Ted Gwartney on Assessments, Property and Taxation

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Ted Gwartney, Chief Assessor of Greenwich CT speaks about assessments, his fascinating life and current work in Latvia. Ted has been an advocate for accurate property assessments for over 4...

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  • NearAbbeyRoad

    Keep up the good work. LVT is the key. Collect commonly created wealth and leave private wealth alone - eliminate income and sales taxes.

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  • darris321

    This might be a dumb question but, how high do we tax the land? Is it 100% of the value that land increases? If so, how do we know how much that land is worth? I mean, how do you determine the value of land if you tax it at 100%?

    Or is it a system in which the community owns the land and leases it to individuals?

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  • ourearthhome

    What happened with Gwartney's visit to Latvia?

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