up tom leykis here on youtube. i have a feeling you will be absorbed for many many hours to come ... enjoy.
You think Penn and Columbia were bad, ha! You ain't seen the tundra till you've been to a place whose acronym ends in "IT."
Hahaha, offering up this for Cenk's booke "Cenk Goes Back to College: A liberal sugar daddy's guide to modern higher education"
My current fiance and I wanted for a month about 3 or 4 dates, 1 being me cooking at home. Been together 3 yrs & neither of us are religious freaks
Ummm isn't the value of sex going up for Women? I mean if there was an excess of men, then women can be choosy of who the sleep with. Supply and demand. :P
I agree with Ana. Women should hold out just long enough so that they guy feels that what he is getting in valuable. Women who sleep with guys on a first date, indicate to me that she is giving something she doesn't value thus she is going to give it anyone. That's not the kind of woman i want to spend the time to get to know. This is referring to women who want to keep a guy. If women want to have the one time fling, more power to them.
i dont like the chase! sorry but i think most men dont like it or; the amount of it there is in dataing
@ThirdRAILKink very true man women say men are shallow for only liking goodlooking women but it's completely alright for a girl to only like a guy for being goodlooking and has money? It's not to say that I'm ugly but I'm just saying it's double standard when it comes to women
@d3st88 hahaha actually quite often they are, hence the bitterness of the guys who can't get any from them
Women can get Sex ANYTIME SHE WANTS, she puts trash out (shakes her ass) and someone will pick it up no matter what. That's why the value of sex for a women is going down, because an average women has already had sex with 50 Men. It's like having a Fountain that spews Money 24/7, the value of money becomes worthless to you, and you wipe your ass with it. Same thing with Zimbabwe inflation. For average men, or fat/bald/ugly men getting sex is VERY hard, and they appreciate it FAR MORE than women.
@kuunami ic ic, I am not from the US but is it like a standardised amount? In singapore, you can contest and then come to an agreement on a sum that is agreeable to the lifestyle and earning power and so on.
I'm not surprised by cents comments knowing how he's Muslim
@kuunami child support is not unfair, both parents have an obligation to support a child. If the mother is taking care of the child, the least the father can do is to contribute moentarily. And believe u me, when women see a man who stays home to care for his children, he is hot property. Any sane woman goes " if only my husband was like that". That type of a man is modern.
@SupaAmi "Whenever men are failing at something it is always someone else's fault." You have no idea how laughable that is coming from a female. Feminism is an entire culture dedicated to blaming men for everything. Affirmative action and the numerous women only grants I mentioned are not things I made up. Those things are called FACT and exist even though the U.S gender gap was closed decades ago. "Men are stupid and lazy" is a biased feminist opinion based on emotion and bitterness.
@cplusplusgamer Wow, you need to open a history book sometime. FEMALES obtained the right to vote long after the average male citizen did. Most democracy fighters didn't give two shits about women. As far as they were concerned women were too feeble minded to understand politics and thus had no place to vote. I won't say they weren't men that supported the feminist movements, but the fact remains, without the feminists we wouldn't have been given that right.
@Lilifromhali This is also exactly why a lot of women and men have turned away from feminism, because of crap like that.
Girls ONLY care about MONEY and Outside appearances. If a Man is the most kind and intelligent man in the world BUT if he is Fat, Short, Bald or Poor, WOMEN WILL NEVER EVEN TALK TO HIM. If a Man is a Total Douche and he treats Women like SHIT and uses women, BUT he is slender & tall with great hair, THEN WOMEN WILL OPEN THEIR LEGS FOR HIM 24/7 and EVERY GIRL WILL WANT TO HAVE SEX WITH HIM. Women are becoming worst than men, more Men care about a women's personality, women care about men's looks.
i saw the title of the video and thought it was about oral sex. oops
Damn right Cenk, FTW. More competition, more play. Told you chicks give it up more on the first date. Thumbs this up!!!!!!!!!
I'm not just going to give it up to some slut, she's got to be pulling in some good money. No time for deadbeat chicks still living as daddy's princess or working a shit job, I need a range rover and some new clothes.
The premises is all wrong. Saying that the % difference between men and women attending college isn't based upon ability to attend. For instance far more young men start a business before college than women which probably explains the % difference !
@Wolfsbane909 That's nice, except Einstein actually went back to school pretty quickly and finished. He is a pretty special example, hardly something that occurs regularly and definitely not something that you'd see TODAY. Einstein lived in a different time. If he was alive now, there is no way he'd be hired in that field.
@SupaAmi It's not that men are becoming lazier, it's that society is very misandric, by teaching men to act a certain way and crushing the definition of man.
@CutieBabe25 Because girls who date dumb jerks are the apex of human genetics, aye? Nope.
So success is based if you go to college or not ana?And the young turks bash sarah palin Ana puts foot in mouth again,if she wasn't hot she'd be out on her tight ass... And when I went to university most of the hot girls never were all that interested in the guys there,they dated older guys ,with jobs and crucially money to spoil them. And guess what not all had been to university.
@MaggieRoara A man should definitely support his children and any man who doesn't is scum. It's just that from what I've seen the amounts they are required to pay often exceed expenses for that child. On top of that, they have little say how that money is spent. Believe me, I know women who spend their kid's child support money on themselves getting their hair and nails done etc. That's all I mean by that.
@maccallhoun lol, oh those just have to skip past all that....thumbs up cos you uploaded a video of 2 girls in a pool
i like how they directly assume that because there's more women in college than me it's because men aren't as smart as them... except for every man born there's about 7-10 women born so women outnumber men
@Joxman2k I think you're misunderstanding. The value of sex for women is going down, in that they aren't holding out anymore. A fuck here and there is ok, as opposed holding out for a while. Also, since there are more women, men can just go find another.
Well if someone, a girl or guy, is looking for a real relationship and doesn't give it up quickly, then they get dumped then the other person was probably an ass anyway. Just find someone who you can talk to and respect each other.
@cplusplusgamer Depends on the situation. I'm talking about the kind of respect that opens doors for you and enables you to climb the career ladder. When was the last time you saw a High School drop-out run for office and win?
@cplusplusgamer Women who turn away from feminism are pathetic creatures worthy of pity because they would sacrifice their own human rights to please men. I feel sorry for them. It just looks to me like the feminist movement succeeded! Women are becoming educated and very successful. They have broken free from the shackles that held them down. I understand why men who are mediocre/stupid, would hate that though, because it means more academic competition for them. Oh, well!
when i read "going down" I was thinking it was going to deal with blow jobs
I'm a "suboptimal" male, and I get laid all the time!
It's been said to me several times before, and I've come to find out it's absolutely true: women love confident men.
men are painfully simple. You need to pamper them like their mothers did, guide them emotionally and let them be as macho as possible... now which man here does not want that girl... problem is educated women dun buy tat bullshit and refuse to give this to their men. Women have become modern. men are still stuck in the 1950s
"Insanely" is an adverb, not an adjective, Cenk.
@SupaAmi did you watch the TED on it? i referenced that my data came from TED. To pull out the specifics, male teaches now are 7%, they used to be 15%. That is a significant drop in male teachers. And she goes through with all her research explaining why it is that it hurts boys to have so many female teachers. And when teachers were first female, the boys still learned most of the skills from the father, but fathers don't do that anymore. But why not actually look up what I stated before reply.
Eh. IMO it seems kind of ridiculous to say "We must have sex before x number of dates or it's OVAH" It all depends on the relationship, you know? That being said I think 3-4 dates is a good amount of time to wait, which is I guess about a month of knowing someone. Ana's talking about how you have to tease the guy so he wants to stick around. But honestly if the guy really likes you, he would want to stick around anyway. Just my thoughts.
@cplusplusgamer I think you need to wake up and look around. Who are running the world? Look at the governments and parliaments. Are the majority men or women? Look at CEOS and other successful business people, would you say WOMEN are overrepresented? Nope. If despite the fact that your gender is still in charge of pretty much everything that matters, you feel oppressed, maybe that's because you spend too much time feeling sorry for yourself, rather than working to obtain what you want.
@cplusplusgamer Wow, projecting much? Because looking at this page, it is EXACTLY what YOU are doing. You are victimizing yourself and other men constantly. I recognize your screen name, and I've noticed everytime there's a TYT clip about something like this you are flooding it with misogynistic and bitter comments about how feminism is the root of all evil and how women are holding your down. Why don't you grow a spine and stop whining?
"Random Win" Fucking awseome line!
Sub-optimal guys have definitely been getting laid for years... The Douchebags, the Assholes, the tools... etc... have always been getting women since the beginning of time.
@SupaAmi Respect for yourself also leads to others respecting you.
This is a win. At my school its like 6 women for every 1 dude even tho the frat dudes get most of them.
1:15 "we're so stupid that we can't get into college" I lost some respect for Cenk on that one. The reason that less guys can get into college is that there are tons of grants and scholarships that are ONLY for women and affirmative action on top of that. Although there are now more women in college than men, the for women only programs still exist. So no Cenk, It's not because we're stupid!! And no Ana women don't have sex just to "keep men around. 1:52 " It's just that women enjoy sex too.
@SupaAmi Who knows maybe the men go off and create business, while women feel it's their destiny to go to college. Maybe just to try to census in favor of women who go to college.
@SupaAmi Feminism has never been about equal rights. Look on the media today. Men are viewed as child predators, child abusers, crazy sex-fiends. I have a video for you to watch about suffrage in the UK, watch?v=9d25esQeBoU
Three dates? I've never gone on a date since high school where the woman wasn't all over me for sex on the first date.
to bad none of what ana says happens down here -extreme anger face- all i see are whores and the girls that fit ana's description dont ever wanna date guys down here IM DOOMED
again ... bull-mother-fucking-shiiiiiT. more bullshit reporting by tyt ... i'm gettin very disappointed. guys FACTORIALLY outnumber women, PERIOD. their book is a god-damned lie. women are motherfuckers. all of them without exception. they are all assholes, PERIOD. the only ones who win ALWAYS, are drug dealers. if you want to get laid, dont go to college, just become a drug dealer, and you will get the creame of earth's pleasures lavished upon you.
@madamefeemy The world of the happy is quite different from the world of the unhappy.
@YurNotSpecial Go ahead, miss the point. Ignore lessons in life (knowledge and wisdom) much? Hmm, ignoramus? Hmm ignorance, yes, ignorant. They say it's bliss... Are you smiling right now?
@SupaAmi Did you manage to watch that video I linked to you?
Anna is completely wrong Men I know and I hate the chase... It's BS! I only chase things I'm going to kill and eat
Ana I agree I love the chase some excitement like getting hard but unfortunately not getting laid but the thrill of the thought of getting laid is good enough ahh good times. and you look really hot in that dress
Don't joke about talking about Nixon, in Korea this girl I was talking to at a bar was a poli sci major, so I asked her what she thought of the six party talks. We went to school in the same neighborhood, so after a while I asked if she wanted to meet up for lunch time. Her answer: "No." no letting me off easy, just a flat "No." Well, at least she smiled?
@MaggieRoara Correction; AMERICAN men (not all but a lot) are still stuck in the 1950's. All of my foreign friends agree with me. Especially my European friends. Just an observation.
@Orutra621 Ahh. I see. Sooo women think that giving up sex on the first date, aside from the fun factor, is a way of securing more men, hence their social status? :) :P
I go to Harvard and your portrayal of contemporary ivy league sex life is waaaaaaaay off haha.
that is AWESOME!!! i hope this continues, I am not an assertive person at all but i have decent looks. Maybe ill finally get laid.
And they completely ignore that you can be smart and not go to college.
"Giving it up"? That's a very old fashioned attitude. Intelligent, successful, confident women have sex when they want it and that's usually on the first or second date. Sex is not the goal, a good relationship is, and the easiest criteria to evaluate is sexual compatibility whereas it takes months to really get to know someone. Waiting until after you've made an emotional investment only to discover that you're not sexually compatible is foolishness.
why bother fight over men? just go to China, there are hardly any women there because of the one child rule and asians are stereotipicaly smart, rich bussiness men. Problem solved.
@ihaterobbie123 your right haha cause american girls love the uk accent for some reason lol
@SupaAmi I don't think Einstein had a wife or kids either - ENOUGH SAID
@MaggieRoara Yet I don't see many women complaining about excessive alimony child support than men all across the nation have to pay, unfairly gender biased child custody decisions, the fact that men are generally still expected be the bread winner of the family, still expected to pay for mostly everything on a date, still looked down on if he were to become a "homemaker" while the wife works. Etc etc. All things are VERY 1950s. My point is that everything you said can apply to women as well.
u guys should change the title. because i thought it meant "blow jobs".
@halcyon0830 about 90% of men 18 and up care about personality to be honest. And the ones who do not care usually end up getting a girl pregnant, so the population of boys who use women or don't care about their personality falls rapidly.
I'm in college right now and I'm a male. *fist pump*
Something people forget about it, most trades are dominated by men. Trades pay well. For a woman to get high pay they almost have to go to college. Therefore, there is a greater incentive to go to college. Also, its a fact, men are single minded, driven, and often self taught. But while I say that, the point is really that a person going to college isnt necessarily any smarter than a person that doesnt go. I live with 2 college girls, and they know very little about anything.
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